Hair extensions are increasingly popular World Wide however there will always be specific area’s which are central hubs for a particular product and Perth Australia is a clear hub for hair extensions.
For Hair extensions Perth is the hot spot for every application method of extensions from clip in hair extensions, Tape hair extensions, micro bead hair extensions etc.


When it comes to finding the most options for hair extensions Perth is the place to go. You can find a hair salon on ever street corner offering hair extensions, along with all the free-lance, at home stylists which stock their own supply of hair extensions and then of course the online route.

Where to get hair extensions Perth:

With the huge selection of hair salons in Perth offering extensions, it may be hard to choose which one is best for you!

Perfect Endz for hair is a salon located at Kingsbridge Blvd BUTLER, Perth. They stock ZALA hair extensions and can apply and style your Tape hair extensions. Ask them for a consultation and they will offer you their professional advice!

perfect endz for hair

Don’t have time for the salon experience? Try some free-lance stylists who can come to your home to apply your extensions for you!

Scantily clad hair and beauty works with ZALA hair extensions and orders them in specifically for you then applies them! She takes all the hassle off you and allows you to sit back and not worry about a thing! From colour matching to application, you won’t have to leave your living room.

Kiki before and after salon photo

Just after a DIY method of clip in hair extensions Perth ladies?

Never fear, ZALA hair extensions posts Australia wide via FREE express post. If you want to order and apply your extensions yourself, which is super easy to do with a set like our clip in extensions, then hop online and order yourself the shade and length you are after and our hair extensions will arrive to your Perth door step in a matter of days. Hop online to We can help with colour matching via online photos and we offer a 30 day exchange policy!

So many colours to choose from!

So many colours to choose from!

How to apply tape hair extensions

Tape hair extensions have become extremely popular over the last few years due to their easy application method. We show you how to apply tape hair extensions and explain why these possess longer lasting qualities over other hair extensions on the market. Whether you’re after subtle blonde beach waves, or long and sleek dark locks – tape hair extensions are the ideal option for you.

The hair is held in place by double-sided tape that is applied by placing two pieces of the adhesive tape together, with your hair sitting in between. The process can take minutes within your own home, and does not need styling assistance unless you feel more comfortable applying it professionally.

what are tape hair extensions?blue tape


How to apply tape hair extensions

Step one:

Section your hair horizontally in line with the tips of your ears, making sure you start from the bottom of the neck. This will make it easier for you with how to apply tape hair extensions.

How  to apply tape hair extensions


Step two:

Start by placing the first tape hair extension into your hair gently. Be careful not to apply the extension too close to the root of the hair. This should allow the tape extension to move and sit comfortably without pulling and causing too much friction between your scalp and the roots of your hair. With this method, you are allowing for the tape hair extensions to also be styled (ponytail or bun updo, tight curls or braids) without forcefully pulling on your roots too much. Otherwise, the tape hair extensions could potentially be uncomfortable and unable to style. This could also cause damage or inflammation to the scalp.

how to apply tape hair extensions

how to apply tape hair extensions


Step three:

Raise the first applied extension up, clipping it to your hair bundled on top. Some people are very concerned with how to apply tape hair extensions by this point! But do not stress too much, it is completely normal for your own hair to attach itself up to the tape hair extension.


Step four:

Take your second tape hair extension and apply it by pressing it tightly against your hair with the first tape extension that you have already clipped up. Your tape extensions are now neatly stuck together with your own hair sitting comfortably in between.



Step five:

Repeat steps from 1-4, ensuring that the tape hair extensions are sitting side by side with a 1cm distance in between each extension, to also allow for some movement over time.

Complete your first row of tape, and then move on to your second row (usually 1 inch up from first row) and work your way up on your head. Keep in mind that if you are placing your extensions too far onto the left and right sides of your head, your tape hair extensions may become visible. Ensure that your tape hair extensions stay covered by your own hair.


You have now learnt how to apply tape hair extensions! Your new tape hair extensions will usually last from around 6-12 weeks, depending on your care routine and how often you choose to groom them. It is important to brush through your tape extensions twice daily to ensure any shedding that may occur (we lose an average of 100 hair strands a day anyway) so all in all you should not be loosing too much hair more than you would normally.

