30 inch hair extensions by ZALA hair

As our loyal customers would know, we listen to feedback and the wants and needs of our customers. That is why, due to popular demand, we have introduced a brand new ZALA length!
Drum roll please……..
Introducing our 30 inch hair extensions! A whopping 300 grams of double drawn and triple wefted hair extensions to complete that mermaid feel.

Unbelievably long and lush

Unbelievably long and lush

What are 30 inch hair extensions?

30 inch hair extensions are not easy to come by, let alone in top quality and unbelievable thickness. We know our customers have searched long and hard for a jaw dropping set of super long locks which is why we have created and designed the BEST 30” set you will see on the hair extension market.
These 30 inch hair extensions sit below your hips (on an average height person, a little longer if you are shorter) and come in a 5 piece set for ladies with thin hair or a 9 piece set for ladies with medium to thicker hair.

30" hair extensions

ZALA 30 inch hair extensions

With our 30 inch clip hair extensions, you are not compromising thickness for length. Our 30” sets are a huge 300grams of hair and are consistently thick to the very tips. At only $199.99 for a 5 piece set of 30 inch hair extensions and $299.99 for a full 9 piece set of 30 inch hair extensions, we won’t be beaten on value or quality. Don’t forget you receive a FREE gift with all sets of ZALA hair extensions! Free express post is also offered Australia wide!

This stunning length allows you to create huge, luscious waves and curls without losing the length of the hair or create a super sleek and show stopping sleek, straight style. WOW factor guaranteed!

Stunning styles you can create using 30" hair extensions

Stunning styles you can create using 30″ hair extensions that clip in

We dare you to look around and find a nicer, thicker, better value set of 30 inch hair extensions. These sets have been custom designed by our ZALA team because who else is as passionate as us about hair extensions? We have hunted down the finest hair, the softest hair and most importantly the longest hair to offer our amazing customers.
30 inch hair extensions

Why choose ZALA 30 inch hair extensions ?

  • We are hair extension enthusiasts who will go above and beyond to make our customers happy
  • We have a huge range of colours
  • We have a huge range of length options from 14″ to 30″
  • Our sets are all double drawn and triple wefted for super thick hair to the tips
  • Our hair is 100% human remy hair for guaranteed silky softness
  • We have small and sturdy clips so they wont feel uncomfortable
  • We offer super fast delivery World Wide
  • Free express post Australia wide
  • You receive a free gift with all sets of ZALA extensions
  • If you send in your photo wearing your ZALA hair, you can win our ZALA girl of the month competition offering you $100 off your next set!!

    comparrison between 20" hair, 24" hair and 30" hair !

    comparison of 20″ hair, 24″ hair and 30″ hair !

These sets are custom made for our ZALA customers, you will not find them just anywhere so be sure to get in contact with one of the team to have a chat about these amazing sets. Available in 6 shades which can, like all our hair, be dyed and toned to match your hair perfectly!

Have a browse through our online store to find the shade best for you http://www.zalacliphairextensions.com.au/hair-extensions/30-inch-clip-hair-extensions/

STEAL HER STYLE- Beyonce hairstyles

We are stealing the style from Beyoncé and sharing it with you ladies! We are clawing through any boundaries and sparing nothing to get YOU the hair style secrets of Queen B!

And the winner for best hair ever award goes to....QUEEN B

And the winner for best hair ever award goes to….QUEEN B

Beyonce’s hair should have its own spot in the dictionary in our opinion:

Beyonce hairstyles
The best achievable or imaginable of its kind. The ultimate “strong woman” look, which is envied and replicated among teens and women World Wide.
Used in a sentence: I wish I was Beyoncé with an awesome Beyonce hairstyles.

Beyoncé, like most celebrity icons changes her hair regularly. Short to long, blonde to black. It is hard for the average girl on the average hair style budget to keep up. We say, choose one of you favorites and stick to it!
Whether you go for a classic B  style with big golden curls or a Darker vixen look. You know it will be fab because, well, Beyoncé did it!

