Heatless Curls: How to & Styles

We love the look of long, luscious curls at ZALA. However, sometimes our locks need a break from heat styling tools! Which is why we are loving heatless curls! These super easy curls can be effortlessly achieved without exposing your hair to damaging heat <3 Read on to get these ultra pretty heatless curls.

heatless curls


Not only do heatless curls save your hair from the damage of heat, they are perfect for the lazy girl who needs a quick and effortless hairstyle. This is also great for naturally curly hair curls to define that style. You can style your hair whilst you sleep! We think this is ideal for the summer months, too <3 There are many ways to get curls without the heat! Switch your heat tools for accessories you have at home to add beautiful curls throughout your tresses.

Heatless Curls – Head Band Method

heatless curls

The head band method! For best results, start with damp hair. Apply a headband that sits firm against your head. Next, take sections of your hair and start twisting. A general rule with curls, the thicker the strand, the looser the curl! Once you’ve twisted the section, wrap around your headband until it’s secured in place. Repeat these steps throughout your whole hair until your left looking like the above! You could even get away with wearing this as a hairstyle ;)

Heatless Curls – Plait Method

This way of getting heatless curls is perfect if you’re wanting a more beachy look with added texture. Simply start with damp hair, plait/braid your locks and leave to air dry! Once completely dry, unravel to reveal beautiful, beachy tresses. To finish, apply a sea salt spray & scrunch for added texture. If you’re a beach lover, keep this style in mind after swimming. You’ll be left with the most gorgeous textured curls <3


Heatless Curls – Twisting Method

Our final and most effective way to achieve heatless curls – twisting! You can do this on either dry or damp hair. For those with naturally curly or frizzy locks, we recommend starting with damp hair & applying a leave in conditioner before twisting. Start on the front sections of your hair, taking one big piece and splitting into two. Twist both sections around each other & continue twisting till the end of your hair. Again, the thicker the strand, the looser the curl. Once you’ve twisted, wrap up into small buns and secure in place. Check out exactly these gorgeous curls by twisting your tresses in the tutorial below!

And there you have it! Quick, easy & effortless curls! What’s your favourite way to get heatless curls? Let us know below. And if you try the look, don’t forget to complete with your ZALA Clip In Hair Extensions for the most luscious locks.




Fix a Bad Hair Day: Tips & Tricks

Oh, the struggles of a bad hair day! They can really throw off your whole look. But, don’t worry! We’ve put together these easy tricks to fix a bad hair day. From lack of volume, greasy hair or annoying partings you’ll be guaranteed to battle any bad hair day <3


Our first & most simple bad hair hair hack is the messy bun. Not only is this super quick to do, it’s really easy! Perfect for bed hair or locks that just aren’t sitting right. Simply throw up all your hair into a simple bun & secure in place with a hair elastic and bobby pins. The key to this look is messiness, so you can get away with any imperfections.

The next hairstyle to fix a bad hair day are braids! This look is ideal for greasy or generally messy hair. We love braids to conquer a bad hair day as the style actually holds better with ‘bad’ or messy hair. Once braided as desired, you’ll also find it gives added texture. If you’ve got oily fringe, the perfect solution is to braid your bangs to disguise any greasiness. Braids are definitely a fail-safe style <3

fix a bad hair day

This one’s perfect for those who need a quick hair pick me up! Fix a bad hair day by wearing a hat instantly covers up a bad hair day without effect. Simply throw on a felt hat, boho headscarf of cute headpiece! If needed, you can add some beachy curls or braid the lengths of your hair to finish.

Lacking volume or grip? Texturizng spray is your solution to fix a bad hair day! This can be a salt spray, pre-styling texture enhance products or texturizing powder! Simply add some product where needed and you’ll be left with more grip, body and of course, texture in those locks!

fix a bad hair day

And lastly, clip in hair extensions! Not only do they enhance the thickness and length of your hair, they instantly fix a bad hair day. Our QUADLUX range is definitely the solution to any bad hair day! Pair with our favourite style to completely transform the hair – luscious curls! Curls can instantly add glam to your hair, creating more bounce and shine. You are guaranteed to turn your bad hair day into the best hair day with a set of ZALA Hair Extensions <3 Check out this amazing hair transformation with a 20 inch 265gr Quadwefted ZALA Clip in Hair Extensions.

You (should) never have a bad hair day again! We hope this helped to fix a bad hair day you’ve experienced. Let us know your favourite bad hair day hacks below!

