Harley Quinn Hair Tutorial

Halloween is right around the corner, scream queens! Have you left your costume to the last minute and need some halloween hair inspo? Look no further! We’ve got you sorted with this badass Harley Quinn hairstyle! If you loved Suicide Squad as much as we did, you will LOVE this Harley Quinn hair tutorial!

harley quinn hair tutorial

So, Harley Quinn is known for those voluminous dip-dye pigtails. If you’re wanting to go as Harley this year but your pigtails look at little sad, we got you covered at ZALA! We love using hair extensions to throw together a quick and easy halloween costume. Here’s what you’ll need:


harley quinn hair tutorial

  1. Start by brushing through your hair to ensure everything is tangle free.
  2. Next, take your tail comb and part your hair neatly down the middle.
  3. Create two high pigtails on either side. Once both are secured, pull out sections from the front of your hair to frame your face.
  4. Now, if your pigtails are lacking volume and length, it’s time to apply your ZALA ponytail hair extensions! Simply hook into the base of your pony, wrap around to secure the velcro closure and bobby pin in place. You’ll instantly have the perfect Harley Quinn pigtails with tonnes of volume. No back-combing needed!
  5. Curl your ponytails using a wand with a large barrel size. Our go-to styling tool for Harley’s look is the ZALA Cosmo Curling Wand with the 32mm attachment. This creates the perfect Harley Quinn curls.
  6. Finish by applying your coloured hair chalk. Take sections of hair and rub on the chalk to dispense colour. Hair chalk is perfect to use on your extensions as the colour can be easily washed out.


And there you have it! The perfect Harley Quinn look, made easy with ZALA hair extensions. Check out the full tutorial below, along with two other hair-raising halloween hairstyles.


How to Get Beachy Waves

Now that it’s spring time, we love rocking super beachy locks. Easy, textured and effortless, beachy waves are our go-to look of the season. We especially love the style as the messier your tresses, the better. So, let’s get straight to it and show you exactly how to get beachy waves!

how to get beachy waves

Some ultra beachy waves using ZALA clip in hair extensions in Beachy Blonde #613

The key to beachy, mermaid waves is lots of length, volume and texture. Our favourite way to achieve instant length and thickness is using ZALA clip in hair extensions! For the best effect, a full 9 piece set in 20 or 24 inches will give you the perfect mermaid hair before styling.

how to get beachy waves


  1. Once you’ve applied your ZALA’s and have the ideal length & thickness, it’s time to start curling! Our absolute favourite tool for styling beachy waves is the ZALA Cosmo Wand. It’s a 5 in 1 curling wand so that you have every look covered! Which is particularly good for beachy waves as varied sized curls are perfect for achieving texture. Our favourite barrel for creating beachy waves is the 32mm spiral attachment.spiral 32mm
  2. For beachy curls, it’s important to make sure you’re taking 1-2 inch wide sections, varying the size of each curl as you go. Make sure you stick between 1-2 inches though, as any wider you won’t get that beachy effect.
  3. Once you’ve curled your first piece, take your next section and wrap around the wand in the opposite direction. Keep alternating direction with each curl and repeat until all your hair is styled!
  4. After all the hair has been curled and is left to cool, finger comb through your locks and use your hands to scrunch up the curls for added texture.

how to get beachy waves

And there you have it! How to get beachy waves. This should last you a couple days and will still look just as beachy as the curls drop! Now you know how to get beachy waves to wear through spring. In need of the perfect mermaid hair for spring? Shop the full ZALA range HERE.



Easy Halloween Hairstyles

It’s that time of year again! Halloween is near and we’ve boiled up some seriously hair-raising styles for you scream queens! Look hot as HELL this year with these three easy halloween hairstyles using ZALA hair extensions.

halloween hairstyles



easy halloween hairstyles

First up is this vampy chic look, creating with some classic vintage curls. This style is super sexy and perfect for those who prefer to look a little more glam! For that signature old hollywood style with loads of volume, we used a 20 inch 9 piece set of ZALA clip in hair extensions to add length and thickness. Clip in hair extensions instantly transform your look and are perfect if you’re looking for a super easy halloween hairstyle. We curled the hair using our go-to styling tool – the ZALA Cosmo Wand – to create these stunning vintage waves. For this look, create a deep side parting and make sure you curl each piece in the same direction. This makes sure that when you’re locks are brushed out, they form that signature ‘S’ shape. Finish with a red lip and some vampire fangs and the look is complete!