It is also essential that you are sleeping with your tape hair extensions in a ponytail or a loose braid to keep them from matting in your sleep. Depending on the quality of your tape extensions after your initial application (and as well as you have groomed them properly in the duration that you had them in), your tape extensions can be removed and re-taped for a second and maybe even a third application. Long luscious hair for everyone all year round!

Hollywood Hair extensions

You can guarantee that even our most adored hollywood celebrities are lusting for those voluminous sweeps of hair just as much as we are! Knowing how to apply tape hair extensions, you can achieve a few of these A-List celebrity looks such as Kim Kardashian and Beyonce, both sporting these beautiful and glamorous Hollywood hairstyles.


Kim-Kardashian-Style-for-Hair-simple                          elle-blonde-celebrities-beyonce-xln-xln


For more information on how to apply tape hair extensions, please visit our website on

Common beauty mistakes

Every day we are told what we should be doing to make sure we keep our skin healthy and our beauty routine looking perfect, but what are the most common beauty mistakes so many of us make?

Removing makeup

Removing our days make up before bed is so important. We need to let our skin breath and we need to ensure we have unblocked any pores to ensure we don’t break out!
How to remove make up properly:
Begin by using a gentle face pad and remove any visible makeup. This never completely removes all make up and certainly doesn’t cleanse the face so secondly wash your face with a face scrub and remove all the excess makeup.

Shaping your eyebrows

Every beauty blogger and meme can tell you, “don’t let someone with bad eyebrows tell you what to do!” Eyebrows are not only the first thing we can see when looking at someone, but they can do so much to change your look! They have the power to make you seem slimmer in the face or like you have lived in a cave for the last year. They have full control over our appearance whether we like it or not.

Common beauty mistakes

how to shape eyebrows

How to shape eyebrows

It’s best to seek out a professional for the initial brow shaping. After all, no one wants wonky brows
Remember the golden rules: only ever pluck 1-2 hairs at a time before stepping back and surveying your work. And always follow the natural curve of the brow – don’t force a shape. Finally, thin brows are unflattering so aim to keep them as full as possible.

Beauty products and expiry dates , they do go bad!

Found that old blush that Grandma Betty gave you in 1999? No. It is not “still good”.
Not only does the consistency of products like foundation become a little less than perfect, they can also create serious infections due to build-up of bacteria’s!
This is one of our huge and common beauty mistakes we think we can get away with.



When is it time to bin particular products?

Mascara- when we pump our mascara wand into the product, we are oxidising it and therefore letting bacteria grow in the tube. Having the same tube of mascara for a long time allows that bacteria to grow and therefore become harmful. It can lead to eye infections which are NOT pretty!
Eyeliner and lip liner pencils- Pencils are great, as sharpening them really does remove any unhygienic bacteria that is sitting on them. Sharpen them a little just before most uses and this should prolong their life!
Foundations- Foundations are resilient and last around 12-18 months. Just watch out for changes in colour or texture or if it no longer gives the coverage it once did.

Treat your mane

Our hair goes through A LOT! Dying, bleaching, being tied back being teased, getting caught on handbag straps! We should take the time to say sorry at least once a fortnight with a really nourishing mask or oil based treatment. Spend the day at home, catch up on some emails and put a facemask and hair mask on all day. Just let it soak in and do all the hard work! Don’t let this be one of our common beauty mistakes, this is a luxury ladies!

hair treatment for dry hair

Hair treatments

Moisturise moisturise moisturise!

One of the most seen common beauty mistakes! Give your thirsty skin some moisture! Our skin is out in the open a lot in Summer and we find ourselves putting more lotions on than in Winter. We barely look out our legs let alone remember to lather them up with a rich moisturising lotion. Moisturising skin will help prevent stretch marks and keep it looking youthful so get to it!




Top Signs of Low Quality Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are becoming increasingly popular as a way to add length and volume to your hair. We have compiled a quick list of some signs of low quality hair extensions. So watch out!


It’s vital that you avoid the classic mistakes that can make extensions look bad. Having low quality extensions applied or having them put in incorrectly can wind up making it very obvious that you are wearing extensions, even if they don’t wind up doing a lot of damage to your natural hair and scalp.

Classic Signs of Bad Hair Extensions

There are a few basic indicators that you can use to determine if someone has had low quality extensions placed in their hair.


