How to Wash Clip In Hair Extensions

Today we’re taking it back to the basics! It’s important to know the right way to wash your hair extensions to keep them in tip top condition and super silky for as long as possible. Read on for our full guide on how to wash clip in hair extensions!

how to wash clip in hair extensions

Before we get into detail on how to wash clip in hair extensions, remember to only wash your extensions minimally to keep them clean, whilst maintaining their soft & silky condition. As clip in hair extensions cannot recreate natural oils to nourish themselves, each wash will begin to shorten the life of your hair extensions. Given this, we recommend only wash your clip ins if there is product build up, they hold an odour, or you notice a change in the appearance or feel ūüôā


  1. Before washing your extensions, make sure they’re knot¬†free and all clips are closed shut. Our favourite tool for detangling our clip ins is the ZALA Tangle Teaser. It gentle detangles¬†whilst preventing shedding & snagging.
  2. Fill your sink with warm water and take your first piece, folding the wefts for easy grip.
  3. Piece by piece, gently submerge your extensions into the water. Try to avoid swishing or swirling the hair as this may cause the hair to tangle.
  4. One piece at a time, take a small amount of shampoo and gently spread throughout the hair. Repeat on each piece, setting each aside as you go. Always use a sulphate & paraben free shampoo and conditioner when washing your hair extensions.
  5. Once all pieces have been shampooed, empty your sink & close the plug. Then, rinse each piece with clean water under the running tap.
  6. After your set is nice and clean, repeat steps 4 & 5 with a ultra hydrating conditioner and set them aside for 10-15 minutes before rinsing to deeply nourish the hair.
  7. Next, lay your set flat onto a towel and leave them to dry naturally overnight. This is the more gentle way to dry your extensions, minimising any heat damage & unwanted frizz.
  8. Once all the hair is dry, smooth over each piece with your hair straightener whilst brushing through and they’ll be left feeling ultra soft. Remember to always use heat protectant!

And there you have it! Our guide on how to wash clip in hair extensions, the right¬†way ūüėČ If you want to watch the full process, check out our quick & easy tutorial below:

What are your favourite products to wash your ZALA’s? Let us know below!

Double Dutch Braids With Hair Extensions

Do you have sad braids? Not to worry – we’re here to¬†help! Read on for our full¬†double dutch braids tutorial using ZALA hair extensions for¬†super bad ass braids.¬†double dutch braids


Double dutch braids are a serious¬†fave at ZALA. One of the coolest¬†styles in town. And yep, you heard right, you CAN wear ZALA hair extensions in double dutch braids!¬†The key to wearing your ZALA’s with this look is all down to placement.

  1. Start by creating a clean middle part all the way to the nape of the neck. Section off one side to prepare for your hair extensions.
  2. The most important step when using hair extensions for double dutch braids is where you clip them in! And it’s super simple! Just turn them around and clip them in vertically ūüėČ This works best with using your 2 & 3 clip pieces.¬†To ensure the pieces are undetectable once applied, section off the hair diagonally¬†in line with where your braid will be and repeat on the other side. We recommend using at least 2 pieces per side for the best results!double dutch braids
  3. Once your extensions are applied, carefully brush through to ensure everything is smooth. Then section off one side of your hair to prepare for braiding.
  4. To create your dutch braid, take a small piece of hair from the front and split into three. Fold the outside section over into the middle at a time, taking more hair from underneath as you go.
  5. Repeat these steps until you reach the nape area, then continue with a regular braid all the way down. Secure with a hair elastic and repeat on the other side.
  6. To finish, use your fingers to loosen and pull apart the braid for added volume. And you’re done!

double dutch braids

Yes, you CAN do double dutch braids wearing your clips in ūüôā And how AMAZING is the result! We love to see how you braid your ZALA’s so don’t forget to use #zalahairextensions when sharing your snaps!

Hair Curling Tips & Tricks

Want to know how to achieve your perfect curl and have it last all day and night long? You’ve come to the right place. We’ve brought you these 5 simple hair curling tips that will revolutionalize your curling game.


hair curling tips

TIP #1

Our first of our hair curling tips is to ensure you’re using quality tools! Of course, a higher quality wand will create the most defined, long lasting curl.

Our favourite tool for curling hair is the ZALA Cosmo Curling Wand¬†with 5 interchangeable heads. The Cosmo Wand is a serious hair curling hack as it comes with 5 unique wand attachments and has temperature control settings¬†so you’re certain to achieve your perfect curl.


TIP #2

Next up for our hair curling tips & tricks¬†is to vary your sections! Not only does this create the most natural effect, but by taking different sized sections you’re able to create a completely different curl with each. This tip is also amazing for creating more texture to your curls!