Beyonce hair colour:

Beyonce with Platinum blonde hair
Beyonce’s hairstyles, including her hair colorurs are ever changing. Although she usually comes back to her signature shade, she has ventured from Platinum to black and everything in between.
While we think the trendy platinum shade looks pretty and almost a little quirky, you can almost see the damage it has caused taking her hair this light. We are glad this colour didn’t hang around too long and Bey still has hair!

Beyonce rocking platinum blonde locks

Beyonce rocking platinum blonde locks

Beyoncé with blonde hair
Taking it just a couple of shades darker does wonders to Beyoncé’s hair. It brings depth and variation while giving her skin an incredible glow. Don’t be afraid of warm shades, it can be more complimenting than you think! Queen B is known for her classic big, golden curls. Framing her face gorgeously and the warm blonde colour complimenting her skin tone to a T.
Beyoncé is sure to keep her blonde shade warm to avoid any harsh contrasts and to keep her naturally dark hair as healthy as possible while bleaching.

Beyonce hairstyles, her signature colour

Beyonce with her signature colour

Beyoncé with brown hair

Here is Bey with a rich chocolatey brown hair colour. Great for a warm winter look or to give her hair a well-earned break from bleach! This chocolate brown hair colour is still very complimenting and natural looking on her.

B with natural rich brown hair

B with natural rich brown hair

Beyoncé with Dark hair
Dark brown is not a familiar shade for us to see on Beyoncé. It’s a deep, cool shade of dark brown and we have to say, she looks pretty smokin’ with this different look.
She was sure to keep in one or two light flicks of colour in there to add a little depth.

Beyonce styling super dark locks

Beyonce styling super dark locks

Beyonce hairstyles:

  • Big signature waves
Classic B hair do

Classic B hair do

  • Long and sleek straight hair


sleek straight hair to add to beyonce hairstyles

sleek straight hair


  • Super curled 
Looking fierce with wild hair beyonce hairstyles

Looking fierce with wild hair

Steal Beyonce hairstyles and looks and guarantee yourself an amazing new do! Beyoncé likes to keep to mostly natural and classic colours and styles so they are looks everyone can try at some stage!
Visit www.zalacliphairextensions.com.au to get yourself some big hair and add some extra length and volume with ZALA clip in hair extensions!

ZALA’s Favourite hair extension colours

Here at ZALA hair extensions, we have a huge colour range to choose from to ensure most girls can find their perfect shade! Of course we love them all however we have a couple of stand-out colours which are voted “The ZALA girls faves”!

So many colours to choose from!

So many colours to choose from!

We took a poll in the ZALA office to decide on ZALA’s favourite hair extension colours starting with Style alert shade, on trend shade and year round shade. The results are in ladies!

Drum roll please……..

Style alert shade:


This shade is not for the faint hearted and certainly gives a little punch to any look. This shade is more diverse than you may think. Pull of the retro- vintage look with this rich shade or go long and mermaid like with the true Ariel style! This diversity has made this shade earn its place in our ZALA’s Favourite hair extension colours list!
We drool over this one and love to see your before and after’s wearing our Burgundy red <3
This is nominated our Style Alert Shade as everyone who wears it are instantly in our good books and boosted on our Instagram and facebook!

Cheryl Cole with Burgundy red hair

Cheryl Cole with Burgundy red hair


Burgundy red Clip in hair extensions

Burgundy red Clip in hair extensions

 On trend hair shade :


This colour is yummy as it sounds (although we don’t recommend eating this set as tempting as it may sound…) We are obsessed with this shade with almost half the blonde in the office wearing this colour combination. Perfect hair colour for Summer as you don’t have to stress about getting your roots done every few weeks and you can spend your much deserved time relaxing on the beach instead of your head in bleach!

