How to Apply False Eyelashes

Falsies can be tricky to master! Ever spent what feels like hours trying to apply them, only to be left with a sticky mess or ruined makeup? We know the struggle too well! Which is why we bring you our guide on how to apply false eyelashes. These fail-safe tips will have you applying your falsies like a pro!

How to Apply False Eyelashes

how to apply false eyelashes

  1. Removing from the mould! Did you know, it’s super easy to damage your false lashes when removing them from the packaging? If removed without care, you can affect the way your lashes apply or even worse, damage the set all together! To safely remove false eyelashes from the clear mould, gentle place your thumb across the majority of the lashes and pull away gently. This will ensure you don’t pull out any of the delicate hairs or mis-shape the lash band in the to apply false eyelashes
  2. Important preparation! Once the set have been removed, it’s important to prep your set to ensure it’s fits comfortably to your eye. Helpful hint! The more curved the lash band, the easier to apply. Take both ends of the lashes and ‘toggle’ back and forth to create a ‘U’ shape. This will help mould to the shape of your eye and avoid those pesky inner corners of the lash sticking up! Another essential prep tip on how to apply false eyelashes: cutting the set to fit! Hold the lash up against your eye and measure. If needed, use nail scissors to carefully cut any excess off the outer edge of the to apply false eyelashes
  3. Adding adhesive! Apply a thin line of a high quality lash glue across the band. If you struggle with this, try applying a small amount of glue to the tip of a makeup brush and run the lash band through the adhesive. Ensure you wait around 20 seconds or until the glue becomes tacky, before attempting to apply. This is important to avoid the lash slipping around and allow for effortless application. Remember, it’s best to apply falsies AFTER your eye make up complete, mascara included!
  4. Applying the lash! Our best advice on how to apply false eyelashes, is correct positioning! Looking down into a mirror is the best position when applying your luscious falsies! This allows you to have the best view of the lash line. With either your fingers or tweezers, sit the lash on the centre of the base of your lashes. Once close to the lash line, position the inner then outer corner in place. This method allows you to adjust the positioning for the most comfortable fit. Quick tip! Lash glue dries clear, so don’t stress if some is visible at first!
  5. Concealing the lash band! Some lash styles, in particular human and mink, can have a thicker lash band. Depending on your makeup look, this may be visible once your lashes have been applied. But, don’t stress! You can simply cover the band with a small line of liquid eyeliner, or matte black eyeshadow.
  6. Blending your natural lashes & falsies together! As mentioned earlier, applying mascara before false lashes can give a good base for application. This is also great if you want your lashes to last as long as possible! You can apply mascara after applying your falsies to help integrate the lashes. However, it is preferred to use your index finger and thumb to gentle press both your natural & false lashes together to create the most natural look <3
how to apply false eyelashes

Stunning bronze glitter look created with ZALA Lash Romance <3

And there you have it, our full guide on how to apply false eyelashes for the most effortless application! Want to pair your perfect lash application skills with the perfect lashes? View our full 100% Human Hair & 100% Mink Lashes in the ZALA Lash Romance range. This luxury range offers 8 different styles to complete every eye look!

how to apply false eyelashes

Types of Curls – ZALA Cosmo Curling Wand

With the launch of our new Cosmo Curling Wand at ZALA, we thought we’d show you how the looks you can achieve with this luxury set! If you didn’t hear, we’ve released a 5 in 1 Curling Wand set – the ZALA Cosmo Wand! Yup, that’s right! 5 interchangeable wands for all different types of curls.

types of curls


With the ZALA Cosmo Wand, we wanted to give the option to create any curls you desire. Which is why we’ve specially designed this 5 in 1 styling tool for our ZALA babes. Each wand covers all the types of curls for the ultimate styling set. The Cosmo Wand has clipless curling heads which means it’s super easy to switch between wands! All you do is push, pull & reattach!

types of curls


types of curls

Starting with the smallest barrel in the set, the 9-18mm wand. This wand tapers to a point, with the base of the head measuring 18mm. As you can see, this creates a super precise & compact curl. These curls look even more beautiful once they drop and are brushed through! We love the 9-18mm wand for adding texture to the hair.


types of curls

Next up is the standard curling barrel, the 25mm wand. This is an essential in the set and creates the perfect, every day curl. The 25mm wand is ideal for adding a curl to the lengths of your hair and creates gorgeous movement & body. Definitely a favourite of ours in the kit! For fail-safe curls, the 25mm wand is perfect!