  • Color/Shade – It’s essential that you find hair extensions that match your natural hair. Otherwise it will be very obvious where your hair stops and the extensions start. Highlighted sets help blend any tone variations and also look very natural once applied.
  • Choosing the right thickness. If your hair is thick, don’t think a few piece’s will be enough hair. Go for a thicker set and the results will be fantastic. Remember, you have to extend your own hair’s natural thickness to ensure they look natural. If you have a short, thick bob cut, you will need thick hair extensions to extend that thickness.
  • Quality- Synthetic extensions are usually shinier than natural hair, which can draw attention to them. Synthetic hair also tangles more easily which can create problems when you are wearing your extensions. Synthetic hair may also look dead straight, which just isn’t natural… unless you have a GHD on-hand at all times!

  • Tension- If the stylist applies the extensions too close to the root it will pull, which can leave bald patches. Use safe hair extensions such as Tape or Clip in’s to avoid permanent damage.
  • Placement- Placing low quality hair extensions near your face or on the top of the head will make it easy to see where they have been inserted, calling attention to the fact that portions of your hair are fake. Use sectioning clips to help apply evenly, and always follow how to apply guide’s for your chosen product.

It’s also up to the client to make sure that their extensions keep looking their best. Treat your extensions the way you treat your normal hair, avoiding over-washing and styling that can dry them out or cause problems.

Taking Care of your hair extensions

Your natural hair can replenish itself if it gets damaged, but your extensions don’t have that luxury.

  • Invest in a hair extensions loop brush that can remove tangles without pulling out your extensions.
  • Don’t wash your extensions more than 3-4 days at a time. Use dry shampoo to absorb excess oil in the meantime. The lower quality hair extensions, the less they should be washed. Remember they don’t receive natural oils from the scalp.
  • When you need to replace your extensions will vary based on how fast your hair grows. You will usually need to replace them every 4-5 months with frequent use and proper care and storage.
  • Avoid a lot of styling, and use a hair moisturizer to ensure that heated styling products don’t damage your extensions. Use a very small amount of Moroccan oil to help de-tangle and keep your hair moist if they are feeling dry. Use a hair straightener to keep them silky and tangle free.


One of the best things you can do before you get extensions is do your homework. If you are going with a permanent option such as Tape hair extensions, Find a stylist that has a great reputation for putting in high quality extensions that look realistic. If you are going for clip in hair extensions, choose a brand with reviews and good industry feedback. Know what kind of hair you are using in your extensions and look up a few tips on how to care for them. Above all, know your hair type and know what it takes to keep your hair looking its best so your extensions will match.

Steal her style- Kendall Jenner

Now one of the most talked about celebrities and starting to over-run the older generation of Kardashians, Kendall Jenner! At just 18 years of age, Kendall has sky rocketed to fame from such a young age.



At just 14 she knew modelling was her chosen path in life, whether that was due to her “mumager” (mum/manager), or her seriously unreal bod, she fits the brief in every aspect. Kendall seems to prefect ever style she attempts from boho chic at Coachella, to sexy sleek in magazine shoots. Want to steal her style? Of course you do! Let’s get you one step closer to nailing the Kendall Jenner look!

Kendall’s Makeup look:

Kendall doesn’t restrict herself to a particular look with her makeup, however a popular look for her is a youthful darker eye and nude lip.

Kendal's classic makeup look

Kendal’s classic makeup look

Go with some light contouring with bronzer and highlighter and a light pink blush for your face. Don’t be shy with your mascara and layer until you can layer no more! You can either go a bolder, smokey eye with this look or keep it light with just a touch of black eyeliner on the top and bottom water line.
Keep your lips a natural pale pink shade or a nude lipstick for this Kendall Jenner inspired look. You can add a natural tone lip liner to create a slightly fuller look, however Kendall likes to keep her lips quite classic.

Kendall Jenner Hair:

Kendall Jenner rocks her mane and works some beautiful, yet usually classic styles. You will rarely spot Kendall with an outrageous hair do as she normally sticks to her hair loose and effortless. She certainly wants to pull off the “I woke up like this” image. Kendall keeps her hair long, in a natural brown shade and wears it either sleek and straight or with a touch of body and wave.
Replicate Kendall Jenner’s hair with a set of 20” Dark Chocolate brown.