We are proud to have this shade on ZALA’s Favourite hair extension colours list!
This is a really subtle and natural looking balayage starting with a darker blonde and fading into a gorgeous bright beachy blonde. This shade is also great if your hair is not super blonde naturally and you don’t want to stress your hair or even damage it with bleach all over and stick to just the tips.

The stunning Lauren Conrad

The stunning Lauren Conrad


Blogger Maddielouslifestyle wearing Cheescake

Blogger Maddielouslifestyle wearing Cheescake


Year round hair shade :


Our shade of glory, the almighty Snickers! For those of you who already wear this shade will know exactly what we are talking about. It is such a gorgeous shade of medium brown with warm blonde highlights creating a super natural finish and effortless colour. Every celebrity in the history of celebrities would have gone this colour at one stage or another, do you know why? Well, because it is perfect of course!

Perfect for Summer as it has highlights to brighten up your look. Perfect for Autum as it still has the warmth and richness you want in a hair colour. Fantastic for winter as it has enough depth and variation to not make you look like you are part of the Adams Family when your face is glowing white and your hair is too dark.

Gorgeous highlighted results

Gorgeous highlighted results


Kim K with her blonde highlights

Kim K with her blonde highlights


So there you have it, an insight into our ZALA office. You now know our “Fave shades”! Get involved, leave a comment on our facebook page telling us what your ZALA’s Favourite hair extension colours is or show us your photo. Or you can tag us on Instagram with our hashtag #ZALAHAIREXTENSIONS @zala_hair_extensions.

Not a part of our growing fan base? Well, why not? Jump online today and find the perfect shade for you. If you need a hand, our hair extension experts are more than happy to help via our colour match form or facebook.


Short hair extensions to achieve that natural look

It is fairly obvious that hair extensions are used to extend the length of your hair. However what if you don’t want it to be a dramatic change? Or you would prefer them to thicken your hair rather than extend the length of your hair?

Well maybe short hair extensions are for you. Most brands of hair extensions start their lengths from 20”. Or in some cases only offer 20”. At ZALA, our lengths range from 14” right up to 30”.

This is a set of 16" ZALA clip in hair extensions

This is a set of 16″ ZALA clip in hair extensions

14 and 16” sets are still considered a mid to long length hair style however it is a natural sitting length which sits around bust level and higher. Short hair extensions are great for ladies with shorter layers as the length comparison won’t be as harsh. They are also great if your hair is already this length and you want to add more volume and thickness.

Why short hair extensions over long hair extensions?

If your hair is naturally short with short layers also, you may want to consider shorter lengths of extensions for example 14” or 16”. When wearing long hair extensions with short hair, you may find it is too much for you and too big of a change. Keeping your hair a very natural, modest length will make you more comfortable and keep a relaxed look.

A gorgeous, easy to wear hair style using short hair extensions

A gorgeous, easy to wear hair style using short hair extensions

Where do 14″ hair extensions sit?

14 inch hair extensions sit above your bust area. This is considered a natural looking length and allows ladies to create hair styles which they may not be able to create with their natural length.
This is the shortest length on offer at ZALA hair extensions. These short hair extensions are very popular and can add some serious volume to fine hair!

This shot shows Katy Perry rocking 14" hair

This shot shows Katy Perry rocking 14″ hair

Where do 16″ hair extensions sit?

16” ZALA hair extensions sits at your bust area. This is a popular length for ladies with hair naturally at or around this length and are choosing to thicken out their current hair and add volume using hair extensions. This is a great everyday length which wouldn’t interfere with your day to day activities and still give you the longer hair look you desire.

Beautiful 16" hair style

Beautiful 16″ hair style

Where can I expect my hair extensions to sit on me?

Here is a ZALA model, wearing 26” hair extensions, we have indicated where you can expect your length to sit on an average height person:

A guide to where you can expect your extensions to sit. Both curled and straight

A guide to where you can expect your extensions to sit.
Both curled and straigh

short hair extensions
Don’t forget to check out our post on how to make hair extensions blend naturally !

