Beach Hair Care & Tips

Beach weather is finally here! And, as much as we love the beach, it can leave our hair not looking and feeling it’s best. We’ve put together our beach hair care guide for the essential tips to maintain gorgeous and healthy locks <3

beach hair care


TIP #1 – RINSE YOUR HAIR! One of the main causes of dry, damaged feeling hair is salt water. Especially in combination with the summer sun! After swimming, always be sure to rinse your hair with fresh water. This tip is super important for your gals who wear tape hair extensions! Rinsing out salt water will say goodbye to crunchy, dry feeling hair.

TIP #2 – LEAVE IN CONDITIONER! Definitely our favourite beach hair care product is a good leave in conditioner. If you don’t have one on hand, simply dilute your normal conditioner with some water and store in a cute little spray bottle. Keep this summer essential in your beach bag – this baby will come in hand after swimming! Spritz throughout your hair after rinsing to leave the beach with the silkiest locks.

beach hair care

TIP #4 – PROTECT FROM UV RAYS! As much as we love the sun in spring and summer, we can’t dismiss the damage it can do. Much like our skin, the UV rays can be seriously damaging on our hair. Opt for shampoo & conditioners or serums that have UV protectant properties. This will help keep your locks healthy at the beach, so you can lay in the sun for longer without worry!

TIP #5 – COVER UP! Following up from our previous beach hair care tip, provide extra protection with a cute summer hat. Not only is this the perfect summer accessory, it’ll aid in protecting your hair from those harsh summer rays.

beach hair care

TIP #6 – HAIR OILS! Argan/hair oils are a godsend product for the beach months. Along with keeping your locks super shiny, moisturizing hair oils help to nourish your hair after a day at the beach. It’s also the perfect product to fight frizz! Simply smooth over an argon oil over the lengths of your hair for healthy, shiny beach locks.

We hope this tips & tricks for beach hair care help keep your locks looking and feeling amazing. Do you have any beach hair care advice we may have missed? Let us know!

Halloween Hairstyles

With Halloween creeping upon us, we thought it would be the perfect time give you a little hairspiration to complete your outfit this year! Whether you like it sweet or spooky, ZALA have got you covered. And of course, ZALA Hair Extensions make all the difference!

halloween hairstyles



Meow! This super-cute hairstyle is perfect for those of you gals going as cats this year! These little DIY cat ears are adorable.

halloween hairstyles

  • Apply a set of ZALA Hair Extensions to lengthen/voluminize those locks! Style as desired.
  • Take a flat section from the top of your hair where you want to create your first ear. Back-comb the back side of the section & smooth down the front and side.
  • Next, curl from the mid-bottom of the hair and wrap the curl up and fold behind to create the shape of your cat ear. This part can be a little tricky, but just play around till you achieve your desired shape! 
  • Secure in place with a few bobby pins and hairspray into place! Pair with an all black outfit & cat-like claws and you’re ready to go.


For those who want to go a little scary this year, but don’t want to completely commit?! This half, half look is perfect. Combining a super fierce half skull makeup look with glam curls.

halloween hairstyles

  • Clip in your ZALA Hair Extensions! Our 20″ Quadweft sets would be perfect for this look to achieve maximum volume. 
  • Spritz your hair with heat protectant and add voluminous curls throughout!
  • Hairspray into place an add some texturizing spray at the roots of your hair to boost volume. And you’re done! Super easy, super glam with a spooky twist. Definitely our FAVOURITE of these halloween hairstyles.


This final style is super gothic. Inspired by Wednesday & Morticia Addams from the Addams family, this look features long jet black locks paired with a collared black dress. Hair is definitely key for this costume, and our super long 26″ and 30″ sets are ideal!

halloween hairstyles

  • Apply a 30″ Jet Black #1B Hair Extensions set to extend your natural hair around your hips! We offer the longest hair extensions available on the market, perfect for these gothic looks. This look definitely focuses around the blackest of black, super long locks.
  • Brush through and either style straight or wavy with heaps of volume. Remember, it’s super important to always spray your extensions with heat protectant prior to styling!
  • Finish with hairspray and you’re done! It’s really that simple with a little help from ZALA ;)

Will you be trying these halloween hairstyles this year? Let us know which one is your favourite. If you’re in need of long luscious locks to complete your halloween look, head over to shop online today: Halloween is the perfect temptation to get yourself some ZALA Hair!

