Summer Hair Care

When the heat is high and you’re pretty much living at the beach or pool during summer, it’s important to look after your locks correctly! Fight the frizz and keep your tresses healthy with our top summer hair care tips.

summer hair care



As much as we love the sun, UV rays are not only super damaging on your skin but also your hair when left unprotected. So, it’s important to opt for hair care that contain UV protectant properties! Otherwise, if you can’t get your hands on products as such, a wide brimmed hat will do the trick. These will help keep your locks looking and feeling healthy all summer long.

summer hair care


One of the main causes of dry, damaged feeling hair is all that salt water or chlorine! Especially when combined with the harsh summer sun. So, to keep your tresses silky smooth, always make sure to rinse your hair with fresh water after swimming. This tip is also super important for you gals who wear tape hair extensions to prolong their lifespan during summer.


Our top summer hair care tip is to up the moisture! The best product to keep on hand during summer is a good leave in conditioner. You can even make your own by diluting your fave conditioner with a little bit of water in a spray bottle. Keep this in your beach bag and spritz a generous amount through your hair after rinsing with fresh water. This will keep your hair feeling super silky and help to reduce frizz when letting your locks air dry. We also love hair including hair oils and smoothing serums during summer for extra healthy hair.


Summer is the ideal time to give your locks a break from all that heat styling! Keep it cool and put down the blow dryer and flat iron! To keep the frizz at bay and reduce the heat, try styling your hair in cute heatless hairstyles when wet. Once dry, you’ll be left with natural, beachy looking waves without the damage! Our fave heatless hairstyles during summer are loose, fishtail braids.


Want perfect hair this summer? Stop wishing and start clipping with our premium clip in hair extensions! Shop the full range as well as our European tape hair extensions HERE.



Hairstyles for Work

Looking for work hair inspo? You’ve come to the right place. These hairstyles for work will have your locks on point and get you ready to slay your career in 2017!

Hairstyles for Work

hairstyles for work


hairstyles for work

Add a little texture to your classic topknot with this super cool upside down braid! We are in love with this for a relaxed yet edgy work look. It’s really easy to achieve, too! Simply flip your hair upside down and take a section of hair at the nape of your neck. Working upwards, french braid this section and secure this with an elastic. Then gather your hair up into your usual topknot and you’re done!



Dreamy hair using ZALA 20 inch tape hair extensions in Honey Beach Highlights #18/613.

For those of you who can wear their tresses out to work, you can’t go wrong with long luscious locks! Our favourite look at ZALA 😉 Want your hair on point but your locks are looking a little sad? ZALA hair extensions have got you covered! Our premium range of clip intape extensions instantly enhance the length and thickness of your tresses for serious work hair goals. And, the entire ZALA range is soft, silky 100% human hair so you can curl & style as you desire!



This voluminous ponytail perfection created with a 16 inch ZALA human hair ponytail.

If you’re after a more classic, polished look, this voluminous pony is for you. Our favourite way to get the perfect voluminous ponytail is using ZALA ponytail extensions! These make ponytail hairstyles for work so easy and half styling time in the morning. Simply style your natural hair in a ponytail of your desired height. Then clip, wrap and secure your ZALA ponytail. Finish by pulling out pieces around the face and style with some loose curls!

What are your favourite hairstyles for work? Shop the full ZALA hair extension range HERE to achieve your #hairgoals.

2017 Hair Trends

Hello 2017! With the New Year comes new trends – yay! So, read on for a heads up on some of the 2017 hair trends that are going to be big. Yep, we’re calling it now!

2017 hair trends

2017 Hair Trends #1

2017 hair trends

First up, our fave trend for this year. Yep – ultra long hair isn’t going anywhere! Kim K and Rihanna know what’s up and have been spotted rocking extra long locks that sit past the waist. If you want the look, say hello to our premium range of hair extensions! We offer 24, 26 and 30 inch sets at ZALA so you can easily get in on the trend and achieve the long mermaid locks of your dreams. Check out our length guide below to see our 26 inch set in action.

2017 Hair Trends #2


Get out your straightener – sleek, straight hair is back! The key to this trend is pin-straight, ultra shiny locks with a neat centre parting. For a super polished look, use a hair brush whilst straightening your locks. Then finish with hair oil for added shine and a spritz of hairspray to smooth down any flyways. We love how it slims down the face and makes any outfit look super stylish.