Kendall Jenner hair

Kendall Jenner hair

Kendall Style:

Kendall Jenner is never too shy to flaunt her tummy, nor should she be with that figure! A simple crop top with a pair of high waisted skinny jeans and some summer sandals or converse and voila- instant Jenner!

Kendall jenner Casual wear

Kendall jenner Casual wear

Kendall Jenner Style

Kendall Jenner Style

For a more glammed up look, Kendall keeps her dresses tight to show off her A+ bod! There are not many occasions where Kendall covers up her long pins. Again, she usually sticks to colours such as white and black, in her typical “safe” look, then again, if it’s not broken, don’t fix it!

Kendall Jenner Style

Kendall Jenner Style

We are sensing a new show on the horizon, we will be glued to “Keeping up with Kendall!” Yes please!

The best quality Tape hair extensions by ZALA hair

ZALA hair extensions are known for immaculate and super luscious clip in hair extensions, but did you know ZALA has introduced a AAA grade tape hair extensions range? Due to popular demand, ZALA has designed the best Tape hair extensions on the market.  ZALA is offering 5A grade, silky soft hair which is thick from top to bottom.

26" hair extensions

26″ hair extensions

The hair extension market is flooded with brands which over charge and under deliver hair, failing to live up to the promises online sellers give. This is why our loyal customers, who trust ZALA with their clip in hair extensions, have begged us to create permanent Tape hair extensions options.

After months in the making to create the perfect Tape hair extensions for our ZALA customers and trial and testing, we have designed the most utterly sweet and incredible Tape hair extensions range.

Tape hair extensions

Tape hair extensions

Tape hair extensions are a fairly new application method in the hair extension world however they are already extremely popular! They can be applied at home yourself or by a friend or they can be taken into your local hair dresser to be applied. They generally last between 4-8 weeks if cared for properly and depending on your hair routine.

How tape hair extensions work:

Tape hair are strips of about 2 inches of hair with transparent tape along the top. Your natural hair needs to be sandwiched between two pieces of the tape hair extension strips.
You separate one strip and place one half of the strip at the back of a segmented piece of your hair the same width as the tape, and place the other side on the front, using the warmth of your fingers to join the tape together. Very simple!

How to apply tape hair extensions

How to apply tape hair extensions

Tape hair extensions are purchased in packs of 10. People can use anywhere between 3 packs to 8 packs of 10 as different hair types need different amounts. If your hair is on the finer side, you may only be able to hold 3 or 4 packs, where as if your hair is slighter thicker than you may need to increase the amount you use to give the most natural results.

What are key points to look out for:

Important tips when looking for tape extensions are
1) GOOD quality hair- Human Remy hair is very important when wearing permanent and even non-permanent hair extensions. You will be washing them regularly and treating them as your own hair therefore a high quality is very important. Although this is vital, did you know there are grades of hair within this category? ZALA is offering not only a high grade of hair, but the highest grade available. We are also offering this to you at the best price available.

2) High quality tape. It is one thing to have lovely hair used in your extensions but if the tape you use is cheap or B grade, then the glue will leak and spread through your gorgeous new hair and create an undesirable finish. ZALA uses a new and popular tape system of blue tape. Better for your hair and a better finish!

3) A confident person to apply them to ensure they are applied to your standard. There is no point spending all your time and money sourcing great extensions if they are applied terribly!

Pre order or order your new ZALA tape hair extensions today and suffer with bad hair no more! We have wholesale prices available for salons and bulk buys. Contact us for more information!

Available online at

Hair extensions for thick hair VS hair extensions for thin hair

When ordering your set of clip in extensions from ZALA hair, our customers have two options of thickness. The question is should you buy the 5 or 9 piece set. Well, we can help you decide which ZALA set is best for you! Do you need hair extensions for thin hair or do you need hair extensions for thick hair? ZALA has it covered!

5 piece hair extensions set for thin hair

Questions you need to ask yourself:

- Is my hair fine or thin?
- Does my hair thin out on the ends?
- Do I want the convenience of applying less pieces?
- Do I want a natural everyday look?
- Will my hair struggle to hold more than 5 rows of hair extensions?
- Will I be wearing the extensions at the same length as my natural hair to create thickness?

