DIY Hair Masks

If your hair is in serious need of some TLC and you don’t have any products on hand? We’ve got you covered! Here are three easy DIY hair masks for all hair types that you can whip up for an instant fix. Whether you’ve got dry, dull or frizzy hair, these all natural masks carry some serious hair benefits. And, they smell delicious too!

DIY hair masks

DIY Hair Masks – Dull, Lifeless Hair

This first mask is perfect for the winter months or if your hair is feeling dull and lifeless. Combining three simple ingredients, this high-shine strawberry mask will revitalize lackluster hair! All you will need is:

  • Handful of strawberries (or more depending on your hair length)
  • 2 tablespoons of honey
  • 1 egg yolk

First, take your strawberries and remove all the stems. Place all strawberries + one egg yolk either into a blender or bowl, and blend/mix till smooth. A blender is recommended for a smooth, lump-free mask that will be super easy to remove! Once blended, take two tablespoons of honey and add to the mixture. The shine enhancing and smoothing properties found in strawberries & honey paired with the protein and nutrients in the egg yolk will help to revive your hair. Leave in for 10-15 minutes, wash with shampoo and conditioner, and say hello to healthy, revitalized hair!

DIY Hair Masks – Dry, Damaged Hair

Treat your tresses to this super moisturizing DIY hair mask, perfect for nourishing dry and damaged locks. For this conditioning mask, you’ll need:


  • 1 ripe Avacado
  • 1 ripe banana
  • 2 tablespoons coconut oil

Peel and break your banana into small sections for easy mixing/blending. Add in your avocado, and either mash with a fork or pop into the blender! Once combined, add your coconut oil and combine. You’ll be left with a super thick and creamy, natural deep conditioning that will add moisture and elasticity back into your locks. The fatty acids found in avocados + potassium found in banana will strengthen and repair dry and damaged hair. Leave in your hair for 15 minutes and wash with shampoo and conditioner.

DIY Hair Masks – Frizzy, Unruly Hair

This mask is a godsend for girls with unruly curls! Tame that frizz with three simple ingredients you’ll probably have at home.


  • 2 tablespoons honey
  • 2 table spoons olive oil
  • 2 table spoons coconut oil

Simply take all your ingredients and mix into a box. The honey will aid in smoothing any frizz, whilst the combination of olive + coconut oil will tame curls and replenish elasticity. Leave this natural goodness in your locks for 15 minutes before washing with shampoo and conditioner. You’ll be left with super bouncy, shiny and smooth curls for the perfect hair day.

Here at ZALA, we love the ease and natural goodness of DIY Hair masks. Which one will you try? We know we’ll be giving each a go :)



Crimped Hair Trend

Thought crimping was just a phase from the 90′s? The trend has been recently spotted on the runway, as crimped hair being a main feature. However, forget the cringe worthy frizz. The style has been brought back in a new, stylish way. Want to see how to rock crimped hair? ZALA have brought you the best way to wear the trend.

crimped hair


How to Wear: Crimped Hair

Remember the 90′s phase of crimping your entire hair? We try not to, at ZALA… However, recently seen on the runway of Stella McCartney, crimped hair has been brought back into the world of fashion. And we’re kinda impressed by the style.

For added texture, the hair has been crimped in particular sections. For the right occasion, this style is perfect for detailed effect. What we love the most if the crimped ponytail style, adding more interest to your everyday ‘do.

crimped hair

Low ponytail with crimped sections

The key to rocking crimped hair is to style sparingly. Sections is what makes this trend super wearable! For the perfect style to wear to a festival or party, take small, thin sections throughout your hair and crimp! Be sure to not go by any pattern – there more random, the more casual and textured this look will become.

crimped hair


What we love about this style is that it’s messy – perfect for those who want to add some detail and edge to their hairstyle, without the added fuss. Simply start with either freshly washed, or 2nd/3rd day hair. This depends on the effect you want. If you’re going for that textured, messy boho vibe, add some dry shampoo or texturizing products.

Then, take random sections and crimp away! If you’re not into wearing this style out, tie it back with a clear elastic for a more refined look. This low-slung, crimped pony tail will have you looking runway ready! We love these crimped sections paired with sleep and sharp, straightened hair.

So, what do you think about crimped hair? Are you willing to bring it back and try the look?

