Get the Look: Wrapped Ponytail

We’re always on the look out for hair inspiration for our ZALA girls. Especially with the coming of the new season. If you’re after a style so quick and simple, yet with a polished and perfected look, we’ve got you sorted! Today, we bring you the wrapped ponytail! So stylish and sleek – this style will have you looking runway ready in minutes.

Get the look: Wrapped Ponytail

Get the look: Wrapped Ponytail

How to Achieve the Wrapped Ponytail

Products and tools:

  • Hair elastic/tie
  • Bobby pins
  • Hairspray or texturizing spray (optional)


Get the look: Wrapped Ponytail

Wrapped Ponytail

Get the look:

  1. It’s always important to start with a good base! Start with blow dried or ready-styled (curled or straightened) hair and brush through to remove knots and tangles. Second day hair will hold this style well!

  2. Gather your hair into a pony tail and secure with an elastic. We recommend using an elastic similar to your hair colour so it’s completely undetecable! This will create the foundation to this effortless look. We love the wrapped pony as it can be worn in a high, medium or low style. It really works at any level!  At this point, loosen or pull layers out to frame the face for a deliberate messy/laid back vibe.

  3. Creare more ‘kick’ to your pony by taking a section from the underside of your ponytail and begin to wrap it around the elastic. Get creative!: Braid the section for intricate and pretty detail. We love this plaited version seen on:

  4. To secure that wrap, either fix with bobby pins or thread the end section through the elastic.

  5. Finish with a spritz of hairspray for a sleek look, or add some texture to that pony with a sea salt spray.


Get the look: Wrapped Ponytail

Wrapped Ponytail – Messy and casual

Helpful tip: If your bobby pin has failed you and your wrap is slipping, backcomb the end of the section you are wrapping around your pony before securing. This will create extra grip. If you’re still struggling to secure this style, wind the remaining hair around one ‘prong’ of the bobby pin.

And if you still can’t seem to get grip or want the look without visible pins/clips, check out the video below for a bobby-pin free wrapped ponytail:

And, thats a wrap! Our oh-so-simple guide to the wrapped ponytail. We are loving this effortless look at ZALA, as it works on so many levels. From a messy, laid back variation of the standard up-do, to a sleek and polished nightime style. As you can see, the variations are endless!

How to Make Your Hair Grow Faster

Had a disastrous visit to the hairdresser and left with an unwanted bob? Or constantly struggling to get your natural hair to grow? We’ve got you covered! If you’re recovering from a bad hair cut or just simply lust over long locks, let us give you the low down on how to make your hair grow faster. These few steps will help speed up the tedious process of natural hair growth for LONG, happy and healthy hair!

How to Make Your Hair Grow Faster

How to Make Your Hair Grow Faster

How to Make Your Hair Grow Faster

On average, the rate of hair growth is only around half an inch a month. While theres no miracule cure for immediate or excessive hair growth, their are several steps that will help speed up the tedious process of natural hair growth.

Haircare – Products and maintenance

One of the most vital steps in quickly growing long tresses: haircare. If your hair is dry and damaged, natural hair growth is hindered. Simple, right? To boost hair growth, hydration and damage control will become key elements in your haircare routine! Quick tips:

  • Introduce weekly deep penetrating, conditioning hair masks. The added moisture will promote healthy and hydrated hair to generate faster growth. See our previous blog post on our holy grail, natural hair mask here.

    How to Make Your Hair Grow Faster

    Conditioning Hair Mask

  • Brush carefully! The breakage from aggressive and careless brushing halts the growing process. Try avoid brushing your hair whilst its wet – the hair follicles are open and are more prone to damage

  • Space out hair washes Frequent shampoo and conditioning can remove the natural oils of your hair. As hydration is key – the natural oils your hair produce are actually important to keep your hair from becoming dry and brittle.

  • Go heat free! Stay away from heat as much as possible. For those girls who can’t live without their straightener, apply a heat protectant before styling.

Health and wellbeing

Sticking to a healthy diet will not only nourish your body. It will nourish your hair too! Take a look at your diet and water intake – wholegrains, foods rich in calcium and plenty of water will help nurture happy and healthy hair. Not only will this benefit your overall health, fueling your body with a healthy diet and water will help fosture long, lustrous locks. So, what are you waiting for?

Trimming those ends!

