How to Prevent Split Ends

Ugh, split ends! Those pesky dead ends are the bane of us all! However, thankfully there are ways to defeat them and how to prevent split ends in the future! We’ve put together a few tips and tricks that will help combat those dreaded ends and keep your hair looking super healthy.

how to prevent split ends

But first, what actually causes split ends? Well… The correct term for split ends is Trichoptilosis (sounds pretty frightening, huh?). This is the splitting or fraying of the hair-shaft due to excessive heat and mechanical stress. So now we know the causes, let get into exactly how to prevent split ends!

How to Prevent Split Ends


Don’t wash your locks every day! This is because shampoo strips the natural oils your hair creates and excessive washing promotes serious breakage and split ends! Hence, it’s ideal if you shampoo & condition as little as possible. In fact, second and third day hair tends to be easier to work with and holds a style better! A win win situation if you ask us. And If you’re really not dealing with spacing out washes, dry shampoo will be your best friend! A few sprays of this at the roots of your hair and it’ll be feeling as fresh as new!

how to prevent split ends


Avoid vigorously towel drying hair! Our hair is much more prone to damage when wet, so rubbing your hair between a towel is an invitation for split ends. Instead, wrap your freshly washed locks up into a towel and squeeze out the excess water. If let to air dry, this process will be a much more gentle form of drying and will be super beneficial in defeating dead ends! And if you really need to blow dry your hair, try and avoid placing direct heat straight onto the hair by keeping a 20cm distance.



When it comes to brushing, there are a few tips on how to prevent split ends. First, avoid brushing your hair when wet! The hair follicles are more prone to damage when the hair shaft is wet, which, in turn, will promote dry and damaged ends! Secondly, be gentle and use the right brush! If you’re going to be brushing wet hair, opt for a wide tooth comb! For brushing those locks whilst they’re dry, use slow and smooth motions from bottom to top. You’ll be surprised the damage vigorous brushing can do. By taking more care with your brushing, you can happily say good bye to dead and damaged ends!


We know the perils of heat can cause damaged locks. Brittle split ends are encouraged by the damage of heat styling tools. Which is why we recommend limiting the amount of heat you subject your hair to! We know, we know, this may be hard. BUT, we promise this will be super beneficial in the long run for the overall health of your  hair.  When you do take to your straightener or curling wand, ALWAYS be sure to use a heat protectant.



Though it does sound contradicting, regular trims WILL help to promote hair growth. Not only that, these regular trips to your hairdresser will remove any dead hair to improve the overall look and feel of your hair. Prolonging haircuts will let your split ends get worse and continue to grow up the hair shaft! So ladies, we know the idea may be daunting, but get those ends trimmed!

how to prevent split ends

Split ends, begone! We hope our ultimate guide on how to prevent split ends will help you keep your hair looking and feeling it’s best! And if you’re still unsure, drop our hair experts and email at :) xx


Winter Hair Care

It’s wintertime and we know what that means at ZALA, dry and lifeless locks! With the temperature dropping and the heaters on full blast, our hair’s health suffers serious damage during winter. Hence, nailing your winter hair care regime is a must for the harsh colder weather! Read on for our hair care secrets that will have your hair ready to face the winter months.

Winter Hair Care: Washing

As the harsh seasonal winter weather is known to dry out our hair and scalp, spacing out washes will really help to avoid drying out your hair further. Try to keep your hair washing throughout the week to an absolutely minimum! And when you do need to shampoo those winter locks, opt for a nourishing and moisturizing shampoo and conditioner! Products designed for dry and damaged will boost your hairs hydration and avoid the horrid look of a dry scalp and hair!