How to Care For Tape Hair Extensions

Have you’ve recently applied tape hair extensions? Unsure on how to look after your newly luscious locks? Well, your grooming routine is extremely important in ensuring your extensions last! Don’t worry, we’ve got your back ;) Read on for our guide on everything you need to know about how to care for tape hair extensions!

how to care for tape hair extensions

How to Care for Tape Hair Extensions

First things first, regular brushing is a must! Keeping your extensions tangle free will ensure they retain their soft and silky feel. That’s why brushing 2-3 times a day with a hair extension safe brush is super important. Quick tip: working from bottom to top on dry hair is the most gentle way to say goodbye to knots & tangles!

how to care for tape hair extensions

ZALA Tangle Teaser – gently removes tangles and knots

In the warmer months, you can safely swim in your tape extensions, unlike clip-in methods. However, harsh chemicals from swimming pools, as well as the salt from the ocean can take a toll on your locks. To avoid your hair becoming dry and brittle, rinse thoroughly with fresh water and apply a good quality leave in conditioner.

At night, be sure to plait/braid your extensions before sleeping. This will avoid unsightly matts and tangles, and avoid friction or pulling on the tape bonds. Plus, your tape hair extensions will look super elegant in a long, luscious braid ;)

how to care for tape hair extensions

As you are washing your extensions more frequently, its essential to take a look at the type of shampoo and conditioner you’re using. We recommend any good quality, sulfate free products targeting for dry and brittle hair. Unlike your natural hair, your extensions can not recreate the natural oils needed to nourish itself. Therefore, a super nourishing shampoo and conditioner is perfect to use on your locks! Helpful hint: When washing, only apply conditioner to the lengths and tips of your hair to ensure you don’t disrupt the tape bonds.

Never bleach or lighten your extensions! Like most human hair extensions, the hair has already gone through a long dying process to achieve its colour. Therefore any further lightening will damage your set! You can tone or dye your tape extensions darker shades, but step away from harsh bleach!

When we’re asked how to care for tape hair extensions, one of the most imperative tips are to avoid the adhesive bonds. It’s super important to not apply conditioner, any hair oils product or brush directly on the tape adhesive tabs. This will ensure you are avoiding pulling, damaging the bonds or disrupting the adhesive glue.

how to care for tape hair extensions

ZALA Tape Hair Extensions

If you’re finding your locks aren’t looking or feeling their best? Or are you experiencing excess shedding? Chances are, it’s time to get those tapes reapplied! At ZALA, our tape extensions use extremely strong adhesive and can last up to 8-10 weeks in the hair. This does depend on your hair care routine and the rate your hair grows. However, as a guide, we recommend you reapply every 6-8 weeks.

ZALA Tape Hair Extensions are super easy to apply. Have you seen our quick and easy guide on how to apply tape hair extensions?


How to Fix Over Toned Hair

Have you left your toner in a little too long or had a disastrous visit at the hair dressers? And now, to your horror, you’re left with shades of blue, purple, grey or silver? Don’t stress – read on for a few ways on how to fix over toned hair. These methods are super easy and not too damaging to your locks!

how to fix over toned hair

So, why has your hair become stained with hues of blue or purple? Well, you may have either over toned your hair, the toner is too strong, you’ve applied too much or your hair is very porous. Uh oh! Luckily, there are ways to reverse this! And they’re not too damaging either – bonus! Let’s get into how to fix over toned hair:

How to Fix Over Toned Hair

how to fix over toned hair

Clarifying Shampoo

The first and most obvious process of removing toner from your hair is to wash multiple times with a clarifying shampoo. This process is not the most effective, however it is the least stripping. Make sure you get washing immediately after you notice you have over toned those locks! Most toners are not permanent, therefore eventually, after several washes, the ‘cool’ tones will fade. If you’re wanting that toner gone quicker, 2-3 washes with a clarifying shampoo will start to remove the blue, grey or purple stains.

