How to Make Hair Extensions Look Natural

When it comes to hair extensions, it’s super important to get it right! Nothing is worse than obvious hair extensions. Not sure how to make hair extensions look natural? Simply read on for how to achieve natural, lovely looking hair extensions with the perfect blend. No one will ever know they’re not your own locks!

how to make hair extensions look natural

Natural looking, long and luscious locks achieved with ZALA Hair Extensions!

How to Make Hair Extensions Look Natural

Tip #1: Invest in quality!

One of the most telltale signs of hair extensions is cheap, bad quality hair. Therefore, it is super important to invest in premium quality hair extensions. This will achieve the most natural looking locks! And, allows you to style, cut and/or dye your extensions for the perfect blend. At ZALA, we only supply the highest grade of 100% Human Remy hair on the market! If you’re wanting to know how to make hair extensions look natural, look no further than ZALA HAIR!

Tip #2: Get the perfect colour match! 

how to make hair extensions look natural

Nothing gives away hair extensions like a bad colour match! Choosing the correct shade is essential in knowing how to make your hair extensions look natural! Fortunately, at ZALA, we have an easy & free colour matching service. If you’re unsure of your colour, we can help! Simply email our team at support@zalacliphairextensions. Or, visit our colour match service form. Attach 2-3 photos in natural lighting and one of the ZALA experts will recommend the perfect shade for you! Be sure to avoid photos with filters or edits! So simply and easy :) Otherwise, check out the full ZALA shade range here.

Tip #3: Choose the right length & thickness!

It’s crucial to know what set will work best with your hair type and length! For thin/fine hair, we suggest our 5 piece sets for seamless blending. Otherwise, if you hair is medium/thick, go for our 9 piece sets. It’s also super important to consider the length of the extensions you choose!

Tip #4: Perfect application!

Once you’ve chosen the perfect set for you, it’s time to for application! It may be obvious, however application is super important for knowing how to make your hair extensions look natural. Check out our application guide for both our 5 piece sets and 9 piece sets.

Tip #5: Fitting!

For the most lovely, natural look, it can be a good option to visit your hair professional! ZALA Hair Extensions blend perfectly fine straight from the pack :) However getting your extensions cut whilst applied in your hair will create a really seamless look. By using specific cutting techniques such as layering, you’ll achieve voluminous long locks that look just like your own!

Tip #6: Styling your extensions! 

And last but not least, always make sure you style your extensions for the most perfect blend. Simply apply your extensions using our guide and style along with your natural hair. Be sure to take extra care to avoid pulling on the wefts. And heat protection is a must! For the most natural looking blend, curls are definitely your go-to style. Check out our blog post on how to curl clip in hair extensions.

With these 6 steps, you’ll have long and luscious locks that look your own! Still struggling on how to make hair extensions look natural? Simply drop our team an email at support@zalacliphairextensions.



DIY Hair Chalk

If you’re familiar with hair chalk, you’ll know it’s a fun way to change up your hair without the commitment. However, hair chalks can be on the expensive side. Which is why we LOVE this super easy way to achieve pastel locks. DIY Hair Chalk! Read on to find out how you can get pink and purple hues at home.

DIY hair chalk


DIY Hair Chalk

If you’re wanting a temporary hues of pastel coloured locks, this super simple DIY hair chalk requires only one tool! Makeup! What we love most is that you can use any colour you wish that might not be available in regular hair chalk shades.

DIY hair chalk

  1. As we are working with colour, be sure to cover your clothes to avoid marks and stains!
  2. Select your desired shade by using an eyeshadow, pigment or blush of your choice.
  3. Start with clean or second day old hair for styling.
  4. Style as desired before applying the product into your hair. This will ensure you are happy with the product and how the colour sits in your hair.
  5. Take a small section of hair and start applying the colour to your locks, just like you would your usual hair chalk. This is done by ‘sandwiching’ the section of hair between the product and your fingers.
  6. Once you have the desired amount of product, brush through to ensure the colour is evenly dispersed. This will also remove any excess pigment!
  7. Repeat until you achieve your desired look! Remember, this will be easiest to achieve a dip-dyed look. Don’t stress if you make a mistake! The best part about this DIY Hair Chalk is that it’s only temporary!
  8. For a multi-tonal effect, you can switch between different shades of your chosen colour with each section of hair.
  9. Once you’re happy with the colour placement, brush through to ensure there is no loose pigment. Spritz your hair with a hairspray to hold the colour in place!
  10. To remove the colour, simply shampoo and condition and the colour will easily rinse out. Unlike hair chalks, this will not stain and will wash out easily in one go!


