10 Tips for Healthy Hair

Hair is an important part of the human body and believe it or not, judging by the life of our hair we are able to tell what we are doing right and wrong healthwise. Diet and lifestyle are major contributing factors to the way our hair grows and shines. We have come up with 10 tips for healthy hair that we swear by. Follow these 10 tips for healthy hair for the best possible results that will leave you and your hair happy for a lifetime.

The Contributing factors: Diet

Our hair is an exceptional declaration of our internal health. The same way a shiny coat would specify a healthy animal, also indicates a healthy person. Our hair is constantly growing and requires a combination of nutrients to support strength and shine. If the correct protein and and nutrients are not being taken then our hair will be the first to show. Dull hair with a substantial amount of breakages and oily/dry roots are signs of unhealthiness. Some of the must have requirements within our diets for healthy hair include protein, essential fatty acids (fats), vitamin c, beta carotene, silica and magnesium. Diet plays a vital part in understanding 10 tips for healthy hair.


10 tips for healthy hair

A Healthy Diet For Hair

10 tips for healthy hair

Beautiful, shiny hair


Our lifestyles play a huge part in the overall well-being and health of our hair. Bad habits like smoking and excessive heat damage are two major impacting factors that can create unhealthy hair. Smoking and stress having been linked to baldness means that the chemicals and toxins that make their way into the skin and hair follicles creates slower growth and hair thinning.

Heat damage and excessive dying and bleaching is by far the most common reason for unhealthy hair among most women. Excessive blow drying and hair straightening without heat protector will create severely heat-damaged hair. Cutting down on heat damage, hair supplements and a correct diet are always useful in promoting a healthier shine again. Read below as we list 10 tips for healthy hair to get you back on track with gorgeous shiny locks.

10 tips for healthy hair

Heat damaged hair

10 Tips for Healthy Hair

1) Supplements – Silica, spirulina and vitamin C capsules are great for promoting growth and sustaining a healthier shine through your hair.

2) Treatments and conditioners – Frequently using a hair treatment or organic conditioner on the hair are great ways to keep your hair extra silky.

3) Sleeping method – The satin pillow is important in stopping unwanted friction throughout your hair while you are asleep and unaware of your movements.

4) Brushing – Regularly brushing your hair is a very underrated technique to contribute towards hair growth. Brushing the hair and untangling unwanted knots promotes growth on the hair by the subtle pulling on the hair follicles.

5) Heat damage – Curling, straightening, blow-drying and dying the hair are great ways to change our looks as the seasons pass, especially when fashion and trends are always changing. However, over styling and over heating the hair is extremely unnecessary and causes extreme heat damage. Try letting your hair flow naturally for a week, no straightener, no hair dryer, and a minimal amount of product in the hair (not too many washes) is a great way to temporarily sustain your hair’s health.

6) Diet –  Eat lots protein, magnesium and vitamin C infused foods for the best hair results.

7) Regular trims – Taking a frequent trip to the hairdresser for a quick trim will eventually take your hair through leaps and bounds in the growth department.

8) Hairstyles – Some people may or may not be aware but some of your hairstyle choices play a part in your hair’s health. Avoid tightly pulled ponytails and slick hair straightened locks and try more loose braids and plaits for the ultimate results.

9) Hair accessories – Although it may be easiest to jump out of bed and slip a simple rubber band on your hair, try investing in specially designed elastic hair bands that won’t cut into the hair causing breakage and knots.

10) Last but not least, drink up! Water is very underestimated in it’s healing abilities once it comes to hair. A cold water rinse will leave your hair nice and glossy and ready to go about your day. Water also reinforces vitamin consumption and helps efficient hair growth. Try drinking at least two litres of water a day and watch your hair gleam with happiness!

We hope these 10 tips for healthy hair has increased your knowledge on simple hair care.


