How to wash hair extensions

                                                How to wash hair extensions properly!


Let us tell you how to wash hair extensions! Clip in hair extensions do not need washing as often as your natural hair, in fact nowhere near!
A rough time guide would be, if you wear your clip in hair extensions daily, wash them monthly. If you wear your hair extensions weekly wash them every second month. If you wear your hair extensions only for special occasions, you may not need to wash them for a very long time.
Do not wash them simply because you have worn them. You would be surprised what a good brush and a little TLC can do without heading straight to the shampoo!



Washing hair extensions not only removes the oils they have in them which keep them silky and soft, but every time you do scrub them, you will be reducing the life span. Just like your natural hair, colour can begin to fade. You will also find the more you do wash them, the more you may feel you need to wash them. Everyone should know how to wash hair extensions properly prior to attempting to do so.

How to wash hair extensions CLIP IN:

When your clip in hair extensions do need to be washed, follow these steps for the best results.
1. Brush them through from tip to top and make sure all the clips are closed.
2. Run warm water in a sink and squeeze in some good quality shampoo and swish it around until it is evenly distributed through the water.
3. Piece by piece, dip the row into the shampoo water and gently rub the water into the hair. Always hold the top of the weft as this does not need to be submerged in the water. (it takes longer to dry and shouldn’t need to be cleaned) Continue this step through all the pieces, taking out each one as you go.
4. Once all the pieces have been shampooed, empty the sink and run fresh water through each piece one by one until all the shampoo is removed.
5. Repeat the same method with a good quality conditioner. Some people like to leave the conditioner in for about 20 mins before rinsing the conditioner out.
6. Place your set onto a dry towel and, if you feel the need, spray a light coating of leave in condition onto the lengths. Pat dry and then leave to air dry on the towel over night. If you hair extensions are still very wet the next day, you can use your hair dryer on a low setting in a downwards motion to speed up the process.

drying hair extensions

Always let your extensions air dry on a towel, don’t rush the drying process. Yes you will need to brush and straighten after washing to bring back that silky feel

You will then find the hair extensions are much more fluffy and have added volume. When they are completely dry with no dampness to them at all, give them a gentle brush and piece by piece run your hair straightener over them in slow smooth motions.
Knowing how to wash hair extensions properly will make them feel better than new!

How to wash hair extensions TAPE IN:

Washing tape hair extensions is slightly different to clip in’s as they will need to be washed as frequently as your natural hair. A couple of tips which may help you to keep them silky and soft never hurts though! You must know how to wash hair extensions properly to ensure you get more than one use for them.
1. Always make sure you brush your hair before you hop into the shower.
2. Never scrub aggressively on your tapes, just slide your fingers through the rows of tapes applying shampoo as you go.
3. Use a really moisturizing conditioner on the lengths of the hair (not near the bonds) and leave for a good 5 minutes before rinsing.
4. Brush again as you apply a nice leave in conditioner and leave to air dry.
Try to wash no more than 3 times a week and use a good quality sulfate free shampoo and conditioner.
diy-hair-treatment-recipesStill not sure how to wash hair extensions? Email or Facebook our friendly team so we can help you further!

Helpful tips on how to hide regrowth in all hair colours

That one pesky thing you can’t stop looking at in the mirror. That one difficult yet inevitable thing that’s sure to ruin your perfect outfit: root regrowth. Don’t have time or the money to bolt to the salon for a colour fix straight away? Never fear – here are some sneaky little tips to help hide your regrowth!

how to hide regrowth

how to hide regrowth


For all you not-so-natural blondes: you’ll need to make sure that your locks are washed often to keep them clean and fresh! This won’t only make your hair appear flat, it will also make those bleach needing roots appear even darker! Since washing your hair daily is not ideal for time tight people and is not the most hair friendly option, dry shampoo should be a close at hand friend. Have a quick spritz of dry shampoo throughout the day and lift those heavy dark roots!



This one works for all hair colours, if you want to hide your regrowth, it could be worth mixing up your hair parting. Whether you opt for a deep side parting or a chic middle part, the extra volume that your new parting brings should help to hide regrowth instantly! It will also hide some fading out highlights.