Keep in mind! This will work best on blondes or those will lighter coloured natural hair! Although, brunettes can achieve a similar effect by using more vivid shades.

This look is perfect for parties, festival or if you fancy changing up your look! Will you be trying this out?! If so, happy colouring! xx




Hair Contouring

You’re probably well aware of face contouring, and even contouring your body! But, have you heard of hair contouring?! Well, put the makeup brushes down. We’re here to explain the trend and how to apply it to your face shape!

hair contouring

Based off the same principles in makeup, this shade and light technique is designed to sculpt the face. The new hair trend aims to use your hair colouring as a way of shaping and defining. According to the developer of the trend, UK stylist Marc Trinder. “Hair contouring is a technique used to sculpt the head and hair shape of the desired look.”

Instead of beauty product, the illusion is created with specific colouring techniques. Hair contouring can be achieved with a combination of colour blocking, highlights or balayage. Sounds pretty simple, right? But, what is the best method of hair contouring for your face shape? ZALA break it down for you.

Don’t know your face shape? Check out our blog post on how to determine your face shape.

Hair Contouring

Round Faces

round shape

If you’re a round shape face girl, the trick to hair contouring for you is to create more definition. Lighter tones applied around the hairline from ear to ear will elongate the face. If you’re concerned about the width of your face, pair this technique with darker shades towards the lengths of the hair.

Oblong Faces

hair contouring

For those with an oblong shaped face, opt for darker tones applied to the root area. This will create the illusion of a shorter looking face. Lighter tones around the sides of the face will be the most flattering for you.

Oval Faces


Are you an oval shape? Lucky you! Oval faces are considered the most versatile, being equally proportioned. Any colour will flatter your oval face! However, to accentuate your shape, be sure to add texture and depth with colour.

Square Faces


As square shaped faces can be strong and defined, contour your face with highlights. This colouring technique will aid in softening the face shape and added dimensions and texture to the hair. Multi-tonal layers around the corners of the face will be super flattering for you!

Heart Faces

hair contouring

The aim of the hair contouring game for heart shape faces is balance. To create a more ovular effect, lighter tones around the jawline will soften the angular shape.

Pair hair contouring with a few makeup techniques, and you’ve got the perfect defined and most flattering look for your face shape! Always keep in mind these are just ideas and suggestions – you should always do what makes you feel the most comfortable! xx


QUAD WEFT Clip In Hair Extensions

Are you a serious lover of thickness and volume? Introducing the NEW QUAD WEFT Clip In Hair Extensions at ZALA! We are so excited to announce our QUADLUX range! Offering the thickest 100% Human Remy hair extensions available on the market.

quad weft clip in hair extensions

The new QUADLUX hair extension range by ZALA will leave you speechless. Our premium quality sets are quad wefted and double drawn! Thicker and fuller sets than ever before. The worlds thickests 20” inch sets weighing over 265gr!

After super long and voluminous locks? Extend your natural hair to 20 inches and achieve maximum volume with our quadlux range. Made from 100% Human Remy hair, ZALA hair is double drawn to ensure super thick sets from top to bottom!

Quad Weft Clip In Hair Extensions – NEW at ZALA!

quad weft clip in hair extensions

The ZALA team have spent countless hours of research & development to ensure natural shades and blending with our multi-tone technology. And the best part? We offer the lowest price in Australia for unbeatable quality and thickness.

Why ZALA Clip In Hair Extensions? All our sets are double drawn for super thick pieces all the way from top to bottom. We only offer AAA grade 100% Human Remy hair – this allows our sets to safely curl, cut and dye. You can be confident buying with ZALA as we also offer a 30 day exchange or money back guarantee policy. We ship WORLDWIDE too!

253389_446996225443413_9197904146025369783_n (1)

 We are so happy to present our Quad Weft Clip In Hair Extensions at ZALA. If you’re a volume and thickness addict, these are definitely the set for you! Show us your shots wearing your ZALA locks with the hashtag #zalahairextensions & #zalaquadlux. To get your luscious and voluminous locks, get your Quad Weft Clip In Extensions here!