Spring Races Hairstyles

Spring races have started! Now that racing season is in full swing, it’s time to get your locks and outfit sorted! We’ve put together the ultimate hair inspiration with these super stunning spring races hairstyles. Finish your look with a fresh set of ZALA Hair Extensions for the perfect hairstyle for the spring races!

spring races hairstyles

Photo: Beginning Boutique

Spring Races Hairstyles


spring races hairstyles

Simple and sophisticated. This look the perfect sleek spring races hairstyles. Apply your ZALA Hair to get your hair looking super luscious. Then, part your hair clean down the middle and straighten your natural hair with your extensions to blend. Next, smooth down the front parts of your hair behind your ears. Spritz a strong hold hairspray and brush down to smooth into place. Finish by adding your hairpiece of choice! We LOVE this look as it goes perfectly with an intricate fascinator and won’t overpower your outfit.



The gorgeous model is wearing our gorgeous 20″ Quadweft Honey Beach Highlights #18/613 set

Next is the super pretty side swept low wrapped pony with tousled waves. Apply your set of ZALA Hair Extensions to lengthen and add volume those locks. The super stunning Beginning Boutique model styles our Quadweft 9 piece Honey Beach Highlights #18/613 set! SHOP THE LOOK: The dress HERE and get your own Quadlux ZALA Hair Extensions set HERE

Simply curl your hair, alternating the direction of each section for a natural look. Once curled, tie into a loose, side-swept ponytail and spritz with a texturizing spray. At this point, you can make your pony as un-done as you wish! Loosen and pull out the front pieces. We are loving the imperfection of this spring races hairstyles. For the finishing step, take a piece of hair from the back of your pony and wrap around to cover your hair elastic.


 spring races hairstyles

Beat the heat with this summery, sweet updo. Simplicity is key with spring races hairstyles! Part your hair as desired and twist/tie back to create a low bun at the back of your hair. You can customize this step by braids etc. Add bobby pins to secure and hair spray in place. Pull out short layers to shape your face and add your fascinator of choice to one side! So so simple! This look would also be super cute with a headchain.

We hope this has you spring race ready! Are you in need of a fresh set of ZALA’s? Shop the full range and get $10AU off your order with the code POLISHEDUP at checkout! Outshow everyone with the perfect hair, thanks to a little help from ZALA <3



How to Revive Hair Extensions

Are you guilty of not properly caring for your hair extensions? Don’t worry! You can bring them back to life! ZALA show you how to revive hair extensions. With these super easy 2 steps, you can get those extensions looking as good as new!

how to revive hair extensions

How to Revive Hair Extensions

With im-proper or lack of care, your hair extensions can quickly become a tangle mess. But, it’s super simple to get them looking & feeling as new again. Wanting to know how to revive hair extensions? All you’ll need is:

  • ZALA Tangle Teaser 
  • (and/or) Loop Brush - a soft bristled brush is a must!
  • Hair extensions (of course). Your ZALA hair extensions will only become matted and tangle if care for poorly/incorrectly.
  • Hair straightener (QHD or similar quality preferred)
  • Heat protectant product
  • Light hair oil e.g. Moroccan Oil – this is optional 
  1. First things first, brushing! This can be the most time consuming step, depending on the state your hair extensions are in. Brush through your set piece by piece. Ensure you are using a hair extension safe brush and you are carefully working from bottom to top. This is the most gentle way of brushing hair extensions, and will safely remove all knots & tangles without causing excess shedding or breakage.Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 2.50.55 pm
  2. Once all knots are completely removed, turn on your hair straightener and spritz each piece with heat protectant. Brush through to evenly distribute product. A good quality straightener such as a GHD will give the smoothest, silkiest results.
  3. Run through each piece with your straightener, whilst brushing through with the loop brush. This step really helps bring back their soft and silky feel and leave them feeling good as new! By brushing whilst straightening, you’re ensuring you smooth over each and every strand.Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 2.50.26 pm
  4. To finish, you can smooth over with a very thin film of a light hair oil with your hands. This will smooth down and add that shine you may have lost! Be sure this is a light hair oil, such as the Moroccan Oil Light, as you want to avoid weighing down the hair.