Winter Hair Care: Products

When it comes to winter hair care, moisture and hydration is key! As mentioned above, products full of moisturizing and conditioning ingredients will be your hair’s best friend in the coming months. To take control and help fight brittle locks, invest in a good quality a leave in conditioner and hair oil! Apply your leave in conditioner to towel dried hair and smooth through a nourishing hair oil after styling to finish! These two products will go hand in hand to ensure your hair stays well-moisturized and luxurious as ever.

winter hair care

Winter Hair Care: Treatment

If winter isn’t the time to indulge a little with your beauty and hair regime, when is?! Weekly hair treatments are super beneficial to your hairs health during winter as. This indulgence is vital to replenish the moisture and shine your hair may be lacking as the temperature drops below average. An absolute winter hair care staple! A deep conditioning hair mask applied weekly will also ensure your locks have maximum shine, elasticity and hydration! Check out a favourite all natural, deep conditioning treatment of the girls at ZALA here.

Winter Hair Care: Hair Extensions

And finally, when you’re hairs looking and feeling not-so luscious, a set of premium quality ZALA Hair Extensions are here to help! Treat your hair during the winter months! For added length and volume without the fuss or commitment, hair extensions will liven up those gloomy winter locks! Not to mention, all that hair must provide extra warmth, right?! ;)

 winter hair care with ZALA Hair

We hope our winter hair care guide help all you girls get through the harsh winter weather! Rug up, stay warm, and post your pictures wearing your ZALA hair extensions to Instagram and Facebook with #zalahairextensions. If you’re still unsure on how to care for your hair during the colder months, feel free to contact our super lovely support team at xx

Easy Prom Hairstyles

It’s prom season! We know its super important looking your best on the big day, which of course, means having the perfect hair! Being that time of year again, we thought we’d share these easy prom hairstyles that will have you looking elegant without the effort! If you’re searching for a pretty style that you can achieve at home, then look no further.

Easy Prom Hairstyles – Half Up Half Down

If you’re wanting to try an updo, but aren’t fully committed to loosing that length, go for a half up half down! This super easy prom hairstyles is perfect for you girls who want the best of both worlds, with an elegant half up style. We absolutely love this half up flower braid worn either on the side or at the rear, finished with pretty curls.

easy prom hairstyles

Half up Half Down Flower Braid

To achieve this super pretty look, simply:

  1. Start by spritzing your locks with heat protectant spray and curling your hair to taste!

  2. Take a section where you want the super cute rosette braid to be. We love this look as it can be worn at either the side or back of your hair.

  3. Split the section into three and create a regular 3 strand plait, starting a third of the way down your hair and  finishing a third of the way from the tips of your hair. Secure with a clear hair elastic/tie.

  4. Once you’ve got your super pretty braid, start loosening one side of the braid by pulling sections, working your way down. Don’t worry if it starts to ‘arc’ a little! This will aid the final step in creating your flower braid.

  5. Now, take the end of your plat and wrap it around itself to create the flower/rosette shape! To finish, tuck the end of the braid on the underside of your flower and secure with bobby pins to make sure it’s nicely disguised. And in minutes, you’re done! A super easy prom hairstyle that combines the elegance of a braided updo without sacrificing your long locks.


Easy Prom Hairstyles – Side Swept Curls

For a super glamorous style, we adore these hollywood style side swept curls.

easy prom hairstyles

Glamorous Side Swept Curls

These super glamorous curls are super easy to!

  1. Spray your hair with a heat protectant product whilst your curling wand heats up.
  2. For these big, glam waves, you’ll need a curling wand on the larger side. Start by side parting your hair and pulling to your desired side.
  3. When curling, take medium sections of hair and curl all in the same directed to get that hollywood style curl.

  4. Between each section of hair, spray your curl with hairspray for maximum hold!

  5. Finish with a hair oil or shine spray for added glam, and you’re done!

And if you’re still unsure on how to get these beautiful side swept curls, check out this super easy tutorial:

Easy Prom Hairstyles – Halo Braid

If you’re a braid kind of gal and want the perfect up do to finish your elegant prom look? Try this super on trend halo braid.

Halo Braid - Up or Down-do

Halo Braid – Up or Down-do

At ZALA, we love this braided crown and an easy prom hairstyle to make the prettiest up do. But for those who want to rock their ZALA hair extensions, this style can be altered to this braided headband! Simply clip in your ZALA hair extensions and follow the video tutorial below!