Next up, this super bad ass girl gang look. Again, this style is really easy to do yet still packs a punch! For this look, volume is key. And although you can achieve the style with your natural locks, we think clip in hair extensions make all the difference! For a serious volume boost, we applied a 14 inch 9 piece set of clip in hair extensions to our girl Madeleine’s hair. Then to create really tight, defined curls, we styled the set using the ZALA Cosmo wand Spiral attachment. Once all the hair is curled, brush through slightly and tease for added volume & texture. Finish with a bandana and you’re done!



easy halloween hairstyles

Last but certaintly not least, Harley Quinn! This will definitely be our go-to halloween look this year. Ain’t that right, puddin? 😉 To get Harley’s look, it’s a simple as two ZALA ponytail extensions! Simply style your natural hair in two pigtails, leaving two pieces out at the front to frame your face. Then, for the perfect Harley Quinn hair, apply two ZALA human hair ponytails for super voluminous pigtails. Finish by adding some curls to your ponies using the ZALA Cosmo Wand 32mm attachment. This barrel is great for creating big, voluminous curls. Complete the look with blue & red hair chalk and you’re done!

easy halloween hairstyles

Did you hear?! We’re holding a massive halloween giveaway for Harley Quinn’s look! Check out the details below:

Which of these easy halloween hairstyles will you dare to try?

How to Prevent Damaged Hair

Have you tried every hair treatment on the market and still can’t seem to revive your locks? It might be time to review your hair care routine! We’re covering all bases with our top tips on how to prevent damaged hair.

How to Prevent Damaged Hair

how to prevent damaged hair


We know they are only few other feelings better than freshly washed hair. But, did you know that there is such thing as over-washing? Yep! Washing your tresses strips the hair of it’s natural oils which means too much shampoo can be seriously damaging over time. When we’re asked how to prevent damaged hair, one of our best tips it’s to wash your locks as little as possible. This goes for your hair extensions too! Try keep the shampooing to a minimum and get yourself a good quality dry shampoo for your natural hair to get you through washes.


how to prevent damaged hair

Next up, styling! We all know heat styling tools are a major cause to unhealthy hair. Although we love our straighteners and curling wands, using too much heat on your locks can be seriously damaging. When you’re taking a break from the heat, we’ve got you covered with our favourite heatless hairstyles.

Heatless Hairstyles

And for the days you just need to pick up the curling wand, remember to opt for a styling tool with temperature settings! The ZALA Cosmo Wand is our favourite curling tool as you can adjust the heat to suit your hair type or ensure you’re styling your extensions safely. Remember, always style your ZALA hair extensions on low to medium settings to prevent damage.


Lastly, brushing. There are a few bad brushing habits you’ll have to kick if you’re wanting to know how to prevent damaged hair, particularly using the wrong hair brush! For most hair types, we find natural bristled hair brushes are way too harsh and can lead to dreaded damage and too much tension. Our holy grail detangling tool to use on both our natural hair and our extensions is definitely the ZALA Tangle Teaser! The gentle, individual bristles easily glide through hair to get rid of knots and tangles without any pulling or damage. You’ll be sure to prevent damaging your locks whilst brushing once you’re equipped with a ZALA tangle teaser! Watch our full guide on detangling and reviving hair extensions below.

There you have it! Our top tips on how to prevent damaged hair. What do you swear by for healthy hair?


How to French Braid

French braids! Although they’re intricate looking, the style is oh-so easy once you’ve got the technique on lock. So, want to know how to get one of our favourite styles at ZALA? Read on for our full guide on how to french braid!

how to french braid

French braid using ZALA Clip In Hair Extensions Chocolate Swirl #2/6 Balayage 20 inch 9 piece set


French braids are a favourite for so many reasons! Not only are they really simple & quick, they make the foundation to so many pretty braided styles. So it’s super helpful to have the french braid under your belt!

  1. To start, take a small section from the front of your hair and split into three equal parts, like you would your normal braid.
  2. Cross the section on the right over into the middle and do the same with the left section.
  3. Before repeating this process, grab some hair from the right side of your head and add this into the right section before crossing over into the middle. Do the same on the left hand side.
  4. Repeat this technique all the way down your hair, adding in more as you go until all hair is braided.
  5. Secure in place with a hair elastic and use your fingers to pull apart and loosen the braid for extra volume. This really steps up your braid game for serious french braid goals!

If you’re still on sure and want to see how to french braid in action, don’t miss our spring races hairstyles video below!

Tips on how to french braid:

  • Finding your french braid is looking a little flat? Try curling your hair prior to styling! This really helps to boost volume and add that extra bit of texture to your braid.
  • For those with shorter or thinner tresses, french braids can prove a little difficult. But, with help from ZALA clip in hair extensions, a little added length & thickness makes all the difference! Not only does the extra length make it easier to french braid, ZALA hair extensions will instantly up your braid game!
  • If your hair is freshly washed and slipping whilst you style, spray some dry shampoo throughout your locks! This will help to add extra grip in your hair and makes it so much easier to braid!

