Uses for Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo! We all know and love it as a staple haircare product to refresh your locks. But, did you know dry shampoo is a miracle for many other hair needs? Yep, that’s right! Read on for 8 different and AMAZING uses for dry shampoo that will redefine the way you use this essential haircare product!

uses for dry shampoo

8 Different Uses for Dry Shampoo

  1. Add extra grip to bobby pins and hair clips! Have you ever found your bobby pins just won’t stay in place? Spray a little dry shampoo on your bobby pins before placing into your hair to add extra traction & grip! This little tip does wonders for keeping your style put, especially for up-dos.
  2. Conceal roots! Guilty of leaving it a little too long in-between visits to the hair dresser? This tip will be super handy for you blonde haired gals! As dry shampoo is a powder based product, spraying directly to your roots it’ll help to cover any dark and unwanted colour. There’s also dry shampoo’s made specifically for blondes with a tint of colour!
  3. Add volume! This is definitely one of our favourite uses for dry shampoo at ZALA. This little product is amazing for adding body to your hair. Spritz some dry shampoo throughout your locks, focusing on the roots to mid lengths for a serious volume boost! This is a must-have for those with naturally thin or fine hair.uses for dry shampoo
  4. Hold a backcomb! Do you find your hair fails to hold a backcomb? Use dry shampoo whilst back combing to create extra hold! This is also a super handy tip for those who want to keep their clip in hair extensions super sturdy. Although not necessary with ZALA‘s strong and discreet silicon backed clips!
  5. Separates curls! Another of our favourite unconventional uses for dry shampoo is to separate a curl. To prevent your curls from sticking, spray through some dry shampoo after styling. This will help to keep your curls looking perfectly imperfect and less uniform. It’ll also add a lightweight hold to your locks!
  6. Creates texture! We absolutely love dry shampoo for adding texture to hair! Unlike hairspray, dry shampoo instantly creates textures whilst remaining lightweight and touchable. However, for the ultimate textured look, with a little added hold, pair your dry shampoo with hairspray to achieve perfectly textured tresses.
  7. Separates bangs! Does your fringe/bangs stick together or lay flat against your forehead? This next tip is a must know for girls with a fringe of these uses for dry shampoo. Spritz some dry shampoo throughout your bangs to help soak up any excess oil and keep the hair nice separated!


And there you have it! 8 amazing uses for dry shampoo that will totally step up your dry shampoo game! What are your favourite ways to use dry shampoo?

Hair Extensions for Curly Hair

If you’re a curly hair gal, chances are you think you won’t be able to get away with wearing a set of ZALA Hair Extensions with your locks. Well, not quite! We’ve put together our full guide on hair extensions for curly hair so you have all the tips & tricks to blend your ZALA’s naturally with curly hair!

hair extensions for curly hair

Hair Extensions for Curly Hair

For girls with hair that is super curly, to those with natural waves, your ZALA’s can be safely styled to match the natural curl of your tresses. We only use premium quality 100% Human Hair at ZALA, which means you can style your extensions to perfectly blend with your natural locks! Which means ZALA Hair are the perfect hair extensions for curly hair. When styling your ZALA Hair, remember to always use heat protectant and adjust your heat styling tool to low-medium settings! To compliment the natural volume of curly locks, a 9 piece set will be ideal!

hair extensions for curly hair

For those with very curly hair, don’t fear! Blending your ZALA’s will be easy peasy with the Cosmo Curling Wand! The Cosmo Curling Wand has 5 interchangeable curling barrel attachments. Which means you’re sure to find the perfect wand to achieve that natural look! We absolutely love our Spiral  32mm wand, Beaded 25mm wand and tapered 9-18mm wand to achieve super natural looking curls. The Cosmo Wand has curl defining technology for frizz-free, long lasting curls! Although it doesn’t hurt to let those curls cool in their position before letting down or brushing out.


To achieve the most natural curl, style your extensions by alternating the direction of the curl with each section. For beachy waves, go with our Spiral 32mm wand and take sections that vary in thickness! For tighter curls with less pattern, go for the Beaded 25mm wand! This super unique design creates an ultra natural curl as the hair is wrapped in between & around the beaded barrel. To add some variation and texture, use the tapered 9-18mm wand for tighter, ringlet curls. We love the look of this wand combined with looser curls to mimic the natural variation of curly hair. Of course, the key is to mimic your natural curl as best as possible, so the curl you want to achieve really depends on your unique locks. Variation is key!