We hope this give you gals some easy prom hairstyle inspiration! With either of these 3 elegant looks, you’ll be prom ready in no time. Make sure to send in all your pics wearing your ZALA extensions to our Facebook or Instagram page using the hashtag #zalahairextensions! Happy prom-ing!


BTS ZALA Hair Extensions Photoshoot

Take a peek behind the lens of our latest photo shoot! Featuring our gorgeous Snickers #4/12, Caramel #10, Jet Black #1 and Honey Beach Highlights #18/613 shades. We show you flicks from behind the scenes. We LOOOVE our stunning models showing off ZALA Hair Extensions.

zala hair extensions

BTS at ZALA’s latest photoshoot – How gorgeous are our models?!

Behind The Scenes – ZALA Hair Extensions Photoshoot

It was a super successful day full of luscious locks and laughs! We were so stoked to score these baben’ models for our latest shoot. You’ll definitely be wanting to keep an eye out for the finished results ;)

How cute is our model wearing Snickers #4/12?

How cute is our model wearing Snickers #4/12?

Rosemarie wears the 24″ Snickers #4/12 for beautiful brown and warm blonde highlighted locks. Snickers #4/12 is perfect for a natural look of blonde highlights in rich brown hair.


With help our of super talented photographer and makeup/hair artists, the girls killed it at rocking their ZALA Hair extensions!

zala hair extensions

Here is ZALA Hair Extensions Caramel #10 curled to perfection! This 24″ set gave our model Prue instant length, volume and glam! Caramel #10 is the perfect warm rich shade with slightly golden undertones.

zala hair extensions

The girls getting dolled up before the shoot! Olivia wore one of our most popular shades – Honey Beach Highlights #18/613. This beautiful bright blonde with variation of highlights was the perfect match!

zala hair extensions

We are so excited about our before and after shots! Ash and Olivia in the photo below show off Jet Black #1 and Honey Beach Highlights #18/613 for 24″ of luscious locks!

Ash and Olivia wearing ZALA

Ash and Olivia wearing ZALA

And that’s a wrap! Like we said, we can’t wait to show these stunning new product photos soon to be live on the site! Our new before and after shots coming soon show the added volume and length ZALA hair extensions give. Make sure you keep your eyes peeled! And finally, a big thanks to everyone involved for their talent and good vibes into making it happen!

How to Blend Extensions with Short Hair

At ZALA, we absolutely love the difference a luxurious set of hair extensions can make! Clip-ins can instantly update your look, without the fuss or commitment. However, for girls with hair on the shorter side, it can be a little more difficult when it comes to blending. We definitely think the extra effort is worth it! Which is why we bring you our full guide on how to blend extensions with short hair. Read on for fool proof ways of achieving seamless, natural blending!

blend extensions with short hair

Short to long hair with ZALA hair extensions

How to Blend Extensions with Short Hair

How Short is too Short?

Before you indulge in a set of our premium quality 100% Human Remy Hair extensions, you need to determine whether your hair is at an appropriate length to suit. As a general guide your natural hair needs to be at least 10-15cm (4-6 inches) long. This length gives enough hair for the best foundation for the extensions to blend with.

If you hair is around this length, finding a set that is equal thickness from top to bottom is a must for natural blending! Thankfully for shorter hair girls, ZALA’s clip in sets are double drawn and triple wefted. This ensures super thick wefts even at the ends! An equal amount of hair will allow for an overall natural appearance for short hair. Girls with short hair may need to opt for a short length set of hair extensions. We suggest our natural 14, 16 and 20 inch lengths.

how to blend extensions with short hair

ZALA Hair Extensions – Length Guide

Get colour matched!

A dead giveaway with obvious hair extensions is an incorrect colour match. When we’re asked how to blend extensions with short hair, colour matching is a must! Getting the shade right can be difficult, especially when purchasing online. Which is why we’ve got you’ve covered!