And there you have it! How to revive hair extensions – super easy! Soft, silky and good as new hair extensions. But, don’t be guilty of not caring for your beloved extensions! Avoid this process altogether and keep your ZALA Hair in perfect condition with our Protect Me Bag and ZALA Tangle Teaser

how to revive hair extensions

Remember, your extensions will only be in this condition if you have not cared for them properly, let alone at all! Check out our video to watch the transformation:

Will you be giving your extensions a little more TLC with this tutorial? We hope this helps bring back your unloved hair extensions lusciousness. If you’ve got any questions, don’t hesitate to ask our friendly team: [email protected]

Spring Hair Accessories

Spring has sprung! It’s the perfect time to start adding the perfect accessories to those seasonal hairstyles! We’ve put together these amazing spring hair accessories to decorate those locks for the warmer months. Read on for the ultimate hair accessory inspiration for spring 2015.



crown hair

We’ve recently spotted this new trend. Crystal hair crowns! This edgy variation of the headband or flower crown will definitely add a unique aspect to your spring hairstyle. We LOVE the crystal crown for spring and summer months. It also is perfect for the festival season. For those who aren’t digging the crystals, opt for a stone headband featuring your favourite colour!


This next trend for 2015′s spring hair accessories is the wrapped braid. We think this is absolutely gorgeous. It gives added texture and dimension to your regular plait. The basics of this style incorporates materials and ribbons. Simply wrap the material of your choice throughout your braid to create a super pretty spring look. The best part of the wrapped braid, you can use any material! Be it ribbon, thread, string or lace!

Simply take a bobby pin and wrapped your desired lace or ribbon around the loop. Tie into a knot and place into your hair where you would like it to start. Then, simply braid your hair as desired and watch this wrapped hairstyle come to life!


spring hair accessories

ZALA Crystal Droplet Hair Accessory

Headchains are a common favourite accessory for the spring months. But, we’re still not over the trend! Not only are they super easy, they instantly perfect your usual spring hairstyle. Check out our gorgeous headchains and crystal droplets on our website! Headchains are definitely the most failsafe accessories to your spring styles.



Our next obsession amongst these spring hair accessories falls more under products. However, will definitely have you lusting over the results! Glitter spray! We’ve seen many brands come out with their own glitter sprays. And no, they’re not like the chunky 90′s glitter hairsprays you may be aware of. These glitter mists include nourishing oils like argan and coconut oil. Therefore, these super cute glitter sprays not only add shine and sparkle to your hair, but keep your hair feeling soft and silky. The glitter sprays we love feature a mist of the finest sparkle, so it doesn’t look to harsh in the hair.

Which of these spring hair accessories do you love? Simply apply your ZALA Hair Extensions & pair with your favourite and tag your shots with #ZALAHAIREXTENSIONS

Different Types of Hair Brushes

Overwhelmed by all the different types of hair brushes? Or is your current hair brush not working for you? Don’t stress! ZALA have a full guide on the different types of hair brushes for all purposes and hair types. Read on to find out which brush gives what results

different types of hair brushes

Different Types of Hair Brushes

So, there’s all different sizes, bristle types, variations of the hair brush. In this guide, we give you the run down on the most key different types of hair brushes and what they achieve! Let’s get into it…

  • PADDLE BRUSH: The paddle brush is often a wide, square shaped hair brush, ideal for detangling thick and dry hair. Due to it’s wide surface area, the paddle brush can quickly remove knots and tangles from your locks. It can also be used whilst straightening to achieve super sleek results!


  • TEASING BRUSH: Otherwise known as back-combing brush. This little guy is used like it’s name suggests – to tease and backcomb the hair. Dense rows of nylon bristles are often used to grip the hair and create amazing backcombed styles.


  • LOOP BRUSH: One of our favourites at ZALA, of course ;) The loop brush has soft, looped bristles, perfect for gentle brushing of hair extensions. A loop design won’t catch on the hair, which prevents breakage and damage to your precious extensions. We recommend no other than our Loop Brush for detangling any knots/matts. Buy yours HERE

different types of hair brushes

  • ROUND BRUSH: The round brush is typically used when blow drying. It’s round design creates the perfect blow out style, giving lift, volume and bounce to the hair. This design is also good for blow drying fringes/bangs, as well as adding a subtle curl to the end of the hair. You can find the round bush style in various barrel sizes and bristle types, including natural, boar, nylon etc.