types of curls

The largest head in the set, the 32mm barrel! We love the 32mm for creating a super glamorous look. As the thickest wand in the set, this creates amazing voluminous and loose curls. This barrel is absolutely perfect for achieving hollywood style curls <3


types of curls

The beaded 25mm barrel! This creates the ultimate beachy curls. With it’s unique pearl design, the hair wrap over and in between each bead. This is a go to for the super natural, textured curls. Brush through & spritz with some salt spray to finish, and you’ve got the perfect beachy locks.


types of curls

Lastly, the Spiral 32mm wand! Although it looks a little intimidating, this creates super pretty spiral curls! Simply wrap a small section around the wand, following the grooves. We find this works best when twisting the section of hair slighting, prior to curling! The spiral 32mm barrel leaves you with gorgeous, bouncy curls.

There you have it! All 5 wands in detail, each creating their own unique curl <3 This essential styling tool will have you ready for any occasion to create any look! So, which one is your favourite?
Be sure you don’t miss out on our special intro prices for the luxury Cosmo Curling Wand!

Haircut Guide

Wanting to switch up your look with a new haircut? Do you always find yourself leaving the salon with something completely different than what you had in mind?! We know the situation all too well… Which is why we’ve put together the ultimate haircut guide that will help get the exact look you want!


haircut guide

For those unfamiliar with hairdressing terms, it can be pretty overwhelming discussing your new style with your hair dresser. Sometimes, it’s like there’s a real language barrier! Before we get into our guide, it’s important to have a clear idea of the style you desire.

haircut guide

So, let’s break it down and explain each look with our ultimate haircut guide. You can thank us later!

  1. Point cut: Want a more ‘piecey’ look? Ask for a point cut! The point cut is where the hair is cut vertically, rather than the typical horizontal chop. We love the point cut for adding texture to hair, particularly when styled straight.
  2. Graduated cut: this is best explained by the technique. A graduated cut is the process of cutting the hair at a 45 degree angle. This creates the look of added weight, whilst creating structure and movement. E.g cutting a fringe!
  3. Choppy: Similar to a point cut, a choppy cut creates a lot of texture in the hair. The main difference between a choppy and point cut, is that a choppy style is created with alternating lengths of layers.
  4. Asymmetrical: fancy a more edgy look? The asymmetric cut is simply where the hair graduates from long to short. This is ideal for those with shorter styles!
  5. Dusting: Perfect for those who really only want a tiny bit off! In other words, a trim! This is ideal for those who really want to keep their length, but just want to get rid of any dead ends. Dusting cuts the most minimal amount of hair.
  6. Blunt cut: This one speaks for itself! The blunt cut is where the hair is of all one length, and cut usually straight across in a blunt fashion. This style can be sported long or short, and is perfect for making the ends of your hair appear thick & healthy! The blunt cut is slightly more daring!
  7. Thinning: thing is ideal for those with very thick, coarse hair! Although it may seem like the more hair the better, sometimes very thick hair types can carry a lot of weight! To help eliminate bulkiness and allow for easier styling, thinning shears are used to create super fine layers.
  8. Layered: This is the ideal haircut for seamless natural blending when wearing clip in hair extensions!

Remember, it’s also super important to know who’s styling your hair and have a good relationship, and open communication with your stylist! We are confident our haircut guide will have you salon ready & get you the look you desire! So, which haircut do you love?

ZALA Cosmo Curling Wand Set

SURPRISE! This new addition to the ZALA range has been kept a secret! But, we are now so excited to finally announce the ZALA Cosmo Curling Wand set! That’s right! These babies are now online and available to purchase. And, what we love most about this product – it’s a 5 in 1 curling wand <3 Interchangeable barrels of all different shapes and sizes to create a variety of curls. 

curling wand set

ZALA Cosmo Curling Wand set – 5 in 1 Curling Wand

We couldn’t be more happy to introduce the Cosmo Wand to ZALA. The team have specially designed this amazing 5 in 1 deluxe curling wand set safe to use on your ZALA’s! Why is this do it all tool so perfect for ZALA Hair Extensions? We’ve created a styling tool with adaptable temperature control! This means the Cosmo Wand is ideal for fragile & colour treated hair, too!

curling wand set

This luxury curling wand sets comes with 5 interchangeable heads to suit every look! Each creates a unique curl which is what we love about the Cosmo Wand. Super easy to use, perfect for the beginner or curl expert! Adjust the temperature to suit your styling needs from 80°C (176°F) up to 210°C (410°F). The sleek, tourmaline infused barrels lock in moisture and adds shine to any curl. We’ve specially designed the Cosmo Wand with frizz control technology, to ensure you have the most defined, dreamy curls ever <3

curling wand set

To celebrate our Cosmo Wands, we’ve treated our ZALA babes to special intro prices! $139.99 AU & $99 US. Click HERE and enter the code COSMO10 to receive an additional $10AU off at checkout. We’ve got our US customers covered with the option of a USA adapter plug, too!

curling wand set

Luxury curling wand set

So, what barrels come with the ZALA Cosmo Curling Wand Set?

