How to Curl Clip In Hair Extensions

Curls are our fav go-to style at ZALA! Not to mention the most flawless way to wear extensions! So, we’ve served up a full tutorial on how to curl clip in hair extensions along with some tips and tricks for the most long lasting curl. Read on to see the best way to curl your ZALA’s!

How to Curl Clip In Hair Extensions

how to curl clip in hair extensions

  1. Plug in your curling wand and set it to a low to medium heat. Our favourite tools for achieving perfect curls is the ZALA Cosmo to curl clip in hair extensions
  2. Whilst the wand is heating up, brush through your set with a loop brush or ZALA tangle teaser to ensure there are no pesky knots & tangles.
  3. Take your first piece and prepare it for styling! The best way to keep your wefts in place whilst styling is the ZALA Protect Me Bag hanger. This little device can either hang or hook onto any surface and keep your extensions in place when styling! Not only does it make curling extensions super easy, it also helps to avoid any nasty burns by keeping each piece secure.
  4. Next, spritz with heat protectant and take an inch wide section to wrap around the wand. To demonstrate, we’re using the 25mm wand attachment which creates the perfect, every day curl.
  5. Hold for 5-8 seconds before releasing the hair and sliding the wand out from the curl.
  6. Now, to set your curls to last all day & night, this next steps important! Spray with a light mist of hairspray and secure the hair in its curled position with a bobby pin. This lets the hair cool and set in this position for super long lasting style!how to curl clip in hair extensions
  7. Leave the set to cool for at least half an hour, but overnight is ideal for best staying results! If you’re curling your ZALA’s the night before an event, you can safely store them away in the Protect Me Bag.
  8. Once you’ve allowed some time to cool, unclip the hair and apply your set as usual! You can either style your natural hair before or after applying your extensions.
  9. After applying all pieces, brush through carefully and finish with one last light spritz of hairspray!

how to curl clip in hair extensionsAnd there you have it! Our full guide on how to curl clip in hair extensions and get the most long lasting curls! Don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube Channel (ZALA Hair Extensions) for even more hair how-to’s and extension tutorials.

How to Get Tight Bouncy Curls

Tight, bouncy curls are the perfect way to vamp up your look! Not only are they super striking, they’re really easy to achieve. This tutorial on how to get tight bouncy curls is the first of our series featuring all ZALA Cosmo Wand attachments and the unique look that each create. So, if you’re wanting to see the ZALA Cosmo Wand in action and how to achieve these amazing tight bouncy curls, keep reading!

How to Get Tight Bouncy Curls – ft. ZALA Cosmo Wand

how to get tight bouncy curls

  1. Start by brushing through your hair to get rid of any knots and tangles. Before curling, be sure to use a heat protectant to avoid any damage to your tresses!
  2. Apply your ZALA Clip In Hair Extensions for extra length and volume. This style works best on shorter styles but looks beautiful paired with a premium set of ZALA’s.
  3. Attach the 9-18mm head to the Cosmo Wand prior to heating up the wand. This attachment is thin tapered which means its perfect for achieving tight bouncy curls. Keep in mind when curling extensions it’s best to use a low to medium heat setting! Luckily the ZALA Cosmo Wand offers adjustable temperature settings to cater for any styling circumstance. 

    how to get tight bouncy curls

    ZALA Cosmo Wand 9-18mm attachment

  4. Taking small sections, wrap the hair around the wand and hold for 5-10 seconds.
  5. For extra hold and bounce, pin each section whilst it’s curled and leave to cool in this position. Use a light mist of hairspray to reinforce the style!
  6. Once all hair is styled, brush through to loosen and separate the curl. For added texture, use a texturising spray and scrunch the curls with your fingers. To finish, take one last spritz of hairspray and you’re done.

Want to see the ZALA Cosmo Wand in action? The beautiful Amelia Webb shows you exactly how simple it is to get the look, using her ZALA Cosmo Wand 9-18mm attachment! We are IN LOVE with the results.

how to get tight bouncy curls

What do you think of the look? Don’t forget to show us your results using the Cosmo Wand using the hashtags #zalahairextensions & #zalacosmowand.