2017 Hair Trends #3


This year, it’s all about going low with your ponytail! 2017 is going to embrace the ‘less is more’ concept more than ever! We’ve already seen a heap of low chic ponies paired with minimalist accessories and are in LOVE. Think a black ribbon or rope to secure your low pony. This trend is super quick and easy which is good news for us lazy girls or those who need a fast style!

Which is your favourite of these 2017 hair trends? We can’t wait to see what other trends this year has to offer!

How to Blend Hair Extensions with Thick Hair

Wanting to add length to your naturally thick hair, but struggling blending your hair extensions? Never fear! Our guide on how to blend hair extensions with thick hair will have everyone thinking those long locks are all your own.

How to Blend Hair Extensions with Thick Hair

how to blend hair extensions with thick hair



First things first, it’s important to consider the type of hair extensions you are using. The best hair extensions to blend with thick hair are no doubt 100% Human Remy Hair Extensions! Not only are these completely safe to style, they provide a super natural finish as the cuticles are intact and aligned in the same direction. This mimics the look of your natural hair, making the extensions undetectable once applied.


Ever noticed that obvious line between your natural hair and the extensions? Yep, this is one of the most telltale signs! Our top tip on how to blend hair extensions with thick hair is to ensure they match the thickness of your natural hair. We recommend ZALA clip in hair extensions triple or quad weft 9 piece sets. These have not one, but three or four wefts sewn into each piece to create an extra thick set, perfect for thick hair types!

If you’re looking to lengthen your locks, then you’ll also need to make sure the extensions are thick to the very ends. A sign of poor quality hair extensions are thin, ratty ends which make it extremely difficult to blend with thick hair. At ZALA, all our hair extensions are double drawn for equal thickness from top to tip. This ensures plenty of hair to work with for seamless natural blending

how to blend hair extensions with short hair


Once you’ve chosen the perfect set for your hair, it’s all down to blending & styling. Styling is super important to ensure the extensions are completely undetectable once applied. For a sleek look, go over your locks and the extensions with a straightener to blend any kinks. Otherwise, our go-to look for a super natural finish are definitely curls! Curls are amazing at concealing any harsh lines and make it so easy to achieve seamless blending with thick hair. When styling hair extensions with thick hair types, the ZALA Cosmo Wand is our most recommend curling wand.

What are your tips on how to blend hair extensions with short hair? Shop the full range of ZALA hair extensions HERE.

How to Revive Your Hair Extensions

Partied a little too hard in your hair extensions over the silly season? Or a little guilty of leaving them in a mess on the floor? Don’t stress! We show you how to revive your hair extensions to get them looking and feeling as good as new.

How to Revive Your Hair Extensions

how to revive your hair extensionsAlthough it’s super important to always take proper care of your hair extensions, there is hope if you’ve been a little slack! So, let’s get into exactly how to revive your hair extensions.


First things first, remove those knots & tangles! If you’re guilty of leaving your extensions in a pile on the floor or shoved away in a box, there’s no doubt they’ll need a good brushing. The most gentle way to detangle your extensions is working from tip to top using a brush that’s hair extension safe. Our favourite brush to quickly and easily get rid of knots is the ZALA Tangle Tamer which is super gentle on your locks.

how to revive your hair extensions

The ZALA Tangle Tamer! Our favourite brush to safely detangle hair extensions.


Next, if your hair extensions have lost their shine and are feeling a bit dry, give them good wash with a hydrating shampoo and conditioner. We often recommend washing your hair extensions if you notice a change in their appearance or feel. Once fresh and clean, up the hydration and apply a deep conditioning treatment to bring them back to their original soft & silky condition.


Once you’ve washed and treated the set, it’s time to style them. To get them feeling super silky, smooth over with a straightener whilst brushing through the hair. This is our top tip to reduce frizz and bring back their shine! Check out exactly how to revive your hair extensions using this technique below.


Last but certainly not least, correct storage is key! To avoid this whole process and prolong the life of your hair extensions, it’s super important to store them correctly. And no, a shoebox doesn’t cut it! The best way to store your hair extensions is in a protective case like our Protect Me Bag. This handy little bag is a case and carrier in one. It zips up neatly and can be hung in your cupboard, out of sight and protected from humidity and other nasties. This is seriously vital for all hair extension lovers!