ZALA have a Colour Match Service that’s quick, easy and free to help you choose the perfect colour. Simply upload 2-3 photos of your hair in natural lighting, and a ZALA expert will then match your hair colour to one of our gorgeous shades. Pretty cool, right?

And if you still can’t find an exact match, remember, ZALA Hair is 100% Human Remy hair and can be safely coloured. Just be sure to steer clear of lightening or bleaching your set! Our hair has already gone through a long dying and bleaching process to get it to our fabulous shades! See our full shade range below:

Your Haircut is important!

If you’ve got shorter hair, your haircut will make a huge difference when seamlessly blending your extensions. When seeking how to blend extensions with short hair, achieving undetectable extensions can be extremely difficult with a heavy, blunt cut.

For a smooth overall look and seamless blending, you may need to thin out the ends of your hair. Consult your hair professional before taking to your hair with scissors! This can be achieved with the use of layers or specific cutting techniques that will help for a more seamless transition.

You’ll find tapered ends will do most of the blending for you. This will create the perfect starting point when blending your natural hair and your long locks! Once applied and brushed through, you’ll instantly have mermaid hair without any harsh lines.


how to blend extensions with short hair

Which hairstyle is best?

Styling is definitely the most effective step when blending extensions with short hair! Your go to style will be loose waves or curls, as this glamorous style helps to blend any unwanted, harsh lines. As a general rule when blending, curls are a fail-safe way of blending any heavy ends for any length hair!

To make those locks look all your own, start curling your hair where your natural hair ends. This will blend any harsh lines whilst looking super luxurious and glam!

how to blend extensions with short hair

ZALA customer wearing her extensions curled for a seamless blend

We hope our guide on how to blend extensions with short helps you achieve that seamless natural look. Now that you know, post your photos to Instagram using #zalahairextensions so we can see your transformations!

Get the look: The Half Up Bun

The effortlessly chic half up bun is super on trend right now! Haven’t heard of or seen the style? ZALA are here to show you! We love this super easy style being a trusty up-do without saying goodbye to the length of your long locks! As a continuation of the bun revolution, this half up top knot is the ultimate lazy girl’s hairstyle. Read on for why we love it and how to sport the look!

Half Up Bun

The Half Up Bun – Super simple and effortlessly stylish.


With celebrities such as Ariana Grande and Candice Swanepoel nailing the look, it was sure to trend amongst girls around the world. The half up bun is catching on as the super trendy half up top knot that takes minutes to achieve! And the best part – it’s just as easy as it looks to create. We love the half up bun at ZALA as us hair extension addicts can wear our clip ins with this style too! Here’s our how-to on the ultimate messy up-do:


Half Up Bun

Half Up Bun

How to achieve the Half Up Bun


  1. If you’re planning on wearing your extensions for luscious length, first things first is to apply your ZALA clip-ins! In order to hide the wefts, make sure you’re clipping in leaving enough space between your scalp and the top section of your hair. We want it looking as natural as possible, which means no wefts or clips showing!
  2. This step is optional, but if you want added texture, beachy and messy waves will compliment the half up bun perfectly.
  3. Time to section your hair! We suggest taking a section a third of the way from the top of your hair (around ear level or above). Create a cute little bun and secure with an elastic. Another reason why we love the half up half down bun is because of its versatility. You can rock it at any level!
  4. Loosen it up! Pull bits from the front and spread apart the bun with your fingers to create the results you want. We think the messier the better here at ZALA, but it’s completely up to you! For added texture, add some cute little plaits in the lengths of your hair for pretty and intricate detail.
  5. Hide the excess pieces of the bun by wrapping around the elastic or securing with bobby pins. Don’t spend too much time on this! Remember, the aim of the game is supposed to be effortless and messy.
  6. Finish with a light spritz of hairspray or sea-salt spray and you’re done!


Half Up Bun

Half Up Bun

For a super simple, fail-safe hairstyle that looks effortlessly cool, the half up bun’s got your back! Giving the best of both worlds, it’s easy to see how this loose and casual style has quickly caught on to be super on trend!