Baking Soda

This next method can be used after shampooing your hair. Simply grab 1-2 table spoons (depending on the amount of hair you have) and start massaging into your hair. Leave this in for a minute or two and rinse. As baking soda has brightening qualities, this will help to strip the toner and gradually bring back golden tones.

how to fix over toned hair

Baking Soda

Dishwashing liquid

A slightly more stronger ingredient in the quest of how to fix over toned hair is dishwashing soap/liquid. Take a small amount and lather up into your hair, just like you would your regular shampoo. Again, get to your hair ASAP and leave for a couple minutes before rinsing. Dishwashing liquid is very clarifying and stripping, therefore this will leave your hair feeling dry and brittle. It’s super important to follow up with a intensive, deep conditioning treatment to bring back the moisture into your hair.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Lastly, diluted hydrogen peroxide will strip those unwanted shades from your over toned hair. This is very stripping and harsh on your hair, so it is imperative you indulge your hair in a few conditioning treatments after this process. To remove the toner, dilute with water and spray onto your hair. Make sure to only leave this on for a minute to minimize damage. After rinsing, apply a deep conditioning treatment and leave overnight for best results. This will bring back the good stuff to your suffering hair, and keep it feeling and looking super healthy.

how to fix over toned hair

Phew! There you have a few easy ways on how to fix over toned hair, without damage! Please keep in mind, these methods are safe for your natural hair and are not recommended using on your ZALA extensions. You’ll be getting rid of those purple hues in no time, and can thank us later! Good luck xx

Ponytail with Clip In Hair Extensions

Love wearing your hair up but don’t want to sacrifice the length and body your hair extensions give? Then look no further, we’ve got the tutorial for you! Read on for ZALA’s guide on how to rock a ponytail with clip in hair extensions.

ponytail with clip in hair extensions

How to achieve a ponytail with clip in Hair Extensions

First things first, start by de-tangling your locks with your ZALA Tangle Teaser.

Once your hair is brushed through and tangle free, take a small circular section from the crown of your hair where you want your ponytail to sit. This will create a mini ponytail as the foundation for the finish look. And once you’ve got your desired height, secure the section with an elastic, just like your regular pony tail.

ponytail with clip in hair extensions

Now it’s time to start create that pony tail! The process is to essentially wrap each piece of your clip-in hair extensions around the base of the mini ‘guide’ ponytail you’ve created. Make sure to detangle your ZALA Clip-In Hair Extensions, piece by piece. Start by securing your first clip in the middle of the weft at the base of the underside of the pony tail. Work your way around until all clips are secure! Make sure to alternate where you start clipping between in weft, to ensure the body of the hair is evenly distributed.

Once you have the desired amount of body, take all of your natural hair and place into a ponytail around your base of extensions. it’s generally easiest to flip your hair forward so that your head is upside down! And secure with an elastic of your choice. Easy as that! If you’re going for a sleek, runway ready look, smooth back your hair with a brush before securing and finish with hairspray.

ponytail with clip in hair extensions

How to Pictorial: Ponytail with Clip-In Hair Extensions

If you find there are bumps showing for the clips underneath, not to worry! Just take a small section from the underside of your ponytail. Wrap around the elastic and secure in place. This will help to conceal any wefts and give your ponytail a super edgy and sleek effect! If you’re still unsure, check out our wrapped pony tail tutorial here which shows you exactly how to create this look!

And there you have it! A super thick, long and voluminous pony tail – with the use of your hair extensions. Show us your high ponytail with clip in hair extensions by posting your pics on Instagram! Be sure to use the hashtag #zalahairextensions so we can find them ;)




How to Get Perfect Eyebrows: Brow 101

If there’s one thing besides your hair that can either make or break your look, it’s your EYEBROWS! These babies are an important defining feature as they frame your features and completely transform your look. Want to up your brow game? Then read on for our full guide on how to get perfect eyebrows!

how to get perfect eyebrows

The Power of the Brow

So, what is the important of eyebrows to the face? Well, as mentioned, your eyebrows can completely transform your look. Whether it’s slimming down features or giving a more youthful look. Your eyebrows define the structure of your face and have the power to either compliment or

Did you know? Eyebrows create illusions to the face. The closer your eyebrows are together, the slimmer your nose will appear. The further apart – the wider the bridge of your nose will seem. The thinner your eyebrows are, the more it will age you. And of course the fuller the eyebrows, the more youthful you will appear. Angular eyebrows will sharpen your features and a more round eyebrow shape will soften your features.

how to get perfect eyebrows

Eyebrow Shaping

When it comes to shaping your brows, we’ve got the essential tips on how to get the perfect brows:

