Caring for hair extensions

Maintaining and caring for hair extensions is one of our most frequently asked questions here at the ZALA headquarters. We are known worldwide for our friendly customer service assistance and our gorgeous high grade, triple wefted and double drawn human hair extensions. Whether it’s brushing, styling, storing or washing your ZALA hair extensions, we’ve gathered all of the quickest tips and tricks on washing, maintaining and caring for hair extensions. Read on below for further info!


caring for hair extensions

Caring for hair extensions


1) Brushing and shedding: caring for hair extensions

Brushing your hair extensions and caring for hair extensions is so important in maintaining the high grade quality of the extensions as it keeps the hair feeling silky and fresh by ensuring no stray hairs are laying tangled throughout the set of extensions. This excess hair can also be referred to as “shedding”. Shedding is very normal with hair extensions, just like your own hair. Some shedding is to be expected when you first open up your set and brush it through in the first one or two wears however this should slow down from then on. It is due to excess hair which was not 100% secured in the making. Although we allow for 3-5% hair loss in the weight of your set – in the exact same way your natural hair would shed on a normal day.


caring for hair extensions

Brushing hair


2) Washing hair extensions

ZALA hair extensions can be washed, just like any other high quality hair extensions. Please note that washing does shorten the life of extensions as they are not receiving the natural oils from the roots and scalp like your natural hair would do so. Here at ZALA, we recommend a wash to be done on your ZALA set once every four months. This will help sustain the health and quality of the hair, while not using too much product on it too frequently at the same time. A great product to increase the longevity of your hair extensions would definitely be any gentle and nourishing sulphate free and pro moisture shampoo or conditioner. This will ensure moisture and silkiness is divided evenly throughout the hair extensions.



caring for hair extensions

Washing hair


3) Styling hair extensions

The styling methods you are using on your set of ZALA hair extensions will always plays a significant part towards the quality of the set. Caring for hair extensions is extremely important. As the excessive use of a hair straightener, hair dryer or curling wand will result in unwanted damage to the hair leaving split ends, matting, excessive shedding and may also result in a slight colour change (due to heat damage). Braiding your hair extensions or wearing them in a low ponytail will always be two of the healthiest and safest hair styles for your ZALA hair extensions as you will not be using any harsh heat styling tools on the hair. You may also like to try curling your hair once very neatly so that the next few times that you use your hair extensions, the curls will have dropped slightly – causing a wavy effect.


caring for hair extensions

Styling hair


4) Storing hair extensions

When storing your ZALA hair extensions, always ensure that you have brushed through the hair, leaving them fresh and tangle free before you begin packing them away for storage. Also make sure your hair is completely dry before you store them. This is because they will not dry properly (causing them to kink) and will also result in an unpleasant odour if stored away while still wet. Always ensure that the hair extensions you are storing are being stored in a cool dry and dark place as too much exposure to sunlight can cause in a lighter colour change to the set of extensions. Storing inside a wardrobe or cupboard in a flat position will keep them looking as natural as possible.


caring for hair extensions

Storing hair


Quick and easy hairstyles

Running late to work or school? We understand! Beat the everyday morning rush of finding an outfit for the day and brushing and straightening those messy locks with these quick and easy hairstyles perfect for a day at school or the office! The ZALA team have come up with these super cute hair do’s for girls with all hair types, including long, short, curly or straight. Keep reading below for step by step instructions and a tutorial for how to complete these gorgeous quick and easy hairstyles.

Quick and easy hairstyles: The low pony wrap

We LOVE this photo and not just because it’s Beyonce.. this super easy and comfortable hairstyle is a perfect hair for a hot summery day. Keep your hair looking fresh with this cool wrap-around styled pony which can be worn beautifully with medium to long length hair.

1. Tie your hair up into a low ponytail using a secure hair tie.

2. Take one long strand from the ponytail you have just made and wrap it around so that it covers the entire hair tie.

3. Slip the ends of the strand behind and underneath the hair tie. (You can also use a bobby pin to keep this part secure)

five quick and easy hair styles

Low pony wrap

The bohemian braid

This super chic bohemian-style braid is perfect for those summer days spent outside enjoying the weather. Isabel Lucas works this easy-to-manage hair do with the perfect blend of balayage at the ends of her hair. Use this super chic bohemian braid as an easy to do hairstyle perfect for summer.