  • 1 x 9-18mm wand
  • 1 x 25mm wand
  • 1 x 32mm wand
  • 1 x beaded 25mm wand
  • 1 x spiral 32mm wand

Each wand is super easy to attach, use & remove. We’ve opted for clipless heads which means you can change your wand in seconds! And, the tangle-free cord has a 360 swivel head for the most convenient use. It’s as simple as push to release & pull to remove!

curling wand set

Never let anyone dull your curls with the ZALA Cosmo Curling Wand Set! Hop online today to get your hands on this ultimate styling set at special intro prices! Be sure to show us your curl creations by using the hashtag #zalacosmowand <3

ZALA Cosmo Wand – ZALA Hair Extensions





How to Care for Hair Extensions in Summer

With summer weather in full force, it’s important to ensure you’re giving your extensions a little TLC. Sun, salt and water are just a few factors that can wreak havoc on not only our natural hair, but your clip in’s too! So, we’ve put together our guide on how to care for Hair Extensions in Summer to have beautiful clip ins all summer long.


how to care for hair extensions in summer

  1. Don’t get your extensions wet! This may or may not be obvious, but its the most important tip for how to take care of hair extensions in summer. Sea salt & harsh chemicals in chlorine can seriously dry out your extensions and leave you with a tangled mess. Unlike our natural locks, hair extensions do not have the nutrients and oils to help nourish and restore. Therefore getting your clip ins wet and in turn washing the hair frequently which can seriously shorten their lifespan!
  2. Store correctly to protect from heat & humidity! Humidity is hair’s worst nightmare! Which is why it’s a big no-no to leave your set in a box or in a pile on the ground during summer. Instead, protect your investment with a ZALA Protect Me Bag & Hanger. This is an essential all year round and for long lasting quality! It’s also perfect to keep your extensions silky smooth and prevent knots & tangles. how to care for hair extensions in summer
  3. Summer Hairstyles! Styling your locks in summer appropriate styles not only looks super cute, but protects your extensions from the adversities of hot summer days. The harsh UV rays can take a serious toll on your hair, therefore these easy Summer Hairstyles will protect from the sun and keep your hair off your face. These are also perfect if you can’t stand the thought of abandoning your extensions when at the beach!
  4. Brush frequently from tip to top! When wanting to know how to care for hair extensions in summer, brushing is key! We know, it might sound pretty basic. But, brushing your set a few times a day is super important during summer, as well as all year round. Our ZALA Tangle Teaser is our go-to brush during summer, as it comes in a compact handbag size. It’s super easy to take with you on the go to ensure you are looking after your extensions in summer! how to care for hair extensions in summer
  5. Smooth frizz & nourish! A quick tip when wanting to know how to take care of hair extensions in summer. Hair oil! This is the perfect product to smooth frizz and fly aways, whilst nourishing hair and keeping your set silky smooth. Be sure not to go over board and only apply a very small amount for best results!
  6. Avoid salt spray products! Nothing’s better than beachy waves in summer. BUT, using salt spray on your extensions to mimic the look can be super drying! The ingredients in most salt sprays include alcohol which is sure to dry out your extensions. Not to worry! There are other ways on getting beautiful beachy clip ins. Check out this amazing tutorial below to get the perfect waves for summer. Did we mention, they’re heatless too?! <3

Now you know exactly how to care for hair extensions in summer, you’ve got no excuse for having the perfect summer locks!  xx

Sombre Hair

Hellooo sombre! As much as we love the ombre trend, this new more subtle style has definitely taken over! What is sombre hair, you might ask? It’s basically the softer, more subtle version of the beloved ombre. Read on to find out why you need sombre hair in your life <3



Whilst we part ways with the ombre trend, don’t fret! Gradient hair is definitely hear to stay (yay)! We love this sophisticated take on the look. But, what exactly is sombre hair? The colour transition is much more gradual to create a super natural look. Sporting the root regrowth trend and fading into a smooth blend of strategically placed highlights and lighter tones. This is of course the more soft version of ombre, where ombre hair would usually start lower down and have much more contrast between shades.

sombre hair

Sombre hair appears grown out and looks slightly unkept, but in the most stunning way possible! The gradient usually starts much higher than the ombre we’re familiar with. This means you can get away with any regrowth therefore less catch up’s at the salon! A lazy girl’s hair dream <3 Sombre suits all shades which means blondes, brunettes and every shade in between! It looks gorgeous on pretty much everyone.