Ironically, the practice of regular trims is a common answer when asking how to make your hair grow faster. How, you may wonder?! Of course, cutting your hair will remove length and technically not speed up growth. It will, however, prevent breakage and promote overall healthy hair to make the hair grow at a quicker rate. At ZALA, we recommend getting regular trims to remove those split and damaged ends.

 How to Make Your Hair Grow Faster

Trimming split ends


Haircare from within! A much overlooked factor when asking how to grow your hair faster. Much like the topical treatments you give your hair, supplements are packed full of goods to foster lustrous locks. Try taking a multivitamin to boost bioton and iron levels. These nutrients have been proven to not only encourage the rate of hair growth, but to add moisture and shine!

Hair extensions

And of course, our favourite at ZALA ;) Hair extensions will definitely not speed the growth of your locks, but they will definitely make the process a lot easier. We love the instant added volume and length hair extensions provide. Perfec to give a quick fix of mermaid-esque locks whilst you grow your natural hair to a comfortable length. Check out our premium quality 100% Human Remy hair at

How to Make Your Hair Grow Faster

ZALA Hair Extensions – Instant length

We hope this shon some light on how to make your hair grow faster. WIth improved haircare and adding moisture from the inside and out, your happy and healthy hair will be growing in no time!

Festival Hairstyles: Coachella 2015

With first weekend of Coachella kicking off the festival season, we’ve been loaded with hairspiration here at ZALA! If you’re still looking for some festival hairstyles to finish off your look, don’t worry! Read on for three fail-safe, yet super-cute hairstyles that tick all the festival boxes.

Festival Hairstyles

Festival Hairstyles for Coachella 2015

Festival Hairstyles

Tousled, Beachy Hair

Festival Hairstyles

Loose, messy waves

Lets start with this ultra laid-back boho hairstyle. With a festival edge to your regular down-do, this style is perfect for day 1 while your hair is fresh.

To achieve:

  • Apply your clip in extensions for extra thickness and added length to your locks. We love our 24″ sets for the perfect amount of length. Shop the full range of 24″ extensions here.

  • Using your preferred styling tool of choice, curl your hair creating medium sized loose waves. Alternate the direction with each section you curl to create non-uniform waves. The more ‘random’ the better, as this effortless effect creates the texture perfect for tousling.

  • Now its time to brush those locks out! If you’re wearing hair extensions, be sure to carefully brush through your curls. We highly recommend our Loop Brush to avoid damaging your wefts. This will separate and give a super casual feel.

  • Texturize with a light spray of hairspray or salt spray and scrunch your locks into tousled waves. This finishing step creates the perfect foundation for your second and third day hairstyles.

Flower Crowns, Hair Jewellery and Headbands

Fesitval Hairstyles

Boho Headband

Festival Hairstyles

ZALA Crystal Droplet Hair Accessory

For a little less effort involved, pop on a flower crown, headband or hair accessory. Ideal for second day hair to wear with curls from our previous look, or to pair with a loose fishtail braid. With so many variations, hair accessories create endless festival hairstlyes. We’ve got you covered at ZALA, shop all of our hair accessories here. We particularly love our Crystal Droplet featured in the photo above! This style can help distract from greasy roots when needed. If this doesn’t help to hide unwashed hair, dry shampoo will also be your best friend! This handy little product will create freshen your hair while creating texture and volume in your festival locks. 

Plaits and braided up-do’s

Festival Hairstyles

Halo Braid

It’s safe to say, braids make the perfect festival hairstyles as they disguise unwashed locks into a pretty weave of hair. They also help to get all that hair out of the way when you’re dancing. The best part – they are SO simple and easy to create yet look so intricate and stylish!  At ZALA, we are loving the halo/crown braid trend, and deem this hairstyle the perfect festival up-do. To create this look, follow these surprisingly simple steps:

  • Start with unwashed, 2nd or 3rd day hair as this will hold better on hair with more texture and grip. This style will look best with middle-parted hair.

  • Split your hair into two sections like you would to create two loose plaits on either side of your hair starting behind your ear. Whether it be fishtail, french plait etc. – the choice is yours! Any braid will work with this pretty style. Secure with clear hair elastics.

  • Loosen your braids by pulling and seperating. Don’t worry if your hair is layered! Messy plaits will create a more relaxed, boho look.

  • Starting with one side, take the end of your plait, wrap it over your hair to reach the other side. This will be discreetly hidden at the base of your other braid. Secure with plenty of bobby pins and repeat on the other side.