And you’re done! How to french braid in 5 simple steps! Want a thicker, fuller braid? Shop ZALA hair extensions full range HERE to make your french braid dreams come true.



Spring Races Hairstyles

The most glamorous time of the year is upon us – spring racing season! We’ve got ALL your looks covered this year with these 3 MUST TRY spring races hairstyles using ZALA hair extensions. Read on for the perfect hairstyles to have you race day ready!


spring races hairstyles




Look number one is simple yet sophisticated! We love sleek, straight hair for the races as it’s super simple to achieve but still looks ultra chic! Simply apply your ZALA Hair Extensions to boost thickness & add some length to your locks. Then, back-comb sections of your natural hair at the crown of your head to create some height. Be careful not to tease your ZALA’s! Once the desired amount of volume is achieved, brush over carefully and smooth over with some hairspray. Create a neat middle part and then smooth down the front sections of your hair and bobby pin behind your ears. Finish with a lace or net fascinator and you’re done!


spring races hairstyles

Next up may be our personal fave. Go BIG or go home with these ultra voluminous curls. To get the look, apply your clip in hair extensions and curl all your hair, working in sections. Our most recommended styling tool for the races is the ZALA Cosmo Wand! This luxury barrel set is designed to safely curl your ZALA’s and includes 5 interchangeable wands! For this look, we used the thickest attachment which creates the perfect oversized curls. On a low to medium heat, wrap the hair around the wand and hold for 5-8 seconds before realeasing. Then, once all your locks are curled to perfect, top with your fascinator!


spring races hairstyles

Lastly, this super elegant side braid. This look is so stunning and is definite spring races hair goals with a little help from ZALA hair extensions. For a super thick, voluminous braid, apply your ZALA hair extensions. We find this style works amazing if the hair is curled, for extra texture! Start with your hair parted to the side and create a french braid. Add in more hair from either side as you go and continue all the way down. Secure in place with a hair elastic and finish with your fascinator of choice!

Which of these spring races hairstyles will you be stealing for the races?




Heatless Hairstyles

As much as we love styling tools, we know they’re not so kind to our locks. It’s good to give your hair a break from all the heat once in a while. So, put down your blow dryer, straightener and curling wand and take it back to basics with these heatless hairstyles!

heatless hairstyles



heatless hairstyles

Braids are our go-to heatless style! Whether its french, fishtail or dutch braids, we can always rely on braids to tranform our locks, without any damage from styling tools. Our favourite braided look of the moment is definitely double dutch braids. And if you’re braids are looking are little sad, don’t worry, you CAN wear clip in hair extensions in this double dutch style! ZALA clip in hair extensions will help to up your hair game, no heat required.



Next up, the sleek straight ponytail! This only takes minutes to achieve and looks super polished. When we’re taking a break from heated tools and want to rock a super sleek look, we love using ZALA ponytail extensions to get the perfect pony. It’s a super easy way to make your hair look incredible, without blow drying or straightening. They are super sleek and straight therefore zero damage to your natural hair.


heatless hairstylesLastly, beachy textured waves. Yes, you can achieve this style without reaching for your heated tools! We think it looks even better au naturale 😉 Simply apply a leave in conditioner after washing your hair to combat frizz and let air dry in two braids. Once completely dry, Take out your braids apply salt spray to create that super textured, beachy look. For more tricks on getting the perfect heatless curls, check out our full guide below!

Heatless Curls: How to & Styles

What is your go-to heatless hairstyles when you’re taking a break from heat styling tools?


Bad Hair Day Fixes

Woken up to a bad hair day?! Don’t worry! Banish any hair problem to the past with these quick bad hair day fixes! These are our go-to tricks to get perfect hair, every time.

bad hair day fixes



bad hair day fixes

This ZALA babe wears her 20 inch clip in hair extensions for added length & volume

Are your locks feeling not so fresh, but you don’t have the time for a shampoo? Dry shampoo is not the only option! There’s a few styles that are our go-to that work a treat to disguise oily hair. One of our favourites for hiding greasy bangs is an angel braid. Part your hair on the side and create a french braid along your hairline until you reach your ear. You can stop here and secure with an elastic, or continue with a regular braid all the way down. Tuck behind your ear and you have a cute, angel braid!


bad hair day fixes

This is our fave fix for dry, straggly hair days. If your ends are a little unsightly and hair oil doesn’t seem to do the trick, throw your hair up in a pony and apply some ponytail extensions! Not only are ZALA ponytail extensions amazing for boosting thickness and adding life to your pony, they wrap around to complete disguise straggly hair. Made from the highest quality 100% human hair, they look ultra natural once applied. Your perfect pony in minutes <3


bad hair day fixes

Add some serious thickness! This stunner has volume for days with her Jet Black #1 ZALA’s

Finally, our instant fix for flat limp hair. If you spend hours on hours and endless amounts of products for voluminous hair with no results, all hope is not lost! With a little help from ZALA clip in hair extensions you can safely say goodbye to a bad hair day. Our clip in sets are made from 100% human hair so they can be curled or styled just like your natural hair, so no one will know it’s not all your own. If you’re looking to focus on adding volume, opt for a length similar to your natural hair. Or, use your clip ins to add some length and achieve your ultimate hair goals.