As you may have guessed from the previous tip on how to hide regrowth, volume is essential for drawing your eye away from those attention seeking roots. Therefore, we would suggest steering clear of sleek, straight styles and swapping them for a more bouncy blowout and voluminous curls. These body-boosting hair do’s help to create extra lift and movement hence hiding regrowth in the most stylish way possible! Try using some hair rollers for a root lift or if you have some big roll brush skills, try giving yourself a blow wave.
Alternatively, opt for some big GHD curls with some back combing at the roots.

Maintaining tape hair extensions

Looking for long, luscious and beautiful hair all year round but aren’t sure about committing to the upkeep of cheap, low quality hair extensions? Our ZALA tape hair extensions are the answer for you! Here at ZALA, we offer the highest quality 100% European Remy Virgin Human tape hair extensions. Using strong USA made tape that lasts up to 8 weeks once applied with no heat, glue or painful wefts, these tape hair extensions are undetectable and ultra comfortable. They can also be applied within 30 short minutes. We offer a generous guarantee of thick ends top to bottom, including a 30 day money-back guarantee. It’s so hard not to get excited about our tape hair extensions – we’ve decided to create a little maintenance guide. This will help out our lovely tape hair extension customers in caring for and maintaining tape hair extensions.

maintaining tape hair extensions

Tape hair extensions

The washing routine: Maintaining tape hair extensions

The most important thing about the upkeep of high quality tape hair extensions, will always come down to the types of products that are regularly used in the hair. Consider always using sulphate and alcohol free products on the hair as this can cause dryness and perhaps decrease the value of the product. Keep in mind that the aim is to keep the hair looking as natural and healthy as possible. So the amount of heat styling tools and any sort of unhealthy product should always be limited whenever possible. Here at ZALA, we recommend using protein-rich products for the hair. This is to ensure they are always in their best possible condition.


Sleeping routine

When it comes to wearing and maintaining tape hair extensions, your sleeping routine will always play a vital role in the quality and condition of your tape hair extensions. This is because when you sleep, the friction between the adhesive in your hair can cause unwanted an excessive tangles and knotting. Consider sleeping with your hair braided or perhaps loosely plaited all while being completely dry. This will keep the hair straight and under control. Leaving no room for flyaway’s or any potential tangles. It would also be a good idea to invest in a silk or satin slip over your pillow for the ultimate, soft glossy locks as you wake in the mornings.


Brushing routine

It is quite easy to keep good care in maintaining tape hair extensions just by regularly brushing your hair.  We highly recommend for all our customers, (especially tape) that brushing your hair with a soft-bristled or loop brush will keep them groomed and well maintained. This separates any loose hairs from the full set and keeps your tape hair extensions looking healthier and fuller. Our ZALA loop brushes can be purchased on our hair extension accessories page for a low price of only $9.95 AUD. To purchase a loop brush, please click here.


General maintenance

Here at ZALA, we recommend for a general maintenance check (maybe even tapes to be re-applied) every 8-10 weeks. This is because the tapes can grow with the natural hair and will need to be moved back closer to the scalp. This will keep your tape hair extensions looking healthy and nourished. Please also avoid any contact with the adhesive when using any treatment products including any natural oils or conditioners. The aim is to keep the adhesive nice and fresh, and as long-lasting as possible. This is also very important when maintaining tape hair extensions.

maintaining tape hair extensions

Adhesive tape



For additional info regarding the care and maintenance routine for tape hair extensions, please view our tape hair extension review by the lovely Danielle Mansutti!


Love, ZALA xx



Hair for the New Year

Put on your best dancing shoes and get ready to party this New Year’s Eve by celebrating 2014 and welcoming 2015 with gorgeous new hair for the New Year! We’ve got the latest and greatest celeb influenced and trend-setting hairstyles perfect for partying the rest of the month away. Get excited this December as we show you some serious style and hair envy towards the most popular hairstyles and hair for the new year. We give applause to some of our favourite celeb hair such as Blake Lively and Kendall Jenner for keeping it sweet and stylish for this upcoming holiday season.