Bobby Pin Hair Art

We’ve spotted this recent beauty trend both on and off the runway – bobby pin hair art! This creative and detailed feature adds edge to your hairstyle. And the best part, the design is up to you! We’ve seen so many super cute and different takes on the style. For your inspiration, we’ve complied the best takes on the bobby pin hair art trend!

bobby pin hair art


Bobby Pin Hair Art

So, you thought bobby pins were just for grip and hairstyles? The bobby pin hair art trend takes them to a whole new level. What we love most about this geometric hair art is that the possibilities are endless!

bobby pin hair art

You can now find bobby pins in a range of lengths, colours and patterns. And, you can always customize your bobby pins by painting with nail polish! Super cute. Bobby pin hair art can also be styled in any length of hair.


Be sure to use a colour bobby pin that contrasts with your natural hair! This will make your colour pop. Ps. Did you know? The correct way of wearing bobby pins is to have the wavy side face down! This gives the most grip and security.


To ensure those pins stay in place, spritz with a strong hold hairspray or dry shampoo before styling into your hair.

bobby pin hair art

Emma stone rocks the bobby pin trend while securing the front parts of her hair.

bobby pin hair art

We love this variation in colour to create a gradient of pink hues!


What do you think of the trend? At ZALA we definitely think its a super cute way to incorporate your bobby pins into your hairstyle. Let us know how you’ll be styling them in the comments below.

Hair Hacks

Are you super lazy when it comes to your hair? Or, are you struggling with styling your locks? We’ve got you covered! The ZALA team have compiled 8 ingenious hair hacks that will simplify your hair routine!

hair hacks

Hair Hacks

Voluminous Ponytail


Want a fuller ponytail? Section your ponytail horizontally and add a small butterfly clip in the center. By adding this clip at the base of your pony tail, you’ll add instant volume and height with your pony! For extra height, tease the top section. Or, if you want added pop to your pony tail, add 2 bobby pins to the hair tie at the base. This will give an instant pop!

volume ponytail

DIY Dry Shampoo

Do you have second or third day hair? Run out of dry shampoo or are on a budget? Don’t stress! Pick up some baby powder or cornstarch and apply to the roots of your hair. These two household items will do the trick. And for brunettes, add cocoa powder to avoid that white ‘mask’. So ingenious!


Target Flyaways

Got pesky fly aways but don’t want to drown your entire hair with hairspray? Simply spritz a strong hold hairspray to either an old toothbrush or kabuki makeup brush. This way you can target the areas with fly aways and smooth down with precision.


5 Minute Curls

For curls in an instant, grab all your hair up into a ponytail and secure with an elastic. Then, split your pony into two or three sections and curl! Let down your hair to reveal quick and easy curls. Such a breeze!

hair hacks

‘Spot’ Washing

If you’re going out and don’t have time to wash all your hair? Just wash your bangs or front/top sections of your hair. This will dramatically cut down washing/drying time! For the rest of your hair, add some dry shampoo and you’ve got fresh, clean looking hair.


Instant Long & Luscious Locks

In need of some instant volume and length? ZALA Clip In Hair Extensions is your solution! Hair extensions will become your new best friend ;) For super quick application, apply a set of clip in ZALA Hair Extensions. You’ll get super voluminous and thick locks in only a few minutes. Our favourite out of these hair hacks.

hair hacks

Tame Frizzy Ends

For an anti-frizz serum, apply a handcream to the palms of your hands and smooth over frizzy ends. This will not only leave your hand silky smooth, but tame unruly, frizzy ends. Be sure to use a minimal amount to avoid product build up and prevent weighing down your hair.


DIY Hair ”Doughnut’

Most of you may be familiar of the hair doughnut – a tool to create a big, sleek looking bun. However, did you know you can easily create one yourself with a sock? Cut the ‘toes’ of a long sock and roll outwards to create an O shape. Then, follow the usual steps to create your bun!

hair hacks

We hope these 8 hair hacks make your life a little easier when it comes to your hair! Make sure to show us your transformations with ZALA Hair Extensions by hashtagging #zalahairextensions on Facebook and Instagram. We love to see before and afters! xx



How to Dip Dye Hair Extensions

Ever wanted to try the trend of dip dying? However, you don’t want to commit to the colour? Here at ZALA, we show you exactly how to dip dye hair extensions to cheat the look!

how to dip dye hair extensions

How to Dip Dye Hair Extensions – ZALA Hair

When dying your extensions, be sure to ALWAYS test the product on one single piece first! This will ensure you achieve the results you desire!

