How to Blend Tape Hair Extensions

We give you some quick & easy styling tips to ensure your Tape’s don’t look like these photo’s!
Photo’s below are not ZALA extensions!
Unblended hair extensions

or this….

Unblended hair extensions

has really killed our confidence making us wonder how to blend tape hair extensions.

Let us tell you, it is easy-peasy with these helpful tips and tricks. ZALA has your back, we will show you the way to knowing how to blend tape hair extensions and get you looking like THIS

How Many Pieces of Tape Hair Extensions For a Full Head

How Many Pieces of Tape Hair Extensions For a Full Head

in no time at all!


Getting your hair cut or shaped prior to application is the number one tip on our list!
If you have a blunt haircut or a heavy line to the bottom of your hair, there is a good chance your new locks won’t blend.
Get your hair thinned out on the ends (seems ironic doesn’t it)  or add lots of layers to take away some weight. This will stop you from having that obvious line where you hair ends and the hair extensions continue.
THIS ladies is how to blend tape hair extensions most effectively!


You may find that when you wear tape hair extensions, you need to spend a little extra time in the morning styling. Running a straightener over your hair and the extensions with a fine tooth comb or creating some soft curls will ensure a nice and polished result and convince your friends and colleagues that you know how to blend tape hair extensions!
Some ideal styles include:

  • Sleek and straight
  • Soft curls
  • Plaiting
  • Half up half down
  • A low sleek ponytail

    how to blend tape hair extensions


Using high quality products on your hair extensions – sulfate and protein free, will make sure you are keeping your hair extensions in good condition and therefore not creating frizzy or dry ends.
If they are in good condition, they are easier to style, if they are easier to style they blend more naturally!


The best thing about tape hair extensions, is you can cut and shape them to your needs.
This will make them look they belong in your hair and they will look much more natural.
If you are using tape hair extensions for lots of added length. You will want the ends of your hair to be thinned out quite a lot so there is no line where your hair ends however you will also want to shape the extensions in a little around the face. This will create a natural gradient around the front.
This is really vital on how to blend tape hair extensions.


If you try to skimp on cost by not getting enough pieces, you can guarantee you will be compromising the final result.
The average person needs minimum 40 pieces (2 packs of ZALA tape hair extensions) for the extensions to be positioned properly and blend perfectly. If your hair is considered very thick, opt for 60 pieces!

How to blend tape hair extensions

We hope some of these tips and tricks were helpful, we think these are the most important points to knowing how to blend tape hair extensions and they should really help to create the style and look you always wanted!

How to Make Your Hair Thicker

At ZALA, we know nothing is more luscious looking than thick and voluptuous locks! Wanting to know how to make your hair thicker? If you’re struggling with flat, limp and lifeless hair, we’ve got the volume boost you need! These 5 fail-safe tricks will give you that dose of volume for the look of thicker and more luscious hair. 

how to make your hair thicker

 How to Make Your Hair Thicker

If you’re desperate for an added boost and extra volume, let’s start from scratch! Shampoo and condition and follow these 5 essential steps on how to make your hair thicker.

Blow Dry

Okay, starting off with wet hair, getting your blow dry right is key! The way your hair is dried and styled is super important when adding an injection of volume. For thicker looking locks, use one of two methods.

  1. Flip your hair upside down and blow dry from roots to tips. This is add a boost to your roots for thicker more voluminous looking hair.
  2. If your hair is prone to tangling, try using a round brush and blow drying outwards to create volume. With both methods, be sure to use heat protection!


Parting can make a huge difference to the overall appearance of your hair. We know… it may be hard to change, but switching this up can add volume and height to your locks! You may even find changing from a middle to side part, or similar, will be more flattering on your face. Changing your parting can also be considered when blow drying your hair. As blow drying in the opposite direction of the way of your hair sits is perfect for adding that boost of volume.