How to Stop Hair Extensions From Tangling

Experiencing matting? Do your hair extensions end up in knots and tangles? Whether it’s product build up, your climate, or (lack of) general maintenance, knots and matting can be a real issue. Not only is this frustrating, it can be damaging, too! That’s why we thought we’d cover all you need to know on how to stop hair extensions from tangling! Read our tip and tricks to find out how to banish those dreaded knots and tangles to keep your luxurious locks looking and feeling their best.

How to Stop Hair Extensions From Tangling


Now we know this may be the most obvious, but brushing your extensions is a super important tip on how to stop hair extensions from tangling. With the main culprit being your care and maintenance, lack of brushing, or brushing incorrectly can cause serious damage to your wefts.

If there’s one way to keep your clip-in extensions in their very best condition, it’s regular brushing! How often is regular, you may ask? We typically recommend 2-3 times a day making sure you’re working from bottom to top to avoid matting and breakage.

And to say goodbye to knots and tangles whilst preventing your extension’s from shedding, ZALA’s Tangle Teaser or Loop Brush will be your new best friend! With individual teeth and soft bristles for super quick and gentle de-tangling results. These holy-grail hair brushes are perfect to brush through knots with no breakages and damage.

how to stop hair extensions from tangling

ZALA Tangle Teaser – gently removes tangles and knots


If we were to ask you where your hair extensions are stored right now, we bet more than a few of you would be hesitant to tell! Keeping your hair extensions in a drawer or shoebox does not suffice as proper storage, ladies! Storage is one of our top solutions when we’re asked how to stop hair extensions from tangling.

To stop your hair extensions from mattes, knots and tangles, our Protect-Me Bag neatly stores away your extensions in a sleek and classy carrier. With a cute ZALA hanger, the Protect Me Bag is the ultimate storage technique for tangle free extensions. By properly storing your beloved clip ins, we can guarantee you’ll experience way less knots and promote long lasting, smooth and silky hair extensions. Love!

How to Stop Hair extensions from tangling

ZALA Hair extensions stored neatly in the Protect Me Bag


To rid your extensions of knots, it’s definitely worth taking a look at the products you are using. Dry hair = more tangles. Like your natural hair, the better the health, the better the condition! To keep your clip ins looking and feeling smooth and silky, we recommend applying deep conditioning treatments packed with plenty of moisture to hydrate the hair.  

On a similar note, opt for a shampoo and conditioner free of sulfates when washing your extensions, as ingredients like alcohol and sulfates are known to dry out hair extensions.

As hair extensions lack the oils your natural hair produces, products such as nourishing hair masques and oils will keep your extensions free of tangles! Better yet, indulging the hair in hydrating products will leave your locks soft, and silky smooth.

how to stop hair extensions from tangling

ZALA Hair Extensions – Silky and tangle free!

And there you have it! How to stop hair extensions from tangling in three easy steps! We can guarantee, proper brushing, storage, products and general maintenance for your extensions will banish those nasty knots!

Check out our full range of premium quality 100% Human Remy Hair extensions:


Best Hairstyle For Your Face Shape

Knowing the best hairstyle for your face shape is an imperative beauty step, as certain styles and cuts can either make or break your look. Struggling to find what will flatter your face shape the most? We’re here to guide you through how to flaunt and distract certain features to find the most flattering style for you!

The Best hairstyle for your face shape

The Best Hairstyle for your face shape

The Best Hairstyle For Your Face Shape


The Best hairstyle for your face shape

Oblong Face Shape – Liv Tyler

If you’re face is much longer than it is wide, you’re an oblong face shape girl! To distract from the length of your face shape, steer cleer of long, sleek hair! And if you’re a lover of long locks, layers will be your new best friend! Layered length and short layers that frame the face with break up the length from being drawn straight up and down. Pair this with a side part and voluminous curls to perfectly round off the face! Bangs/fringes are also the perfect way to break up that length, helping distract from an oblong face and create the look of a much more balanced shape.