  • Pull out front sections/layers of your hair to frame your face and create a messy, boho style. Play around with your halo braid to finish the look.

We hope these give you inspiration for easy, festival-friendly hairstyles. Us ZALA girls love how effortless and pretty these looks are. Will you be wearing your ZALA extensions to Coachella this year? Show us your festival photos on Facebook and Instagram #zalahairextensions


Beauty Benefits of Coconut Oil

You’ve probably heard of the many health benefits of coconut oil. You may even have this all-purpose oil lying around in your kitchen already. But, did you know that coconut oil has been found to be one of the most beneficial beauty products of the moment? That’s why at ZALA, we give you the beauty benefits of coconut oil! These will revolutionize your hair and skin care. Read on for a multitude of uses perfect to include in your winter beauty regime.

Beauty Benefits of Coconut Oil

Beauty Benefits of Coconut Oil

Before we get into the numerous benefits, we thought we’d point out the things you need to know about this all natural beauty staple:

  • What is it? Coconut oil is the ‘fatty’ oil derived from coconuts. It is a creamy, white solid at room temperature and melts into its liquified form at 24 degrees Celsius.

  • Where can I find it? Coconut oil can be found at pretty much all supermarkets and heath food stores. And, its cheap!

  • What type is best? Certified organic, unrefined, virgin coconut oil is best for beauty and health purposes.

Beauty Benefits of Coconut Oil


Intensively conditions hair

Beauty Benefits of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil as an intensive hair treatment

Definitely our favourite when it comes to the beauty benefits of coconut oil. Coconut oil can be used as a deep conditioning mask for your hair! This will add maximum shine, moisture and elasticity back into your locks. At ZALA, this is one of our holy grail hair masks. It deeply penetrates hair follicles to replenish dry and damaged tresses. Apply a generous amount and leave in your hair for an hour for a quick treatment. Or, for an intensive hair mask, leave wrapped in a towel or shower cap and rinse in the morning! Important tip! Make sure you shampoo your hair 2-3 times to completely remove the greasy finish.

Moisturizes and Hydrates Skin

As we are coming into the colder months, coconut oil is the perfect remedy for dry skin. Apply a small amount into the palm of your hands, and apply like your normal moisturizer. Don’t forget about your body! Coconut oil can also be used an an all over body lotion. This acts as a highly effective moisturizer to increase your skins hydration. The fatty and hydrating properties of coconut oil leave, softer, youthful looking skin.

Encourages eyelash and eyebrow growth

Still recovering from over plucking your brows? Or wanting to grow and thicken your lashes fast? Try coconut oil! Simple apply a small amount on any areas where hair is sparse. This will promote cell growth, thicken eyebrows and create longer, fuller lashes. Another one of our favourite beauty benefits of coconut oil at ZALA.

Repairs and softens cuticles

Say goodbye to dry cuticles! Rub a small amount of coconut oil into your cuticles to strengthen nails and hydrate the surrounding skin. Apply after painting your nails for a longer lasting manicure and youthful looking hands.

Removes makeup

Beauty Benefits of Coconut Oil

Remove makeup with coconut oil

Even waterproof makeup will easily wipe away with a little coconut oil! Use a dab of this holy grail oil to break down any stubborn mascara, lipstick or foundation. This will not only remove all makeup with ease, but will also double as an eye cream and lip balm keeping the delicate skin hydrated and supple. Just be careful to not get it directly in your eyes, of course!

Tames and smooths frizz

Flyaways, begone! Coconut oil could definitely be one of the cheapest hair oils. Tame frizz by taking a small amount and create a film over the palms of your hands. Simply smooth through the mid to end sections of your hair. And there you have it! Instant softness and added shine.

Whitens teeth

Possibly one of the strangest beauty benefits of coconut oil: teeth whitening. Yep, you heard right! Many people SWEAR by the unique remedy also known as oil-pulling. Coconut oil has antibacterial properties that whiten teeth, improve the health of gums and promotes fresh breath. Simply swish a tablespoon amount of coconut oil around your mouth for around 20 minutes a day to see results.

Exfoliates skin – DIY body scrub 

Beauty Benefits of Coconut Oil

Beauty Benefits of Coconut Oil

Body scrubs are definitely a trend within the beauty industry at the moment. For an amazing DIY body scrub, mix an equal amount of melted coconut oil and raw sugar together and massage in circular motions onto the skin. The scrub moisturizes while removing dead skin cells. The result: baby smooth skin!