  • DETANGLING/WET BRUSH: Featuring soft and flexible bristles, a detangling brush (otherwise known and wet brush or tangle teaser) this brush easily removes tangles without pulling or breakage. These brushes can be found in all different shapes and sizes, and typically are designed to mold to the shape of your hand. This brush can also be safely used on wet hair, given the bristle are so gentle :) Perfect for girls who’s hair is prone to tangling, as well as those with very thin hair. Buy yours HERE


  • MIXED-BRISTLE BRUSH: Lastly, this brush is considered the do-it-all multi purpose brush. Combining a mixture of nylon and natural boar bristles, this brush detangles whilst smoothing and adding shine to your locks. If you’re unsure on which of the different types of hair brushes is right for you, this one is sure to tick most of the boxes.

mixed-bristle-brush-1 (1)

We hope this cleared up the world of hair brushes for you! Which one is best suited to your needs and style? Let us know xx

Air Drying Hair: Benefits, Tips & Tricks

Air Drying Hair may seem like a no-go when wanting luscious looking hair. Yet, if done right, air drying hair can give gorgeous, natural looking results with half the effort required. The air drying hair technique is also perfect to avoid that extra bit of heat on your locks. ZALA have put together a full guide on air drying hair including the benefits, tip & tricks of the process.

air drying hair


So, in order to get the air drying technique on point, it’s not AS simple as just letting your hair air dry. The right tools, products and drying technique come into play to get good results.


Technique is imperative for air drying hair! Be gentle with your precious locks and AVOID towel drying! Rubbing vigorously can not only cause frizzy results but can cause major breakage! Instead, use a microfibre towel to soak up excess moisture. Or, for those with curly hair, use an old t-shirt to gentle squeeze/scrunch to remove the excess water.


Another quick tip is to always brush gently from the ends of your hair upwards. As the hair follicle is fragile when the hair is wet, careful brushing is a must to avoid any damage or breakage to the hair.


So once you’ve washed and partially dried your hair, it’s time to get started with products! The right products are the key to getting good results when letting your hair dry naturally. A good leave in conditioner is perfect to leave your hair soft and silky without the help of a blow-dryer. If your hair is prone to frizz, use a smoothing or anti-frizz serum to smooth down those locks. A hair serum is also perfect for the spring/summer months which tend to cause extra frizz due to the humidity.



As mentioned above, ditch your regular towel and go for the t-shirt drying technique. This air drying hair tool is perfect to create the perfect, natural curls! Also be sure to use a hair brush that is safe for wet hair. We recommend our ZALA Tangle Teaser, or a wide tooth comb to avoid breakage. As always, be sure to start from tip to top!


air drying hair

Air drying hair is also the foundation to heat free hairstyles! For a natural looking wave, blaid or plait your hair as desired and let air dry. Once completely dry, unravel your braid for effortless natural curls! If your natural hair already dries to a gorgeous curl and it tends to get a bit ‘puffy’? Tie your hair up into a bun and let air dry to contain the puffiness for smooth results.

Will you be reverting to air drying hair? Let us know! We highly recommend to save your hair some damage! xx


Budget Hair Care

Most of us beauty lovers know how expensive products can be! But, you can get similar results at home for a fraction of the price! For those who are still in school or are on a budget, ZALA bring you these 3 budget hair care tips and products. Who doesn’t want to save some $$$ where they can?!

budget hair care


DIY Hair Masks

Does your hair need a little TLC but you don’t want to break the bank? These do it yourself hairmarks are the perfect option! This budget hair care product can be whipped up from the comfort of your kitchen. And, they’re all natural and organic!

For those with dull lifeless hairs, grab some strawberries, 1 x egg yolk and honey. Mix in a blender to combine for the ultimate revitalizing hair mask that will add shine to those locks! If you’re suffering from dry and damaged hair, try this super creamy conditioning mask. Blend together a ripe avocado, ripe banana and coconut oil until smooth. You’ll be left with the most soft and silky hair! Curly hair curls, are your locks unruly and frizzy? Apply a combination of coconut oil, olive oil and honey to tame those trresses.

Check out our DIY video for all DIY mask quantities the budget hair care treatment.

Dry Shampoo

Did you know, you can make your own dry shampoo at home? Yep, that’s right. We all know the brilliance of dry shampoo! Therefore, save yourself some money with ingredients from home. This budget hair care tip uses either baby powder or cornstach for the ultimate DIY dry shampoo.

If you’re a brunette, simply add some cocoa powder to avoid a white cast! This ingenious trick will not only save you from buying expensive cans of dry shampoo, but will also help you stop overwashing your hair!