We these tips on how to revive your hair extensions help renew your locks! There’s no better feeling than a fresh set of extensions. If you’re in need, shop our full range of premium clip in & tape hair extensions HERE.


How to do a Sleek Ponytail

Ever wondered how to get the perfect sleek ponytail? Can’t seem get to get it quite right and your pony looks a little sad? Don’t worry – we got you! Our guide on how to do a sleek ponytail has everything you need to get your pony on point!

How to do a Sleek Ponytail

how to do a sleek ponytail

A sleek high pony is our go-to for any occasion as it’s super easy yet ultra glam. It’s the perfect look to get that Gigi Hadid or Kylie Jenner vibe.



Our babe Veronica wears 22 inch ponytail extensions in Dark Chocolate #2 to add instant glam!

Our babe Veronica wears 22 inch ponytail extensions in Dark Chocolate #2 to add instant glam!

  1. Start by brushing your hair to remove any knots & tangles.
  2. Then, pull your hair up into a high pony using your hairbrush to smooth over any bumps before securing with an elastic.
  3. Once your hair is secured, it’s time to apply your ponytail extensions! If you really want your pony on point, ZALA Ponytails are a serious game changer! They instantly add length and thickness for the perfect ponytail in minutes. And to apply, it’s as simple as clip, wrap & secure in place with a few bobby pins! We have a full tutorial on how easy it is below 🙂
  4. Finish the look with a quick brush through your pony and a spritz of hairspray to smooth down any fly aways. And you’re done! The perfect sleek high pony in just four steps.

What is your go-to ponytail style? Up your ponytail game and channel your inner Gigi – shop our full range of ponytail extensions HERE. Our ponytail range is available in 16, 22 and 26 inches so there’s a length for every look! Don’t forget to show us how you wear your ZALA pony with the hashtag #zalaponytail


Easy Party Hairstyles

With the New Year less than ONE WEEK away, we’re prepping ourselves for all the festivities to come! Left your look to the last minute? Don’t stress! We’ve served up these easy party hairstyles that’ll have your locks sorted over the party season.

easy party hairstyles


easy party hairstyles

Long hair perfection! This ZALA babe wears our 26 inch Ice Queen Platinum Blonde #60 clip ins.

Long locks with voluminous curls are our go-to for the perfect party hair. They are seriously glam and complete any outfit! If you hair is lacking a little length and volume, stop dreaming and start clipping! Our range of premium quality hair extensions make it oh so easy to achieve your long hair goals in minutes. Turns heads with a 24″ or 26″ clip in set for the ultimate party locks!

easy party hairstyles

Sleek ponytail goals using ZALA 22inch Ponytail Extensions in Dark Chocolate #2!

Want to look super snatched for New Years eve? Go with a sleek high ponytail! Want to know our fool-proof way to get the look? Say HELLO to ZALA ponytails! These completely revamp a sleek pony and are must-have for the party season. Simply secure your hair up in a pony then wrap around your ZALA ponytail extensions. Smooth down any flyaways with hairspray and you’re done! The perfect pony in minutes.


So chic! Our 16 inch 100% human hair ponytail styled by @hairbytaylorhague

Lastly, this super chic low pony with tonnes of texture. We are in LOVE! To get the look, style your hair in a low pony and apply your ZALA ponytail. Yup – our 100% human hair ponytail range is super versatile and can be safely curled & styled! Then, carefully put out pieces of hair from the front to frame your face. Curl these pieces along with your ponytail and finish by lightly teasing for loads of texture!

Which of these easy party hairstyles is your favourite? Don’t forget to show us your New Year’s eve looks wearing your ZALA locks using #zalahairextensions

New Years Eve Hairstyles

It’s the final countdown of 2016 so we’ve got your look sorted and served up these New Years Eve Hairstyles. Go out with a bang this year with your hair on point!

New Years Eve Hairstyles

new years eve hairstyles


new years eve hairstyles

Get Desi’s look with a 16 inch ZALA ponytail in Chestnut Brown #6

First up on our picks for New Years Eve hairstyles – the sleek high pony. This look is always a winner and goes perfectly with every outfit. And, it’s super easy to achieve using ZALA ponytail extensions! Simply gather your hair up into a tight high ponytail and secure with an elastic. Then, for length and thickness, apply your ZALA ponytail by wrapping around and pinning in place. ZALA ponytails are the easiest way to get the perfect New Year’s pony in minutes! Finish by smoothing down any fly aways with a spritz of hairspray and you’re done.