  • Don’t over pluck! As mentioned, fuller eyebrows give a more youthful appearance. Many of us who are guilty of over-plucking (including us) can tell you this process can do serious brow damage! Stick with your natural arch if possible and only pluck the hairs that are astray from the general shape.
  • Follow your natural shape and the guidelines of your face. Your arch should be at the highest point of your brow bone. Following your bone structure will give the most natural, flattering look. If you’re unsure, take a slim makeup brush or pencil and line it up following the guidelines in the picture below. This should give a basic guide to achieve the perfect shape for you.
  • Consider your face shape and features. As mentioned, your eyebrows frame your face and have the power to change the look of your facial structure and features. Use your brows as the tool to flatter your face.
  • Go to a professional! As your brows are super important, if you’re unsure, we recommend going to a professional brow artist. Especially for initial shaping! A beautician will be able to determine the most complimentary shape for you.

how to get perfect eyebrows

How to Get Perfect Eyebrows

If you’re natural brow game is not strong, then don’t worry! The power of makeup is here to help! As we’re sure you’ve seen the internet craze on how to get perfect eyebrows, there are plenty of methods online that show you how to fill in your eyebrows using makeup! Our favourite part: you can tweak your shape slightly to give a more arched, defined look.

As a general rule for colour, blondes should have their eyebrows 1-2 shades darker than their hair colour. Brunettes should have their eyebrows 1-2 shades lighter than their locks. Try to aim for more ash-toned products as these tend to look more natural in the brows.

There are a number of products you can use to fill and define your eyebrows – gels, powders and pencils. The choice is personal preference! For basic eyebrow defining and filling in, we recommend defining the mid section and ‘tail’ of your eyebrows. Keep the front of your eyebrows soft and faded for the most flattering look!

Remember, eyebrows are sisters, NOT twins! Don’t stress too much about getting them perfect. Once you’ve got your desired shape, you can always grab a concealer brush and concealer and clean up the edges for a super defined effect! Brush through with a brow gel to finish, and you’re eyebrows will be looking perfect!

Still unsure how to get perfect eyebrows? Check out this in-depth video tutorial which we LOVE:

We wish you luck and hope our guide on how to get perfect brows helps! Once you’ve got your eyebrows on point, pair those perfect brows with a set of ZALA Hair extensions! You’ll be so surprised the difference your brows will make! xx




How to Prevent Split Ends

Ugh, split ends! Those pesky dead ends are the bane of us all! However, thankfully there are ways to defeat them and how to prevent split ends in the future! We’ve put together a few tips and tricks that will help combat those dreaded ends and keep your hair looking super healthy.

how to prevent split ends

But first, what actually causes split ends? Well… The correct term for split ends is Trichoptilosis (sounds pretty frightening, huh?). This is the splitting or fraying of the hair-shaft due to excessive heat and mechanical stress. So now we know the causes, let get into exactly how to prevent split ends!

How to Prevent Split Ends


Don’t wash your locks every day! This is because shampoo strips the natural oils your hair creates and excessive washing promotes serious breakage and split ends! Hence, it’s ideal if you shampoo & condition as little as possible. In fact, second and third day hair tends to be easier to work with and holds a style better! A win win situation if you ask us. And If you’re really not dealing with spacing out washes, dry shampoo will be your best friend! A few sprays of this at the roots of your hair and it’ll be feeling as fresh as new!

how to prevent split ends


Avoid vigorously towel drying hair! Our hair is much more prone to damage when wet, so rubbing your hair between a towel is an invitation for split ends. Instead, wrap your freshly washed locks up into a towel and squeeze out the excess water. If let to air dry, this process will be a much more gentle form of drying and will be super beneficial in defeating dead ends! And if you really need to blow dry your hair, try and avoid placing direct heat straight onto the hair by keeping a 20cm distance.



When it comes to brushing, there are a few tips on how to prevent split ends. First, avoid brushing your hair when wet! The hair follicles are more prone to damage when the hair shaft is wet, which, in turn, will promote dry and damaged ends! Secondly, be gentle and use the right brush! If you’re going to be brushing wet hair, opt for a wide tooth comb! For brushing those locks whilst they’re dry, use slow and smooth motions from bottom to top. You’ll be surprised the damage vigorous brushing can do. By taking more care with your brushing, you can happily say good bye to dead and damaged ends!


