Easy Summer Hairstyles

Summer is finally HERE and we are so ready! Turn up the heat with these three easy summer hairstyles that will have your locks prepped for the season. Read on for our staple summer looks at ZALA.

easy summer hairstyles

Bringing on those summer vibes with our 26 inch Ice Queen Platinum Blonde #60 tape hair extensions

Easy Summer Hairstyles – #1



Our first staple summer style is a super beachy ponytail. This just screams summer and is SO easy to achieve! For us, the perfect beachy ponytail consists of three things: texture, volume and length! Thankfully, ZALA Ponytail Extensions tick all the boxes! ZALA ponytails are an essential during summer as they create the perfect beachy pony in minutes. Simply clip, wrap, style & go!

Easy Summer Hairstyles – #2


easy summer hairstyles

This stunner wearing her 24″ Dark Chocolate #2 ZALA clip ins

Next up, mermaid locks! We love super long tresses during summer and can’t think of a better time to sport mermaid worthy hair. If you’re a lover of mermaid hair but your natural hair is lacking length, ZALA clip in hair extensions will take you there! We LOVE our 24 & 26 inch sets for serious summer length. They are super easy to apply too – simply clip in, style if needed and you’re good to go!

Easy Summer Hairstyles – #3



The perfect dutch braids creating using our Honey Beach Highlights #18/613 20 inch clip ins

Lastly, dutch braids. These braids give us some serious summer feels. If you’re wanting your hair out of your face to beat the heat, but still want to show off some length, this is the perfect summer hairstyle for you! If you’re not confident with braiding, this look will take a little extra time and effort. Don’t worry! We have a full tutorial on exactly how to get dutch braids, feauturing ZALA hair extensions.

What are your favourite easy summer hairstyles? Don’t forget to show us your creations using your ZALA hair with #zalahairextensions. We can’t wait to see all your summer lovin’ locks!



Quick Fixes for Greasy Hair

Are your locks looking a little greasy, rather than glossy? Don’t have the time to wash your hair and start all over? Don’t worry, we feel ya! Which is why we’ve put together these super easy and quick fixes for greasy hair.

quick fixes for greasy hair



First thing firsts, dry shampoo! This one is a given but is seriously life changing when your hair is little on the greasy side. This miracle in a bottle will help to absorb any excess oils to instantly freshen up your locks in just a few spritz. Not only does it instantly revive oily hair, dry shampoo is great for a quick volume boost at the roots! Definitely a must have to greasy hair days.


If you’re locks are looking not so fresh, dry shampoo is not the only option! Braids are our go-to style to disguise greasy hair! The extra oils in your hair create the best grip and hold for braided styles. One of our favourite quick fixes for greasy hair is an angel braid. This look is perfect for hiding oily bangs and takes minutes to achieve! Simply create a side part, french braid your bangs and tuck behind your hair to complete the style.



When dry shampoo or braids simply can’t prevail, throw your hair up into a sleek high pony and apply ZALA Ponytail Extensions! Not only do ZALA ponytail extensions boost volume and add life back into your pony, they wrap around to completely conceal dirty hair. And, the extra oils will help to smooth down any fly aways for an ultra slick look. ZALA ponytails are made from the highest quality 100% human hair and look ultra natural, so no one will know you’re having a bad hair day.

What are your favourite quick fixes for oily hair? Shop the full ZALA ponytail range HERE to get your perfect ponytail in minutes.



Voluminous Ponytail Tutorial | ZALA Hair

We love a super voluminous ponytail at ZALA, especially to glam up your look during the holiday season! If your high pony looks a little sad, have no fear! We’ve served up our top tips on how to get the ultimate voluminous ponytail.

voluminous ponytail


To add some serious volume to your pony, you will need:

We can't get enough of this BABE wearing her ZALA ponytail for some serious volume!

We can’t get enough of this BABE wearing her ZALA ponytail for some serious volume!

  1. To start, throw your hair up into a high pony and secure with a hair elastic. The voluminous ponytail style works best on second or third day hair with a little extra grip. You can use a little dry shampoo if you need a little added hold!
  2. Next, it’s time to apply your ponytail extensions. If you just can’t seem to add body to your pony no matter how many products and styling tools, you need a ZALA ponytail in your life! These are a serious game changer for voluminous ponytail hairstyles to add a instant boost of volume and length in a matter of minutes. No backcombing or hairspray needed!
    Simply clip into the top of your ponytail, wrap around and secure in place with a few bobby pins. ZALA ponytail extensions are double drawn and extra thick so they are also perfect for creating a super voluminous ponytail, all the way to the very ends.
  3. If you are a serious lover of big hair and want even MORE volume, finish the look by curling your pony. This is one of our favourite ways to add even more body to a ponytail! The ZALA Cosmo Wand 32mm barrel is perfect for a voluminous ponytail.