Here’s a quick tutorial that shows you how to make your own body scrub with coconut oil!

Are you going to try some of these to see the beauty benefits of coconut oil? We are obsessed with this do-it-all, natural product at ZALA. With it’s maximum moisturizing qualities, it’s safe to say coconut oil has fast become a vanity essential. Try it for yourself and see the evidence!


How to Blow Dry Your Hair – Tips & Tricks

How To Blow Dry Your Hair

How To Blow Dry Your Hair

Oh, the hair dryer… At ZALA, just thinking about blow drying our hair makes our arms ache! We all know the struggles of blow drying – probably the least anticipated hair care step ever. This is why the ZALA team want to show you the tips and tricks on how to blow dry you hair! Cut down drying time and forget the frizz – we have hair drying hacks that will give you smooth and professional looking blow dried hair in half the time!

How to Blow Dry Your Hair – 10 Tips & Tricks

  1. Always. Use. Heat Protectant! One of the most common forgotten steps when it comes to blow drying your hair. This easy yet key trick will not only smooth your hair and prevent frizz, but also keep your hair healthy and smooth in the long run.

  2. Revise your tools – hint: use a round brush. For a polished blow out look, a round brush will smooth hair and create a natural wave. Use a rolling technique with your round brush whilst drying from roots to tips to deliver salon results.

    How to Blow Dry Your Hair

    Round Brush

  3. Use the nozzle that comes ready with your hair dryer! This gives you more control over the air flow and direction. By better targeting sections, you’ll easily cut down minutes off your hair drying routine.

  4. Before you start, make sure your hair dryer settings are on medium heat with high power/air flow. Though you may think high heat is the quickest option when drying, it actually causes more damage and does not dry the hair much faster.

  5. Following on from our previous tip – keep your hair a good distance AWAY from the heat. As blow drying is one of the least damaging ways to style your hair, you’d want to try and keep it that way! Try keep the nozzle 20-30 cm away from your hair to avoid applying a more direct heat.

  6. Cut drying time in half and section your hair! This is so important, especially for you ladies with hair on the thicker side. Section your hair into 3-4 layers working from the bottom up. This technique will cut down time as it allows you to more efficiently dry your locks.

    How to Blow Dry Your Hair

    Sectioned Hair

  7. Struggling with frizz and/or fly-aways? Always point your hair dryer downwards so that the airflow smooths down each strand. This will revolutionize your hair drying technique.

  8. Not necessarily a must, however for those of you who want extra volume or love big, voluminous hair, blow dry the roots of sections the opposite way of growth. This works typically well with fringes or side parts.

  9. You know that ‘cool’ button that you don’t know the use of and never touch? Use it! This handy little tool closes the hair follicles by cooling down the hair. This trick instantly adds shine and holds style to your locks!

    How to Blow Dry Your Hair

    ‘Cool’ button on Hair Dryer

  10. For extra hold, finish with a flexible hold hair spray. If you wish, apply a hair oil to the tips of your hair to smooth and add shine!

And there you have it. Hair drying – HACKED! Don’t ever feel frustrated again when it comes to blow drying your hair! Following these fail-proof steps, you will have professional looking blow dried hair in no time! If you’re still unsure, send us an email at to talk to one of our hair experts.

How Many Pieces of Tape Hair Extensions for a Full Head

In the ever-evolving hair industry, tape hair extensions have provided both consumers and stylists a system so easy and quick to apply. A full head of tape hair can be applied in under 30 minutes! But, have you ever wondered how many pieces of tape hair extensions for a full head? For good reasons, this is one of the most common questions the ZALA team receive about our AAAAA grade tape extensions. Not to fear! We give you the run down on how many pieces you will require to achieve a full head of long and luscious locks!

How Many Pieces of Tape Hair Extensions For a Full Head

How Many Pieces of Tape Hair Extensions For a Full Head

How Many Pieces of Tape Hair Extensions for a Full Head?