We know the perils of heat can cause damaged locks. Brittle split ends are encouraged by the damage of heat styling tools. Which is why we recommend limiting the amount of heat you subject your hair to! We know, we know, this may be hard. BUT, we promise this will be super beneficial in the long run for the overall health of your  hair.  When you do take to your straightener or curling wand, ALWAYS be sure to use a heat protectant.



Though it does sound contradicting, regular trims WILL help to promote hair growth. Not only that, these regular trips to your hairdresser will remove any dead hair to improve the overall look and feel of your hair. Prolonging haircuts will let your split ends get worse and continue to grow up the hair shaft! So ladies, we know the idea may be daunting, but get those ends trimmed!

how to prevent split ends

Split ends, begone! We hope our ultimate guide on how to prevent split ends will help you keep your hair looking and feeling it’s best! And if you’re still unsure, drop our hair experts and email at :) xx


Winter Hair Care

It’s wintertime and we know what that means at ZALA, dry and lifeless locks! With the temperature dropping and the heaters on full blast, our hair’s health suffers serious damage during winter. Hence, nailing your winter hair care regime is a must for the harsh colder weather! Read on for our hair care secrets that will have your hair ready to face the winter months.

Winter Hair Care: Washing

As the harsh seasonal winter weather is known to dry out our hair and scalp, spacing out washes will really help to avoid drying out your hair further. Try to keep your hair washing throughout the week to an absolutely minimum! And when you do need to shampoo those winter locks, opt for a nourishing and moisturizing shampoo and conditioner! Products designed for dry and damaged will boost your hairs hydration and avoid the horrid look of a dry scalp and hair!

Winter Hair Care: Products

When it comes to winter hair care, moisture and hydration is key! As mentioned above, products full of moisturizing and conditioning ingredients will be your hair’s best friend in the coming months. To take control and help fight brittle locks, invest in a good quality a leave in conditioner and hair oil! Apply your leave in conditioner to towel dried hair and smooth through a nourishing hair oil after styling to finish! These two products will go hand in hand to ensure your hair stays well-moisturized and luxurious as ever.

winter hair care

Winter Hair Care: Treatment

If winter isn’t the time to indulge a little with your beauty and hair regime, when is?! Weekly hair treatments are super beneficial to your hairs health during winter as. This indulgence is vital to replenish the moisture and shine your hair may be lacking as the temperature drops below average. An absolute winter hair care staple! A deep conditioning hair mask applied weekly will also ensure your locks have maximum shine, elasticity and hydration! Check out a favourite all natural, deep conditioning treatment of the girls at ZALA here.

Winter Hair Care: Hair Extensions

And finally, when you’re hairs looking and feeling not-so luscious, a set of premium quality ZALA Hair Extensions are here to help! Treat your hair during the winter months! For added length and volume without the fuss or commitment, hair extensions will liven up those gloomy winter locks! Not to mention, all that hair must provide extra warmth, right?! ;)

 winter hair care with ZALA Hair

We hope our winter hair care guide help all you girls get through the harsh winter weather! Rug up, stay warm, and post your pictures wearing your ZALA hair extensions to Instagram and Facebook with #zalahairextensions. If you’re still unsure on how to care for your hair during the colder months, feel free to contact our super lovely support team at xx

Easy Prom Hairstyles

It’s prom season! We know its super important looking your best on the big day, which of course, means having the perfect hair! Being that time of year again, we thought we’d share these easy prom hairstyles that will have you looking elegant without the effort! If you’re searching for a pretty style that you can achieve at home, then look no further.

Easy Prom Hairstyles – Half Up Half Down

If you’re wanting to try an updo, but aren’t fully committed to loosing that length, go for a half up half down! This super easy prom hairstyles is perfect for you girls who want the best of both worlds, with an elegant half up style. We absolutely love this half up flower braid worn either on the side or at the rear, finished with pretty curls.

easy prom hairstyles

Half up Half Down Flower Braid

To achieve this super pretty look, simply:

  1. Start by spritzing your locks with heat protectant spray and curling your hair to taste!

  2. Take a section where you want the super cute rosette braid to be. We love this look as it can be worn at either the side or back of your hair.