 A Few Extra Tips for Healthy Hair Extensions

1) Here at ZALA, our hair extensions are made of 100% human remy hair meaning they can be washed. However, washing hair extensions can shorten the life of them as they do not receive natural oils from the roots and scalp. Try to avoid washing them more than once every three months.

2) Although we allow for 5% shedding in the weights of our sets, always brush the extensions thoroughly to avoid excessive and unwanted shedding.

3) Always be sure to store your extensions in a flat dry place also avoiding sunlight.


For further information regarding ZALA clip in hair extension FAQ’S, please click here!

Ombre vs balayage

Ombre vs balayage hair. The battle is on! Ombre and balayage have been two of the biggest rising trends in hair since 2011. Each technique usually portrays a similar result, however the two techniques are entirely different. We discuss how to achieve both of these trends, how effective each technique is and which is more popular. Read on to find out more about ombre vs balayage and how ZALA can help you achieve a similar look with our balayage clip in hair extensions.

So who’s who? : Ombre

Ombre refers to the lightening of the hair, fading from a dark colour at the very roots to a lighter shade at the ends. Ombre is usually a very striking technique and stands out among other hair colours as it grabs attention and the colour change is usually very drastic. Ombre is also popular using bright and flamboyant rainbow colours such as green and blue. This also includes other pastel shades such as lilac and fairy floss (purple and pink). Below are a few images of ombre hair to give you the right idea.

ombre vs balayage

Pink Ombre

ombre vs balayage

Blue Ombre

So who’s who? : Balayage

Balayage – (French,) meaning “to sweep” is perfect for those looking for a new hair style with little to no up-keep. The easy to manage and no maintenance for this hair style means a summery glow in your hair all year round. Balayage is when a colourist uses sweeping techniques with the brush when colouring hair to achieve a natural sunkissed look without any drastic or uneven line between the two tones in the hair. Balayage is beautiful in that it is more of a very subtle and gradual dark to light change, hence it’s popularity. Below are some images that suggest the balayage hair trend.

ombre vs balayage

Brown Balayage

ombre vs balayage

Caramel Balayage

Ombre VS Balayage

Many people are undecided on whether ombre or balayage is best for their hair. The two differences between the shades you want in your hair may help you determine this result. The darker the hair, the easier it is to achieve the ombre look. You can go from the darkest roots and lighten the ends with bright and crazy colours if you are looking for that head-turning hair style. However, if you know you are after a more gradual and subtle change from shade to shade, balayage sounds like the perfect choice for you. Some people want lighter ends of hair but with a more natural effect.

What we offer at ZALA

Here at ZALA, we offer all different shades of ombre and balayage. Burnt Toffee #1B/12, Cocoa Toffee #2/12, Vanilla Mocha #4/613 and Cocoa & Red Wine #2/99J for those more daring people after the ombre effect. Rum & Raisin #1B/4, Chocolate Swirl #2/6, Caramel Slice #6/12 and Cheesecake #12/613 for those balayage fans looking for more gradual results.

We hope this insight on ombre vs balayage has helped you on your colour journey on achieving the best possible results for ombre and balayage hair.






Summer Balayage

The summer balayage effect has been the one of the biggest trends in hair for the past four years. Whether you’re after the drastic brown to beach blonde look, or more of a gradual brown to caramel balayage, you’ve come to the right place. Here at ZALA, we show you how to achieve the perfect summer balayage.

summer balayage

The Summer Balayage Effect

Why Balayage?

Summer balayage is great if you want that ultra sun-kissed look without the high maintenance of a blonde or honey caramel shade in your hair. If you’re okay with the ‘grown-out roots’ look, summer balayage is great for you. With Summer just around the corner, brighten up the ends of your chestnut brown hair with some warm caramel and honey blonde tones. This will give you a perfect everyday beachy glow.

Summer Balayage: How?

Depending on how dark your hair is, there are easy and effective DIY ways to achieve this natural summer balayage look. However, the darker your hair, the harder it becomes to achieve those cooler blonde tones in your hair. Here at ZALA, we would recommend an appointment with a professional colourist if you have black to dark brown hair. This will enable a subtle and gradual change from a dark to a cool tone. A summer balayage should not require bleach depending on the shade you want to go.