And that’s it! Our top tips to achieve the ultimate voluminous ponytail. With a little help from ZALA hair extensions, you’ll never have a limp, lifeless pony again! Shop the full ZALA hair extension range HERE.

Hair Extensions Length Guide – ZALA Hair

Need a little help choosing the right length of hair extensions? Look no further! We’ve got you covered with our in-depth hair extensions length guide! Read on for everything you need to know when choosing your perfect length.

hair extensions length guide

Hair Extensions Length Guide – ZALA Hair

At ZALA hair extensions, we offer a variety of lengths from 12″ all the way to 30″ to cater for every look. We know it can be a little difficult choosing the perfect set of hair extensions online, so let’s take an in-depth look at each set with our hair extensions length guide.


Our shortest length at ZALA, 12 inch hair extensions are available in our tape hair extension range. A 12 inch set sits below is shoulders and is ultra natural looking once applied. This length is perfect for those who have naturally short/fine hair and are looking to add volume rather than length.


Next up, 14 inches! This is our shortest length available in the clip in range and sits above the bust. Like our 12 inch hair extensions, a 14 inch set is perfect for enhancing the thickness of your natural hair. This length is great for a super natural, everyday look!


16 inches sits around the mid bust area and a popular choice of our shorter lengths. We absolutely LOVE a 16 inch set for everyday length and thickness. A 16 inch set looks ultra natural whilst still provides a great amount of length for styling. Available in both our clip in & tape range.


Next is 20 inches! Our most popular length at ZALA, this sits about a hands width below the bust. 20 inches is perfect for adding everyday length whilst still providing that wow factor. This length is great for those average in height and can be curled whilst still maintaining a good amount of length. Available in both clip in & tape hair extensions.


Our 24 inch sets sit around the waist area and are perfect for taller girls and those who love long hair. A 24 inch set can be curled whilst maintaining length, and is our second most popular length at ZALA. This is available in both our clip in hair extension & tape hair extensions range.


Next up, 26 inches! Considered very long by industry standards, a 26 inch sit will sit at the hips. Ideal taller girls who love very long hair, or anyone who wants the perfect mermaid locks. Our 26 inch sets provide the ultimate styling flexibility, as these can be curled whilst providing loads of length. Available in clip ins and is our longest length available in the tape range.


Lastly, 30 inches – the longest hair extensions on the market! If you’re all about long hair, ZALA’s 30 inch sets sit past the hips. Perfect for those who love super long tresses and are serious about length! A 30 inch set will give you the ultimate mermaid locks and is available in the clip in range only.

hair extensions length guide

Which length do you love? We hope this hair extensions length guide helps you choose your perfect set!


How to Retape Tape Hair Extensions

We love tape hair extensions for so many reasons at ZALA! In particular, how easy they are to remove & reapply. Want to know how? We got you girl! Read on for our full guide on how to retape tape hair extensions.

how to retape tape hair extensions

How to Retape Tape Hair Extensions





  1. First things first, removing your tape hair extensions! Locate the pieces in your hair and use your sectioning clips to get any hair out of the way. Then, spray the ZALA solvent directly to the tape adhesive tabs, making sure to use a generous amount. ZALA solvent is super fast acting on soft bonds and free from harsh chemicals, to ensure your tape extensions are safely & gently removed.
  2. Use your tail comb to separate the two tape pieces and loosen the bond. If you feel there is any pull on your hair, keep applying your ZALA solvent until the tapes are easily removed.
  3. Next, use your fingers to remove any leftover adhesive on the tape tabs. Once the tapes are completely free of adhesive, place the two pieces together and repeat on the rest of your extensions!
  4. Now it’s time to retape your extensions! Before applying the new adhesive, make sure you wash the pieces to remove any residue.
  5. Our absolute favourite adhesive to use when reapplying our tape hair extensions are the ZALA pre-cut adhesive tabs. This high quality, USA made adhesive is designed to neatly fit ZALA tape hair extensions and make reapplication so neat and easy! Simply peel off and apply to the sticky side of each piece.
  6. Once all pieces are retaped, they’re ready to apply! Just remove the paper backing and apply follow our full application tutorial.

There you have it! Our full guide on how to retape tape hair extensions. If you’ve got any questions regarding this process, drop our team an email at [email protected] 🙂 Shop the full ZALA tape hair extensions range HERE..


Waterfall Braid Ponytail Tutorial

Looking to add a little interest to a sleek high pony? You’ve come to the right place. Say goodbye to boring ponytails with our waterfall braid ponytail tutorial! This stunning look totally revamps a classic sleek pony, so we’ve served up all you need to know to get the style.