How Many Pieces of Tape Hair Extensions For a Full Head

How Many Pieces of Tape Hair Extensions For a Full Head


20 piece pack

Manly people often inquire about 20 pieces packs as this is the cheapest available pack. This is ONLY considered a ‘booster’ pack for those who already have tape extensions and want a few new pieces or need extra volume. A 20 piece pack will NOT be enough for any hair type as this will only make 10 sandwiches of hair. (When applying tape extensions, 2 pieces are sandwiched at the root over sections of your hair)  As you can probably imagine, a 20 piece set will definitely not be enough for a full head of hair.

40 piece pack

The least amount of pieces we recommend for all customers is our 40 piece packs. This pack is enough for thin to normal hair types and is ideal for ladies with fine hair. A 40 piece pack is considered a standard amount of tape hair extensions, as many people find they use between 30-40 pieces. This of course creates 20 sandwiches of hair. We are absolutely in love with this before and after photo below using our premium ZALA Tape extensions!



60 piece pack

A finally, the 60 piece pack. This amount is perfect for those with thick hair or want to add a lot of overall volume. For those whose natural hair is medium/thick, or have quite a course hair type, this pack is perfect. We usually recommend this option when we get asked how many pieces of tape hair extensions for a full head of hair. This will obviously create 30 sandwiches which is a lot to hold if your hair is not super thick. Our 60 piece sets will create a very full overall look with extra thickness and super volume.

How Many Pieces of Tape Hair Extensions For a Full Head

How Many Pieces of Tape Hair Extensions For a Full Head

Keep in mind! Your hairstyle and cut is very important when blending tape hair extensions. It does not only depend on how many pieces you purchase for a full head. If you are struggling to make your extensions blend, your hair should usually always be thinned out towards the ends. This can be achieved with the use of layers or specific cutting techniques. Having thinner ends in your natural hair will create a seamless blend and no harsh lines where your natural hair ends.

Check out one of our lovely customers Dani who talks about her ZALA Tape Hair extensions!

We hope this helps you determine exactly how many pieces of tape extensions for a full head of hair! For our premium range of European Tape Hair extensions, click here.
As always, feel free to drop our friendly customer service team and email for another further questions or inquiries at

How Many Pieces of Tape Hair Extensions for a full head of hair

ZALA Tape Hair extensions


Pros and Cons of Clip In Hair Extensions

Pros and Cons of Clip In Hair Extensions

Pros and Cons of Clip In Hair Extensions

Struggling to choose what hair extension method is the best for you? Not entirely sure if clip in extensions will suit your hairs needs? Not to worry! Here at ZALA, we have tackled both pros and cons of clip in hair extensions. We’re here to help you decide whether clip in extensions are tailored to your AND your hair’s requirements. Read on for the benefits and disadvantages of clip in hair extensions…

PROS – Pro and Cons of Clip In Hair Extensions


  • Temporary Style
Pros and Cons of Clip In Hair Extensions

Before and After Clip In Hair Extensions – ZALA customer

For those of us who aren’t blessed with long, lustrous and voluminous locks, clip in hair extensions effortlessly allow a temporary boost of length and volume. Switch up your style when and wherever you choose! Their non-permanency allows us indecisive girls to change up your looks without having to be tied down to long hair for several weeks at time. Bringing us to our second point of the pros and cons of clip in hair extensions…

  • Easy Application


Clip in hair extensions are the easiest to apply. No heat or glue necessary and no cost involved! You don’t have to be a hair expert or take them to a professional to apply. In under 2 minutes, you can achieve instant improvements for your natural hair’s volume, body and length! Plus, unlike other hair extension methods, clip in extensions prevent damage caused to your natural hair. If applied correctly, breakage, excess shedding of your natural locks is avoided. Watch below for our fail-safe application tutorial for clip in hair extensions.

  • Low Maintenance


Pros and Cons of Clip In Hair Extensions

Low maintenance and up keep

Another reason why clip in hair extensions are advantageous is their low up keep. Who really wants to sit in the hair salon for hours on end maintaining their extensions?! At ZALA, we believe the necessary hair care involved with clip in extensions is good storage and careful brushing. (Check out our Loop Brush and Protect Me Bag designed to make your clip ins last anywhere from 6-12 months!)

storage tips for hair extensions

ZALA hair extensions stored neatly in the new protect me bag

CONS – Pros and Cons of Clip In Hair Extensions


  • Not permanent

Like our first ‘pro’, clip in hair extensions are of course only temporary which is a disadvantage depending on your specific needs. They require added caution in some circumstances and are not able to be worn while sleeping without causing damage to both your natural hair and extensions. This may be an ill effect to those who seek their permanent fix of long locks!