The Best hairstyle for your face shape

Oval Face Shape – Megan Fox

For those of you who have oval faces, we envy you! An oval shape face is the most versatile when it comes to styling your locks, so you’ll pretty much suit any look. However, we still want to show some love to the oval face shape too. A couple hairstyles that will flatter you the most: medium length, side parted hair will accentuate your cheekbones. Layers will also look gorgeous on your oval face shape!


The Best hairstyle for your face shape

Round Face Shape – Mila Kunis

If you’re a round face shape girl, the trick is to elongate the face. Straight, long and sleek hair will slim down the face to create the illusion of more length. Pair this with an on-trend centre part, and you’ve got a super-flattering style to streamline the face. Fancy shorter hair or are a little more daring? Go with a pixie crop cut with volume at the crown. The added height defines the best hairstyle for your face shape!


The Best hairstyle for your face shape

Heart Shape Face – Scarlette Johanson

Do you have a wide hairline and a pointed chin? You’re a heart shape! Girls with heart shape faces should aim to soften features with face framing layers and waves. This will give the illusion of rounder, softer features. To distract attention from your sharp features, try a long-bob or ‘lob’. Not only is this style super trendy, it’s perfect for the heart shaped face as it distracts attention from your sharp features. 


The Best hairstyle for your face shape

Square Face Shape – Olivia Wilde

Looking for the most flattering style for your square face shape? Soften those angular features! Much like the heart shape face, a collar grazing long bob will slim the face whilst disguising your strong jaw line. A lob will also elongate the face to balance out your square shape! Girls with square faces should opt for textured, layered hair and style with waves to balance out and soften angular features. 

If you still don’t know which of the above shapes your face is, check out this cute little guide at!

Are you long, oval, round, heart or square shape? We hope our guide on finding the best hairstyle for your face shapes encourages you to play around with your look! Trust us, you’ll be suprised how much it can flatter your features! And at the end of the day, if you love a certain style, then we say – go for it! It’s all about what you’re comfortable wearing and what makes you feel your best!


How to Go from Brunette to Blonde

There are few beauty ‘transformations’ that are as drastic and intimidating as going from brunette to blonde. Taking a lot of patience and care, this lightening process can be pretty costly too. If you’re wanting to take on the look without compromising your hairs health, then we’ve got the ultimate guide for you! Read on for everything you need to know on how to go from brunette to blonde.

How to Go From Brunette to Blonde

How to Go From Brunette to Blonde

How to Go from Brunette to Blonde


The preperation

As this process is not for the impatient or faint-hearted, you need to be confident you’re prepared to go through several sittings and paychecks to achieve the best possible outcome. Not only this, you also need to keep in mind your hair’s condition. Your previous dying history and current colour will determine what your hair can handle when taking the leap to blonde.

Plan ahead! Wondering how to go from brunette to blonde is one thing, your desired colour is another. An extremely important factor pre-lightening! Often, a drastic change in hair colour can wash you out, so you’ll need to find out what will be the most flattering shade of blonde before taking the plunge. Play around with makeover apps or wigs to see what best suits your complexion. This will dictate your quest to blonde locks!

How to go from Brunette to Blonde

Jennifer Lawrence goes from dark to light!

The process

Let’s be real, there’s no healthy way of going dark to light overnight. Unlike Kim K’s dramatic bleaching, achieving healthy blonde locks takes babysteps!

If you’ve got a bit of blonde ambition, don’t rush into it! Go slowly and lighten gradually. You will be able to get used to your lighter locks AND keep your hair happy and healthy in the process. There are several ways of making the change:

  • Add balayage highlights –  this will give a gradual lightened effect to the hair, keeping it looking natural and sunkissed. We’ve got the perfect extensions to suit this look with our Balayage Clip In Extensions

  • Dye your overall colour 1-2 shades lighter and add highlights throughout the hair for depth. This step will be repeated until your desired shade is achieved!