If you answered YES to most of these questions, then the 5 piece set is ideal for you! This is a set of hair extensions for thin hair. This 5 piece set is designed for ladies with a fine hair type. This is because you don’t want any risk of your hair extensions being visible through your hair. If your hair is not thick enough to cover more than 5 pieces, then it will be tricky to apply up to 9 rows in your hair at once.

hair extensions for thin hair

Our 5 piece set of hair extensions for thin are the same high quality as our 9 piece sets in terms of hair quality and thickness per piece. Simply just less pieces!
Our 5 piece set WILL NOT be enough hair for ladies with medium – thicker hair. These sets have been thought out carefully and tried on many girls in order to find out the perfect amount of pieces for each hair type.

9 piece hair extensions for thick hair

Questions to ask yourself:

  • Is my hair consistency quite thick?
  • Do I have a lot of hair?
  • Do I have a blunt hair cut?
  • Is my hair all one length?
  • Do I want a full look?
  • Am I going to an event (Wedding/ formal/ Ball) where big curls or an up do is being created?
  • Am I creating much more length?


Hair extensions for thick hair

9 piece set of ZALA hair extensions

If you answered YES to most of these questions then the 9 piece ZALA set is perfect for you! This set isa set of hair extensions for thick hair. They are specifically designed for ladies with medium to thick hair. This is because you want your hair to blend smoothly all the way to the ends without seeing where you natural hair ends and your extensions start. Thicker hair can hold more pieces therefore it won’t be an issue wearing up to all 9 rows.

If you are planning on buying a set of ZALA extensions for a special event such as a Wedding or formal and you are going to your hairdresser to have them styled, it is absolutely recommended to go with the 9 piece set. This is because your hairdresser will be able to play around with teasing your hair and little tricks to ensure they stay covered and undetectable throughout the whole day.

If you are wanting to create big, full curls then you want enough hair to do so therefore our 9 piece set is best for this. Hair extensions for thick hair are not easy to come by at a great price like ZALA’s so you can be confident you are receiving a great product.

It may seem tricky deciding which one to go with for some. If you are especially torn, don’t hesitate to drop us a message and ask! Send through some photo’s via email or Facebook and we would love to help!

Instagram: @zala_hair_extensions

What hairstyle looks best for my face shape?

Hair trends, colours and styles change faster than you can say “breaking the bank” but the most important thing to remember, is to stick to hair styles that suit YOU!

So what hair style looks best for my face shape? Well there are some simple rules to be guided by to ensure you have the best hairstyles to suit your face shape!

What is your face shape?

What is your face shape?

Hairstyles for round faces

Long hair is perfect for round faces as is creates length to the face. Giving your hair shape around the face will create beautiful soft layers however try and keep them sitting a few inches below the chin or longer.
Soft side swept bangs will create gentle movement and shape and is a great hairstyle for round faces. Try and avoid harsh straight bangs so you don’t create an even rounder face.
Creating soft waves aiming outwards from the face and starting around the chin is a great easy style to create and will frame the face beautifully.

Kirsten Dunst- Hair length comparison

Kirsten Dunst- Hair length comparison

Kirsten Dunst has a naturally round face. This is perfect evidence on the importance of choosing the best hairstyles for round faces. As you can see, the left image totally enhances Kirsten Dunst’s round face in comparison to the right image where you can see how the added length and soft texture lengthens and works really well.

Hairstyles for square faces

Square face shapes have many options when it comes to finding hairstyles for square faces. Many famous faces today have a strong, angular jawline which looks great with a wide range of hairstyles and take the best photographs. Lucky you!

Long bobs are great for square faces.

Long bobs are great for square faces.

Top celebs like Keira Nightly have a serious square face however always pulls off the perfect hairstyles for square faces. Long bobs all one length ending a few inches below the jaw line will add style and elongate rather than widen the face,

Hairstyles for long faces

Creating volume and shaping around the face with layers will widen the face and bring the attention up to the eyes. You want to avoid slicked down, dead straight styles with no shaping as this will bring the eyes downwards and elongate your face more.

Sarah Jessica Parker's hair full of volume!

Sarah Jessica Parker’s hair full of volume!

Celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker are known for their long faces however by ensuring that they keep their styles big and curly and not too long, this will ensure that flat hair will not enhance any long faces. Curly or shaped hair are great hairstyles for long faces.

When asking yourself what hairstyle looks best for my face shape, the most important thing of all to remember is to be confident and happy with your look. There is no point following all the “rules” if you are not comfortable with the results. So stick to your decision and love yourself!

Five ZALA video reviews we LOVE

Hair extension video by: Brittney (YOUTUBE BLOGGER)
: Ice Queen Platinum #60
Length: 20 inch
Pieces: 9 piece
Weight 220grams
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Hair extension video by: Michelle – Beauty Life Michelle 
Shade : Sun kissed highlights #10/613

Length: 24 inch
Pieces: 9 piece
Weight 240grams
Click here to visit this product

Hair extension video by: Rachel
Shade : Honey Beach Highlights #18/613

Length: 20 inch
Pieces: 9 piece
Weight 220grams
Click here to visit this product


Hair extension video by: Rachel Dawn
Shade : Natural Black #1B

Length: 20 inch
Pieces: 9 piece
Weight 220grams
Click here to visit this product

Hair extensions video by: Maddi Lou
Shade : Ombre Cheesecake #12/613

Length: 24 inch
Pieces: 9 piece
Weight 230grams
Click here to visit this product


30 inch hair extensions by ZALA hair

As our loyal customers would know, we listen to feedback and the wants and needs of our customers. That is why, due to popular demand, we have introduced a brand new ZALA length!
Drum roll please……..
Introducing our 30 inch hair extensions! A whopping 300 grams of double drawn and triple wefted hair extensions to complete that mermaid feel.

Unbelievably long and lush

Unbelievably long and lush

What are 30 inch hair extensions?

30 inch hair extensions are not easy to come by, let alone in top quality and unbelievable thickness. We know our customers have searched long and hard for a jaw dropping set of super long locks which is why we have created and designed the BEST 30” set you will see on the hair extension market.
These 30 inch hair extensions sit below your hips (on an average height person, a little longer if you are shorter) and come in a 5 piece set for ladies with thin hair or a 9 piece set for ladies with medium to thicker hair.

30" hair extensions

ZALA 30 inch hair extensions

With our 30 inch clip hair extensions, you are not compromising thickness for length. Our 30” sets are a huge 300grams of hair and are consistently thick to the very tips. At only $199.99 for a 5 piece set of 30 inch hair extensions and $299.99 for a full 9 piece set of 30 inch hair extensions, we won’t be beaten on value or quality. Don’t forget you receive a FREE gift with all sets of ZALA hair extensions! Free express post is also offered Australia wide!

This stunning length allows you to create huge, luscious waves and curls without losing the length of the hair or create a super sleek and show stopping sleek, straight style. WOW factor guaranteed!

Stunning styles you can create using 30" hair extensions

Stunning styles you can create using 30″ hair extensions that clip in

We dare you to look around and find a nicer, thicker, better value set of 30 inch hair extensions. These sets have been custom designed by our ZALA team because who else is as passionate as us about hair extensions? We have hunted down the finest hair, the softest hair and most importantly the longest hair to offer our amazing customers.
30 inch hair extensions

Why choose ZALA 30 inch hair extensions ?

  • We are hair extension enthusiasts who will go above and beyond to make our customers happy
  • We have a huge range of colours
  • We have a huge range of length options from 14″ to 30″
  • Our sets are all double drawn and triple wefted for super thick hair to the tips
  • Our hair is 100% human remy hair for guaranteed silky softness
  • We have small and sturdy clips so they wont feel uncomfortable
  • We offer super fast delivery World Wide
  • Free express post Australia wide
  • You receive a free gift with all sets of ZALA extensions
  • If you send in your photo wearing your ZALA hair, you can win our ZALA girl of the month competition offering you $100 off your next set!!

    comparrison between 20" hair, 24" hair and 30" hair !

    comparison of 20″ hair, 24″ hair and 30″ hair !

These sets are custom made for our ZALA customers, you will not find them just anywhere so be sure to get in contact with one of the team to have a chat about these amazing sets. Available in 6 shades which can, like all our hair, be dyed and toned to match your hair perfectly!

Have a browse through our online store to find the shade best for you