Clip In Ponytail Hair Extensions! NEW

We are SUPER excited to announce a brand new style at ZALA! Our clip in ponytail hair extensions! Yep you heard it! After strong demand from our gorgeous customers, we’ve introduced wrap around ponytails to our much loved hair extension range <3

clip in ponytail hair extensions


clip in ponytail hair extensions

ZALA Wrap Ponytail Hair Extensions!

After much anticipation, we are so happy to announce our new wrap ponytail extensions :) Specially designed to be ultra comfortable, secure and extremely natural looking! The ZALA clip in ponytail hair extensions are available 16 inch, 22 inch and 26 inch. Choose from over 14 gorgeous ZALA shades! 

Our clip in ponytail hair extensions are the quickest and easiest way to achieve a long and voluminous ponytail style. The super easy wrap around application allows for both maximum comfort and security! Simply wrap around your natural hair with the strong velcro and clip application.

ZALA clip in pony tail hair extensions are soft, silky and double drawn! This means ultra thick & healthy ends throughout the entire range. Designed by industry professionals, our clip in pony tails are made from Keratin Protein. This high quality keratin rich fibre! Means you can safely style & cut your pony as desired :) Colours may vary slightly to our Human Hair range.

  • 16 inch 110grams: perfect length for natural ponytail styles
  • 22 inch 150grams: our most popular length! Can be curled whilst maintaining length.
  • 26 inch 170grams: super long length for serious length lovers! Also great for taller girls <3

clip in ponytail hair extensions

Arriving at ZALA on the 30th November 2015 (approx) these babies are on our online store to pre order now! Remember, all pre orders receive a $15AU voucher to show how much we care :) Make sure you order now to make sure you get your ZALA clip in ponytail hair extensions ASAP!

We hope you are as excited for the launch of our wrap around ponytails as much as we are! To celebrate, use the code MYLITTLEPONY. This gives a $10AU discount of our clip in ponytail hair extensions :) Stay tuned for photos & more exciting product announcement on our social media pages.

Instagram: @zala_hair_extensions

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Twitter: @ZalaHair





Where to Part Your Hair

Want to know the best way of changing your look with no cost?! Switching up your hair parting! If you’re stuck in a rut with your locks and you’re asking where to part your hair? Or if you want to find out how your part can accentuate your best features, ZALA have got you covered!


Determining where to part your hair is based off 2 key factors: your face shape & your desired look! If face shapes are completely new to you, check out our previous blog post which covers exactly how to identify your face shape.


where to part your hair

If your face is round/square shaped, the middle part is for you! Perfect for those who want to minimise the appearance of roundness! The centre part helps to slim & elongate your features. Part this part with loose waves, styling to frame your face. This will bring all the attention to your face to enhance those cheekbones! A centre part also give a super boho vibe to your hair.



Oval & oblong face shapes will be enhanced by a side part! Unlike the centre part which elongates the face, the key for oblong faces shapes is to widen & break up the length of your face shape. This can be easily achieved with a pretty side part to perfectly round off the face! A key to side parts is to start approximately above the arch of the brow on the ‘good’ side of your face. We all have one! Paired with loose waves or curls, this will help to enhance your features & add volume to the sides of the head.



Opt for an off-centre parting if you’re a heart shaped face gal. The asymmetries of this hair parting help to effortless soften any angular or harsh features. Part with an ‘undone’ style, this relaxed style will help to distract and disguise the points of the face.

See? Your hair part can really make a difference to enhance your features! And it’s a super easy peasy way to switch up your look. In the end, go with whatever part you want to rock! xx


Do’s and Don’ts of Clip In Hair Extensions

DO’S & DON’TS! If you’re investing in a super luscious set of premium ZALA clip in hair extensions, it’s important to know exactly how to take care of your clip ins! Be sure you’re not guilty of committing these hair extension ‘sins’ with our do’s and don’ts of clip in hair extensions.

do's and don'ts of clip in hair extensions


DON’T wear your hair extensions in bed whilst sleeping! We know most of you are guilty of either crashing in your extensions or just leaving them in a pile on the floor! This is a sure way to knot & tangle your beloved extensions.

do's and don'ts of clip in hair extensions

DO store your extensions properly in our super easy & convenient Protect Me Bag! Hang those babies away and ensure they’re properly stored! Our Protect Me Bag helps to prolong the life span and give you the healthiest looking locks in their best condition!

DON’T bleach or lighten your clip ins! At ZALA, our sets have already gone through a long dying process to achieve their gorgeous shades! Therefore we repeat, DO NOT attempt to bleach or lighten your extensions. The harsh chemicals in peroxides and bleaches can cause some serious damage to the hair.