 Blake Lively: Hair for the New Year

Blake Lively rocks this gorgeous ponytail braid, looking like an absolute blonde goddess as usual! We LOVE this awesome ponytail braid perfect for celebrating the New Year and partying hard all while keeping her lovely golden locks tied up and out of her face. You too can achieve this look with a set of our Beachy Blonde #613 26″ ZALA’s. Apply your extensions and tie them back into a ponytail, then start braiding the hair until you reach the bottom, tied again at the ends. You can them use a comb to pick out some strands of hair for the perfect “messy braid” look.

hair for the new year

Black Lively, ponytail braid


Kendall Jenner: Hair for the New Year

How PERFECT does Kendall Jenner look here in her chopped brunette tresses? We absolutely adore Kendall and how exotic a simple and shiny hairstyle can look, pair it with a stylish monochrome outfit like Kendall has in the image below, and you’re ready to rock for the New Year. You can steal Kendall’s glam style by purchasing one of our 16″ Dark Choc #2 sets, and styling the set with a nice blow wave for flicks at the front of your face (if you want to create your own middle part bangs) and straightening out the rest to be super silky and sleek. We are obsessed with this hair for the New Year!

hair for the new year

Kendall Jenner, chopped locks


For more ideas on glam and gorgeous hair for the New Year, please take a second to view the quick video below!


Love ZALA xx






Hairstyles for Christmas

Get inspired this festive season with three of our gorgeous hairstyles for Christmas! We can’t wait to spread some of the holiday cheer from us to you – so we’ve come up with a few quick and easy tutorials on how to achieve the cutest, and most creative hairstyles for Christmas in 2014. Whether you’ve escaped for a tropical getaway, unwrapping your highly anticipated Christmas gifts, or now finally coordinating your favourite new holiday outfits, these super sweet ideas and hairstyles for Christmas are guaranteed to be a hit and get everyone into the Christmas spirit!

hairstyles for christmas

 ’Tis the season to go candy cane red! Hairstyles for Christmas

Be bold, bright and beautiful this festive season by dyeing your luscious locks a deep candy cane red! We LOVE Ariana’s scarlet-red curls, kept classy and sophisticated. Ariana knows exactly how to work those deep shades of ruby and cherry-red, all while keeping her gorgeous fiery mane well groomed and styled. You too can steal Ariana’s look by purchasing a set of our sell-out shade Burgundy Red #99J which is similar to Ariana’s in thickness and colour. You can imitate Ariana’s hairstyle by applying a set of our 20″ Burgundy Red #99J sets, then slowly curling the ends with a hair straightener, combing through at the ends to achieve the effortless looks of loose curls.


hairstyles for christmas

Ariana Grande, burgundy red

Joy to the world, the hair bow is back!

What better way to kick off the holiday season by bringing back the outrageous hair bow! We LOVE this super easy hairstyle perfect for wrapping your hair up like a cute little Christmas gift. The hair bow works best with medium to long hair, as the hair is needed to wrap around and over in order to create it’s bow-like shape. Purchase any of our sets in whatever length and shade suited best to your hair, and you too can mimic this cute-as-a-button hairstyle perfect for Christmas day. Go for our Dark Chocolate Brown #2 in 24″ to match the Christmas hairstyle below with one of your favourite new holiday outfits, and voila! your Christmas hair bow has added the cutest finishing touch.


hairstyles for christmas

The hair bow


Baby it’s cold outside! Hair like snow

Try something unique this season like going snow white – the lightest shade of blonde. Throw in a few little snowflake clips or accessories for the ultimate icy blonde tresses! We love this white blonde braid styled with cute icy blue snowflake clips, and we know how exactly how to achieve this style. Go for one of our Ice Queen Platinum Blonde #60 sets in a 26″ length, and you will have braids for days with this stunning shade and style. You can also create your own snowflake clips and accessories at any craft store, and style to suit your natural hair.


hairstyles for christmas

Platinum blonde hair


Watch the video below for a few tips and tricks on how to achieve more hairstyles for Christmas this festive season!









How to tame frizzy hair

Frizzy, untamed and uncontrollable hair? Do not fear! We’ve gathered the best of the best tips, tricks and techniques that’ll show you how to finally take control of that messy, uncooperative mane and how to tame frizzy hair. As a hair extension company, we understand the ongoing struggle faced by millions of people worldwide.. the dreaded frizz factor.