So you’ve added that boost of volume. The next vital step is the products you use! Opt for products that are specifically targeted for volumizing and thickening. However, our favourite trick is trusty dry shampoo! Yep! This product can also be used for adding volume to your hair. Spray into your roots and massage in for an added boost!

Hair Extensions

Our favourite, easiest and most effective way for how to make your hair thicker is ZALA Hair Extensions! For the lazy girls out there, or those who are serious volume lovers, a set of ZALA Hair Extensions will give you the most thick and luscious locks in minutes. No one will ever know you’re cheating your way to thicker hair with ZALA! As our 9 piece sets are 100% Human Remy hair thick right to the very ends, for silky luscious locks for days.

how to make your hair thicker

This beauty has hair for days with her ZALA Clip In Hair Extensions!

As a guide, if your hair is fine thin, a 5 piece set will boost your hair for the most natural look. If your hair is medium yet is only ever flat and limp, go with a 9 piece set. Can’t get enough volume? Try our Quadlux range for super volume and maximum impact for some of the thickest hair extensions available!


Lastly, styling is super important for boosting your locks! If you want to know how to make your hair thicker by styling? Curls are a must! Big voluminous and bouncy curls will give your hair that added volume that will make your locks appear thicker and fuller. Just be sure to apply heat protection before styling your locks! Once you’ve applied your ZALA Clip In Hair Extensions, curl in sections away for the face. Finish with a spritz of hairspray for super voluminous curls!

We hope our guide on how to make your hair thicker gives you the fullest, most voluminous hair you dream of! With thanks to ZALA Clip in Hair Extensions ;) Which of these tricks will you try?

Easy Hairstyles for School

It’s time to head back to school or college. However, rather than dreading your return, we think this is the perfect opportunity to impress with super cute hairstyles! Paired with your ZALA Hair, we’ve come up with these easy hairstyles for school. These looks will have your hair on point and prepared to get back into school!

Easy Hairstyles for School

Messy Bun

easy hairstyles for school

First and probably the most effortless of all, the messy bun. Speaking on behalf of all lazy girls, this is one of the most perfect easy hairstyles for school. Not only will it look super cute, without being too polished, this messy bun will take no longer than a couple minutes. Simply:

  1. Pull up your hair and tie into a ponytail: high or low. 
  2. Start by twisting and wrapping your pony around until you form the shape of your bun.
  3. Bobby pin into place, securing down any untidy sections.
  4. Loosen it up by pulling on your hair. The key is too make your bun look messy, yet in a organised way. We don’t want a slick bun, but also don’t want it too messy for school of course!

Wrap Around Ponytail


For those ponytail lovers or girls who want a more polished look, try this wrap around ponytail. We love this style as it is a unique variation on the classic pony! Want to wear you ZALA Clip In Hair Extensions with this look but not sure how? Be sure to read our blog post to achieve a ponytail with ZALA Hair:

  1.  Start with your extensions already and a basic pony tail
  2. Take a section from the underside of your pony. At this point, if you’re going for the braided option, plait this section before wrapping around.
  3. Wrap around the small section of hair around the base of your ponytail and secure with bobby pins.

Braided Pullback

easy hairstyles for school

This one is definitely our favourite! Perfect if you want to wear your ZALA Hair and show of your locks, yet still make an impression. It’s the perfect alternative for those who can’t decide between an up do or wearing their hair down. And, it gets your hair out of the way!

  1. Start by applying your ZALA Clip In Hair Extensions for instant added volume & length.
  2. Style your extensions and natural hair together. Be sure to use heat protection prior to curling or straightening!
  3. Take two section from either sides of the front of your hair and either braid into a regular plait or fishtail braid.
  4. Once both pieces are braided, secure together with a clear elastic for a super cute braided pullback style.

If you’re still searching for back to school hairspiration, check out these easy hairstyles for school that require no heat!