How to tone hair extensions in 7 easy steps

Buying hair extensions online can be tricky, especially for blondes. When you get your hair professionally dyed at the hair dressers, they will usually tone your hair after your cut/treatment.. Therefore you will need to know how to tone hair extensions in order for them to match. ZALA hair extension shades like Beachy blonde and Ice queen Platinum blonde are the lightest shades on offer. However these shades are not white blonde or super ashy. If your hair is a very ashy or white blonde, toning will definitely help in matching the colour.

Don’t be afraid of toning! It doesn’t have to be scary or intimidating. You just have to know what you’re doing and this blog on toning hair extensions should help you step by step!

What will I need to tone hair extensions?

how to tone hair extensions

  • A set of premium ZALA hair extensions
  • A toning shampoo, eg BLONDA/ FUDGE
  • Some disposable gloves if you don’t want to risk purple hands
  • Heat straightener and brush for styling at the end



1) Choosing your ideal hair extensions shade

Buy the closest shade to your current hair colour. If your hair is white blonde, go with Ice queen Platinum #60. If your hair has a little more depth to the shade, go with Beachy blonde. You can ask the friendly staff at ZALA to assist you. They will provide advice on which one is best for you!

hair extension colour chart

2) Which shampoo is best for toning hair extensions ?

Fill your sink with luke warm water. Add a squeeze of your purple shampoo to the water and swish around until it is dissolved the water. You can use any shampoo you like, Fudge Violet toning shampoo or Unite Blonda shampoo work a treat!

unite blonda shampoo for hair extensions

This shampoo is what we have used in our how to tone hair extensions guide

3)  Purple shampoo to tone hair extensions

Using one single clip piece to test your product on first, dunk your piece in the water and gently massage the purple water into the hair. This should only take 20 seconds per piece as you don’t want to turn your hair extensions purple! If it is all going smoothly, continue this process throughout the rest of the set piece by piece.

purple toning shampoo for hair extensions

Always add the toner to the water, don’t rub the toner straight into the hair, dilute it first.

4) Rinse out the purple wash shampoo

Once all your pieces have been shampooed with your purple wash. Drain your sink so no shampoo is left in there. Run the tap as you rinse each piece starting with piece which has been left the longest. Rinse thoroughly so there is no residue left.

5) Conditioning hair extensions after toning

Using a nice a moisturising conditioner. Apply throughout each piece and leave on for about 5-10 minutes to allow them to hydrate. Rinse out thoroughly so there is no greasy residue left.

6) Drying clip in hair extensions after washing

Place your set neatly on a towel and pat dry to remove any excess water rather than ringing them out. You can leave them on the towel until dry or hang them up. Either way, allow them to dry naturally.

drying hair extensions

Always let your extensions air dry on a towel, don’t rush the drying process. Yes you will need to brush and straighten after washing to bring back that silky feel

7) Straightening and styling extensions

Once your hair extensions are dry, show them some TLC and brush each piece through gently and straighten them flat to slick out any fly aways!

There you have it! It is super easy to remove any brassy tones or yellow shades  from your ZALA hair extensions. Follow these easy steps and you should be left with a set of gorgeous ashy blonde hair.

Important tips when toning hair extensions:

  • Always practise on one piece first
  • Never bleach your extensions to avoid irreversible dryness
  • Treat your extensions with care, they are a delicate product
  • ZALA is not responsible for unwanted results after toning or dying hair extensions so please be careful!


Be sure to read our guide on how to care for hair extensions  , Prolong the life of your prized possession.  Toning before and after results below!


toning blonde hair extensions

ZALA beach blonde #613 before toning











toned hair extensions

How to care for hair extensions

When buying hair extensions, you should know how to care for hair extensions to ensure you get the max lifespan out of them. If you wear your clip in hair extensions every day, it may reduce the longevity of your hair extensions in comparison to those who wear them for special occasions only.