Hair is very complicated. As high maintenance as it sounds, it is important to cater towards your hair daily, based on factors such as environment, your daily routine (that being a work or study environment), hair product use, and the styling tools that are being used regularly on your hair. With seven easy time-friendly tips, we show you exactly how to tame frizzy hair.

How to tame frizzy hair

Frizzy hair


How to tame frizzy hair.. Environment

The humidity in the air is usually always responsible for the frizzies that make an appearance on a hot or humid day. This is because the hair soaks up all the moisture from the air, causing the hair cuticles to expand – resulting in frizz. Nobody can control the weather, but you can start taking full control of your locks once you figure out a way around the frizz factor on a warm day, and we’ve got just the right tips for you, just in time for summer.


Start taking good notice of your daily hair care routine. How often do you wash your hair? What hair drying technique do you use? Do you let it dry naturally? Or do you use a heat styling tool to dry your hair? These are all important factors to keep in mind when controlling frizzy and untamed hair. Hair straighteners and any type of heat styling tool leads to dry, brittle hair and cause excessive and unwanted damage and breakage. And what does that mean? Frizz and split ends! Try to cut down styling your hair with heat tools as much as possible for the silkiest and healthiest tresses of hair.

Product use

Product use is also huge influence in the overall health and well being of your hair. The frizz in your hair is always noticeable depending on the products you use in your hair. Excessive use of shampoos or dyes will strip the hair of its natural oils, which are known as great ways to avoid the dreaded frizz. Try to cut down on the shampoo to at least twice or three times a week to ensure you maintain the shiniest, happiest hair. The best thing about knowing how to tame frizzy hair is that once you are in control, there’s no going back. Keep your hair looking sleek and glossy all year round!

 Extra suggestions

  • Never brush dry hair! This can cause too many split ends and breakage.
  • Give back some moisture to your hair by taking a trip to the hairdressers for regular protein and moisture treatments.
  • Make sure your conditioner always contains protein!
  • Comb through your dry hair with wet fingers

We hope this little insight on taming frizzy hair has helped you achieve the ultimate results of sleekness and tamed hair! Please enjoy this quick tutorial on how to tame frizzy hair.

Love from,

ZALA hair extensions xx

Head chains for hair extensions

Get creative for this upcoming festival season by stealing some serious celebrity style! ZALA is your go-to guide for the latest and greatest in head chains and accessories for hair extensions. Head chains and flower crowns have been one of the most popular trends in hair in the year 2014 – all thanks to our favourite Hollywood celebs, including the Kardashians, Nicole Richie and Lana Del Rey. We show you just how to steal their style but more importantly, how to make it your own! Read on for more info on our super cute and stylish head chains for hair extensions.

 Head chains for hair extensions: The boho head chain

The boho head chain, also known as the “ponytail chain” is one of the most unique head chains yet, not sitting on the top of the head but more so clipped around and over the ponytail, dangling beautifully off the ponytail and gleaming in the sunlight. The best thing about head chains for hair extensions is that you don’t have to be a high-end fashion guru to pull this look off, anyone can wear one, and for any occasion too! We LOVE Kim Kardashian for absolutely rocking this elegant head piece.

head chains for hair extensions

The “ponytail head chain”

Feel free to tease up your shimmery jet black hair extensions to the most gorgeous high pony possible, and slip on one of these Boho Head Chains by us, similar to the one Kim sports in this photo.


The flower head crown

One of the cutest accessories to grace the festival world this year was the flower head crown, and what girl doesn’t want her very own crown! The flower head crown is a great summer/spring hair accessory as it’s easy to wear and doesn’t move around too much once it’s sitting in your hair. Designed just like a headband, you can wear your flower crown all day and all night long! Our favourite representative for the flower crown is the magnificent Lana Del Rey, looking super sweet in this summery fuchsia flower crown.

head chains for hair extensions

The flower head crown

Create some subtle loose curls throughout your hair, then brush through for a more natural effect. Add in a brightly coloured flower crown like one of our ZALA flower head crowns, choosing from pink or white and you can achieve the same style as the beautiful Lana Del Rey.