TIP #3

Similar to our previous trick, changing up your angle can create a completely different effect! Holding the wand vertically will create a soft, everyday curl. By curling vertically, you ensure you don’t sacrifice too much length as this also creates a longer curl. Whereas holding the wand horizontally achieves a more¬†defined, tight curl!

TIP #4

One of our favourite tips for a long lasting curls is focused on how you set your curls! After curling the hair and releasing from the wand, bobby pin the curl in place. Let the curl set in this position and once completely cool, you can unpin & brush through.¬†We often get asked how to make your curls last longer and this is a definite game changer when curling hair. It’s also our favourite way to curl clip in hair extensions!

TIP #5

Lastly, brushing your curls can completely change the finish product! If you want a softer look, carefully brush through your hair after curling. However, if you want to keep the shape as much as possible, use your fingers to gently finger comb through your curls.

There you have it! Super easy hair curling tips that will have your curls on point! Get your ZALA Cosmo Curling Wand HERE.

Braided Part Hair Tutorial

If you’re not familiar with the look,¬†say hello the braided part! As soon as we laid eyes on the braided part trend, we knew we had to recreate the look ourselves. So today we’ve served up a full tutorial on exactly how to get the style!
braided part


Not only are braided partings the perfect boho hairstyle, they’re super¬†quick and easy to create. Which is why we’ll definitely be rocking braid parts this festival season and all through summer!

braided part tutorial

ZALA 20 inch Sun Kissed Highlights #10/613 clip in hair extensions

  1. To start your braid, section of the hair on either side of your hair’s parting. You can¬†take this¬†as wide as you like,¬†but for this look we took around an inch and a half section.
  2. Next, split the section horizontally about a third of the way back. Split the section again into three equal parts to begin your braid.
  3. Create a french braid, add pieces of hair from the section underneath as you work your way back. Once you’ve reach the crown of the head, continue with a regular braid. Keep going¬†until¬†the entire section is braided.
  4. Then, double the braid over itself to sit directly on top. Pin in place with bobby pins at the front and twist the ends of the hair so they are positioned neatly out of sight. howtobraidedparting
  5. Use your fingers to pull and loosen the braid to create a little more volume.
  6. Finish the look by applying your ZALA clip in hair extensions¬†& styling to taste. For this look, we’ve curled our girl Mel’s hair using the ZALA Cosmo Wand¬†9-18mm attachment.


And there you have it! We are seriously in LOVE with this super easy braided part look. What do you think? If you recreate the look with your ZALA’s, don’t forget to use the hashtag #zalahairextensions so we can see your shots wearing your ZALA locks!

Boho Topknot

Looking¬†for a hairstyle that is oh-so boho and super easy to create? You’ve come to the right place. Read on for our tutorial on¬†this gorgeous¬†boho topknot!

boho topknot

Topknots are a go to at ZALA! We especially love rocking a topknot with a little helping hands from our clip in hair extensions. Not only do we love the instant added length, clip in hair extensions are also perfect for creating a super voluminous topknot! Although this is optional, we really think it makes all the difference for this boho look. Prior to styling, we applied some 20 inch clip in pieces in Dirty Blonde #12 to our girl Prue. And the before and after is just amazing!



  1. Once you’ve applied your clips in, brush through your extensions and natural hair to ensure everything is nice and smooth. Remember to leave a 5 clip piece¬†spare if you are applying¬†hair extensions. These pieces will be used for the boho topknot!
  2. Then, section off the top part of your hair to create the half up style and tie this into a mini ponytail.
  3. Take your 5 clip piece and clip around the base of your ponytail. Do the same with your 1 clip piece and then secure it all in place with a hair elastic. This will add instant volume to your bun!
  4. Leaving a small section aside, twist and wrap the hair around to create your topknot. Pin in place with bobby pins until its all secure.boho topknot
  5. With the hair that is left over, create a fishtail braid and secure with a hair tie. Fishtail braids are our favourite for boho looks as they always bring on the boho vibes!
  6. Use your fingers to pull and loosen the braid before wrapping around the base of your topknot and pinning it in place.
  7. Complete your boho topknot style by adding some curls throughout your locks using the ZALA Cosmo Wand. For this look, we used our favourite 25mm wand attachment on medium heat settings.

And there you have it! A super easy boho topknot style as well as how to create a half up bun using hair extensions. What do you think of the look? If you style¬†it wearing your ZALA’s, don’t forget to use #zalahairextensions

How to Hide Bobby Pins

Sometimes, you want your bobby pins to show, like when¬†creating cute¬†bobby pin art.¬†However for the most part, you want them¬†to be as invisible as possible! Especially when doing up do’s. So, we’ve put together these simple¬†tips & tricks¬†on how to hide bobby pins!


how to hide bobby pins


Our first tip for hiding bobby pins is to make sure you’re using the right ones! Bobby pins come in all different colours and sizes so when wanting to make those pins as invisible as possible, be sure to choose some in a similar colour to your hair. The size bobby pin you choose will also depend on the hairstyle you want to achieve, so if you’re working with intricate braids, it may be ideal to opt for a smaller size pin.