There you have it! Our top tips on hair extensions for curly hair. We hope this solves any concerns or questions for you curly haired gals wanting ZALA Hair Extensions!



How to Store Hair Extensions – ZALA Protect Me Bag

The way you store your hair extensions is super important when keeping them in tip top condition. Ever been guilty of leaving your extensions in a mess on the floor? Or perhaps you’ve just chucked your set into a plastic bag when travelling? Well, never fear! The ZALA Protect Me Bag is the answer to all your concerns on how to store hair extensions!

how to store hair extensions

How to Store Hair Extensions – ft. ZALA Protect Me Bag

After investing in a super soft & silky set of 100% Human Remy Hair Extensions, like ZALA Hair, it’s essential you’re storing your new beautiful hair correctly! The ZALA Protect Me Bag is a nifty little tool designed for protecting & storing your extensions for long lasting quality. Not only is it the perfect accessory for storage, it’ll be your new best friend when styling & travelling your ZALA’s.



The ZALA Protect Me Bag features a sturdy hanger and strong protective case, ideal for storing and maintaining the condition of your hair extensions. A shoe box or pants hanger simply doesn’t make the cut! The Protect Me Bag hanger is also perfectly designed with fabric backed to safely secure all pieces together without kinking your precious extensions!



Simply place all pieces evenly onto the hanger and close to secure. Before placing safely into the bag, ensure all pieces are dry & tangle free! Then, slide the hanger through the back, zip up and store neatly and out of sight in your closet or wardrobe. With the bag & hanger design, your beautiful premium quality extensions will be guaranteed to be protected from humidity, dust and any other nasties!



We’ve tried it all when it comes to styling! Slotting each piece into a drawer or attempting the one handed styling technique (resulting in one too many burns!). Did you know, the ZALA Protect Me Bag is also the perfect little tool when styling your clip in hair extensions? Yup! The hanger makes it oh so easy to secure all pieces in place when styling prior to application. Simply secure all pieces in place, hang onto a sturdy surface and style away! The ZALA Protect Me Bag acts as a extra pair of hands when curling, straightening and even brushing your ZALA Hair.


how to store hair extensions

Are you travelling and want to bring your ZALA Hair Extensions with you? The only way to protect your ZALA’s when travelling is to safely pack them away in your Protect Me Bag! With this nifty lil tool, they can be safely folded up and packed flat into your suitcase. And then once you arrive at your destination, hang them up neatly in their sleek & classy bag! We also LOVE the Protect Me Bag as you can pre-style your ZALA’s for any occasion to save time getting ready. Curl your set as desired, pop away in the bag & your extensions will be ready to apply for any event!

how to store hair extensions

There you have it! Everything you need to know on how to store hair extensions as well as our hair extensions protection & travel essential! Now you’ll have no excuse to have long lasting, super soft & silky hair extensions!

Coachella Hair – Opal Hair Colour Trend

Opal Hair! Have you heard of the latest colour trend? This super dreamy colour combo is giving us serious Coachella hair inspiration! Even Kylie Jenner has been seen sporting her take on the trend at this years Coachella! Read on for everything about the trend and how to get the ultimate festival hairstyle for Coachella 2016.

coachella hair



So, let’s explain the hue. Opal hair pulls inspiration from the opal gemstone, and for obvious reasons! The mix of pastel hues creates a dreamy, mermaid-like hue. From more intense colour to washed-out looks. After the first weekend of Coachella, we’ve seen these rainbow pastel locks everywhere!

opal hair


To achieve the perfect opal coachella hair, the hair is lightened and toned to a super ashy platinum shade. This colour is super similar to our Ice Queen Platinum Blonde #60, so it’s perfect to recreate the look on a set of ZALA Hair Extensions! Once the hair is at the perfect grey-ish hue, a mix of whimsical pastels are added throughout. Of course, this trend works best on platinum gals, but we’ve seen those with darker looks rock the look too!