90′s Hairstyles

All the trends from the 90′s have made a huge comeback! They’re fun, cute & super easy. So, who could complain?! Read on for these easy, blast from the past 90′s hairstyles that make the perfect party or festival look.

90's hairstyles



90's hairstyles

Double buns everywhere at the moment! So we thought we’d kick of these 90′s hairstyles with these two cute ‘space buns’. To get the look, use a tail comb to get a clean middle part. Then, pull up each side of your hair into cute mini buns. This is exactly the same as you would your normal high bun, so twist, wrap around & secure with an elastic. Pin back any loose bits of hair and you’re done! For extra points, add some glitter to your part following our glitter roots tutorial. And ta-da! You’re festival ready with these 90′s buns.




Our next fav 90′s style is the messy pony or half up do, featuring the scrunchie! Yep, do you remember those? This sums up 90′s hairstyles pretty well! To get the look, add some tousled curls into your hair using the ZALA Cosmo Wand. We love achieving lots of texture but switching between barrels! Remember, don’t be too neat as the messier the better! Flip your head upside down and tie up into a high pony with an elastic. Loosen and pull bits for some added texture and finish with a scrunchie! Simple as that, and oh so 90′s.



Last but not least, crimped hair! Yep! This trend has made a comeback and has even been spotted on the runway! But, don’t cringe at the thought of fully crimped hair. This look has been brought back in a more subtle, chic way. To get the look, crimp small sections of your locks. As most of us probably don’t have a crimping iron anymore, whip out your straight and create a similar effect by rotating the iron back and forth in a zig zag motion. We love the texture this gives & think it’s absolutely perfect for any 90′s themed parties.



How to Blend Clip In Hair Extensions with Short Hair

For gals with short hair, clip in hair extensions are the perfect way to cheat your way to long locks. However, it can seem impossible to achieve the seamless blend when it comes to short, blunt natural hair. Well, fear not! We’ve put together our top tips on how to blend clip in hair extensions with short hair to make them look all your own!

how to blend clip in hair extensions with short hair



how to blend clip in hair extensions with short hair


The first step is to make sure you pick the perfect shade, length and set for your hair. Choosing a shade that matches your natural hair is a given when blending hair extensions with any length of hair, however it’s particularly important for you shorter haired gals.

ZALA Hair Extensions have a free colour matching service that is super quick and easy. Send in a few shots of your hair in natural lighting and the ZALA experts will colour match you to your most ideal shade.

Once you’re confident with your colour, it’s time to select your length & set. We can’t stress enough how important it is to opt for a shorter length is when blending extensions with short natural hair! Unfortunately, it won’t be so easy to achieve a seamless blend with a 24 inch set. Luckily, ZALA Hair Extensions offer 14 and 16 inch sets which are perfect for girls with short natural hair!

Balance is key when applying clip in hair extensions to very short hair. Which is why we’d  recommend going for the 9 piece set in most cases. This is so the thickness of your extensions match up with your natural hair to achieve a seamless blend!


how to blend clip in hair extensions with short hair

Have you ever applied your clip ins and found those annoying short pieces of hair sticking out? Yep, this is one of the most tell tale signs when it comes to hair extensions. Our favourite tip when we’re asked how to blend clip in hair extensions with short hair is the twist! This technique is twisting and pinning down the short hairs at the nape prior to application. This will make sure those pesky little pieces stay out of sight!

Our next top tip is to ensure you’re applying each piece equal distance apart. This makes the sure the extensions are evenly dispersed throughout your hair for the most seamless blend. It’s also important to ensure all wefts aren’t applied too high or low in the hair.


how to blend clip in hair extensions with short hair

Lastly, blending and styling! This step really pulls everything together and blends any harsh lines. Once all pieces are applied, use a straightener/flat iron to blend your natural hair with the extensions and also smooth over any visible kinks. You can finish here for a sleek style, however we love to add some curls to achieve a super natural look!