Pssst! Did you know most human hair extensions like ZALA can not be bleached or lightened. This will damage your set, therefore this dip-dye tutorial applies for darker shades or colours only. Plus, who doesn’t want hues of pink, blue and purple in their locks?!

  1. First, cover the surface you are working on with aluminium foil. As this can get a little messy, you want to ensure you’re not staining anything in the process!
  2. Brush through the hair to remove any unwanted knots & tangles. Then, lay your first piece flat, making sure the hair is sitting neat and even.
  3. Mix/prepare your dye as per the manufacturers instructions. For a pastel shade, you can mix the product with conditioner to dilute the colour.
  4. Start by coating the ends of your extensions, carefully working your way upwards to ensure even coverage. Don’t stress about any harsh lines, these will be blended out later :)
  5. To create that lovely gradual blend, gradually apply less product by spreading the excess upwards.
  6. Now – time to blend! For a seamless transition, turn your brush sideways and use flicking motions to feather the dye. This will avoid any harsh or stripey lines!
  7. Once you are satisfied with blending, flip the piece over and repeat the same process on the opposite side.
  8. Leave the dye as per the instructions before washing with a sulfate free shampoo and conditioner. Not too sure how to wash your hair extensions? Don’t stress – check out our tutorial:
  9. Set aside your extensions to dry naturally before brushing through and styling!


If you’re still unsure on the procedure, check out our tutorial for an easy guide on how to dip dye hair extensions. In this tutorial, we use our Burnt Toffee #1B/12 20″ balayage set as a template for the ombre effect.

And there you have it, how to dip dye hair extensions with ZALA Hair!

DIY Hair Masks

If your hair is in serious need of some TLC and you don’t have any products on hand? We’ve got you covered! Here are three easy DIY hair masks for all hair types that you can whip up for an instant fix. Whether you’ve got dry, dull or frizzy hair, these all natural masks carry some serious hair benefits. And, they smell delicious too!

DIY hair masks

DIY Hair Masks – Dull, Lifeless Hair

This first mask is perfect for the winter months or if your hair is feeling dull and lifeless. Combining three simple ingredients, this high-shine strawberry mask will revitalize lackluster hair! All you will need is:

  • Handful of strawberries (or more depending on your hair length)
  • 2 tablespoons of honey
  • 1 egg yolk

First, take your strawberries and remove all the stems. Place all strawberries + one egg yolk either into a blender or bowl, and blend/mix till smooth. A blender is recommended for a smooth, lump-free mask that will be super easy to remove! Once blended, take two tablespoons of honey and add to the mixture. The shine enhancing and smoothing properties found in strawberries & honey paired with the protein and nutrients in the egg yolk will help to revive your hair. Leave in for 10-15 minutes, wash with shampoo and conditioner, and say hello to healthy, revitalized hair!

DIY Hair Masks – Dry, Damaged Hair

Treat your tresses to this super moisturizing DIY hair mask, perfect for nourishing dry and damaged locks. For this conditioning mask, you’ll need:


  • 1 ripe Avacado
  • 1 ripe banana
  • 2 tablespoons coconut oil

Peel and break your banana into small sections for easy mixing/blending. Add in your avocado, and either mash with a fork or pop into the blender! Once combined, add your coconut oil and combine. You’ll be left with a super thick and creamy, natural deep conditioning that will add moisture and elasticity back into your locks. The fatty acids found in avocados + potassium found in banana will strengthen and repair dry and damaged hair. Leave in your hair for 15 minutes and wash with shampoo and conditioner.

DIY Hair Masks – Frizzy, Unruly Hair

This mask is a godsend for girls with unruly curls! Tame that frizz with three simple ingredients you’ll probably have at home.


  • 2 tablespoons honey
  • 2 table spoons olive oil
  • 2 table spoons coconut oil

Simply take all your ingredients and mix into a box. The honey will aid in smoothing any frizz, whilst the combination of olive + coconut oil will tame curls and replenish elasticity. Leave this natural goodness in your locks for 15 minutes before washing with shampoo and conditioner. You’ll be left with super bouncy, shiny and smooth curls for the perfect hair day.