1. Messily curl the medium to long ends of your hair, running a brush or comb through the end once curled for a perfect messy and dropped curl look.

2. Part your hair in the middle or wherever you prefer your part to sit, taking the longest strand starting from where the part starts, twisting it back with a bobby pin.

3. You can also use more bobby pins on the other side of your hair to hold back any loose bits.

five quick and easy hairstyles

Bohemian Braid

We hope you have enjoyed this easy guide for quick and easy hairstyles! Please visit here for more info on styling.

How to style hair extensions

Styling your own hair extensions can be quite a tricky and stressful task, especially if you are getting ready for a night out and aren’t too sure how to achieve the right look suited to your styling preferences. When trying to figure out how to style hair extensions, the ideas are endless. Whether you prefer bouncy curls, mermaid waves, cute up-dos or sleek and straight tresses, we’ve put together a few tips and tricks on how to achieve the most popular hairstyles and how to style hair extensions.

how to style hair extensions

Styling hair extensions

Tips and tricks: How to style hair extensions

Tease it tall!

Clip in hair extensions are great when it comes to big volume made by teasing your hair. Be confident in teasing your hair by buying a set of clip in hair extensions that you can use as extra volume if your hair is fine and thin. Give yourself glam, voluminous hair by teasing the hair around the crown of your head and taming it so that it sits accordingly with your natural hair and the extensions, blending thoroughly.

how to style hair extensions

Teased hair

Wonderful waves of hair

When asked how to style hair extensions, our favourite recommendation is always a curling wand or straightener. You can create endless amounts of hair styles including waves and curls by the correct use of a heat styling tool. Blend your natural highlights through your extensions with something wild and wavy!

how to style hair extensions

Wild and wavy

The cute and simple up-do

Be creative and instead of the usual curls, straighten your set of extensions (making sure they blend correctly with your also straightened natural hair) and apply them backwards into the hair, then tie up your hair into a high ponytail up do. Use a stylish boho head chain by ZALA for the ultimate elegant and draped effect. This will give you the perfect Rapunzel hair every girl dreams of!

how to style hair extensions

Dyed and daring

Don’t be afraid.. Be daring and different! Style your new set of hair extensions buy using a brightly or pastel coloured wash out dye such as fairy pink, lavender or minty green for a quirky dip-dye hair do perfect on a set of our Ice Queen Platinum Blonde hair extensions. You will be the centre of attention when your bright hair colour pops against your natural shade, attracting the eyesight of everyone around you.

how to style hair extensions

Dyed and daring

Silky and straight

Last but not least, and probably the most popular – Nothing compliments hair extensions more than a beautiful sleek and straight hair do. Show off those long gorgeous tresses by straightening your own hair as well as your hair extensions and wearing them out long silky and straight. Everyone wants silky straight hair!

how to style hair extensions

Silky and straight

For more info on how to style hair extensions, please watch the video below!




How to fix damaged hair

Here at ZALA, we understand the ongoing struggle of not being able to achieve your favourite hairstyles due to dry, unruly and frizzy hair. Dull and lifeless hair are the unfortunate results of over styling or excessive heat damage, including a poor diet! Keep your hair tamed, beautiful and under your control by following our five greatest tips on how to fix damaged hair.

 What causes hair damage?

The three most common causes of damaged hair include the excessive use of the flat iron, blow drying, bleaching and colouring. The heat in a hair straightener or blow dryer effect the hair by changing the hydrogen bonds which hold the hair together, causing it to appear dull and lifeless. Bleaching and over colouring damage the cuticle of the hair by the chemicals involved removing all natural and existing pigment.

how to fix damaged hair

Blow dryer causing heat damage


Five ways for how to fix damaged hair

1. Don’t wash your hair too often

Washing your hair daily will dry your hair out and will not give your hair the opportunity to produce your own natural oils your hair requires to stay healthy. Try washing it three times a week, it will improve your hair’s overall health within days.

2. Wash your hair with lukewarm or cold water

Washing your hair with only lukewarm or cold water creates flat hair shafts, causing a shiny and glossy appearance throughout your hair. Sometimes constant hot water can be too harsh!

how to fix damaged hair

Wash hair in lukewarm water

3. Stop using heat styling products

Learn to start treating your hair gently by reducing the use of heat styling products such as hair straighteners/irons, curling wands, and blow dryers. This sizzles the hair and causes excessive and unwanted dryness – stopping your hair from looking its healthiest.