Who does it best?

Our favourite celebs famous for their balayage locks include the likes of Khloe Kardashian, Mila Kunis and Lauren Conrad. Khloe’s hair goes from a rich brown to a beautiful caramel blend. Mila’s hair is a darker chocolate brown that blends into a warm toned brown whereas Lauren’s beautiful caramel roots slightly change to a nice beach blonde tone.

summer balayage

Khloe Kardashian

summer balayage

Mila Kunis

summer balayage

Lauren Conrad

Achieve these beautiful summer balayage effects with our beautiful and highly popular balayage range.



2014 celebrity hair styles

2014 has been one of the biggest years so far for fame and fashion. Everyday we see in magazines and on television about the newest 2014 celebrity hair styles, street fashion and Hollywood’s rich and famous and the fairytale lives they seem to live. Here at ZALA, we stay in the loop and constantly up to date so that we can show you how to achieve the hottest 2014 celebrity hair styles.

In this day and age, Kim Kardashian is everywhere. Wherever Kim goes, fame and fortune follows. Everything this woman touches turns to gold. Famous for her widely-known successful reality TV show Keeping Up With The Kardashiansher rap-royalty record producer, and fashion designer hubby Kanye Westand her beautiful always-flowing Armenian locks of hair, Kim knows how to keep the tabloids talking. Everyone’s trying to achieve her hair styles. We’ve come up with a few tips in order for you to do so.

The Rich and Famous: #1 Kim Kardashian

1) Kim K: We love Kim for all the unique and unpredictable hair styles she’s brought to the table in 2014. Some of these include the caramel balayage and the chocolate tresses. You can achieve these same 2014 celebrity hair styles with our Caramel Slice #6/12 and Chocolate Swirl #2/6 clip in sets.

2014 celebrity hair styles

Caramel Balayage

2014 hair styles

Chocolate tresses

The Rich and Famous: #2 Beyonce

Everybody wants Beyonce’s waves of beauty! Beyonce rocks these flowing locks of beachy blonde hair, and everyone wants to know how. Achieve this same curled beachy look with one of our Beachy Blonde #613 sets.

2014 celebrity hair styles

Beachy Blonde locks

The Rich and Famous: #3 Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj first stole the music headlines back in 2011, bursting onto the scene with her unique style and rap flow. Famous worldwide for her bad girl attitude, quirky fashion sense and her crazy ever-changing hair colours, Nicki knows how to be the centre of attention. Nicki effortlessly sports these long platinum tresses. You can achieve the same look with one of our Ice Queen Platinum Blonde #60 sets.

2014 Celebrity Hair Styles

Long Platinum Tresses

2014 Celebrity Hair Styles

For further information on achieving these same 2014 celebrity hair styles, please visit us here.




Hairstyles for summer

Summer is one of the most anticipated seasons of the year, bringing forth new and upcoming trends for festivals, the beach, and end of the year fashion. Sport the most popular looks of the year by reading our five greatest hairstyles for summer!

1) Mermaid waves

hairstyles for summer

Mermaid waves



These gorgeous summery mermaid waves are perfect for a nice relaxing beach day or barbecue with friends. A perfect idea for hairstyles for summer.





2) Floral headbands

hairstyles for summer

Floral headbands


Floral garlands are on the rise! They contribute perfectly for the ultimate outdoor festival look. Keep one of these in your hair all day for that perfect summer pixie look.






3) Baby hair/finger curls

hairstyles for summer

Baby hair/finger curls



Baby hair is usually a thing of the past, however we have noticed a rising trend in the natural baby hair look. This stylish look would go down perfectly for a summery night out on the town. Bring out your obnoxious gold hoop earrings for the ultimate effect!