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 10.49.53 AM


The key to this look is not only the colours, its the placement. To mimic the iridescence of the opal stone, pastel colours are applied in layers throughout the hair. It’s not just one shade, its a multitude of colours from root to tip! And we LOVE the effect for the ultimate festival locks! If you’re a bit of a commitment-phobe and want to sport the opal hair trend at Coachella this year, hair extensions are the perfect solution! Simply dye a few pieces of of your ZALA Hair Extensions your desired opal hues! Remember to always test your product on one single strand first, gals! Once dyed, leave to air dry before styling into your festival look!

coachella hair

What do you think of the opal hair trend? We are seriously hypnotised by the dreamy dye trend at ZALA! Pair with our GLITTER ROOTS TUTORIAL and you’ll be sure to have your magical Coachella hair on point! Don’t forget to show us your festival locks with the hashtag #zalahairextensions


How to Tone Tape Hair Extensions

How to tone tape hair extensions. Choosing the perfect shade of hair extensions online can be difficult, especially for blondes! Since blonde is typically a tricky shade to match, toning your hair extensions can ensure you achieve a perfect colour for your natural hair! Are your hair extensions too warm? Want to remove unwanted yellow tones? We’ve put together this full guide on how to tone

how to tone tape hair extensions

For blondes, our lightest shades at ZALA are our Beachy Blonde #613 and Ice Queen Platinum Blonde #60. If your hair is white blonde, go with our lightest #60 keeping in mind this shade is quite ash-toned as is :) If your hair has a little more depth, our Beachy Blonde #613 will be perfect for toning.

You will need:

  • 100% Human Remy Hair Extensions. To demonstrate, we are using 20 pieces of ZALA tape hair extensions in Beachy Blonde #613. You can see from the before shot, this shade is very warm toned.
  • Purple/violet toning shampoo. For the purpose of this guide, we are using the Fudge Clean Blonde violet toning shampoo. However, any good quality purple or silver shampoo will work a treat as a light form of toning!
  • Towel
  • ZALA Tangle Teaser to remove any knots/tangles
  • Hair straightener
  • Rubber band/elastic (for toning tape hair extensions). To ensure you leave approx a 1cm gap between the adhesive tabs and the hair that product is being applied to. This is important so that the adhesive is not affected or disrupted for application

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 2.21.39 pm



  1. Fill your sink with warm water
  2. Ensuring the adhesive tabs remain completely dry, submerge the rest of the hair into the water so that the hair is damp prior to toning. Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 2.23.07 pm
  3. Add a squeeze of your purple shampoo to the water and swish around until completely dissolved. how to tone tape hair extensions
  4. Once the water is a deep purple colour, dip the hair into the water. We are working with 10 pieces at a time. Massage the product/shampoo throughout the piece to ensure all the hair is toned. Make sure you work quickly to avoid overtoning the hair – this should only take you approx 20 seconds!Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 2.24.32 pm
  5. Once the hair appears to be the colour you desired, set aside on your towel and repeat process on all pieces. Leave aside for 3-5 minutes.
  6. Starting with the piece you toned first, rinse the hair thoroughly.
  7. Coat each piece with a high moisturizing conditioner and leave for 5-10 minutes before rinsing. It’s important to leave the conditioner so that the hair is deeply conditioned and retains it’s original soft & silky feel.
  8. After rinsing, set pieces aside on your towel and leave to air dry naturally. how to tone tape hair extensions
  9. Once completely dry, brush through each piece to remove any knots and tangles.
  10. Give your tape hair extensions a little TLC and smooth over with a hair straightener. Remember to always use heat protectant!Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 2.26.23 pm

How to tone tape hair extensions – Before & After

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 2.26.37 pm


And there you have it! Everything you need to know on how to tone tape hair extensions! Your ZALA’s will be the perfect cool-toned blonde and ready for application. Remember when toning to always test your product on one single piece first to ensure it achieves the results you want! Want to watch the full tutorial? Click HERE to view our full toning video!

Glitter roots – Coachella Hairstyles

Glitter roots! At ZALA, we can’t get enough of this trend for the perfect festival hairstyle! We’ve put together this easy peasy glitter roots tutorial to get you the most magical locks this festival season. Paired with a super soft & silky set of ZALA Hair Extensions, you’ll be sure to have the dreamiest locks out there!

glitter roots


glitter roots

  1. First things first, apply your ZALA Clip In Hair Extensions. Hair Extensions are the perfect accessory for the ultimate dreamy festival hair. For this look, we are using a QUADLUX Ice Queen Platinum Blonde #60 20 inch set. glitterroots9
  2. Next, style your hair as desired. This look works best with a middle part, and we paired our glitter roots with some cute half-up buns! To create the two buns, take a medium sized section from the top of your hair. Twist then wrap around and secure with an elastic! Once secured, you can play around with the shape and size. Repeat on other side. glitterroots4
  3. Now time for the fun part! Glitter! Choose your shade, texture & sparkle! We’ve even seen gals sported a gold leaf take on the trend. Take a generous amount of your hair gel & glitter into a small mixing bowl. Mix together to combine! Don’t be afraid to add lots of glitter as this works best with extra pigment!glitterroots3
  4. Once combined, start applying to your roots working outwards. Make sure you use light, feathering strokes to create a smooth blend. Build up to the intensity you are happy with and use a plastic comb/hairbrush to blend and ensure everything is seamless.glitterroots5
  5. You can leave the look here or add some extra dimension with more chunky glitter or small stars/hearts! Simply place randomly on top of the glitter <3 Don’t worry about being too neat or even, we think the less order, the better! glitterroots6