4. Get a regular trim

Getting a trim every so often on your damaged split ends will help your hair achieve greater results over time. Cutting off the split ends ensures the hair will always look healthy and replenished – and will even make the hair appear like it is growing at quite a rapid rate.

5. Start using healthy products on your hair

Nothing will make your hair happier than a good protein treatment and/or natural oil applied to provide moisture and to help rebuild your hair’s natural keratin. You can also make your own homemade deep conditioning treatments such as the egg, coconut oil, olive oil and honey treatment to repair and restore moisture in dry, damaged hair. Just blend all ingredients and apply to wet hair, then leave overnight!


how to fix damaged hair

Honey and coconut oil

We hope this post has helped your on your journey to beautiful healthy hair. For more info on hair care products that will help you with how to fix damaged hair, please visit our hair care page here.






Hair styles for long hair

Here they are, the highly anticipated top hair styles for long hair. Maintaining and styling long hair can be quite a difficult task, and the ideas and styling techniques are endless. Through a bit of consistent researching, we’ve gathered a few of the latest and greatest hair styles for long hair. Here at ZALA, we’ve put together a few simple tips and techniques to get you practicing new hair styles for long hair just in time for this year’s summer season.

Benefits of long hair

Long hair is great in that you are entitled to a substantial amount of different styling techniques to play with – take full advantage of all the different looks and styles you are able to create using your long flowing locks of hair. And for the girls with too many curls, forget using that harsh straightener everyday and grow out your hair! The longer and heavier the hair, the more your curls will drop and hair will straighten out. Read on below for further ideas great for hair styles for long hair. Be the envy of every girl this summer with long beautiful tresses. You can also create this gorgeous look with some of our extra thick, triple wefted, 100% human remy hair here at ZALA hair. 

Hair styles for long hair:

1) The messy side braid

Side braids are great in that they create a seemingly effortless look of glamour – A tip for creating the perfect braid is to tease your hair for the ultimate amount of hair volume before you start to braid it.

hair styles for long hair

Side braid

2) The sock bun

The sock bun is a perfect way to cool down over summer with all that long hair lifted up off the back of the neck. Create a classy, elegant top knot perfect for beating the summer heat.

hair styles for long hair

Sock Bun


3) The perfect pony

This super simple and sleek ponytail is ideal for anyone after that slight change from long flowing hair always messy and tangled. Use a styling tool such as a hair straightener for the straightest tresses perfect for wrapping around the bundled hair and creating your sleekest pony up-do.

hair styles for long hair

Perfect Ponytail


4) The up & down

This look is perfect for those indecisive girls who can’t pick between the hair up or hair down hairstyle – Try both! This rapunzel inspired “up & down” hair style has a princess perfect effect and takes little to no extra maintenance once all tied up.

hair styles for long hair

Up & Down


5) Mermaid waves

Mermaid waves are perfect for this year’s summer season, and are quite easy to make using a hair straightener or simple curling wand. Loosen the curls with your fingers and then use a little hairspray over the top for the ultimate beachy mermaid tresses.

hair styles for long hair

Mermaid Waves


Below we’ve included a short two minute video with instructions on how to create the perfect sock bun. Enjoy!





How to fix a bad hair day

Here at ZALA, we’ve agreed to all having experienced those bad hair days where our hair just won’t cooperate. Whether your hair is too oily, messy, dry, flat, or too frizzy, we’ve got the perfect tips for you. Enjoy waking up everyday knowing your hair is going to shine and prosper. We’ve come up with 5 easy tips that’ll teach you just how to fix a bad hair day.

Why do we have bad hair days?

Bad hair days are usually caused by the condition of your hair on that day. This could be the changes in your hormone levels and also the humidity of the weather. Believe it or not, but even excessive use of shampoo or conditioner, hair styling products such as gels, sprays, hair straighteners and hair dryers can cause your hair to be too difficult to style.

So, how do we prevent it?: How to fix a bad hair day

All factors such as weather, sleeping patterns, and all round styling methods can be the main cause of your bad hair days. The ZALA team have taken a close study to the wide variety of hair types, style preferences and lifestyle and have come up with five great ways for how to fix a bad hair day. Keep reading for further info on how to fix a bad hair day.