We hope these bad hair day fixes solve your hair problems! What are your favourite hair fixes?


Ponytail Hairstyles Using Hair Extensions

Ponytails are a definite go-to. But, who said they have to be boring?! Not us! We’ve put together these 3 ponytail hairstyles using hair extensions so you can slay a ponytail for any occasion. All three looks were created using ZALA ponytail extensions which completely transform any ponytail style in no time!


ponytail hairstyles using hair extensions

Our favourite way to rock a ponytail style is definitely using ZALA ponytail hair extensions. They’re perfect if you’re feeling a little lazy but you want you locks on point, as they are super easy to apply and add instant glam! Our human hair ponytails can also be safely curled, styled and coloured JUST like your own hair. So let’s get into some of our fave ways to style them!


ponytail hairstyles using hair extensions

Low, romantic pony using ZALA 16 inch ponytail extensions in Rich Mocha #4

First up – the messy, low pony. Super elegant and romantic, this one is perfect for spring! To get the look, start by creating a loose dutch braid, continuing with a regular braid once you reach your ear. Then, tie your hair into a low side pony & apply your ponytail extensions! If you’re not sure how, we have a full tutorial HERE. Create another small braid in your pony for added texture before using your fingers to loosen both braids and make the look a little more messy. Finish by teasing the hair and styling in loose curls! Flowers are optional but we think it really brings together the whole look!


ponytail hairstyles using hair extensions

Our babe Veronica wears 22 inch ponytail extensions in Dark Chocolate #2 to add instant glam!

Next up, the sleek high pony! We definitely think ponytail extensions completely revamp this style and add extra glamour! For the ultimate glam look, pull your hair up into a high pony and brush through to ensure there are no bumps. Smooth down any flyaways with hairspray and apply your ZALA ponytail. For a little extra touch, braid the hair before wrapping around and securing in place. Finish with one last spritz of hairspray and you’re done! The sleek pony, made easy 🙂


Last but most definitely not least, the half up half down pony! This may be our favourite of these ponytail hairstyles using hair extensions as it’s so effortless and casual. To achieve the look, section off the top half your hair with an elastic and apply your ZALA ponytail. We also applied a 5 piece set of clip in hair extensions to the bottom half of the hair to balance out the look and add length. Finish off the look by adding some curls using the ZALA Cosmo Wand. This 5 in 1 curling wand is our most recommended styling tool and is designed specially for hair extensions. And, you’re done! We’re feeling some serious Arianna vibes with this look.

Which is your favourite ponytail hairstyles using hair extensions? Shop the full ZALA human hair ponytail range HERE to get your perfect pony!

Spring Hairstyles

Move over winter, spring has officially sprung! With the new season comes new hair trends. So, we’re turning up the heat with our favourite spring hairstyles that we know you’ll love. Read on for some serious spring hair inspo.

spring hairstyles

Spring Hairstyles

Braided Partings

spring hairstyles

Braids are everywhere this year, and we’re definitely not complaining! We’ve seen so many braided styles but one of our favourites is definitely braided partings. They’re perfect for making a statement and only take a few minutes to create. We love the look especially paired with a set of ZALA clip in hair extensions for dreamy, mermaid locks. The braided part gets a massive yes from us. So much so that we recreated it and have a full tutorial on the look!

Messy, Low Ponies


Next up – the messy, low pony. This is perfect for spring as it’s so effortless and can be achieved in minutes! It’s a go to style when you want dreamy locks but are in between washes as the more texture, the better. We create the look with ZALA ponytail extensions for added volume and paired some loose curls and floral accessories to create super romantic look. Check out our full tutorial on this look as well as 2 other ponytail hairstyles which are perfect for spring!

Boho Topknots


Finally, the boho topknot! Half up half down styles are a definite go-to at ZALA for spring. And again, they’re so easy to achieve. For this look, we sectioned off the hair and tied into a ponytail. Then to create an extra thick bun, we applied a few pieces of clip in hair extensions around the ponytail and to the bottom half of the hair to balance the look. It seriously makes all the difference! Our girl Prue wears a Dirty Blonde #12 20 inch set. Watch the full tutorial below:

Which is your favourite look? Be sure to follow us on Instagram for spring hairstyles @zala_hair_extensions. Get dreamy spring hair HERE.