And, you’re done! We are in LOVE with glitter roots for the perfect festival look! Make sure you keep your eyes peeled on our YouTube channel for a full tutorial on this look. You’ll definitely want to see this festival look come together & sparkle!


Festival Hairstyles 2016

Festival Hairstyles 2016! Festival season is well and truly approaching, which means its time to get your festival locks sorted! Over flower crowns? So are we. Which is why we’ve served you up the latest hair trends for some serious festival hair inspo.

festival hairstyles 2016



festival hairstyles 2016

What’s not to love about these metallic accessory adorned look?! Hair rings are the perfect touch to any braided look and the possibilities are endless! No matter what braids you’re sporting, amp up your look with some super cool hair rings. They are easy peasy to apply and come in silver, gold, rose gold and even embellished rings for a super boho look. We’ve also seen some edgy metal hair accessories in the likes of studs and safety pins!


festival hairstyles 2016

This new hair craze is a new level of sparkle! We can’t give enough of glitter roots for the perfect festival hairstyle! If a festival isn’t the time to sparkle up your roots, when is?! We love the look as you can play around with all types and shades of glitter. Glitter roots look ultra magical paired with cute space buns! They’re also perfect if you’re needing to cover dirty roots or regrowth!


festival hairstyles 2016

Yep, that’s right! Hair tattoos are now a thing. We’ve seen the silver & gold temporary tats throughout festivals, but the new way to sport them is in your locks! And we love it! Hair tattoos make the perfect statement piece and can be paired with a variety of styles. Apply as you would your regular temporary tattoo and breeze through festival season like a golden goddess!

Which style will you be rocking? We are in love with ALL of these festival hairstyles 2016, it’s hard to pick! One thing’s for sure, we’ll definitely be rocking our ZALA Hair Extensions, the perfect festival hair accessory!

Mink vs Human Hair Eyelashes

Mink vs Human Hair Eyelashes! We often get asked about the difference between our mink and human hair lashes. The battle begins as we break down the characteristics, differences and benefits of each. Read on for the full comparison of mink vs human hair eyelashes.

mink vs human hair eyelashes

Mink vs Human Hair Eyelashes

Both fibres are premium quality and considered to be the finest lashes on the market. Although mink and human lashes look super natural once applied, there are some slight differences worth noting!


  • Appearance

Handcrafted from 100% Virgin Human Hair. Human hair lashes are a very fine fibre which means they create an ultra look once applied. As the hair is cut to size, each strand has a blunt cut rather than tapering to a fine point.

Human hair lashes often have a very thin or clear lash band which creates a seamless look once applied. We love human hair lashes for natural, everyday looks!

  • Durability

Although this fibre may not hold its shape as well as other styles, Lash Romance human hair lashes last up to 15 applications!

  • Cost

One benefit of human hair lashes is the price! Although they are super high quality, you will find human hair lashes to be the less expensive option.

mink vs human hair eyelashes


Our Mink

  • Appearance

Handcrafted from 100% Mink Hair. Mink Hair lashes are also a very fine fibre, however mink hairs will taper to a point which mimics the shape of a natural lash. This tapered point creates a super natural, fluttery look. Perfect for achieve volume and thickness!

We love mink lashes as they are so fluffy and full! These are perfect for more dramatic looks as they do have a thicker lash band. Although thicker, we use a super flexible cotton band with all our mink styles for easy of application. And don’t worry! Our mink hair lashes are 100% cruelty free & made with love.

  • Durability

Given the higher quality of mink hair, 100% mink lashes will last up to 25 applications! If stored safely in their box, your ZALA Lash Romance mink lashes will hold their curl and look super pretty for up to 25 wears.