Switch your parting

We’ve covered products for budget hair care, but what about styles? If you’re wanting to give your hair a refreshed look without a trip to the hairdressers, simply switch your parting! This will instantly give you a whole new look without spending big $$$.

budget hair care

Which of these budget hair care tricks and tips will you be trying! We hope these help to save you some money, and give the same results as your usual hair products :)

How to Sew Clips on Hair Extensions

In rare cases with clip in hair extensions, the clips can come loose or sometimes even break. This can occur after extended wear/use and can happen with all brands of hair extensions! Not to worry! These can easily be replaced or resewn onto your set :) Read on to find out how to sew clips on hair extensions in just a few minutes. With these simple sewing techniques, you can replace the clips on your ZALA Hair as good as new.

how to sew clips on hair extensions


Time to get sewing! This process is pretty similar to sewing a button on a shirt. It’s all about creating a strong and secure hold so that those clips stay in place. All the while sewing neatly and precisely. If you’re not familiar with sewing, don’t stress! The following techniques are super simple once you get the hang of it. You’ll be repeating each stick/knot 2-3 times anyway.

What you’ll need:

  • Needle
  • Thread (in a colour similar to your hair extensions)
  • Scissors
  • Hair Extension Piece/weft, of course!
  • Spare clips (in a colour similar to your hair extensions)


Even though the likelihood of clips coming loose or breaking is rare, we include 2 x spare clips with every set purchased with ZALA. Just in case :)

How to Sew Clips on Hair Extensions

  1. Cut a 0.5-1m length piece of thread and pull through the eye of the needle. Thread through until both ends meet and tie 2-3 knots to secure. This process is called double threading :)  
  2. Align your clip in place and thread your needle through the upper, outer hole. As our sets are triple wefted, you will have to make sure you are sewing through each track/weft for the most secure hold.
  3. Next, sew 2-3 loops through each hole. Depending on your needle size, you may or may not be able to fit through all 3 holes.
  4. For the side/edge clip, sew loops/notches that wrap around the side of the weft. Make sure your thread is on top of your needle before securing. Finish sewing in the center and tie 2-3 knots to secure in place.
  5. For middle clips, sew through all 3 hole using an ‘over & under motion’. Repeat a few times until you’ve created a strong and sturdy hold. Finish sewing in the center and tie 2-3 knots to secure in place.
  6. With all clips, the middle sewing technique remains the same. Simply thread your needle through the middle (between the top of the clip and the teeth of the clip).
  7. Wrap thread around, sewing to create a strong hold and tie 2-3 knots to secure.

how to sew clips on hair extensions

None of the above make sense? Check out our super quick and easy tutorial on how to sew clips on hair extensions:


Bronde Hair: Colour Crush

Colour crush alert! We are lusting over the recent bronde hair trend at ZALA <3 Or ‘brunette/blonde mix’, if you rather! A rich and luscious combination of medium to light brown with golden highlights. This dreamy combination definitely is makes bronde hair a perfect spring/summer shade!

bronde hair


What is bronde hair? Bronde hair is basically a super warm and rich combination of brown and golden hues to create this ‘hybrid’ term. The bronde hair trend can be a medium brown to very light brown shade mixed with a multitude of blonde highlights. Otherwise, the colour trend has also been seen as a balayage shade to create lots of depth.


How do I get bronde hair? Bronde hair is the perfect transition for those brunette gals who want to get lighter for the warmer months. If your natural hair is currently a shade of medium to light, add some highlights or babylights to lighten those locks!

Want to get bronde hair but don’t want to commit to the colour? ZALA’s got your back! Our super dreamy Snickers #4/12 shade is the PERFECT combination of a warm rich medium brown with golden highlights. This ZALA shade is a mixture of our Rich Mocha #4 and Dirty Blonde #12! If your natural hair is a warm, medium brown, this is a great way of achieving instant & temporary bronde hair! Yay for switching it up!

bronde hair

ZALA’s Snickers #4/12

After either a darker or lighter variation of the colour? You can always go with our 5A grade tape hair extensions and mix & match colours for your perfect bronde hair. Check out our full range here to create that spring/summer highlighted shade.

Check out the gorgeous Cassandra Jade wearing our Snickers #4/12 to achieve that stunning bronde look.

What do you think of bronde hair? We may be slightly obsessed… <3 This colour is definitely THE shade for spring and summer. If you try the look with our Snickers #4/12, be sure to tag your photos on Instagram with #zalahairextensions.