Waterfall Braid Ponytail Tutorial | ZALA HAIR

waterfall braid ponytail tutorial

This waterfall braid ponytail tutorial is easier than it looks! You will need:


  1. Start by brushing through your locks with your ZALA Tangle Teaser to ensure there are no knots or tangles. It’s also good to give your ponytail extensions a quick brush prior to application! We love using our ZALA tangle teaser when detangling as it gently removes knots and is safe to use on both your extensions and natural hair.
  2. Next, pull all your hair up into a high ponytail and secure with a hair elastic. Use hairspray and your hairbrush to smooth down any bumps and fly aways.
  3. For added length and thickness, apply your ZALA ponytail! Ponytails extensions are our fav trick for sleek high ponytails as they completely transform the look! For this braided look, clip into the base of your pony and braid the section of hair before wrapping around and pinning in place. This gives a little extra touch to the look!

    Our babe Veronica wears 22 inch ponytail extensions in Dark Chocolate #2 to add instant glam!

    Our babe Veronica wears 22 inch ponytail extensions in Dark Chocolate #2 to add instant glam!

  4. Once your ponytail is secure and looking on point, it’s time to start braiding. Begin with three equal parts and cross both outer pieces into the middle like a normal braid. Then, before taking the next piece into the middle, include some extra hair from that side like you would a french braid. Repeat on the other side, each time taking a new section of hair from either side and bringing it over into the middle. This creates the stunning waterfall effect! waterfall braid ponytail tutorial
  5. Repeat this technique for as long as you desire the braid, then secure in place with an elastic. To accentuate the waterfall effect, you can gently pull on the outer sections using your fingers. But be careful as this style looks best when it’s extra sleek and perfect!

And you’re done! What do you think of this waterfall braid ponytail tutorial? Let us know what your favourite way to style your ZALA ponytail extensions below. Shop the full ZALA ponytail range HERE.



Party Hairstyles

Party season is here and we’ve got all your looks covered! Whether you’re heading to schoolies, a birthday gathering or any special event, these party hairstyles are sure to get you inspired for you’re next soiree!

party hairstyles

Party Hairstyles

party hairstyles


Let’s start with a classic, the ponytail! Whether you go pretty and boho, or a super sleek, we looove ponytails for the party season as they are oh so easy and versatile. And who said a ponytail has to be boring?! Add instant glamour to your ponytail style with our favourite accessory – ponytail hair extensions. ZALA ponytail extensions revamp your hair in minutes and are our go-to during the party season! To get the style above, we applied 22 inch ZALA human hair ponytail in Ice Queen Platinum Blonde #60 in a high, sleek pony. Finish the look with some glam curls using the ZALA Cosmo Curling Wand and you’re ready for a night out!



Next up of our top party hairstyles – luscious locks. This fail-safe look goes with any outfit for any occasion. Simply apply a 20 inch set of ZALA clip in hair extensions for instant dreamy tresses. Our babe Veronica wears a Chocolate Swirl #2/6 9 piece set. What’s amazing about the added length and thickness is that it makes your locks so versatile to style. For this look, we curled the hair using our go-to styling tool for the party season – the ZALA Cosmo Wand. To finish, take the front of your hair and create a pretty french braid for a little extra touch. And you’re done! Lush party locks for any occasion, made easy with a little help from ZALA hair extensions 😉

What are your go-to party hairstyles? Let us know below! Make sure your hair is sorted for your next soiree and shop the full ZALA hair extension range HERE. And don’t forget to show us how you rock your ZALA’s over the party season using #ZALAHAIREXTENSIONS

Braid Hacks | Tips & Tricks for the Perfect Braids

Whether you’re a pro at braiding or a complete beginner, we’ve got a few tips & tricks up our sleeves at ZALA for the perfect braids. Read on for our top braid hacks that’ll be sure to up your braid game, no matter what style you’re going for!

braid hacks



The first of our braid hacks takes place before you even starting styling! If you ever find your hair slipping whilst braiding, it’s often due to the texture of your locks rather than technique. Although there’s no better feeling than freshly washed hair, squeaky clean tresses will be much more difficult to braid. So, when attempting your braided looks, try styling with second or third day hair! The natural oils will create extra grip and make the perfect foundation for braiding. Or, just spritz in a little dry shampoo throughout the lengths of your hair and you’re ready to start braiding.


braid hacks

If your braids look a little sad and don’t quite meet Pinterest status, this hack will take your braids to the next level. Our favourite trick for creating ultra thick, dream-worthy braids is using ZALA hair extensions! Not only do they transform any braided look, the added length and thickness can actually make braiding a whole lot easier. Luckily at ZALA, we’ve got you covered in that department 😉 ZALA clip in hair extensions are 100% human hair, so they blend so seamlessly with your natural hair. No one will ever know it’s not all your own 😉 They are a serious game changer when it comes to braids! With 14-30 inch sets in over 25 shades, you’ve got no reason not to have the perfect braids with ZALA hair!