How will you be styling your hair your first day? We hope these easy hairstyles for school give you all the hair prep you need to impress on your day back. If you’re wearing your ZALA Hair to school, be sure to take photos and post them with #ZALAHAIREXTENSIONS so we can see your shots!


ZALA Hair Extensions Length Guide

At ZALA, we offer a wide variety of lengths, from 14″ all the way to 30″. Catering for all hair types and style preferences. We know what you’re thinking! “Hmm, decisions, decisions…” Need some help choosing the right length of ZALA locks for you? Look no further! We present our complete guide on each ZALA Hair Extensions length!

ZALA hair extensions length


ZALA Hair Extensions Length Guide

ZALA Hair Extensions Length

14 inch sets

Starting off with our shortest length, 14 inches. A 14″ set will sit just above the bust line. If you’ve got naturally short hair, a 14″ set is ideal for achieving the most natural look. This set is also perfect for those with natural hair of a similar length, who require added volume rather than length. This ZALA Hair Extensions length is available in our clip in range!

16 inch sets


Next is our 16 inch sets. This length is a popular shorter/natural looking length that hits around the mid bust area. Keep it subtle and natural by extending your hair to 16 inches. We offer this length in both our clip in and tape hair extension range

20 inch sets

ZALA Hair extensions length

Our most popular, everyday length is our 20″! This length extends your natural hair whilst still looking natural for everyday wear. If you’re of average height, a 20 inch set will be the perfect extension of your natural hair! We love our 20″ length as it provides a natural look and maintains length even when curled. Our 20 inch sets are available in both the clip in and tape in hair extension line.

24 inch sets


For those who love extra length, go for a 24″ set. 24 inches will sit around the waist area, for a luscious amount of length. If you’re looking to have long locks, even whilst curled and styled, go for this set. Our 24″ sets are our second most popular long length and are perfect for taller girls. This length is available in both clip ins and tapes, and is our longest length in our tape hair extension range.

26 inch sets


For serious length lovers, we have our 26″ sets. Ideal for taller customers, or those who want mermaid-like hair, a 26″ set will sit around the hips. Our 26″ sets provide ultimate styling flexibility, as this length can be curled whilst maintaining super long locks.

30 inch sets


And lastly, our 30″ sets - the longest available clip in hair extensions on the market! That’s right! These sets are for serious length lovers and hair obsessers! Can’t get enough length? ZALA Hair Extensions Length 30″ is your solution. Our 30″ sets extend your hair past your hips for the ultimate wow factor.

We hope this guide sheds some light on each ZALA Hair Extensions Length. Which shade will you choose? Don’t forget to tag us in your shots wearing your ZALA locks with #ZALAHAIREXTENSIONS

Glitter Hair: Get the Look

We’ve spotted this latest style across the cat-walk and amongst festival goers. Glitter hair! This trend is perfect for the party or festival season, as nothing’s more fitting for the two than glitter. We’ve compiled the best of glitter hair and how you can rock the trend. Read on to get the look!

glitter hair

Glitter Hair: Inspiration & How to

We’re all familiar with glitter body paint, glitter eyeliner etc. However this new glitter hair craze is a new level of sparkle! We are in love with this super fun look not only for it aesthetics. Glitter hair can also be used to cover up dirty festival hair, perfect for the lazy party girl. Glitter fixes pretty much everything!

The glitter hair trend is so simple and can be worn in so many super creative ways. Most sport the slick back glitter look, whilst some add touches of sparkle throughout their roots.

glitter hair

If you suit your hair back, take on the look with the slick back style. This look is super edgy and runway ready, perfect for any themed or dress up parties. Simply pull your hair back into a ponytail or bun and gel/hairspray into place. Then, with your glitter of choice, sprinkle throughout your locks to create a super pretty, glittery veil. Hairspray again to finish so that sparkle stays in place!