Here at ZALA, we love the ease and natural goodness of DIY Hair masks. Which one will you try? We know we’ll be giving each a go :)



Crimped Hair Trend

Thought crimping was just a phase from the 90′s? The trend has been recently spotted on the runway, as crimped hair being a main feature. However, forget the cringe worthy frizz. The style has been brought back in a new, stylish way. Want to see how to rock crimped hair? ZALA have brought you the best way to wear the trend.

crimped hair


How to Wear: Crimped Hair

Remember the 90′s phase of crimping your entire hair? We try not to, at ZALA… However, recently seen on the runway of Stella McCartney, crimped hair has been brought back into the world of fashion. And we’re kinda impressed by the style.

For added texture, the hair has been crimped in particular sections. For the right occasion, this style is perfect for detailed effect. What we love the most if the crimped ponytail style, adding more interest to your everyday ‘do.

crimped hair

Low ponytail with crimped sections

The key to rocking crimped hair is to style sparingly. Sections is what makes this trend super wearable! For the perfect style to wear to a festival or party, take small, thin sections throughout your hair and crimp! Be sure to not go by any pattern – there more random, the more casual and textured this look will become.

crimped hair


What we love about this style is that it’s messy – perfect for those who want to add some detail and edge to their hairstyle, without the added fuss. Simply start with either freshly washed, or 2nd/3rd day hair. This depends on the effect you want. If you’re going for that textured, messy boho vibe, add some dry shampoo or texturizing products.

Then, take random sections and crimp away! If you’re not into wearing this style out, tie it back with a clear elastic for a more refined look. This low-slung, crimped pony tail will have you looking runway ready! We love these crimped sections paired with sleep and sharp, straightened hair.

So, what do you think about crimped hair? Are you willing to bring it back and try the look?

How to Care For Tape Hair Extensions

Have you’ve recently applied tape hair extensions? Unsure on how to look after your newly luscious locks? Well, your grooming routine is extremely important in ensuring your extensions last! Don’t worry, we’ve got your back ;) Read on for our guide on everything you need to know about how to care for tape hair extensions!

how to care for tape hair extensions

How to Care for Tape Hair Extensions

First things first, regular brushing is a must! Keeping your extensions tangle free will ensure they retain their soft and silky feel. That’s why brushing 2-3 times a day with a hair extension safe brush is super important. Quick tip: working from bottom to top on dry hair is the most gentle way to say goodbye to knots & tangles!

how to care for tape hair extensions

ZALA Tangle Teaser – gently removes tangles and knots

In the warmer months, you can safely swim in your tape extensions, unlike clip-in methods. However, harsh chemicals from swimming pools, as well as the salt from the ocean can take a toll on your locks. To avoid your hair becoming dry and brittle, rinse thoroughly with fresh water and apply a good quality leave in conditioner.

At night, be sure to plait/braid your extensions before sleeping. This will avoid unsightly matts and tangles, and avoid friction or pulling on the tape bonds. Plus, your tape hair extensions will look super elegant in a long, luscious braid ;)

how to care for tape hair extensions

As you are washing your extensions more frequently, its essential to take a look at the type of shampoo and conditioner you’re using. We recommend any good quality, sulfate free products targeting for dry and brittle hair. Unlike your natural hair, your extensions can not recreate the natural oils needed to nourish itself. Therefore, a super nourishing shampoo and conditioner is perfect to use on your locks! Helpful hint: When washing, only apply conditioner to the lengths and tips of your hair to ensure you don’t disrupt the tape bonds.

Never bleach or lighten your extensions! Like most human hair extensions, the hair has already gone through a long dying process to achieve its colour. Therefore any further lightening will damage your set! You can tone or dye your tape extensions darker shades, but step away from harsh bleach!

When we’re asked how to care for tape hair extensions, one of the most imperative tips are to avoid the adhesive bonds. It’s super important to not apply conditioner, any hair oils product or brush directly on the tape adhesive tabs. This will ensure you are avoiding pulling, damaging the bonds or disrupting the adhesive glue.

how to care for tape hair extensions

ZALA Tape Hair Extensions

If you’re finding your locks aren’t looking or feeling their best? Or are you experiencing excess shedding? Chances are, it’s time to get those tapes reapplied! At ZALA, our tape extensions use extremely strong adhesive and can last up to 8-10 weeks in the hair. This does depend on your hair care routine and the rate your hair grows. However, as a guide, we recommend you reapply every 6-8 weeks.

ZALA Tape Hair Extensions are super easy to apply. Have you seen our quick and easy guide on how to apply tape hair extensions?