Either way, you still want to get the most out of your extensions. This means caring for them with a little TLC! Here are 5 tips to prolonging the life of your clip in locks and keeping them silky and soft!

How often should you wash hair extensions?

Number one on our tip guide as we can’t stress this point enough. Wash your extensions as rarely as possible. It is hard to give a number regarding how many times in your hair extensions life they should be washed as it depends on how often they are worn. Get a feel for the time frame where they start to feel less than fresh. If they begin to have an odour or they have a build-up of product, then that is a sure sign they need washing. If you have worn them 3 or 4 times; this does not instantly mean they should be washed.

Go for a monthly routine where you consider if they need freshening up as a guide.
Why should you limit how often you wash your set? Hair extensions cannot produce natural oils as your own hair would. Once you begin washing them, you are removing the last of the natural oils left in the hair. Every time they are washed after that, the less oils there will be in the extensions. This will create a very dry set of hair extensions and you may find they become hard to manage.

washing hair extensions

Remember- washing hair extensions shortens the life!

How to store hair extensions?

At ZALA hair extensions, we offer you two different storage methods with your set. You can store your set in the box they arrive in or in the plastic sleeve issued. This will prevent products coming in contact with them or assisting in keeping them silky and tangle free. Understanding how to care for hair extensions includes storing them safely.
Alternatively, you can purchase a coat hanger with clips to hang your set. Just ensure you hang them away from high moisture areas. Your bathroom draw is a big “no no” ladies.

storing hair extensions

Storing your set in the box provided will prolong their life.

Hair extensions and sunlight

Especially in the summer months, try and wear a hat when sitting in direct sunlight. The last thing you want is your colour fading or altering due to harsh sun. Just like your natural hair, your brunette hair extensions may start to fade and your blonde locks may turn brassy if in harsh sun.

sunlight with hair extensions

Wear that wide brim hat at the beach to protect your locks. Sunlight will fade hair extensions.

Dying my hair extensions

Although our hair extensions can be dyed, we highly suggest any alterations should be done with care. Test any colours on a single piece before continuing. Don’t treat you luxury hair as a science experiment, follow the rules of DIY dying and you can end up with your perfect set!

Important points to remember:

  • Always test your hair product on one piece
  • Don’t leave your colour in too long
  • Use a high quality dye
  • Never bleach your hair extensions

    Dying hair extensions

    Always test on one piece to ensure the colour is perfect!

How to style hair extensions

Don’t be afraid to straighten your hair extensions. When done gently and properly, this can make the hair look silkier and sleeker. Using a good quality hair straightener and a brush, straighten each piece individually. It will flatten any fly away’s and spruce up the appearance of your ZALA hair.

We hope our quick and easy guide has helped you to see how to care for hair extensions. If you liked this post, check out our guide “How to make hair extensions blend naturally

How to make hair extensions blend naturally

Learn how to make hair extensions blend naturally with our easy to follow guide. Our simple guide shows you 5 hair styles that can be created with hair extensions and teaches you which are best suited to your haircut or hair type.

The biggest factor is your hair cut. When you buy a great quality set of hair extensions, like ZALA hair, it usually does help ensure the perfect blend as they are evenly thick from top to bottom and there are a nice amount of rows to place throughout your hair. If your hair cut is a very blunt, heavy cut then thinning out with thinning scissors may be needed.

The thinner the ends of your natural hair is, the smoother the hair extensions will blend where your hair finishes. If your hair is is all one length, some light layering may help to create some shape to your cut so the final cut of your hair looks like another layer, again helping for a smooth overall look. If you have very short layers- think about sticking to a shorter length set of extensions, this will prevent your hair from looking like the dreaded 80’s mullet!

bad hair extensions photo

You don’t want to end up looking like this! Make sure you always use quality extensions and have your colour matched.

What kind of extensions are best for short hair?