We LOVE this glitter ponytail above! For girls that love to wear their hair down or want to rock their ZALA Hair Extensions, glitter partings are for you! This style won’t sacrifice your whole hair in glitter, yet still adds a touch of shine. You can even take it up a level and add braids in your hair for extra texture. Again, part your hair as you wish, spray along your parting with hairspray and carefully sprinkle over the glitter. This will give the sparkle something to adhere to – make sure to secure in place with a few extra sprays!



And if you’re really daring, we love this variation with gold leaf! So, what do you think of the trend? Super cute or over the top? We’re loving glitter hair at ZALA for the perfect party or festival hairstyle.


Bobby Pin Hacks

It’s safe to say bobby pins are a necessity when it comes to styling your hair! But, did you know there’s a few tips and tricks when it comes to these little hairstyle saviors? No?! We bring you these bobby pin hacks that will revolutionize your bobby pins!

bobby pin hacks

 Bobby Pin Hacks

Do your bobby pins slowly fall out during the day? Helpful hint: The opening of the hook is exact size for the amount of hair a bobby pin should hold. If you’re struggling to make your pins stay in place, this little trick will keep them put! Stop opening the hook to slide into place.This will only force too much hair in your bobby pin therefore it can not properly close. Instead, gently push the pin into your hair without opening both prongs. This’ll also prolong the life of your bobby pins!

Still struggling to make them stay in place? Apply bobby pins using a weaving motion, catching hair from underneath for extra grip. Both these bobby pins will ensure those babies are going no where!

bobby pin hacks

And if you’re bobby pins are still slipping, these bobby pin hacks will lock them in place. Secure those pins with either two haircare products. Hairspray or dry shampoo! By spraying each bobby pin just before application, you’ll create extra grip in your hair. Yay for long past bobby pins!

We bet you won’t be aware of this trick from our list of bobby pin hacks! You’re most likely applying them wrong… Bobby pins are actually supposed to be applied WAVY SIDE DOWN. By applying these hair grips correctly, you’ll be surprised at the difference with both grip and appearance! This will display the flat side of your bobby pin and in turn, make them more discreet in your hair.

bobby pin hacks

I bet we can all relate to the strange disappearance of all bobby pins we’ve ever owned?! Well, if you seem to constantly lose or misplace them, here’s a helpful tip! Store your bobby pins in an old tic tac container or on a magnetic strip. This of all bobby pin hacks is a one of the best! You can even use decorative tape on the container to make it extra pretty.

bobby pin hacks

 We hope we’ve put an end to your struggles with these bobby pin hacks!



Gigi Hadid Hair

Gigi Hadid has recently become a major beauty icon. She’s especially loved over Instagram! It’s no surprise we have a massive hair crush on her creamy, beachy locks! Who wouldn’t be majorly obsessed with that hair?! Luckily, you can get her super dreamy hair, too! ZALA has got your guide on how achieve Gigi Hadid hair ;)

gigi hadid hair

Gigi Hadid Hair


gigi hadid hair

At ZALA, we can’t get enough of Gigi’s super creamy hues of blonde. Her colour is super natural and low-maintenance. Gigi signature shade is golden locks with naturally highlighted blonde throughout. Our Honey Beach Highlights #18/613 will give you that perfect beachy blonde Gigi Hadid hair!


Gigi’s hair always comfortably sits below the bust area. This natural length perfectly compliments her laid-back beachy vibe! For the ultimate Gigi Hadid hair, simply apply at set of our 20″ clip in extensions. This will not only give added volume but extend your hair for natural looking length. You’ll be channeling this beachy babe in no time! Thanks to ZALA Hair Extensions ;)


Gigi’s hair is always luxurious and full of volume. Signified by her lusciously voluminous waves Gigi creates some serious hair envy! If you’re lacking volume, our 9 piece set of clip-in hair extensions are the perfect solution. This added volume will create those dreamy locks we are obsessing over. Apply for instant lusciously thick and full Gigi Hadid hair!