  • Hairstyles and visibility 
Pros and Cons of Clip In Hair Extensions

Cons of Clip In Hair Extensions

Clip in hair extensions aren’t the most undetectable of all methods. Unlike tape hair extensions, the clips are more visible at the root of the hair and do not sit completely flat against the scalp. If you’re a fan of high buns or ponytails, or have extremely fine/thin hair, clip in extensions might not be for you. Although, nothing a little styling and proper application can’t hide ;)  

Perhaps these pros and cons of clip in hair extensions explain some of the reasons why we love clip in hair extensions!

Check out ZALA’s full clip in extension range here.

For more information regarding clip in extensions, feel free to drop us an email at 

Hair Trends for Autumn


It’s safe to say the remnants of summer are upon us as the days get increasingly colder. However, as we reluctantly farewell the warmer weather, the switch of seasons calls for a refreshing change of hairstyles! Here at ZALA, we’re here to help you prepare for this seasons biggest colours, cuts and styles! Read on for the latest hair trends for Autumn.

Hair Trends for Autumn: Rich Burgundy and Auburn shades


Hair Trends for Autumn

Hair Trends for Autumn – Warm, Rich Browns

Of course, the ever present autumnal shades of deep burgundy red and rich warm browns. These rich hues will remain popular hair trends for Autumn. Thus, at ZALA, we have you sorted for both auburn shades and added length. For a classic warm and rich brown, check out our Rich Mocha shade here. For those of you girls who want to brave a bolder look and delve into burgundy hues – check out our Burgundy Red extensions available here

Hair Trends for Autumn

Hair Trends for Autumn – Cheryl Cole’s Burgundy Red

Hair Trends for Autumn

Ombre Autumnal Shades

And if you’re really not quite ready to give up on the dip-dye just yet, try this autumn take on balayage hair. Combining autumnal colours with an ombre fade-out trend, try this two-tone ponytail or wear it loose with our Balayage Extension Set in Cocoa Red Wine. Perfect for those of us who don’t want to commit to permanent colour!

Hair Trends for Autumn: Braids

Hair Trends for Autumn

Hair Trends for Autumn – Braids

Hair Trends for Autumn

Updo Braids

Hair Trends for Autumn

Braided styles

Thought braids were just for spring and summer?his intricate hair trend is huge this season too!  One of the most fail-safe hair styles for Autumn, we are lusting over these braided variations of hair. This style works best on hair in between washes for added texture and grip. Perfect for lazy hair days, this woven look is so pretty and intricate, yet requires little effort!

Hair Trends for Autumn: Straight and Textured

Hair Trends for Autumn

Straight Hair

Keep it straight! If you’re over loose waves, this straight hair style gives for a more edgy look and is a bold change on last seasons whimsical and beachy curls. Here at ZALA, we can see straight hair with added texture is going to be a big trend for the colder seasons. A perfect accompaniment to any outfit – it’s a definite yes from us! They key to this look is the products used. Blow dry and straighten your locks, finishing with a generous amount of dry shampoo or texturizing spray to create this effortless look. ZALA hair extensions are perfect for this look for added thickness and length!

Hair Trends for Autumn

Straight and textured

So which trend was your favourite? We’ve been overloaded with inspiration at ZALA and are bringing on Autumn and it’s fresh new hairdo’s!

How to Curl Your Hair with a Straightener

Love the style of effortless curls? Want to know how to achieve loose and feminine curls without having to buy a curling wand or heat tool? Then look no further! We teach you exactly how to curl your hair with a straightener along with the essential tools and tricks in nailing the look.

How to Curl Your Hair with a Straightener

How to Curl Your Hair with a Straightener – Loose curls

How to Curl Your Hair with a Straightener

How to Curl Your Hair with a Straightener – Big Loose curls


Loose waves are the perfect style for creating a subtle head of textured curls. One of the most popular trends in hair – casual, effortless and girly! Here at ZALA we love the simplicity of this look with little effort involved and the utilization of every girls staple hair tool: the hair straightener! To learn how to curl your hair with a straightener, read through these quick and easy steps.