Another factor to consider when choosing your bobby pin is it’s finish! Hair clips & accessories are available in either a matte or glossy finish. When you’re wanting to conceal those bobby pins, a matte finish will be your best option! Matte bobby pins won’t reflect & catch the light like regular bobby pins, helping to make them appear almost invisible when placed correctly.

If you can’t find any matte bobby pins or simply have enough lying around at home, you can alter their finish! Yep, that’s right. Simply spray your bobby pins with a coloured dry shampoo before applying into the hair. This will take away the shine and help to hide them in your hair. You can also do this once the clips are applied into the hair. Yet another reason to fall in love with dry shampoo! It’s best to do this right before inserting your bobby pins so that the matte finish lasts as long as possible.



Although this may seem obvious, placement is super important when wanting to know how to hide bobby pins. The best way to insert them is up into the hair in the opposite direction¬†the hair is going. By placing them into the hair in the opposite direction, you’re creating the strongest hold whilst concealing them! This tip is especially ideal for up-do’s and half up styles.

Pretty simple right? We hope you love these tricks on how to hide bobby pins as much as we do! Show us your concealed bobby pins & seamless styles wearing your ZALA’s using #zalahairextensions


Old Hollywood Waves

Old Hollywood waves are a definite favourite at ZALA. Classic, timeless and ultra glam! We think every girl should equipped with the knowledge on how to achieve some vintage style curls. So read on for our full guide on old hollywood waves!


oldhollywood waves

To achieve some gorgeous old hollywood waves, we love using the ZALA Cosmo Wand 32mm barrel attachment. This is the largest head in the Cosmo Wand set and is perfect for creating ultra glam locks, creating big, voluminous waves.


  1. Start by creating a side parting, right above the arch of the brow. The look is not as powerful without a deep side part!
  2. For a serious volume boost, apply your ZALA Clip In Hair Extensions. Signature old hollywood waves are known for ultimate volume, so a ZALA Quadlux set would be perfect for the look! Brush through your natural hair & the extensions to make sure everything is smooth & ready to style.
  3. Next, it’s time to start curling! Give your hair a spritz of heat protectant whilst your wand is heating up to medium temperature settings. It’s important to work on low to medium heat when curling your ZALA’s!
  4. Take larger sections of hair and wrap around the barrel, working towards your face. Hold for about 5-8 seconds and release.
  5. Repeat this step throughout the hair, making sure you’re curling in the exact same direction (towards the face). This will make sure you’re creating that signature ‘S’ curl pattern!
  6. Once all the curls are cool, take a comb and carefully brush through your hair to loosen the curl. You will see the curls starting to join together to create one perfect pattern!
  7. Give the hair one light mist of hairspray and you’re ready to go!

old hollywood waves

And there you have it! The perfect style for a glam night out. These old hollywood waves are made super easy using the ZALA Cosmo Curling Wand. So be sure to get yours HERE along with 4 other interchangeable barrels that each create their own unique curl <3 #ZALACosmoWand

Boho Fishtail Braid Tutorial

Bring on the boho vibes with this amazing boho fishtail braid! We are living for braids this season and have created this oh-so boho look using ZALA clip in hair extensions. Read on for exactly how to get the look!

boho fishtail braid


To completely transform the look, we think some added length & thickness is essential. Which is super easy with a little help from ZALA Hair Extensions. For this style, we are using our 20 inch clip ins in Dirty Blonde #12. They make all the difference for amazing boho braids like this one!

PRUE BEFORE & AFTEROnce your ZALA’s are applied & blended with your natural hair, its time to start braiding! This look features a gorgeous fishtail braid and although it looks so striking, it’s really quite easy to achieve!

  1. To start, take a section from the front of one side and braid all the way down. If you’re not familiar with a fishtail braid, split the section into two and then¬†and take very small pieces from the¬†outside of each part and bring¬†into the middle. Repeat these steps until the entire section is braided & bobby pin to secure. Do the same on the other side of your hair.¬†boho fishtail braid
  2. Once both sections are braided, use your fingers to pull the hair and loosen your braid. The messier, the better for this look!
  3. Next, cross both braids over each other and bobby pin in place.
  4. Then, twist both braids around each other to form once section and use a hair elastic to tie together.bohofishtail2
  5. Finish by pulling out any short pieces of hair at the front to frame the face, and you’re done! Yep, it’s really that simple ūüôā

We hope you love this look as much as we do! Make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel and keep your eyes peeled for the full tutorial coming soon, along with 2 more oh-so boho looks!