If you seriously want to daze and dazzle everyone this New Year’s, glitter roots are the go! We can’t think of a better occasion to go all out with glittery hair. Paired with a set of ZALA hair extensions, you’ll be sure to have the dreamiest locks this New Year’s Eve! Make sure you check out our full tutorial on the looks.


new years eve hairstyles

Let your hair down for New Years and get fancy with glam old hollywood waves! Signature old hollywood waves are all about thickness and body, so a set of ZALA quad weft clip in hair extensions are perfect for an instant volume boost. To get that classic ‘s’ curl, take larger sections and curl all your hair in the same direction. Our most recommended styling tool for glam waves is the ZALA Cosmo Wand 32mm barrel which is perfect for styling extensions. Once curled, brush through to loosen the curls and form that old hollywood wave.

What look have you got planned for New Year’s Eve? There’s still time to get the perfect NYE hair! Shop our full range of premium hair extensions HERE.

Christmas Hairstyles

On the hunt for a no fuss hairstyle for Christmas Day? You’ve come to the right place! These three Christmas Hairstyles are super easy to do and will have your locks lookin’ pretty for Christmas, without out the effort!

christmas hairstyles

Christmas Hairstyles


christmas hairstyles

First up – long, mermaid waves. Talk about serious holiday hair goals?! This look is so stunning and super easy to achieve for Christmas day. For that mermaid length, simply apply a set of ZALA 24″ clip in hair extensions. Then, curl your hair with the extensions working in small sections. Our fave curling wand to create mermaid waves like these is the ZALA Cosmo Wand 28mm barrel! Once all the hair is curled, finish the look by giving your locks a quick brush through using your fingers to lightly separate the curls.


christmas hairstyles

Next up, this chic textured ponytail! When it comes to Christmas Day, we know you want to get right into the good stuff like opening presents and feasting with your family. Luckily, it’s super easy to get the perfect ponytail without the fuss using ZALA ponytail extensions. When you need to get your ponytail on point quickly, throw your hair up into a pony then clip & wrap your ZALA ponytail. Once everything is secure, use your fingers to pull out pieces to frame your face. Finish the look with some textured curls and you’re done!



Lastly, this gorgeous half up style. We are in LOVE with this look, especially for Summer Christmas festivities! To get the look, separate two sections from either side of your face. Take a small piece from the back of each section and tie these together at the back of your head. Then, it’s a simple as wrapping the remainder of each section back and around this hair to create the twist effect. Finish with some loose curls and a flower crown and you’re done! So pretty yet super easy.

What are your favourite Christmas Hairstyles? Needing a fresh set of ZALA’s in time for Christmas Day? It’s not too late for our Australian babes! Click HERE to see when you’ll need to place your order by to have a fresh set of extensions for the holidays.

Stocking Filler Ideas

Looking for a lil something to fill the stockings this year? Is the gal in your life beauty obsessed? We’ve got what you need! These stocking filler ideas cover all beauty bases and will not disappoint.



stocking filler ideas

Give the gift of perfect lashes with our premium range of false eyelashes! These make the perfect stocking fillers to have their lashes sorted, just in time for New Years Eve. ZALA Lash Romance lashes are super soft, fluffy and ultra natural looking. The range is handcrafted and made with love so that they last up to 25 applications! We have 8 different styles available in both 100% human hair and 100% mink hair, so there a lash for every girl, to go with every makeup look!



Next up, our Protect Me Bag. This is on our vital list for the hair extension lover in your life! This specially designed protective case stores hair extensions whilst you’re not wearing them and helps to keep them soft & silky for as long as possible. It comes with a super handy hanger and folds up neatly to make the perfect carrier when travelling! Definitely a must have stocking filler to go with a set of premium ZALA clip in hair extensions!


Last but not definitely not least, the ZALA Tangle Tamer! Although small and compact, this little guy quickly removes knots and tangles whilst being super gentle on your locks. It’s the perfect on-the-go detangler and fits easily in your handbag. And, it’s soft and flexible bristles make it completely safe to use on hair extensions. A ZALA Tangle Tamer is our most recommended hair brush which definitely won’t disappoint!

Which of these stocking filler ideas would you want for Christmas? Treat yourself and shop our full range of hair extensions and accessories HERE.