DO tone or darken if necessary! If you want to dye your set a custom colour, or feel the shade is just a touch too warm? You can safely tone or dye your ZALA Hair. Be sure to always test your product/dye on one single piece first. This makes sure you know you will achieve the results you love <3

do's and don'ts of clip in hair extensions

DON’T brush roughly or when wet! Much like your natural hair, brushing your ZALA locks when the set is wet can cause serious damage. Hair follicles are open and more delicate when wet, so you’re sure to make your set prone to breakage or shed excessively.

DO brush regularly and carefully when dry, tip to top! Always be sure to use your Loop Brush or ZALA Tangle Teaser to get rid of any pesky tangles. This will leave your extensions feeling silky smooth without the damage <3

DON’T wash too often! Clip In Hair Extensions can not recreate the oils to nourish the hair like our natural hair does. This means, regular or excessive washing will be sure to dry your extensions out and shorten their life span.

DO wash only when needed with sulfate free shampoo and conditioner. You’ll be able to tell when your clip in extensions need to be washed. This is typically after product build up, or you notice a change in the appearance or feel! Not sure how to wash your clip ins? Watch our easy peasy tutorial below:

DON’T wear extensions to the gym or swimming! This is just asking for damage & tangles! If you’re a beach babe or gym junkie? Leave your extensions safely at home!

DO wear extensions with care & take lots of selfies <3 Show us your shots wearing your ZALA locks with the hashtag #zalacliphairextensions so we can see how you style your ZALA Hair!



Frizzy Hair Tips

With summer quickly approaching here in Australia, the increased humidity can really take a toll on your hair! Whether you have natural curls or straight locks, frizz can be seriously hard to fight! Not to worry – we’ve got your back. ZALA have put together these frizzy hair tips that will help you fight that frizz for always soft and silky smooth hair!

frizzy hair tips

How to Fight Frizz – Frizzy Hair Tips & Hacks


Let’s start from the basics and talk about washing. When it comes to frizz, conditioner is key! If you haven’t heard of co-washing before, it’s the process of skipping the shampoo & only conditioning your hair. Sounds a bit scary, we know, but your locks will benefit from this and you’ll definitely notice an improvement in frizziness! And if co-washing is too terrifying, try simply leaving in your conditioner to the lengths of your of your hair for at least 5 minutes. This will be sure to lock in that moisture and fight frizz!


Once you washed your hair, it’s time for products. Particularly for frizz, products make a hell of a difference and is probably our #1 of these frizzy hair tips. Anti-frizz serums, leave in conditioners and hair oils are the perfect frizz fighters & mane tamers! Once applied to the hair, serums and other leave in moisture products will make all the difference to smooth down those locks!


After applying your serums, the way you dry your hair is key when fighting frizz! Instead of blow drying damp hair, let your hair air dry 90% before going in with drying tools. Too much hot air on the hair follicles can make your hair prone to frizz & damage, therefore air drying with results in healthier, smoother locks. Another drying technique is to pull your hair up into a bun or styled into a plait to be left with smooth & frizz-free locks.


Our last tip to de-frizz comes with a little TLC for your hair. Regular conditioning treatments will improve the overall condition of your hair whilst preventing frizz. We recommend hair masks once a week for those with naturally frizzy & curly hair, or once a fortnight/monthly for girls with hair prone to frizz. Not only can you indulge in a luscious & hydrating treatment, you’ll be making your hair super happy & look it’s best.

Struggling with unmanageable and frizzy extensions? Sounds like they haven’t been receiving the care they need. Not to worry, you can revive frizzy hair extensions with our super easy tutorial:

There you have it! 4 essential frizzy hair tips to smooth and tame your locks! Let us know the improvements you see, and be sure to mention your holy-grail frizz fighting hair products!


How to Clean Hair Tools

HOW TO CLEAN HAIR TOOLS. Yep, that’s right.You may or may not know, but just like makeup brushes, your hair tools need cleaning too! Overtime, a build up of product, dust, oils and other substances can reside in/on your brushes, straightener etc. It may not seem like a big deal, but you’d be surprised at the difference clean tools can make on the appearance of your hair!

How To Clean Hair Tools

how to clean hair tools

WHY? Just like applying the perfect makeup with clean brushes, your styling & brushing tools need some TLC too! Your hair tools accumulate a build up of conditioner, natural oils & other products over time. Just thinking about the grime in our brushes after weeks makes us cringe. Dirty hair tools can seriously effect the way your hair looks after brushing and styling. Which is exactly why you should be regularly cleaning your straightener, curling wands, combs & brushes!