  3. Split the section into three and create a regular 3 strand plait, starting a third of the way down your hair and  finishing a third of the way from the tips of your hair. Secure with a clear hair elastic/tie.

  4. Once you’ve got your super pretty braid, start loosening one side of the braid by pulling sections, working your way down. Don’t worry if it starts to ‘arc’ a little! This will aid the final step in creating your flower braid.

  5. Now, take the end of your plat and wrap it around itself to create the flower/rosette shape! To finish, tuck the end of the braid on the underside of your flower and secure with bobby pins to make sure it’s nicely disguised. And in minutes, you’re done! A super easy prom hairstyle that combines the elegance of a braided updo without sacrificing your long locks.


Easy Prom Hairstyles – Side Swept Curls

For a super glamorous style, we adore these hollywood style side swept curls.

easy prom hairstyles

Glamorous Side Swept Curls

These super glamorous curls are super easy to!

  1. Spray your hair with a heat protectant product whilst your curling wand heats up.
  2. For these big, glam waves, you’ll need a curling wand on the larger side. Start by side parting your hair and pulling to your desired side.
  3. When curling, take medium sections of hair and curl all in the same directed to get that hollywood style curl.

  4. Between each section of hair, spray your curl with hairspray for maximum hold!

  5. Finish with a hair oil or shine spray for added glam, and you’re done!

And if you’re still unsure on how to get these beautiful side swept curls, check out this super easy tutorial:

Easy Prom Hairstyles – Halo Braid

If you’re a braid kind of gal and want the perfect up do to finish your elegant prom look? Try this super on trend halo braid.

Halo Braid - Up or Down-do

Halo Braid – Up or Down-do

At ZALA, we love this braided crown and an easy prom hairstyle to make the prettiest up do. But for those who want to rock their ZALA hair extensions, this style can be altered to this braided headband! Simply clip in your ZALA hair extensions and follow the video tutorial below!

We hope this give you gals some easy prom hairstyle inspiration! With either of these 3 elegant looks, you’ll be prom ready in no time. Make sure to send in all your pics wearing your ZALA extensions to our Facebook or Instagram page using the hashtag #zalahairextensions! Happy prom-ing!


BTS ZALA Hair Extensions Photoshoot

Take a peek behind the lens of our latest photo shoot! Featuring our gorgeous Snickers #4/12, Caramel #10, Jet Black #1 and Honey Beach Highlights #18/613 shades. We show you flicks from behind the scenes. We LOOOVE our stunning models showing off ZALA Hair Extensions.

zala hair extensions

BTS at ZALA’s latest photoshoot – How gorgeous are our models?!

Behind The Scenes – ZALA Hair Extensions Photoshoot

It was a super successful day full of luscious locks and laughs! We were so stoked to score these baben’ models for our latest shoot. You’ll definitely be wanting to keep an eye out for the finished results ;)

How cute is our model wearing Snickers #4/12?

How cute is our model wearing Snickers #4/12?

Rosemarie wears the 24″ Snickers #4/12 for beautiful brown and warm blonde highlighted locks. Snickers #4/12 is perfect for a natural look of blonde highlights in rich brown hair.


With help our of super talented photographer and makeup/hair artists, the girls killed it at rocking their ZALA Hair extensions!

zala hair extensions

Here is ZALA Hair Extensions Caramel #10 curled to perfection! This 24″ set gave our model Prue instant length, volume and glam! Caramel #10 is the perfect warm rich shade with slightly golden undertones.

zala hair extensions

The girls getting dolled up before the shoot! Olivia wore one of our most popular shades – Honey Beach Highlights #18/613. This beautiful bright blonde with variation of highlights was the perfect match!

zala hair extensions

We are so excited about our before and after shots! Ash and Olivia in the photo below show off Jet Black #1 and Honey Beach Highlights #18/613 for 24″ of luscious locks!

Ash and Olivia wearing ZALA

Ash and Olivia wearing ZALA

And that’s a wrap! Like we said, we can’t wait to show these stunning new product photos soon to be live on the site! Our new before and after shots coming soon show the added volume and length ZALA hair extensions give. Make sure you keep your eyes peeled! And finally, a big thanks to everyone involved for their talent and good vibes into making it happen!