Curls are a go to when blending hair extensions with short hair to conceal any obvious lines where your natural hair stops and the extensions start. We added some super glam curls with the ZALA Cosmo Wand to our girl Taylor who is wearing a 16 inch Rich Mocha #4 set. Once completely blended and styled, you’d never know she’s wearing extensions!

how to blend clip in hair extensions with short hair

Quick Hair Fixes

Woken up to a bad hair day? Then look no further! We’ve served up these quick hair fixes that are certain to resolve every hair problem! Read on for our go to tips and tricks to say farewell to the most common hair issues!

quick hair fixes


Struggling with dry and frizzy looking hair? A quick fix too really boost the shine & moisture to your locks is hair oils! These work wonders in restoring the hairs condition over time and adding some instant life back into your tresses. They also eliminate fly aways and any frizz, too! Our faves are argon and moroccan oils applied slightly to the lengths of the hair. We love hair oils to instantly transform hair.


If you use numerous products and spend hours trying to add volume to your hair with no success, this quick hair fix is the perfect way to boost your locks. Luckily for those limp hair days, there’s ZALA clip in hair extensions! Clip in hair extensions instantly boost volume and add length. The best part, they are super easy to apply and can transform your hair in minutes! ZALA Hair Extensions are also premium 100% human remy hair, which means you can safely style the hair to blend seamlessly and make them look all your own. Finish with some curls using the ZALA Cosmo Curling Wand and your bad hair day will be long gone!

quick hair fixes


In between visits to the salon? There are many quick fixes to hide root regrowth! We’ve done a full post HERE of plenty of ways you can conceal those roots. But our favourite quick tip is to switch up your parting. Switching your part will add some lift to the hair and break up the lines of your regular part, both helping to distract from grown out colour!


Last but not least, a quick fix for oily hair. Is your hair is a little due past a wash and feeling not so fresh? Don’t stress! We’ve all been there! Our go to fix for oily hair is dry shampoo. This miracle product will freshen up your locks by soaking up excess oil in just a quick few spritz. Simply lift your hair and spray underneath at the roots and then gently rub in. Not only does dry shampoo revive dirty hair, it’ll also serve as a great way of adding some volume to your locks!

And if you’re hair is a little too oily to be saved by some dry shampoo, gather your hair back into a high pony or some dutch braids. These styles typically work better with dirty hair as the oils in your hair adds for extra grip & hold!

We hope these quick hair fixes save any bad hair day! Don’t forgot to show us your hair transformations wearing your ZALA’s with #zalahairextensions

How to High Bun with Clip In Hair Extensions

Love styling your hair in a high bun but also love wearing your clip ins for extra thickness? We’ve got you covered! Read on for two techniques on how to high bun with clip in hair extensions.

how to high bun with clip in hair extensions

Nothing’s more chic & sophisticated than a top knot bun! Whether its cute and messy or sleek and sophisticated. We know the struggle of wearing clip in hair extensions whilst creating an up-do, but with these simple tips & tricks, you’ll be able to

How to High Bun with Clip In Hair Extensions – Technique #1

how to high bun with clip in hair extensions

The first method can be applied to all up-dos when styling your clip in hair extensions! Ever wondered how our gorgeous customers create a boxer braid style using their ZALA’s? Here’s how!

Your extensions can be clipped in upside down or vertically! Yep, it’s that simple. This little trick helps  to conceal the wefts and clips in any updo. For a messy high bun:

  1. Section your hair as you would when applying your clip ins, however clip your first piece up high and in position where you want your bun to sit. 
  2. For the high bun style, it’s important all pieces are clipped close together & in the correct position. This will make sure all wefts are hidden and your clip ins are undetectable!
  3. Once all pieces are clipped in, brush through any tangles and pull all your hair back into a high pony.
  4. Next, take your ponytail, twist and wrap around to create a big messy bun.
  5. Secure into place with bobby pins and you’re done!