Last but not least, the finishing touches! For a seamless look, try using clear elastics and bobby pins in a similar colour to your locks. Once all your hair is braided and secured into place, use your fingers to gently pull and loosen the hair. This little trick is perfect for adding volume and texture to the final look. It’s also super handy for fixing the shape of your braids and even covering any pesky wefts that may be showing.

braid hacks

There you have it! Our top braid hacks for the perfect braids, every time. Don’t forget to show us your braided creations using ZALA hair with the hashtag #zalahairextensions. Happy braiding!


How to Find Your Perfect Hair Extension Shade

The most tell-tale sign of poor blending is when someone’s hair colour doesn’t match their extensions! At ZALA, we understand it can be little difficult choosing the perfect hair extension colour online. So, we’ve put together a full guide as well as our top tips on how to find your perfect hair extension shade! Read on to ensure you get your perfect match for an ultra natural look.

how to find your perfect hair extension shade

How to Find Your Perfect Hair Extension Shade


First things first, when wanting to know how to find your perfect hair extensions shade, you’ve got to make sure you’re matching them to the right part of your hair. Hair extensions are of course an extension of your natural locks, so for the most seamless blend, make sure you choose a colour closest to the mid lengths to ends of your hair.


If you’re really unsure on how to find your perfect hair extension shade, we’ve got you covered! At ZALA, we offer a quick and easy colour match service to help you find your perfect match. Simply send in 2-3 photos of your hair HERE and one of our hair experts will reply with your perfect ZALA shade. Completely free and so simple! All we require are photos in natural lighting that display all of your hair. Our hair technicians are also on hand to provide personalized length & thickness advice too!



Tossing up between two shades and want to take a closer look of each set? Luckily, we’ve got quick, in-depth videos on the full ZALA range! These detailed product videos provide a better look at each of the ZALA shades and are a very handy tool to ensure your extensions blend perfectly with your natural hair colour. Check out our in-depth product videos HERE or watch our shade range video below.


Our last tip is to browse the ZALA hashtags! All of the ZALA shades have their own hashtag, so you can search through our babin’ customers shots for specific colours. For example, simply search #zalahoneybeachhighlights in Instagram to check out our Honey Beach Highlights #18/613. Not only can you suss out the shade in different lighting, it also shows how one shade can work with various tones of hair!

how to find your perfect hair extension shade

And if you don’t quite have a 100% perfect shade, remember ZALA hair extensions are premium quality 100% human hair so they can be safely coloured to match!




Hairstyles for Melbourne Cup

For us Aussies, Melbourne cup is right around the corner! Have you got your hair sorted for the races? If not, don’t stress! We’ve got you covered at ZALA with these super easy hairstyles for Melbourne Cup. You’ll be sure to raise the stakes with these race ready looks!

hairstyles for melbourne cup

Hairstyles for Melbourne Cup


hairstyles for melbourne cupIf you’ve left your locks to the last minute this straight and sleek look is for you! Start by creating a clean centre part and straighten your natural hair. We applied a full 9 piece set of 20 inch ZALA clip in hair extensions to our girl Veronica’s hair for added length and volume. When it comes to an event like Melbourne Cup, hair extensions are our favourite accessory to complete an outfit! You can leave the look here, but for a little extra, backcomb your natural hair at the crown. Smooth over with your brush and finish with a fascinator!



We are OBSESSED with voluminous curls for hairstyles for Melbourne Cup! These are the perfect styles for the races – go big or go home, right?! To achieve, apply a full 9 piece set of ZALA clip in hair extensions for an instant volume boost. These are our secret to big, voluminous curls! Then, section off your hair and using a large curling wand to style your locks. Our go-to styling tool for the races is the ZALA Cosmo Wand. The 32mm attachment is perfect for this look to create big, bouncy curls! Finish by giving your curls a quick brush through and top with your fascinator.


hairstyles for melbourne cupFinally, this super pretty french braid. This one is a definite show stopper, although is super easy to create! Simply start with your hair parted to the side. For a super thick french braid, apply a set of ZALA hair extensions prior to styling. French braid your hair across from one side to the other to create a super pretty side braid. If you’re not familiar with the french braiding technique, don’t forget to check out our spring races lookbook for an in depth tutorial! Finish by loosening the braid by pulling with your fingers and you’re done!

We hope these hairstyles for the Melbourne Cup have your locks race day ready! Which look will you be wearing this year? 🙂