4) Slicked hair

hairstyles for summer

Super slick


This super-slick and “wet” idea is a great way to look effortlessly fresh. Giving off a straight-from-the-beach look, we know this will be one of the most popular hairstyles for summer.






5) Ponytail cuffs

hairstyles for summer

Pony cuff


These metallic ponytail cuffs are a great way to beat the summer heat. For the girls who like to keep it cute and simple, this is perfect for you. Maintain your tresses with one of these silver or gold cuffs.






We know the team here at ZALA can’t wait for the summer season to roll around, and we hope you feel the same! For the most popular ZALA summer accessories, please click here

And for the girls who are after those ultimate beach blonde locks, click here.






How to remove tape hair extensions

Tape hair extensions are truly one of the most revolutionary hair extension techniques on the market. They are mostly popular for their quick and easy application process. This also includes the long lasting and natural qualities they possess. Compared against other methods such as clip in, micro beads, keratin-tipped and braid in, tape hair extensions are also unique in that they can be re-applied up to four times when using high quality hair. Here at ZALA, our hair is extra thick, AAAAA grade, 100% remy hair. In the next few paragraphs, we show you the simple DIY technique we use on how to remove tape hair extensions.

But first of all.. why tape hair extensions?

  • Here at ZALA, we pride ourselves on selling the highest quality tape hair extensions under $250.
  • We sell the strongest 100% European Remy Virgin human hair.
  • The tape is strong and USA made, lasting up to 8 weeks once applied.
  •  Our tape hair extensions are undetectable and ultra comfortable!
  • The application process can take only up to 30 minutes.
  • Our tape hair extensions have a high composition with thick ends or we offer a 30 day money back guarantee.
  • Our tape hair extensions are available in the 20/40/60 piece packs at competitive prices.
  • We offer wholesale and stockist packs.
  • No heat, glue or painful wefts are required!
  • Our tape hair extensions can be easily re-taped.
  • We offer our tape hair extensions in 17 different shades and 20/24 inch packs.
  • This blog offers you informative assistance on how to remove tape hair extensions.

How to remove tape hair extensions

How to remove tape hair extensions

ZALA tape hair extensions

Step 1: Locate

First of all, locate all the starting points between the tape hair extensions and your own hair. This may be easier if you tie up all your remaining hair with sectioning clips or elastic bands.


How to remove tape hair extensions

Locate the tape hair extensions

Step 2: Spray

After locating the tapes, spray on our ZALA tape hair extensions solvent/glue remover. (This is a great cleaner/remover without the harsh chemicals; this solvent is fast acting on most soft bonds adhesives and tapes while still being gentle on the skin). Do not use a sparse amount of solvent, you must be generous while spraying to ensure you have enough solvent to remove the adhesive on the tape. A limited amount of solvent will work poorly.

How to remove tape hair extensions

Spray on solvent/glue remover

Step 3: Apply

If while removing the tape hair extensions you feel that your own hair is pulling therefore causing damaging friction, keep applying the solvent until the tapes are removed easily without anymore pull on your own natural hair.

How to remove tape hair extensions

ZALA solvent/glue remover

Step 4: Wash

There is a slight possibility that all the tapes may still not be 100% removed. We would highly recommend for you to wash your hair with cold water, while also scrubbing quite forcefully. But be sure that you are also gentle enough not to damage your own roots. Use an adequate amount of shampoo on your hair until your hair is completely clean. Be sure to never use hot water for the wash as there is a slight chance it will melt the adhesive on the tape. The reason for cold water is because it solidifies the glue, and as a result it will remove the adhesive.

How to remove tape hair extensions

Cold water wash to remove tape hair extensions

Step 5: Dry

Even while drying your hair after you have washed it use a cold setting as hot air will have the same effect that hot water has on the adhesive.

How to remove tape hair extensions

Cold setting used to dry out hair

Step 6: Comb

After you have dried your hair, comb through efficiently to remove any remaining pieces of tape. The key on how to remove tape hair extensions is to be patient and coherent, and you will achieve great results with little to no great deal of effort.