How to High Bun with Clip In Hair Extensions – Technique #2

how to high bun with clip in hair extensions

The second technique we love to use to achieve a sleek top knot bun is the bun doughnut technique! This trick is super simple and easy.

  1. Take a 3 or 5 clip piece from your set of ZALA clip ins.
  2. Hook the clips halfway down the side of your doughnut bun and pull all the hair through the middle. To make this easy, twist the hair together and thread through!
  3. Once all hair is in the middle, spread the hair around until it completely covers the bun doughnut.
  4. Pin the ends of the hair in place with bobby pins so that it all stays neatly in place.
  5. Repeat steps 3 & 4 with another piece if there are any sparse areas!
  6. Once your extension bun is ready to go, tie your natural hair back into a high pony and feed the bun over until it reaches the base of the pony.
  7. Like you did with the extensions, spread your natural hair over the bun & pin into place.

There you have it! Exactly how to achieve both a sleek and messy, thick high bun using hair extensions. Don’t forget to show us your looks featuring your ZALA’s with the hashtag #zalahairextensions


Braided Partings

Say hello to another braided trend! Braided partings! Yup, this is the super cool result when braids combine with your hair part! The style is simple yet statement making. Read on to find out how to achieve braided partings.

BRAIDED PARTINGSbraided partings

The braided part has been spotted on the likes of Cara Delevingne and Gigi Hadid, for good reason! The look is simple, yet intricate and eye-catching. There are also many different variations on the style! Whether you opt for a classic middle or side part, this braided look is super striking from all angles.

braided partings

What we love most about the braided partings is that they are surprisingly easy to create! For those of you gals who’ve got the french braid down pat, you’re sorted. If not, we take you through exactly how to achieve braided partings. And as always, practice makes perfect!




  1. Start by choosing your parting! Use a tail comb to achieve a clean line.
  2. Once you’ve got your desired part, create two more partings either side. This will form the section of hair you’ll be braiding.
  3. Now, it’s time to create your dutch braid. If you’re not familiar with the technique, it’s similar to your regular braid however you take each section underneath rather than on top. To secure the braid in place, the dutch braid requires pieces from either side added into the section whilst you braid.
  4. Repeat this technique until you reach the back of your hair – from here you can continue the braid to the end of the section & secure with an elastic.
  5. Finish the look by either leaving your locks straight, adding some curls with the ZALA Cosmo Wand or tying your hair back into a sleek low pony. A braided parting paired with beachy curls is the ultimate hairstyle. Or if you prefer something more chic, have the braid peek through a low bun or ponytail.

What do you think of this new way to part your hair? We are LOVING the trend at ZALA.

Hairstyles for Wet Hair

Don’t have time to style your hair before heading out? These hairstyles for wet hair are quick, easy and will transform your locks to look effortlessly chic. You can style each of these at the beach, after the gym or straight ‘outta the shower.

hairstyles for wet hair




The first and most simple of these hairstyles for wet hair is the sleek low bun. Take all your hair back into a low pony. For those with thin hair, you can simply twist your locks and wrap around into a bun to secure. For those with thicker hair types, use an elastic to create the low pony then twist and wrap! This style is sharp and will unravel to reveal gorgeous subtle waves once dry!


For those with a little more time on their hands, boxer braids are the perfect wet hair hairstyle to get your locks up and out of your face. And, they look super cool too! This style holds better with damp hair and a little leave in conditioner to smooth down any fly aways. Check out our full boxer braid tutorial HERE.

hairstyles for wet hair


Another super easy style, the low twist pony. This one will take you no more than 2 minutes and looks oh so sleek. Gather your hair into a low ponytail and secure with an elastic. Above the hair tie, split the hair in two to create a gap and wrap your ponytail over and through. This technique creates a chic twist effect which looks just as cool on wet hair.