HOW TO CLEAN HAIR TOOLS – HAIR BRUSHES. Start by removing all of that hair sitting within the bristles! This can typically done with your hands, however you may need the help of a pen to slide through & lift the hair out of your brush.

Now that all the hair has been removed, it’s time to get rid of the dirt & grime! This can be done easily by shampooing your brush. Simply fill a sink with warm water & swish through some clarifying shampoo. Wash the bristle well till clean and then let air dry or blow dry. Once you’re done, you’re left with fresh and clean brush just like new. Next time you’ll brush, you’ll notice added shine & smoothness!

HOW TO CLEAN HAIR TOOLS – STRAIGHTENERS & CURLERS. It’s as simple as wiping down the iron till clean. You’ll be able to visibly notice the grime that has accumulated on the side of your straightener. Super gross, we know! Take an alcohol wipe or rubbing alcohol on a cotton pad and wipe away the residue. Of course, this will need to be done when the straightener off yet still slightly warm. By cleaning whilst it warm, the remaining heat helps to easily remove any product build up.

Now that you’ve got squeaky clean hair tools, we are certain your brushes, straighteners and curling wands will perform like new! This also applies to styling your hair extensions! You can thank us later ;)

Easy Formal Hairstyles

With formal season in full swing, we thought we’d put together these super cute & easy formal hairstyles. You can whip these looks up in a matter of minutes at home, thanks to a little help from ZALA Hair Extensions <3 These easy formal hairstyles all feature our gorgeous customers wearing there ZALA locks, for the ultimate hair inspiration for special night!

easy formal hairstyles



easy formal hairstyles

BRAID PERFECTION! We are loving this super pretty fishtail braid created with ZALA Hair Extensions <3

Our favourite of these easy formal hairstyles, the textured side braid. This style is so easy to achieve yet still looks so stunning. This long & intricate fishtail braid is perfect to add glam to your formal dress. To start, simply pop in your ZALA Hair Extensions to enhance the thickness & length of your natural hair. Next, start braiding your locks in a fishtail style & secure with a clear elastic. To add texture, you can loosen & pull out strands as desired <3


easy formal hairstyles

THIS is how you rock the silver trend! Custom coloured ZALA Hair Extensions styled in a super sleek & straight wrap pony tail.

If your dress is bold, go for sleek & straight hair to perfectly compliment your outfit. This super sophisticated style gives an edgy look yet is so easy to achieve. Whether you wear your hair out or slicked back into a stylish wrap pony, this sleek look is the perfect touch to your formal dress. We definitely think length is key for this look, so apply a set of ZALA Hair Extensions in your desired length. Next, straight your natural hair with the extensions. Be sure to always use heat protectant! To smooth down any fly-aways, finish with a strong hold hairspray & you’re done.


easy formal hairstyles

Curls for days! This ZALA babe has curled her Natural Black #1B 24″ set to perfection <3

This first look in a fail-safe hairstyle for your big night! Curls are definitely timeless meaning you won’t look back cringing on your formal photos! What we also love about curls is that there are so many variations to this simple style. ZALA Hair Extensions are definitely a MUST for your formal curls, as they seriously transform your hair into complete lusciousness! Simply apply your ZALA clip ins to instantly extend those locks & boost volume! Now you have the perfect hair for the style, add curls to your hair of your choice. Finish with hairspray and your locks are formal ready.

We hope these easy formal hairstyles have you covered for your big night! Let us know which one you’ll be rocking!

Need your hair on point for your formal?! Email our team at: [email protected] with photos of your hair and we will recommend your perfect set! Order with express within Aus for delivery in 1-3 business days.



Halloween Hairstyles with Hair Extensions

Almost a week until Halloween! Needing some last minute hairspiration?! We bring you these hot as HELL halloween hairstyles with hair extensions! At ZALA, we think hair extensions are a NECESSITY to complete your creepy look this year.

halloween hairstyles with hair extensions

Halloween Hairstyles with Hair Extensions

halloween hairstyles with hair extensions

Our first style is inspired by the Harley Quinn character in the new movie Suicide Squad. We love this super grungy take on Harley Quinn’s costume. This works best on blonde gurls for the most vibrant colours! Simply apply your clip in ZALA Hair Extensions to create your voluminous pig tails. You will need to be considerate of where you place each piece so that the wefts are not visible. Once you’ve create two big pig tails, it’s time to get colouring. Take your hair chalks or colour hair spray in bright pink & blue and colour the tips of your locks. Finish with a Harley Quinn inspired outfit & makeup and your look is complete <3