ZALA hair extensions of course! To ensure your clip in hair extensions are un-detectable, ensure that your hair is at least 4-6 inches long. We offer clip in sets which are double drawn and triple wefted hair extensions which allow the rows to be super thick even at the ends. As long as there is equal amount of hair at the bottom than the top, then this will allow for an overall natural appearance for both short and long hair. You may find with other brands- as there is not enough hair at the ends, it looks very obvious where the rows of extensions are, however with ZALA, there are up to 9 pieces placed evenly throughout your hair to continue the thickness.

hair extensions before and after short hair

Short to long hair with ZALA hair extensions

How to make hair extensions blend with short hair

Make sure you have enough pieces to balance out your hair cut whether it is our 5 piece set or our 9 piece set, to ensure even distribution. Again, a very blunt cut will make it tricky to make a smooth blend with hair extensions. If your hair is short and thick, we would recommend the ZALA 9 piece set, this will ensure the thickness of your hair is continued.

What style will make my extensions blend best?

Here are some ZALA customers with different styling options.
Curled hair: Curling your hair extensions with your natural hair should really help to make those heavy ends undetectable when wearing hair extensions. As the number one suggestion when asked how to make my extensions discreet, curling is the go to style!

curled hair extensions

This lovely customer is wearing ZALA Chocolate swirl Balayage set, 2/6. She did a great job curling the extensions!

Straight hair: Straight hair CAN be risqué if your worried how to make hair extensions blend blend. However if your natural hair is quite fine or if you ends thin out, then this style can be super sleek and always on trend!

straight hair extensions dark brown

This customer is wearing ZALA Dark Chocolate #2. When straightened with the right tools, your extensions will look silky and soft. This customer looks like a Sunsilk commercial, well done!

Big waves: We love big waves here at ZALA. They are a classic look which can add that chic finish to your outfit; this style is perfect for mid-length hair to blend in a gradual motion throughout the waves.

wavy hair extensions

We LOVE this look. This style is great if your colour is not a perfect match or you want to have a volumized look.

Pony tails: Whether you have short hair, mid length hair or already have long hair but it is fine, I’m sure you are envious of those long, full ponytails! Hair extensions are a great way to create a gorgeous high or low pony tail and is super undetectable with blending. A sleek, high fashion low ponytail looks great when straight and a nice bouncy high ponytail looks adorable with some gentle curls. By creating a pony tail with extensions you can be confident that you will never wonder how to make hair extensions blend naturally again!

ponytail hair extensions

Creating a pony tail with clip in hair extensions is much easier than you think! This style is great for that “just worked out” look.

Like this post? Be sure to check out our fantastic page on dying hair extensions bright colour.

Visit our Facebook page to see more photo’s of customers wearing amazing ZALA hair extension sets.

zala hair facebook

Click the image above to go to the ZALA Facebook page.

Dying hair extensions bright colors with ZALA clip in’s

At ZALA hair extensions, we try our hardest to cater for everyone’s needs when it comes to colour, length and thickness. We have noticed, over the last few months, more and more of you wanting to brighten up your look with the boldest colours out there, so to help you get both bright and super long locks, we have worked out some easy and cost effective ways to dye your new ZALA locks! Read our guide on dying hair extensions bright colors and you will be a pro in no time..

how to dye hair extensions bright colours

Get that funky look instantly with our dying guide!

What colour of ZALA hair should I buy if I am wanting to dye my hair a bright shade of color ?

We recommend going with our Platinum blonde hair extensions #60 or ZALA  Beachy blonde #613 if you are wanting to dye them a bold bright from red to blue and anything in between! These shades will take to bright dyes the best, if you hair is quite dark to start with, you will need to bleach your natural hair first.

What dyes and products should I use when dying hair extensions bright colors ?

If you are not confident dying your hair a bright, bold colour yourself, don’t risk it. Take them into your local hairdresser who should be able to create some awesome shades for you. If you are trying to save those pennies, be daring and try it yourself. It can be done and you will feel great that you did it all yourself!

IMPORTANT RULE: Test one single piece before continuing with the whole set, single pieces can be replaced but the whole set cannot.