We LOVE these super dreamy waves created with ZALA Hair Extensions Honey Beach Highlights #18/613

We LOVE these super dreamy waves created with ZALA Hair Extensions Honey Beach Highlights #18/613


Gigi Hadid’s hair is always styled in luscious waves. Perfectly matching her laid back personality. Spotted at Coachella, on a photo shoot or on the runway, Gigi’s hair always has that super effortless look.To get her dreamy waves, apply a 20 or 24 inch set of ZALA extensions. Hint: this style works best on 2nd day hair. Once applied, curl together with your natural hair creating loose waves. Brush through finish with hairspray & sea salt spray for added texture! Check her out on Insta for more Gigi Hadid hairspiration!


 And there you have it! Our guide on getting that dreamy Gigi Hadid hair! All with the help of our premium quality 100% Human Hair Extensions. Good luck! And don’t forget to hashtag your photos with #zalahairextensions!

How to Make Hair Extensions Look Natural

When it comes to hair extensions, it’s super important to get it right! Nothing is worse than obvious hair extensions. Not sure how to make hair extensions look natural? Simply read on for how to achieve natural, lovely looking hair extensions with the perfect blend. No one will ever know they’re not your own locks!

how to make hair extensions look natural

Natural looking, long and luscious locks achieved with ZALA Hair Extensions!

How to Make Hair Extensions Look Natural

Tip #1: Invest in quality!

One of the most telltale signs of hair extensions is cheap, bad quality hair. Therefore, it is super important to invest in premium quality hair extensions. This will achieve the most natural looking locks! And, allows you to style, cut and/or dye your extensions for the perfect blend. At ZALA, we only supply the highest grade of 100% Human Remy hair on the market! If you’re wanting to know how to make hair extensions look natural, look no further than ZALA HAIR!

Tip #2: Get the perfect colour match! 

how to make hair extensions look natural

Nothing gives away hair extensions like a bad colour match! Choosing the correct shade is essential in knowing how to make your hair extensions look natural! Fortunately, at ZALA, we have an easy & free colour matching service. If you’re unsure of your colour, we can help! Simply email our team at support@zalacliphairextensions. Or, visit our colour match service form. Attach 2-3 photos in natural lighting and one of the ZALA experts will recommend the perfect shade for you! Be sure to avoid photos with filters or edits! So simply and easy :) Otherwise, check out the full ZALA shade range here.

Tip #3: Choose the right length & thickness!

It’s crucial to know what set will work best with your hair type and length! For thin/fine hair, we suggest our 5 piece sets for seamless blending. Otherwise, if you hair is medium/thick, go for our 9 piece sets. It’s also super important to consider the length of the extensions you choose!

Tip #4: Perfect application!

Once you’ve chosen the perfect set for you, it’s time to for application! It may be obvious, however application is super important for knowing how to make your hair extensions look natural. Check out our application guide for both our 5 piece sets and 9 piece sets.

Tip #5: Fitting!

For the most lovely, natural look, it can be a good option to visit your hair professional! ZALA Hair Extensions blend perfectly fine straight from the pack :) However getting your extensions cut whilst applied in your hair will create a really seamless look. By using specific cutting techniques such as layering, you’ll achieve voluminous long locks that look just like your own!

Tip #6: Styling your extensions! 

And last but not least, always make sure you style your extensions for the most perfect blend. Simply apply your extensions using our guide and style along with your natural hair. Be sure to take extra care to avoid pulling on the wefts. And heat protection is a must! For the most natural looking blend, curls are definitely your go-to style. Check out our blog post on how to curl clip in hair extensions.

With these 6 steps, you’ll have long and luscious locks that look your own! Still struggling on how to make hair extensions look natural? Simply drop our team an email at support@zalacliphairextensions.



DIY Hair Chalk

If you’re familiar with hair chalk, you’ll know it’s a fun way to change up your hair without the commitment. However, hair chalks can be on the expensive side. Which is why we LOVE this super easy way to achieve pastel locks. DIY Hair Chalk! Read on to find out how you can get pink and purple hues at home.