This next look is features the gorgeous Prosperina who wears her Cruella Deville inspired ZALA Hair Extensions! Her long gothic locks are the perfect Halloween hairspiration. Want to get the look? Custom colour your ZALA Ice Queen Platinum Blonde #60 Clip In Hair Extension to achieve the half half look. Our sets can be safely dyed as they are 100% Human Remy Hair. Always be sure to do a patch test one section first! Finish the look with a deep red lip & you’ll be left looking glamorously ghoulish.

halloween hairstyles with hair extensions

As we all have that one friend who opts for a cute or more glam look every Halloween, have these stunning platinum locks for an Ice Queen or Fairy costume! Our Ice Queen Platinum Blonde #60 24″ set is perfect for this look, as the name suggests! These luscious locks for days make the perfect hairstyle to finish any ethereal costume. Apply a 9 piece set for some serious volume and curl as desired.

Need a little help for your Halloween hair from ZALA? You’re in for a treat! Use the code PUMPKINSPICE at checkout for a thrilling $15AU discount at checkout. Now you’ve got no excuse to have the perfect hair this Halloween <3 Promotion expires on Halloween so get in quick & tag us in your photos wearing your ZALA Hair #zalahairextensions

What are you going as this year? Let us know :)

How to Keep Tape Hair Extensions Healthy

If you’re a hair extension lover, you know your locks are life! Which is why it’s super important taking the best care of your tape hair extensions, as they are washed and styled more frequently. In order to get the best looking tresses you want to take perfect care of your beloved extensions.

how to keep tape hair extensions healthy

We’ve conjured up the must know tips on how to keep your tape hair extensions healthy. If you want to keep your ZALA Tape Hair Extensions looking nothing less than perfect, we’ve got you covered!

How to Keep Tape Hair Extensions Healthy – Tip #1


One of the most vital tips when keeping your tape extensions healthy is to brush them correctly! Rough detangling or using the wrong tool can be more damaging than you might think. To avoid breakage & damage to the hair, always be sure to CAREFULLY brush from bottom to top. ALWAYS use a hair extension safe brush such as our Loop Brush or Tangle Teaser. By doing so, you’ll be sure to keep your extensions looking and feeling silky smooth.

How to Keep Tape Hair Extensions Healthy – Tip #2

Screenshot (63)

What we love about tape hair extensions is that you can sleep WITH your princess hair! But, this doesn’t mean crashing into bed to wake to a tangled mess. Always make sure you loosely plait/braid your extensions before sleeping to avoid pulling/damage on the delicate hair cuticles and any knots/tangles. Plus, you’ll look super elegant with a long, luscious braid before bed!

How to Keep Tape Hair Extensions Healthy – Tip #3

If you’re an ocean lover, you don’t have to give up swimming with tape hair extensions! Although, it’s vital you do rinse your tape hair extensions with fresh water afterwards. This will remove the harsh salt water or chemicals to help maintain the silkiness of your ZALA Hair. Once rinsed, be sure to finish with a leave in conditioner!

How to Keep Tape Hair Extensions Healthy – Tip #4

Just like your natural hair, we have to give our extensions some TLC! Applying a deep conditioning treatment to the lengths of your hair can really help to keep your extensions looking and feeling super soft and healthy. Be sure to avoid the tape tab area & treat your locks every 2-4 weeks.

How to Keep Tape Hair Extensions Healthy – Tip #5

As all hair extensions can not recreate the natural oils like our own hair, it’s important to use the right products when washing! Be sure to use a sulfate & alcohol free shampoo and conditioner targeted from dry hair when washing your locks. This is the most gentle way of keeping your tape hair extensions clean & maintained. An extra tip is to space out washes as much as possible!

How to Keep Tape Hair Extensions Healthy – Tip #6

Last but not least, replacing your set every 3-9 months is recommend to have the healthiest extensions. ZALA Tape Hair extensions are designed to last 3-9 months depending on how well they are cared for. So, when do you feel like you’re extensions aren’t as silky, don’t stress! It may just be time to replace your extensions :)

With these 6 tips on how to keep tape hair extensions healthy, you have no excuse not to have the perfect hair <3 Need to freshen & transform your locks? Shop our full range of tape & clip in hair extensions HERE. Let us know how you keep your hair extensions looking & feeling healthy!