How to remove tape hair extensions

Comb out any remaining pieces

For information regarding our tape hair extensions, please click here

And click on our links for extensive information regarding our tape hair extensions solvent/glue remover and high quality tape for re-application

Clip in hair extensions vs tape hair extensions

The battle begins!

The battle is on! Clip in hair extensions vs tape hair extensions. Which hair extension method is best? Which is more popular? Step by step, we break down the positives and negatives between clip in hair extensions and tape hair extensions. Read below to find out the results for clip in hair extensions vs tape hair extensions.

clip in hair extensions vs tape hair extensions

clip vs tape

 Clip in hair extensions

clip in hair extensions

Clip in hair extensions

Clip in hair extensions are the least permanent technique of all the hair extension methods available today. The hair weft has small clips sewn into them. A set of clip in hair extensions will usually have about eight or nine strips that are all placed at different sections of the head. This creates the right amount of body and volume for the person using them.



1) Comfort + speed + easiness for how they can be applied/removed.
2) Here at ZALA, you will be guaranteed value for the weight/thickness.
3) You can adjust the thickness/volume to your needs.
4) Clip in hair extensions are very hair safe meaning no damage can be made to the natural hair follicle once applied.


1) They cannot be worn during sleep.This may cause excessive friction against the already sensitive scalp.
2) Depending on the brand and quality, the clips may move around in the weft causing them to separate from the weft. At ZALA, we use only the best quality professional salon silicon clips to ensure no movement occurs.
3) Clip in hair extensions can be harder to layer to match your hair as each application might be slightly different.


Tape hair extensions

tape hair extensions

Tape hair extensions

Tape hair extensions are a widely known hair extension technique. They are designed for people who are seeking those extra inches of hair but would like a more permanent method of extension. They come attached with strips of clear double sided tape which is then attached to the base of the weft. These wefts are then taped to the start of the hair at the scalp. This results in a longer lasting method of hair extension.


1) Tape hair extensions can last 7-9 weeks, and can be re-applied 4 times when using high quality hair like ZALA.
2) They look very natural and can be styled into your hair easily with no extensive effort involved.
3) If they are applied correctly they should be a safe form of hair extension for your hair. This is ensuring that you follow the correct care routine for your particular set of tape hair extensions.


1) If they are not applied correctly they can be messy and not sit secure or flat against the head.
2) Application experience is needed to apply the tape hair extensions.
3) Tape hair extension solvent is needed to remove them. You will normally need two people to complete this process.


Clip in hair extensions vs tape hair extensions….so who has won? The results are a tie!

Clip in hair extensions and tape hair extensions are extremely difficult to compare against each other as they both offer completely different benefits and limitations. We are just happy that there are two very suitable existing techniques available to cater to everyone’s personal lifestyle and needs.

For further information regarding clip in hair extensions vs tape hair extensions, please visit our separate direct URL’s below for clip in hair extensions vs tape hair extensions.

Clip in hair extensions

Tape hair extensions



Before and after tape hair extensions

Tape hair extensions are ideal for that natural luscious look that most women lust after. They are effortlessly applied, and are easy to re-tape when needed. Lasting up to 6-12 weeks and available in all lengths and shades, tape hair extensions have become increasingly popular over the last couple of years. Read on below for some photos before and after tape hair extensions.

The ZALA team have gathered a few photos from our gorgeous customers who were more than happy to share their amazing results once our tape hair extensions were applied into their hair. The girls were so pleased with the outcome. Feel free to message us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/zalahairextensions and send through all your photos before and after tape hair extensions.

before and after                                 tape hair extensions

Kasey Hill tape hair extensions

Customer shot: Before and after tape hair extensions

                        Before and after tape hair extensions

Kasey is a fan of super long locks, wearing the 24″ in Ice Queen Platinum #60. The styling possibilities are endless when you have 24 inches of this stunning hair.