The gold leaf head chain

One thing we love about the gold leaf head chain is how dainty and simple it is, perfect for a night out on the town – paired with a LBD, you will be sure to turn heads everywhere you go! We love how Cleopatra-esque this piece is. This head chain sits on the middle part and hangs loosely over the forehead. We adore Kourtney K working this similar head chain.

head chains for hair extensions

The gold leaf head chain

Tie all your hair back in a messy bun or leave your locks flowing and wild to achieve this similar goddess inspired look with one of our ZALA gold leaf head chains.


Check out this video on how to put on head chains for hair extensions!

Hair trends for summer

Catch up with all the latest trends in hair here at ZALA! We’ve noticed a major popularity rise in the next three trends in hair. Long, slicked back tresses, the short and sweet blunt cut, and last but not least – the perfect pony. Keep in mind that you can always mix and match hair styles, by experimenting with more than one style to create the perfect next hair trends for summer.


Hair trends for summer: Sleek and slicked back

You can create this gorgeous sleek look, only using a comb, hairspray, and some wet-look hair gel. Start off by slightly dampening the top of your hair and just towel dry it so that it’s not dripping wet. Comb the hair at your forehead back, then using hair gel slowly pat it through the top and sides of your hair. You can then comb it and spray a light layer of hairspray over the top to keep it secure. Khloe Kardashian absolutely nailed this look. Voila!

Hair trends for summer

Slicked back hair

Short and sweet blunt cut

Short hair is back! Girls all over the world are cutting their long flowing locks for a substantial change to the short sweet blunt cut. Think of Beyonce’s most recent commitment to the blunt cut trend, we love her just as much with short hair as we do with her big beautiful mane! To achieve this hairstyle, go to your hairdresser and request “the blunt cut” ensuring that you be specific about what length you’re after aswell. Let your hairdresser work their magic!

hair trends for summer

Blunt cut

The perfect pony

We LOVE this hair trend. It’s super cute, stylish and always perfect for when the summer season rolls around. This is because it’s guaranteed to always keep you cool, calm and collected. Our favourite pony was spotted on the beautiful Olivia Wilde, we love how elegant and timeless this style looks on her. Our favourite part is that it’s always casual and always glamorous and one of the easiest hair styles to create. Simply tie your hair up to whatever height you desire, then style suited to your preferences!

hair trends for summer

The perfect pony

We hope this little post has given you a detailed insight into some of the biggest hair trends for summer.


How to curl hair extensions

The curls are back! Are you tired of the same flat, boring hair styles? Well get excited because big beautiful and bouncy curls are making a well approved comeback – just in time for this upcoming summer. We’ve gathered together a few quick and easy tips on how to create, style and maintain the biggest beautiful curls you’ve ever seen. Read on further for more information on how to curl hair extensions.

how to curl your hair extensions

Curly hair

 How to curl your hair extensions: Crimping

Crimped hair was one of the biggest trends in hair and rose in mainstream popularity during the “highly fashionable” 80′s. The best thing about hair crimping is that you don’t even need a hair crimper to achieve this look – you can achieve the exact same look with a hair straightener!

1) Start the hair crimping process by braiding parts of your hair into three different braids and then tying them up with hair elastics. 

2) Then press your hair straightener (this may work best with a GHD)  onto the three braids you have just created and slide along as if you were straightening your hair. 

3) Remove all hair elastics and you will then have 80′s style crimped hair!

How to curl hair extensions

Crimped hair

How to curl hair extensions: Loose waves

Loose waves are a great hair style for that little-to-no-effort effect, creating a subtle head of loose curls perfect for this upcoming season. Loose curls or waves have been one of the most popular trends in hair as they are not too over the top but still cute and casual. We show you how to curl your hair extensions in the next few steps below!

1) Once again, all you need to achieve loose curls or waves is a hair straightener. Be sure to start your loose curls by applying a heat protector over your hair and also clipping or tying up sections of your hair that you will curl later. 

2) Start by taking a section of your hair and spraying it with hair spray to ensure it will stay in place while you are curling the other sections.

3) Clamp your hair straightener halfway down your hair and twist the section away from your face until you reach the ends of your hair. 

4) Keep in mind that the faster you slide down on your hair, the softer the curl will be. Pressing down slower on the section of hair will create a bigger and more defined curl.

5) You can then brush through your curled sections of hair with a soft bristled brush to create a looser, and fluffier head of curls.