1) Accessorise:

One of the greatest ways to get rid of those bad hair days are our cute and sweet hair accessories we use from day to day. Use a stand-out hair accessory like a diamante hair drop or a simple headband to draw the focus away from the condition of your hair in seconds. Visit our ZALA hair accessory page here for all the latest trends in hair accessories.

how to fix a bad hair day

ZALA flower head crown

2) Dry Shampoo:

Dry shampoo is a great way to get rid of that irritating oiliness that occurs throughout the roots of the hair. This happens when the hair is not washed as often. Spray a little to the roots of your hair and watch your hair turn to fresh and dry within seconds!

how to fix a bad hair day

Results of dry shampoo

3) Straighten your hair:

The best way to get out those bed-time hair kinks is your trusty hair straightener. While we sleep, the friction and constant tossing and turning can cause hair to flatten and stiffen in certain positions. Use a straightener to press out those kinks to achieve a freshly styled look.

how to fix a bad hair day

Straighten our your kinks

4) Braid it:

What better way to hide that unnecessary frizz and flatness than a cute girly braid! Braids are great for medium to long hair and can be done using various styles and techniques. You can turn a bad hair day into the best hair day with a beautiful princess braid, flowing through your hair.

how to fix a bad hair day

Hair braid


5) Hair extensions:

Last but not least – hair extensions! Have a fantastic hair day with a glamorous set of our ZALA clip in hair extensions. Add to the length of your hair by choosing one of our 20/24/26/30″ sets. Go from boring to beautiful with one of these great volume additions to your hair. We can guarantee you’ll never have to look up how to fix a bad hair day again!



Summer shades

Summer is almost here! Why not enjoy your summer holiday season celebrating the year’s end with a crazy new hair do?  Here at ZALA, we’ve come up with our most popular 2014 summer shades that’ll turn heads all through the summer season. Read on for the latest updates in our hair extension range and our most popular summer shades.

The blondes: Lighten up!

Honey Beach Highlights #18/613: A lot of winter blondes have trouble finding a new hair colour for the summer season as it rolls around. But not to fear, we have the perfect styling suggestions for you. Highlights! Beach blonde highlights in already honey blonde hair are perfect for giving you that extra glow this summer. Go with our Honey Beach Highlights #18/613 to achieve this look.

summer shades

Honey Beach Highlights #18/613

Ice Queen Platinum Blonde #60: Don’t be afraid to go the extra mile; Platinum is a very cool toned blonde perfect for dip-dying with bright summer shades such as pastel pinks and greens. You can achieve the ultimate summer-white shade with our Ice Queen Platinum Blonde #60.

summer shades

Ice Queen Platinum Blonde #60


Brunettes: Warm, rich tones

Rich Mocha Brown #4: Be different this summer and go for something unpredictable. A warm mocha brown is perfect for you if you’re looking for something a little lighter than dark brown hair but still wish to be a brunette! Nothing too drastic but a great way to bring our your skin tones in summer. Try out our Rich Mocha Brown #4.


summer shades

Rich Mocha Brown #4

Snickers #4/12: A sweet sweet chocolate dream! For those after more of a stand-out brunette and blonde blend, our Snickers #4/12 is perfect for you. Combining beautiful rich brown tones and warm blonde summer shades, this colour is designed to keep your hair in trend all year round.

summer shades

Snickers #4/12


Pitch Black: Dark and daring

Jet Black #1: No one will see this coming! What better way to contradict the light summer shades and hues then go for a drastic dark change to black. Nothing makes a sun kissed tan stand out more than cool onyx tones against your skin. The sun will bounce off your hair and capture all your hair’s natural shine with our Jet Black #1.

summer shades

Jet Black #1

 A Cherry Glow: Vibrant and blushing

Burgundy Red #99J: Go for our deep ruby shade Burgundy Red #99J for the ultimate scarlet summer look perfect for channeling your inner mermaid. Here at ZALA, we encourage all colours and shades perfect for a hot summery day. Red is gorgeous!

summer shades

Burgundy Red #99J


Our top three summer shades

ZALA’s favourite summer shades are our Honey Beach Highlights, Jet Black and Burgundy Red! We love how unique and easy each shade is to acquire for this year’s summer season. Get the latest trends in hair and more info on length and shades here.