  • Cost

With their premium quality, mink hair false lashes can be the most expensive option on the market. However, ZALA Lash Romance mink styles offer a super high quality range for competitive prices! Mink lashes are the only option if you are after super thick, fluffy eyelashes!

mink vs human hair eyelashes

Which do you think wins the battle? We love BOTH at ZALA to suit all needs! Check out our full range of false eyelashes HERE. Let us know which if your favourite style <3


Double Waterfall Braid: How to

The double waterfall braid <3 We LIVE for braids like this at ZALA! Which is why we take you through the how-to’s of the double waterfall braid! Read on to get the super whimsical style.

double waterfall braid

 Double Waterfall Braid

  1. First things first, get out your ZALA’s! This look isn’t complete without a set of premium quality ZALA clip in hair extensions. Start by removing them from the Protect Me Bag. The Protect Me Bag is the best way to store your ZALA’s to keep them soft, silky and tangle free! This little accessory is super important for protecting against factors such as dust and humidity whilst also prolonging the lifespan on your set! IMG_6693
  2. Apply your clip ins to create the perfect base to the look. We are using a Quadweft 265gr 20 inch 9 piece set in Ice Queen Platinum Blonde #60! Our QUADLUX sets are super thick & ideal to achieve serious braid goals. Brush through your natural hair & ZALA’s to ensure a smooth finish.
  3. To begin your braid, start on one side and split your hair into three small sections. Cross both outer sections over the middle, like you would your regular braid. double waterfall braid
  4. This is the part where it can get a little tricky! Next, cross the top section over the middle. Before crossing the back section over the middle, include some extra hair like you would a french braid. Then, leave the top part and take a new section of hair next to it to cross over the middle. This creates the waterfall effect.IMG_6639
  5. Continue the braid until you reach the other side of your hair, working in a slight diagonal line. When you reach the other side, clip this aside and start your second waterfall braid by repeating steps 3 and 4. IMG_6647IMG_6648
  6. Finish the look by braiding the rest of your hair to the side. When you reach the other side of your hair, combine your two waterfall braids & continue a regular braid till the ends of your locks. double waterfall braidIMG_6653
  7. Secure into place with a clear elastic or in a colour similar to your hair. To ensure the look is seamless, it can help to pull out sections if you need to cover any clips/wefts showing. IMG_6662IMG_6688

We are getting some serious Khaleesi vibes with this look! Show us how you rock your ZALA’s in this super cool waterfall braid style using the hashtag #ZALAHAIREXTENSIONS. If you want to up your braid game, be sure to check out our QUADLUX range. We offer a free colour match service to help you choose your perfect ZALA shade <3


Autumn Hair Colours

Like makeup, changing your hair colour with the seasons is an unwritten rule. What better excuse is there to switch up your locks. Here are the hues we are loving for this season at ZALA Hair! These autumn hair colours paired with a dreamy set of ZALA Hair Extensions are sure to give you some serious hair inspo!

autumn hair colours

Autumn Hair Colours

Rich Mocha

autumn hair colours

Stunning Autumnal locks created with ZALA Rich Mocha #4 Clip In Hair Extensions

When the weather gets cooler, there’s nothing that will brighten up your complexion more than a warm, brunette shade. Embrace the darker side or update your current brunette locks to a gorgeous mocha hue. Get dreamier, longer & thicker mocha locks this Autumn with ZALA Hair Extensions. Our Rich Mocha #4 clip in & tape hair extensions are perfect for those who want to delve into these warm hues <3

Icy Cool

platinum hair

This ZALA babe rocks her icy-cool Ice Queen Platinum Blonde #60 set! (on the right)

Want to go for a super edgy shade this season? Platinum locks are for you. Platinum hair is definitely not for the faint hearted, but is oh-so striking and always gives us hair envy at ZALA! We love platinum hues during Autumn as they perfectly compliment paler skin tones. Complete your icy Autumn locks with a set of ZALA’s Ice Queen Platinum Blonde #60 Hair Extensions. Our #60 has brilliant ashy tones for the perfect Autumn tresses.

Bold & Burgundy


On the left, this gorgeous customer wears a set of our Burgundy Red #99J Clip In Hair Extensions!

Burgundy red hair! We couldn’t think of a more appropriate shade for this season. With crisp, autumnal hues, burgundy red hair is timeless! We always lust over rich red tones at this time of year. If you’re looking to spice up your locks this Autumn, our Burgundy Red #99J Clip In Hair Extensions are the perfect shade! This colour is the perfect deep, red wine red.

Which of these Autumn hair colours will you be trying this season? Let us know! And don’t forget to tag us in your shots wearing your ZALA’s locks #zalahairextensions