Sombre perfection created with ZALA Tape Hair Extensions Sun Kissed Highlights #10/613

Sombre hair is also perfect way to add highlights or for those transitioning to blonde. Highlights are placed strategically to create a smooth cascade. As the focus is on subtlety, the ends of the hair are typically are a brighter shade of natural colour. 2-3 shades lighter creates the most harmonious look. Think Mila Kunis and Rosie Huntington-Whitely. Both stunners are perfect examples of the sombre trend. Love the look but don’t want to commit? ZALA have got your back ;) Did you know, you can create a sombre look with ZALA Clip In Hair Extensions?! By opting for a set a few shades lighter than your natural hair, you can instantly achieve that super subtle gradient. Our Snickers #4/12 is ideal for brunettes wanting the look, or for blondes, check out our Honey Beach Highlights #18/613.

sombre hair

What do you think of the sombre trend? It’s pretty hard not to fall in love with! If you’re wanting to create the look instantly, drop our team a message and we can recommend the perfect shade to do so! xx


How to Revitalize Your Hair

Is your hair suffering from chemically treating or a little too much heat styling? Frizz, breakage and dullness are sure signs of unhealthy hair! Don’t panic! We’ve got your back with our guide on how to revitalize your hair to restore it’s condition and have more soft, silky & healthy locks!

how to revitalize your hair


We know the toll dying & heat styling takes on our hair. Especially in the summer time, we can be left with a dull, lifeless locks. But, there are a few ways to reverse the damage and revive those locks by altering your hair care routine! So, let’s get into our essential tops on how to revitalize your hair.

  1. Give your hair a break! Our first step to healthy locks is to put down the bleach & straighteners! As much as we love colouring and styling our hair, these are the main two factors that can cause breakage and damage. To aid the process in reviving your hair, try cutting back on heat & chemicals. Space out time between straightening, curling or dying and let your hair air dry when you can. Love curls and can’t live without, check out our how to get heatless curls HERE 
  2. Moisturize to the max! When your hair needs some serious nourishment, the best way to revive those locks is to condition! We’re talking maximum moisture in every shape and form. Switch up your regular conditioner for a high quality, deep conditioning formula. Also adding a leave in conditioner will help with the feel and shine of damaged hair. When wanting to know how to revitalize hair, hair oils & weekly treatments are often the answer! Who doesn’t love a little TLC with a hair mask? Not only do these products help the look and feel, they add back elasticity and improve the overall health of your hair.
  3. Trim dead ends! Want to know a key tip on how to revitalize your hair? Book an appointment to get those dreaded dead ends gone! Split ends are a main factor in the appearance in dry, damaged hair. They also prevent the condition of your hair improving, despite any of the above efforts. If left untreated, split ends can work there way up the hair and significantly slow down hair growth! Eek! Once those dead ends are gone, you’ll instantly see an improvement in the condition of your hair. And, our steps 1 & 2 will work their magic once your ends are in their best state!
  4. Hair Extensions! Clip In Hair Extensions are the perfect solution when asking how to revitalize your hair. Especially 100% Human Remy Hair Extensions like ZALA. Not only do they boost volume and lengthen your locks, clip in hair extensions are a great way to take a break from heat styling your hair! ZALA Hair Extensions are 100% Human Remy Hair which means they are super soft and silky. Not to mention, they are the highest grade therefore they blend seamlessly with your natural hair to aid in restoring it’s condition!
how to revitalize your hair

Super stunning before and after using ZALA Hair Extensions <3

Do you have any tips on how to revitalize your hair? We hope our guide helps to restores your locks for super dreamy hair! xx

Summer Hairstyles

As much as we love the warmer weather, it can be a serious chore styling hair in this climate. But, not to fear! These summer hairstyles will keep you cool, protect your locks and have you looking super cute for the beach.

summer hairstyles


On some days, it’s way too hot to even think about straightening or curling your hair. We love these summer hairstyles as they are heatless too! And, they’re all up-do styles which protects your hair from the adversities of the warm weather. Less time styling and more time in the sun = healthier locks and a longer summer <3


twisted pony

Low ponytails are super effortless and soooo easy to create. We love this twisted low pony style that adds edge to this ultra simple look. Simply tie your tresses back in a low pony. A hair elastic similar to the colour of your locks is preferred! Next, create a space above the elastic. Open up to make a gap and thread through your pony to create this stylish twist! This twisted ponytail will look super cute paired with natural beachy waves.