How to curl hair extensions

Loose curls

How to curl hair extensions: Big bouncy curls

The big beautiful curls have made a return! We’re seeing more and more girls with hair styled to the roof with the biggest bounciest curls you have ever seen! Perfect for a night out or the end of year formal, we’ve got your easiest instructions for how to curl your hair extensions.

1) Start by heating up your GHD hair straightener or curling wand. Make sure that if you’re hair is on the thicker side, you adjust the temperature to be slightly hotter so that the heat will transfer through all the hair. When reading how to curl hair extensions, the temperature of your styling tool is always in important factor in how your style will look once complete.

2) Ensure that all your hair is dry before you apply any heat. Use a heat protector over the top for extra protection against excessive heat damage. 

3) Separate the hair into sections, this is so that the hair can be styled as quickly as possible, as the curling process can be a timely process. 

4) Clip the top half of the hair up so that you can begin styling the bottom section of the hair. Wrap sections of your hair (one by one), holding it still on the wand and then release within 5-10 seconds. Repeat the process until all hair sections are complete.

how to curl hair extensions

Big curls

You now have big glamorous curls, styled to last you all night. You now know how to curl hair extensions! Watch the short clip below for a more detailed tutorial.



Caring for hair extensions

Maintaining and caring for hair extensions is one of our most frequently asked questions here at the ZALA headquarters. We are known worldwide for our friendly customer service assistance and our gorgeous high grade, triple wefted and double drawn human hair extensions. Whether it’s brushing, styling, storing or washing your ZALA hair extensions, we’ve gathered all of the quickest tips and tricks on washing, maintaining and caring for hair extensions. Read on below for further info!


caring for hair extensions

Caring for hair extensions


1) Brushing and shedding: caring for hair extensions

Brushing your hair extensions and caring for hair extensions is so important in maintaining the high grade quality of the extensions as it keeps the hair feeling silky and fresh by ensuring no stray hairs are laying tangled throughout the set of extensions. This excess hair can also be referred to as “shedding”. Shedding is very normal with hair extensions, just like your own hair. Some shedding is to be expected when you first open up your set and brush it through in the first one or two wears however this should slow down from then on. It is due to excess hair which was not 100% secured in the making. Although we allow for 3-5% hair loss in the weight of your set – in the exact same way your natural hair would shed on a normal day.


caring for hair extensions

Brushing hair


2) Washing hair extensions

ZALA hair extensions can be washed, just like any other high quality hair extensions. Please note that washing does shorten the life of extensions as they are not receiving the natural oils from the roots and scalp like your natural hair would do so. Here at ZALA, we recommend a wash to be done on your ZALA set once every four months. This will help sustain the health and quality of the hair, while not using too much product on it too frequently at the same time. A great product to increase the longevity of your hair extensions would definitely be any gentle and nourishing sulphate free and pro moisture shampoo or conditioner. This will ensure moisture and silkiness is divided evenly throughout the hair extensions.



caring for hair extensions

Washing hair


3) Styling hair extensions

The styling methods you are using on your set of ZALA hair extensions will always plays a significant part towards the quality of the set. Caring for hair extensions is extremely important. As the excessive use of a hair straightener, hair dryer or curling wand will result in unwanted damage to the hair leaving split ends, matting, excessive shedding and may also result in a slight colour change (due to heat damage). Braiding your hair extensions or wearing them in a low ponytail will always be two of the healthiest and safest hair styles for your ZALA hair extensions as you will not be using any harsh heat styling tools on the hair. You may also like to try curling your hair once very neatly so that the next few times that you use your hair extensions, the curls will have dropped slightly – causing a wavy effect.


caring for hair extensions

Styling hair


4) Storing hair extensions

When storing your ZALA hair extensions, always ensure that you have brushed through the hair, leaving them fresh and tangle free before you begin packing them away for storage. Also make sure your hair is completely dry before you store them. This is because they will not dry properly (causing them to kink) and will also result in an unpleasant odour if stored away while still wet. Always ensure that the hair extensions you are storing are being stored in a cool dry and dark place as too much exposure to sunlight can cause in a lighter colour change to the set of extensions. Storing inside a wardrobe or cupboard in a flat position will keep them looking as natural as possible.


caring for hair extensions

Storing hair