Here are two products which our ZALA customers have told us work a treat!
1) Brite Organix Hair Colour available

hair dye for hair extensions

This product is great value and effective. Click the image to find more info on this dye.

2) Paint box- Click here to go to the fudge website.

paint box dye for hair extensions

Leave on for 10 minutes and your done!

What if I want to remove my bright hair color?

We do not recommend bleaching your extensions back to blonde or trying to dye over your bright new shade. Please do keep in mind the long stressful process your extensions have been through to get to the shade your purchased. It just can’t handle any more changes. `
If your bright colour is beginning to fade, you can go over with the same shade to refresh however just remember, just like your own hair, your extensions may start to become dry after continuous applications.

bright coloured hair extensions

Mermaid locks in minutes


How do I make my ZALA extensions look silky and soft again after washing them?

After you wash out your bright bold colour and you leave them to air dry, give them a gentle brush from tip to top and run your flat iron through them piece by piece. They require a little TLC and then they will spring back to life looking silky soft and oh so bright!

If you have any questions regarding the dying process or anything else we touched on in this blog, drop us an email or Facebook message and we will be happy to help!

If you dare to be different and go BOLD, don’t forget to send in a photo on facebook or Instagram @zala_hair_extensions, and go in the draw to win a $100 voucher in our ZALA girl of the month competition!

10 reasons why your salon should offer ZALA hair extensions – Wholesale info

Join a rapidly growing base of Australian and international salons supplying ZALA hair extensions to their valued customers.

See bottom of page for full list of Wholesale hair extension packages and volume discounts.


1) Breathtaking quality, thickness and design 

ZALA hair extensions are the highest quality clip in sets on the Australian market. Don’t believe us? Ask someone who has tried our sets, or better yet, try them yourself! When you supply your clients with ZALA hair extensions, You can be assured a consistent high quality product in every box. With the highest weight per inch on the Australian market, you can confidently offer your customers extra thick sets every time. Our sets are carefully crafted to our strict specifications. The ZALA triple weft allows more hair per piece. All ZALA sets are now Double Drawn, meaning you and your customers, can say good-bye to ratty ends.

 2) Professional customer service and wholesale support

All Australian wholesale orders are sent via express post which will arrive to you within 1-2 business days. We understand the importance in quick & easy deliveries of the products you need, when you need them. All international wholesale orders are charged at a flat rate fee depending on the service you select and can be delivered across the globe from 4-9 business days.


 3) Dedicated wholesale reps  

When you become a stockist at ZALA hair extensions, you will be personally taken care of by a ZALA wholesale representative who will guide you through the process, answering all your important questions and concerns along the way. This ZALA rep will be your personal liaison to assist you in every way possible. At ZALA, we believe in long term business relationships with our stockists.

ZALA offers high quality sets, at industry leading prices. Compare our weights, thicknesses and quality to the competition and see for yourself. With specially designed volume discounts, catering from home/mobile salons right up to large multi salon chains, you can be assured that your demand and capacity will be catered for.

5) Wide range of lengths and shades 27+

With over 27 shades including our world famous Balayage (Ombre) sets. Your business can be confident, knowing that we have the perfect shade and length for your customers needs. Our lengths are 14, 16 , 20, 24, 26 and 30 inch sets. All lengths come in our carefully designed 5 and 9 piece sets, to cater to all hair types, from thin to extra thick natural hair.


6) Your business listed on our stockists page 

If your business becomes a ZALA Silver, Gold or Platinum stockist, then you will be listed on our stockists page which will be launched from 30th March 2014.What does this mean for your business? This means that thousands of ZALA customers will be able to see your salon location, contact details and opening hours so they can come in-store and purchase ZALA products in person.  Platinum stockists will be featured as the first listing for their respective area. With the option for your business to add value and margins by trimming, layering, dying or modifying our products to your customers needs.  With over 5000 people per day expected to view this page, you will be high quality sales on a consistent basis. Is your salon open on Friday’s and Saturday? Fantastic! As we operate solely, online, this means that a large percentage of customers needs ZALA hair extensions on Fridays and weekends, unless they order early in the week, this can be a problem. The convenience for customers to be able to come into your store on weekends is another reason for your business to flourish with our products.