How to Curl your Hair with a Straightener – Tools and Equipment

How to Curl Your Hair with a Straightener

How to Curl Your Hair with a Straightener

What you’ll need when learning how to curl your hair with a straightener:

  • Your Hair Straightener (we recommend a good quality one like GHD or Cloud Nine)
  • Your ZALA extensions
  • A ZALA loop brush (if using extensions)
  • Heat protectant spray
  • Hair spray
  • Several hair ties and ZALA sectioning clips to section off hair and keep out of the way


How to Curl Your Hair with a Straightener

Different flat iron widths

Quick tip! The width of your straightening iron creates different style curls. For a tight pin curl, use a slim and narrow iron. For a big, loose curl, use a wider flat iron.

How to Curl Your Hair with a Straightener

Essentials: ZALA loop brush

 How to Curl your Hair with a Straightener – The Process

  1. Turn your straightener on medium/high heat
  2. For extra body and length, apply your ZALA extensions in your desired length. Our ZALA clip in extensions are 100% human remy hair that can be heated, curled and styled without causing any damage. We recommend our 24″ for extra long locks!  Brush through to seamlessly blend your ZALA extensions with your natural hair.
  3. Spray hair with a heat protectant spray to prevent any damage.
  4. Section hair into pieces with hair ties or sectioning clips and work from bottom to top layers.
  5. Take a flat inch/2 inch width section. Clamp your hair straightener where you want the curl to start. While running down your hair, twist the section in the direction away from your face, creating a slight rolling motion with your straightener. (This may take a couple times to get right, however it is so simple once you get the hang of it!)
  6. Spray each section with hairspray to ensure a long lasting curl.
  7. Once all the hair is complete, gently brush through hair with your loop brush to create a natural, loose curl.



Keep in mind: the thicker the piece, the bigger and looser the curl. The slower you glide through your hair, the tighter the curl.

Products mentioned:

Loop Brush:
Sectioning Clips:
ZALA extensions:
Hair Straightener:

Rihanna’s Hair

Rihanna, not only a pop queen but also a style icon, is known for her striking hair. Rihanna’s hair is always on the forefront of a trend! Constantly switching up her look from from straight and sleek jet black hair, to her signature red locks or those voluminous ombre curls. Here at ZALA, we are always are crushing over Rihanna’s hair and her ever-evolving style. Bold, striking and edgy!

Rihanna’s Hair – Ombre curls

Rihanna's Side Swept Hair

Rihanna’s Side Swept Hair

One of our favourite hair inspirations: Rihanna’s ombre/balayage curls. This is a trend which is gaining popularity every season. Whether it is side swept or middle parted, we love this beautiful gradient effect trend that creates that gorgeous sun kissed effect in Rihanna’s hair.

Rihanna's Hair

Rihanna’s Ombre Hair

To instantly achieve this look yourself without the worry of bleaching or damaging your natural hair, the ZALA team have designed 7 gorgeous ombre extension shades. Learn how to get Rihanna’s hair following these quick and easy steps:

  1. Apply your ZALA clip in hair extensions in the shade that is most suited to your natural hair colour. 
  2. Seperate your hair and grab sections to style with a curling wand or straightener.
  3. Brush through hair once curled to seamlessly blend your natural hair with your ZALA extensions. This also creates a more natural and loose looking curl.
  4. Complete with a light spray of hairspray to hold curls!

You’re done! Simple and easy ombre curls without the hassle of dye’s or bleaches. All achieved with no damage to your natural locks!

Rihanna’s Hair – Sleek and straight

Rihanna's Sleek, Straight hair

Rihanna’s Sleek, long hair

Rihanna’s signature hair is often long, straight and sleek. Whether it be jet black or vibrant red, this timeless style in Rihanna’s hair create a simple yet edgy look. Simply pop in your ZALA hair extensions to achieve your desired length. We suggest ZALA’s  24″ or 26″ lengths for the best effect.

  • Make sure to brush through with a hair extension safe brush to make your clips ins undetectable.
  • Smooth through with a straightener.
  • Finish with a generous amount of hairspray to tame fly-aways and you’re done! Long, sleek and edgy just like Rihanna’s hair.

Rihanna’s Hair – Iconic Burgundy Red

Rihanna's Hair - Burgundy

Rihanna’s Hair – Burgundy

Rihanna’s most iconic style – this straight and sleek rich burgundy shade scores full points at ZALA. This deep red wine shade in Rihanna’s hair gives us complete hair envy! This is among the softest and most flattering shades of red. For those of us who are brave enough to try this, we recommend our stunning Burgundy Red #99J to achieve this bold look.