Lastly, the twisted ponytail! This ones perfect to get your hair up and completely away from your face. We love the twisted ponytail for a post-workout style! Take your hair up into a hair ponytail snd secure with an elastic. To avoid any comb or brush lines, smooth over your hair with your hand. Next, split the hair into two and twist around each other. Secure the ends with another elastic and you’re good to go! The twisted ponytail will leave your hair with pretty waves minus the frizz!

Which is your favourite? Let us know your go to hairstyles for wet hair!

Overnight Hair Care

The perfect time to treat your hair to a little TLC is when you’re catching some z’s. It’s super easy and efficient to make some serious magic happen whilst you sleep. With these overnight hair care tips and tricks you’ll wake up with beautiful, lustrous locks.

overnight hair care




The first step to waking up with beautiful hair is to deep condition! Opt for an overnight treatment or take advantage of any nourishing hair mask and leave in while you sleep. This allows plenty of time to completely restore your locks whilst you’re get your beauty sleep. Coconut oil also acts as an amazing conditioning hair mask that can be left overnight! Simply coat your tresses from mid lengths to tips, pop on a shower cap and let the mask work its magic whilst you catch some z’s. You’ll wake up with irresistibly silky and lustrous locks.


overnight hair care

If you’re going to bed with damp hair, be sure to braid your hair or secure up into a bun. This tip is a serious time saver in the mornings! You’ll wake up with your hair styled and ready to go, without the effort, frizz or tangles! Perfect for giving your tresses are break from heat styling. We also love this overnight hair care trick for curly hair to tame those curls whilst you sleep.


Our final overnight hair care tip is switching up your pillow case! Although braided your hair before bed will prevent knots and tangles, a silk pillow case will be sure to say goodbye to bed head hair. Silk pillowcases are much more gentle on your locks, avoiding any pulling or tugging throughout the night which will prevent tangle & damage over time. This means they are the perfect to maintain the condition of your ZALA tape hair extensions as well as your natural tresses.

overnight hair care

How to Get Big Voluminous Curls

We LOVE big and bouncy hair at ZALA! There’s nothing like this style when you’re wanting to feel ultra glam! If you’re on the hunt for a technique on how to get big voluminous curls, we’ve served you up all the tips & tricks you’ll need to achieve super big curls.

How to Get Big Voluminous Curls

how to get big voluminous curls


The first step on how to get big voluminous curls is of course, hair extensions! Some of us gals aren’t blessed with thick tresses, so a set of extensions will do wonders for even the most limp hair! For added body, apply a super thick set of ZALA QUADWEFT clip ins. This set is quad wefted which means four times the thickness per piece and lashings of volume! These are the thickest 20 and 24 inch sets available on the market! With a little help from your ZALA’s, you’ll be well on your way to big, voluminous tresses.

how to get big voluminous curls


It’s time for styling! For big, bouncy curls, there’s no tool better than the ZALA Cosmo Wand with the 32mm attachment! This barrel creates absolutely amazing bouncy curls. Remember to always use heat protectant to prevent heat damage on your extensions & natural locks!


ZALA Cosmo Wand 32mm attachment. The ultimate curling tool for big, glam curls!

Taking two inch sections, wrap the hair around the wand and hold for 5-8 seconds. For the most flattering look, make sure you style the curl away from your face! The Cosmo Wand is designed with curl defining technology for super long lasting hold. However to add some extra hold so that the style lasts all night, pin the hair in place and let it cool in the curled position to set it in place.

Once all your hair has been curled and cooled, unpin and brush through carefully with your fingers. This will loosen the curl to create an ultra soft, glam tresses. Finish the look by adding a light mist of hairspray. Not only will this add extra hold to those curls, it’ll help to smooth away any fly aways too! And you’re done!

Let us know if you’re feeling these big, bouncy curls! If your hair is seriously lacking volume, shop the full ZALA QUADLUX range and ZALA Cosmo Wand 5 in 1 barrel. Bouncy, glam hair is all yours thanks to a little help from ZALA Hair!