 7) Introductory sample package for you to inspect quality & design 

Upon providing a valid ABN, we will send you a wholesale sample package which includes brochures, colour wheels, pricing and a discounted 9 piece set for you to inspect (25% off web prices) The 9 piece sets are considered ZALA’s flagship products and showcase the industry leading thickness and design. We understand you need to see products for yourself before making a larger order, take advantage of our stockist sample package and get a feel for our products and service before you make your wholesale order.

8)  Team of expertly trained passionate staff 

Our staff are comprised of experts who have been in the hair extension industry for decades. We appreciate your passion for hair, and of course quality. Become a ZALA stockist and work alongside industry experts who make sure the ZALA brand is at the forefront of every trend and market demand for new and innovate products. For example, ZALA hair extensions was the first Australian company to launch high quality Balayage/Ombre clip in hair extensions in early 2013.

9) Thousands of satisfied customers worldwide 

ZALA hair extensions have quickly grown to become one of the dominant leaders in the Clip in hair extension market worldwide. When you supply ZALA hair extensions, you are joining a huge following of loyal customers across the world who insist on ZALA hair extensions for every occasion, event or everyday wear.

10) In-store displays, brochures and point of sale support

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Secrets of Celebrity Hairstyles to Replicate at Home

Let’s be perfectly honest.  We do everything we can to recreate a similar style to one that we just fell in love with in a magazine. Maybe it sat atop a celebrity, or maybe it was sported by one of the top models in the world. Yet, without knowing the ins and outs of how the hair stylist managed to create that look, we doom ourselves to disappointment.

Here are a few tips from celebrity stylists to help you actually achieve a similar look – unless you happen to have the talent of an elephant with a hairbrush. In that case, take this article to your salon.


From Nick Penna, Celebrity and Runway Stylist

Tip1 : Investing in a good “heat protecting” conditioner is essential. Applying it to wet hair before you start a blow-drying routine helps to keep your hair from drying out and breaking off at the ends. He recommends Kerasates Fondant Nutri-Thermique, which runs about $40 at his salon in Boston.

Tip 2: Texturizing Powder may not be something you have in your cabinet right now, but this adds fullness and structure to your hair without adding weight. For ladies with thinner hair, this is an absolute must.  His favorite for home use:  L’Oreal Professional True Grip Texturizing Powder

Tip 3 : Find a good Dry Shampoo. According to Mr. Penna, dry shampoo is one of the best all-time investments you can make, because it absorbs excess oils that reduce the length of time your blow-dry look lasts. Unlike blow-drying wet hair where you are overheating your hair, blow-drying after dry shampoo keeps your hair healthy.

Other Trends for 2014

1st trend: Short is in – especially a bob that can be styled in so many different ways. Nick Penna suggests sweeping it to the side for a classy look and plumping the top for a more edgy style.

2nd trend: Some variant of the “wet look” is another option for the bob with wavy or curly hair. Start by using a volumizing spray on damp hair and blow dry it while running your hands through the hair– instead of brushes and combs.

3rd trend: The wet-dry combination look, which is best for the sexy-office look, starts the same as the “just jumped out of the shower” look that’s great for casual occasions. The difference is in how you treat the bottom part of your hair. Using a large barrel curling iron, curl the bottom hair very lightly.

Prom Hair Style

4th trend: For a slick-backed wet look, use a super strong gel as you push your fingers through your hair. Recommended:  Redken’s Hardwear 16 gel

The Final Thought

Most celebrity styles are fashioned by professionals who make house calls. If you don’t happen to have that luxury, knowing the right product and method gives you a head start to recreating successful looks.