ZALA Matte About You – Matte Lipsticks

Meet our ultra matte lipsticks – the Matte About You¬†range! We are LOVING¬†the matte lip trend¬†at ZALA. So we’ve created these 3¬†matte lipsticks to suit every mood! The perfect lip¬†to style with your ZALA Hair Extensions <3

matte lipsticks


The Matte About You lipsticks have been created with a¬†highly pigmented, ultra smooth formulation. This means each shade glides on to the lips and lasts hours without reapplying. Yep, no flaking or fading! And although these babies are matte in finish,¬†we’ve specially designed them to feel super comfortable on the lips.¬†Did we mention they are berry scented?! What more could you want from your lipstick, right?

Each colour also includes a BONUS sample pot at the bottom of the tube. Not only does this sample the shade, it’s extra product too! Simply pop it out, grab a lip brush and apply! Now, let’s get into the shades!




Our first shade in the ZALA Matte About You lipsticks is #1 Berrybang. This colour is a vibrant, medium violet with pink¬†undertones.¬†If you’re after a statement lip, Berrybang is the shade for you! This colour compliments girls with cool skin tones¬†and looks super bold on those with warm undertones.



Next up, #2 Starburst. Starburst is a gorgeous bright coral shade that is the perfect pop of colour! Searching for the perfect summer lip? Starburst is the one for you. We love this shade on girls with warm undertones and olive skin!



Last but definitely not least, #3 Pinot Noir. This absolutely stunning hue is such as classic look. For the perfect vixen red, go for our #3 Pinot Noir. This shade suits all skin tones and is a definite go to in the Matte About You range.

Are you as excited as we are about our matte lipsticks? Get your matte lip on and shop our 3 bold colours HERE.

How to Cut Hair Extensions to Blend

Are you having a little trouble blending your hair extensions? Or, do you prefer a more layered look? We show you how to cut hair extensions to blend!

how to cut hair extensions to blend

Although ZALA Hair Extensions come in their box ready to be applied, sometimes a little layering & trimming can achieve a more natural look. This also depends on your taste and hair cut! The following¬†techniques are perfect to add some shape and layer your ZALA’s, particularly if you have short layers at the front of your hair.


Before we get into each cutting technique, let’s address some important points before cutting your ZALA locks!

  • If you are unsure, please take your hair extensions to a salon to get them professionally cut & blended with your natural hair. It’s important to always seek advice from a hair dresser who has experiencing cutting hair extensions.
  • Work very carefully, cutting very small amounts at a time. Remember, we don’t cover any costs or take responsibility for unwanted cutting results, so you want to be sure you’re extra careful when cutting your extensions!
  • It’s best to cut your¬†hair extensions¬†dry and applied into the hair so you can see the exact result
  • Keep your head up and looking straight into a mirror so the hair lays in correct position
  • Always use scissors specifically designed for cutting hair
  • Don’t use any tensions or pull the extensions

cutting - slicing

Our first technique on how to cut hair extensions to blend is slicing! This technique is perfect for adding shape to the front sections of your hair for a more tapered look.

The first step when slicing is to locate the short layers of your natural hair. This will¬†indicate where to start cutting! Holding the section of hair in between your fingers, take your scissors and with the blades open, gently¬†slide & slice¬†in a slow diagonal motion. It’s super important to keep the scissors open and to keep moving! Keep going until you reach your¬†desired results, being careful to make sure you don’t trim your natural hair.

cutting - point cutting

The next technique when cutting & layering hair extensions is point cutting. This feathers the ends of the hair and aims to get rid of any blunt lines. To point cut, pick up the ends of your hair and cut straight into the hair. With the point cutting technique, it’s essential you’re cutting in straight lines so that you don’t cut any length.

how to cut hair extensions to blend

Next up, slithering! Very similar to the slicing technique, this removes bulk to create more feathered locks. With slithering, take your scissors straight down in the middle of the section and use the same sliding technique with your scissors open. Where sliding is most ideal for the front layers of the hair, the slithering technique is perfect to create a more tapered look throughout the hair.

how to cut hair extensions to blend

Lastly, blunt cutting! This is perfect to remove any wispy uneven ends¬†once you’ve feathered & layered the hair to taste.¬†To blunt cut, pull all your hair in front and comb through. Using your fingers as a guide, slide hands down the hair and stop at how much you want to trim. Cut straight across if you want a blunt cut or use the point cutting technique for a more feathered appearance.

And there you have it! The best techniques on how to cut hair extensions to blend! Please don’t hesitate to contact¬†our friendly support team if you have any questions regarding blending your hair extensions. Email: [email protected]