Want to know our best tip on how to go from brunette to blonde? Scrap the box dyes and home bleaching and consult your hair stylist for professional advice. If you’re going to take the leap, their expertise will provide a hair plan to minimise the damage on the way. We really can’t stress this enough! Discuss a plan with your colorist, they will recommend the best option for you!

How to go from Brunette to Blonde

Anne Hathaway’s transformation from brunette to blonde

The product 

Maintenance is key! Although blondes may have more fun, the upkeep of their hair is definitely not as care free.

For both in between visits to your hair salon and once you’ve achieved your desired shade, we recommend using plenty of hydrating products. Hair oils and deep conditioning treatments will add moisture back into your newly lightened tresses along the way! One of our favourite hair oils at ZALA is the amazing Moroccan Oil, which can be found here on our website. This stuff is definitely a holy grail product!

For general maintenance of those blonde locks, we suggest spacing out washes girls! And for when you are washing your hair, opt for shampoos and conditioners specificially designed for upkeep on blonde colours. This will keep your tresses looking vibrant and healthy! If your hair is feeling dry and dull, look for products containing keratin and oils as these ingredients are the perfect fix to chemically treated or damaged hair.

If you’re just taken the plunge and are looking for the perfect shade of extensions to match your newly lightened locks, be sure to check out our clip in or tape extension range! 6 gorgeous blonde shades that will add both volume and length to complete your beautiful blonde locks. We absolutely LOVE our Honey Beach Highlights #18/613 in 24″ for a natural variation of blonde highlights. Check out the full colour chart here.

Are you planning on going blonde soon? We hope our guide on how to go from brunette to blonde will make the journey much smoother! :)

Get the Look: Wrapped Ponytail

We’re always on the look out for hair inspiration for our ZALA girls. Especially with the coming of the new season. If you’re after a style so quick and simple, yet with a polished and perfected look, we’ve got you sorted! Today, we bring you the wrapped ponytail! So stylish and sleek – this style will have you looking runway ready in minutes.

Get the look: Wrapped Ponytail

Get the look: Wrapped Ponytail

How to Achieve the Wrapped Ponytail

Products and tools:

  • Hair elastic/tie
  • Bobby pins
  • Hairspray or texturizing spray (optional)


Get the look: Wrapped Ponytail

Wrapped Ponytail

Get the look:

  1. It’s always important to start with a good base! Start with blow dried or ready-styled (curled or straightened) hair and brush through to remove knots and tangles. Second day hair will hold this style well!

  2. Gather your hair into a pony tail and secure with an elastic. We recommend using an elastic similar to your hair colour so it’s completely undetecable! This will create the foundation to this effortless look. We love the wrapped pony as it can be worn in a high, medium or low style. It really works at any level!  At this point, loosen or pull layers out to frame the face for a deliberate messy/laid back vibe.

  3. Creare more ‘kick’ to your pony by taking a section from the underside of your ponytail and begin to wrap it around the elastic. Get creative!: Braid the section for intricate and pretty detail. We love this plaited version seen on:

  4. To secure that wrap, either fix with bobby pins or thread the end section through the elastic.

  5. Finish with a spritz of hairspray for a sleek look, or add some texture to that pony with a sea salt spray.


Get the look: Wrapped Ponytail

Wrapped Ponytail – Messy and casual

Helpful tip: If your bobby pin has failed you and your wrap is slipping, backcomb the end of the section you are wrapping around your pony before securing. This will create extra grip. If you’re still struggling to secure this style, wind the remaining hair around one ‘prong’ of the bobby pin.

And if you still can’t seem to get grip or want the look without visible pins/clips, check out the video below for a bobby-pin free wrapped ponytail:

And, thats a wrap! Our oh-so-simple guide to the wrapped ponytail. We are loving this effortless look at ZALA, as it works on so many levels. From a messy, laid back variation of the standard up-do, to a sleek and polished nightime style. As you can see, the variations are endless!