DIY hair chalk


DIY Hair Chalk

If you’re wanting a temporary hues of pastel coloured locks, this super simple DIY hair chalk requires only one tool! Makeup! What we love most is that you can use any colour you wish that might not be available in regular hair chalk shades.

DIY hair chalk

  1. As we are working with colour, be sure to cover your clothes to avoid marks and stains!
  2. Select your desired shade by using an eyeshadow, pigment or blush of your choice.
  3. Start with clean or second day old hair for styling.
  4. Style as desired before applying the product into your hair. This will ensure you are happy with the product and how the colour sits in your hair.
  5. Take a small section of hair and start applying the colour to your locks, just like you would your usual hair chalk. This is done by ‘sandwiching’ the section of hair between the product and your fingers.
  6. Once you have the desired amount of product, brush through to ensure the colour is evenly dispersed. This will also remove any excess pigment!
  7. Repeat until you achieve your desired look! Remember, this will be easiest to achieve a dip-dyed look. Don’t stress if you make a mistake! The best part about this DIY Hair Chalk is that it’s only temporary!
  8. For a multi-tonal effect, you can switch between different shades of your chosen colour with each section of hair.
  9. Once you’re happy with the colour placement, brush through to ensure there is no loose pigment. Spritz your hair with a hairspray to hold the colour in place!
  10. To remove the colour, simply shampoo and condition and the colour will easily rinse out. Unlike hair chalks, this will not stain and will wash out easily in one go!


Keep in mind! This will work best on blondes or those will lighter coloured natural hair! Although, brunettes can achieve a similar effect by using more vivid shades.

This look is perfect for parties, festival or if you fancy changing up your look! Will you be trying this out?! If so, happy colouring! xx




Hair Contouring

You’re probably well aware of face contouring, and even contouring your body! But, have you heard of hair contouring?! Well, put the makeup brushes down. We’re here to explain the trend and how to apply it to your face shape!

hair contouring

Based off the same principles in makeup, this shade and light technique is designed to sculpt the face. The new hair trend aims to use your hair colouring as a way of shaping and defining. According to the developer of the trend, UK stylist Marc Trinder. “Hair contouring is a technique used to sculpt the head and hair shape of the desired look.”

Instead of beauty product, the illusion is created with specific colouring techniques. Hair contouring can be achieved with a combination of colour blocking, highlights or balayage. Sounds pretty simple, right? But, what is the best method of hair contouring for your face shape? ZALA break it down for you.

Don’t know your face shape? Check out our blog post on how to determine your face shape.

Hair Contouring

Round Faces

round shape

If you’re a round shape face girl, the trick to hair contouring for you is to create more definition. Lighter tones applied around the hairline from ear to ear will elongate the face. If you’re concerned about the width of your face, pair this technique with darker shades towards the lengths of the hair.

Oblong Faces

hair contouring

For those with an oblong shaped face, opt for darker tones applied to the root area. This will create the illusion of a shorter looking face. Lighter tones around the sides of the face will be the most flattering for you.

Oval Faces


Are you an oval shape? Lucky you! Oval faces are considered the most versatile, being equally proportioned. Any colour will flatter your oval face! However, to accentuate your shape, be sure to add texture and depth with colour.

Square Faces


As square shaped faces can be strong and defined, contour your face with highlights. This colouring technique will aid in softening the face shape and added dimensions and texture to the hair. Multi-tonal layers around the corners of the face will be super flattering for you!

Heart Faces

hair contouring

The aim of the hair contouring game for heart shape faces is balance. To create a more ovular effect, lighter tones around the jawline will soften the angular shape.

Pair hair contouring with a few makeup techniques, and you’ve got the perfect defined and most flattering look for your face shape! Always keep in mind these are just ideas and suggestions – you should always do what makes you feel the most comfortable! xx