Tape hair extensions

Pictured below are a few more before and after tape hair extensions photos of the amazing results achieved.

before and after tape hair extensions

Mid length to long


before and after tape hair extensions

Natural black tape hair extensions


Here at ZALA, we can guarantee you will be blown away with our tape hair extensions. We offer the highest quality of tape hair extensions, under $250. Made from 100% European Remy Virgin hair and strong USA made tape that lasts up to 8 weeks once applied. The tape is undetectable and ultra comfortable and you can apply them within 30 minutes! They are available in 20/40/60 piece packs, offering 17 shades and 20/24″ packs. We also have a money back guarantee within 30 days if you are unhappy with the result.

For more info and photos of before and after tape hair extensions, please visit our full website here.







Which is the best hair extension length?

Hair extensions are popular across the globe for their incredible style flexibility, wide colour range and great length variety they are available in. Whether you are after the natural look or long overflowing locks, you are guaranteed to find them here at ZALA. Continue reading below to find out which is the best hair extension length!

Here at ZALA, we offer lengths ranging from 16 to 30 inches. Our hair extensions are catered to all hair types and length preferences. We know that everyone has their own personality and is trying to create the best look suited towards their style. If you have shoulder-length hair and are after those few extra inches to complete your look, we would recommend the 16 or the 20 inch. But if you love those long mermaid tresses, anything from 24 to 30 inches will be perfect for you! Below is an image that may be able to help you choose which is the best hair extension length!

Which is the best hair extension length

blonde length

As you can see above, the 16″ sits just on the bust, the 20″ sitting just under the bust area. The 24″ just at the waist while the 26″ at the hips and the 30″ is further below and beyond! Through carefully reading, this should give you a better idea of which is the best hair extension length.

Style flexibility

The greatest benefit of our hair extension lengths is the styling flexibility! The styling ideas are endless when you can have up to 30 inches of hair! While most of our longest tresses are used to create those glamorous curls, many also prefer the simple straight look. Read further to learn some head-turning style techniques to use on yourself. The straighter the hair, the longer it looks! Pictured below are a few of our happy customers trying out their favourite styling techniques on their new ZALA hair extensions!

Which is the best hair extension length

short to long

Here we have Tina, who has transformed her whole look from short fine hair to long silky and platinum!

Which is the best hair extension length?

long and dark

Melanie, who prefers sleek and long over her short casual flicks of hair.


ZALA hopes it is now easier to choose the perfect length for you!

Visit here for 2014 style suggestions for mid length hair!For further information on our ZALA website for which is the best hair extension length, please click here.





Five celebrities with hair extensions

In 2014, there is a higher demand for new and innovative hair extensions. Hair extensions have been a popular method that women have used for years. Every few years, we are given more options. Some of the most popular include clip in, tape, keratin-tipped, micro beaded, and braided. Keep reading to view five celebrities with hair extensions.

We have researched some of the most famous celebrities who are known particularly because of their beautiful and ever-changing (fake) locks!

1) Beyonce: A blonde beachy crop to sexy sleek and straight on the red carpet!

beyonce long hair


beyonce short hair











2) Kim Kardashian: Cute and casual chic to dark voluminous waves

kim short hair

cute casual

kim long hair











 3) Rihanna: Rocking a unique pixie cut to a fiery red mane

rihanna short


rihanna long hair











 Lauren Conrad: Stylish and subtle to a gorgeous summer ombre

lauren short

stylish and subtle

 lauren long hairsummer ombre



 Selena Gomez: Dark choc curls to warm chestnut tresses

Five celebrities with hair extensions

Chestnut tresses

Five celebrities with hair extensions

choc curls









Check back next month to see five celebrities with hair extensions

These celebrities with hair extensions rock some of the most popular hair trends you will see in 2014. Whether long or short, dark or light, curly or straight. We are positive that you can achieve the same look with any of our hair extensions!

For a better description on our extensions, or for more information, please visit the ZALA hair extensions online store here.