messy top knot

The top knot or high bun! Messy buns are an essential summer style. Again, super easy to recreate and the help beat the heat. This style also fights humidity by keeping your hair out of the way, which is much needed for summer. Simply throw up your hair, twist & secure into this cute bun. The messier, the better! Finish by pulling out pieces of hair around your hair to complete the messy look.

high fishtail pony

The fishtail pony will help you through summer! Not only is it easy, it’s just as pretty <3 To get the look, start with your hair is a high pony. Next, fishtail your way down your hair & secure with an elastic. This look instantly adds a boho vibe to your look and will always be on trend for summer. What we love about this fishtail pony is that is doubles up for a 2 in 1 style! Your locks will be sorted for the next day as you’ll be left with gorgeous waves once your take out your hair.

So, what are your favourite summer hairstyles? We hope these have you sorted for this summer!

Rose Gold Hair

At ZALA, we love rose gold everything <3 Could this hue get any prettier with rose gold locks?! We are LUSTING over the Rose Gold Hair trend! This different hue of pink is giving us serious hair envy. It suits so many different skin tones and is the perfect shade all year round.

rose gold hair


We are all familiar with various shades of pink locks. But, what defines rose gold hair? Its a subtle hue of pink with warm, peachy and golden tones. What we love most about rose gold hair is that it is super versatile. There’s no single defining rose gold shade!

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 4.39.18 PM

Celebs such as Ashley Tisdale have sported the look. A perfect example of a brown toned hue. We’ve also lusted over the more pastel hues of rose gold. On either side of the spectrum, rose gold hair creates an ultra romantic atmosphere. Of course this shade is ideal for blondies out there! But brown hair can also create a stunning copper shade.

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 4.29.47 PM

Rose gold hair is also perfect for those who want to add colour without committing to a super bright shade. As it combines more muted tones, this ultra dreamy shade are great for those not ready for a bold colour change. You can add highlights of rose gold for a subtle finish. Or, go for an ombre effect for magical rose gold locks. Otherwise, why not opt for a full head of this shade!

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 4.30.52 PMWe are lusting over how this shade is styled. Rose gold hair instantly gives that pretty fairy vibe! ZALA’s Honey Blonde #18 Premium Hair Extensions are perfect for achieving a rose gold hue. Our sets can be safely dyed this dreamy shade as they are 100% Human Remy Hair <3 A set of ZALA’s will add length and volume to compliment the look!

What do you think of the rose gold hair trend? Let us know x

New Year Hair Resolutions

Hello 2016! And Happy New Year to our gorgeous ZALA Babes! <3 What better way to welcome twenty sixteen than our New Year Hair Resolutions! Who said you can’t have new years resolutions for your locks?! These must-dos will have your hair better than ever for 2016.

new year hair resolutions


  1. I WILL USE HEAT PROTECTANTnew year hair resolutionsWe know many of you are guilty for skipping this vital hair care step! Using heat protection prior to styling both your natural hair & extensions is essential! It’s ultra easy and only adds seconds to your routine! Protect your locks and 2016 will bring you the most healthy and soft hair!
  2. I WILL DARE TO WEAR A NEW STYLEnew year hair resolutionsWhether it be a new cut, colour or style, there’s not better time than the new year to change your hair! A major hair makeover can completely change your look for a refreshing start to the new year. Definitely our fav and most daring of these new year hair resolutions. Be bold and switch it up for 2016.
  3. I WILL INDULGE WEEKLY TREATMENTSnew year hair resolutions Deep conditioning treatments will be your hair saviour in the new year! Not only do treatments nourish your locks, but they give the perfect excess for some down time and pampering! A win win situation if you ask us. By introducing weekly hair masques, you’ll be guaranteed to see your hair the healthiest ever this year!
  4. I WILL LOOK AFTER MY HAIR EXTENSIONSnew year hair resolutionsFinally, the last of our new year hair resolutions, looking after your ZALA Hair Extensions! We all can confess to not taking the best care of our extensions at times! But, with investing in premium quality 100% Human Remy Hair Extensions comes a little extra TLC. We’ve made it easy for you with our Protect Me Bag to easily protect & store your ZALA’s and have them in as best condition! Also be sure to follow all our guidelines, video tutorials and tips to have your extensions throughout the whole of 2016 <3

THIS babe entering the new year in her platinum ZALA's <3

There are our New Year Hair Resolutions for 2016! Don’t forget to let us know what your hair goals are and we wish all our lovely customers a Happy New Year :)