10 Tips for Healthy Hair

Hair is an important part of the human body and believe it or not, judging by the life of our hair we are able to tell what we are doing right and wrong healthwise. Diet and lifestyle are major contributing factors to the way our hair grows and shines. We have come up with 10 tips for healthy hair that we swear by. Follow these 10 tips for healthy hair for the best possible results that will leave you and your hair happy for a lifetime.

The Contributing factors: Diet

Our hair is an exceptional declaration of our internal health. The same way a shiny coat would specify a healthy animal, also indicates a healthy person. Our hair is constantly growing and requires a combination of nutrients to support strength and shine. If the correct protein and and nutrients are not being taken then our hair will be the first to show. Dull hair with a substantial amount of breakages and oily/dry roots are signs of unhealthiness. Some of the must have requirements within our diets for healthy hair include protein, essential fatty acids (fats), vitamin c, beta carotene, silica and magnesium. Diet plays a vital part in understanding 10 tips for healthy hair.


10 tips for healthy hair

A Healthy Diet For Hair

10 tips for healthy hair

Beautiful, shiny hair


Our lifestyles play a huge part in the overall well-being and health of our hair. Bad habits like smoking and excessive heat damage are two major impacting factors that can create unhealthy hair. Smoking and stress having been linked to baldness means that the chemicals and toxins that make their way into the skin and hair follicles creates slower growth and hair thinning.

Heat damage and excessive dying and bleaching is by far the most common reason for unhealthy hair among most women. Excessive blow drying and hair straightening without heat protector will create severely heat-damaged hair. Cutting down on heat damage, hair supplements and a correct diet are always useful in promoting a healthier shine again. Read below as we list 10 tips for healthy hair to get you back on track with gorgeous shiny locks.

10 tips for healthy hair

Heat damaged hair

10 Tips for Healthy Hair

1) Supplements – Silica, spirulina and vitamin C capsules are great for promoting growth and sustaining a healthier shine through your hair.

2) Treatments and conditioners – Frequently using a hair treatment or organic conditioner on the hair are great ways to keep your hair extra silky.

3) Sleeping method – The satin pillow is important in stopping unwanted friction throughout your hair while you are asleep and unaware of your movements.

4) Brushing – Regularly brushing your hair is a very underrated technique to contribute towards hair growth. Brushing the hair and untangling unwanted knots promotes growth on the hair by the subtle pulling on the hair follicles.

5) Heat damage – Curling, straightening, blow-drying and dying the hair are great ways to change our looks as the seasons pass, especially when fashion and trends are always changing. However, over styling and over heating the hair is extremely unnecessary and causes extreme heat damage. Try letting your hair flow naturally for a week, no straightener, no hair dryer, and a minimal amount of product in the hair (not too many washes) is a great way to temporarily sustain your hair’s health.

6) Diet –  Eat lots of protein, magnesium and vitamin C infused foods for the best hair results.

7) Regular trims – Taking a frequent trip to the hairdresser for a quick trim will eventually take your hair through leaps and bounds in the growth department.

8) Hairstyles – Some people may or may not be aware but some of your hairstyle choices play a part in your hair’s health. Avoid tightly pulled ponytails and slick hair straightened locks and try more loose braids and plaits for the ultimate results.

9) Hair accessories – Although it may be easiest to jump out of bed and slip a simple rubber band on your hair, try investing in specially designed elastic hair bands that won’t cut into the hair causing breakage and knots.

10) Last but not least, drink up! Water is very underestimated in it’s healing abilities once it comes to hair. A cold water rinse will leave your hair nice and glossy and ready to go about your day. Water also reinforces vitamin consumption and helps efficient hair growth. Try drinking at least two litres of water a day and watch your hair gleam with happiness!

We hope these 10 tips for healthy hair has increased your knowledge on simple hair care.


10 tips for healthy hair

Hair tips

 A Few Extra Tips for Healthy Hair Extensions

1) Here at ZALA, our hair extensions are made of 100% human remy hair meaning they can be washed. However, washing hair extensions can shorten the life of them as they do not receive natural oils from the roots and scalp. Try to avoid washing them more than once every three months.

2) Although we allow for 5% shedding in the weights of our sets, always brush the extensions thoroughly to avoid excessive and unwanted shedding.

3) Always be sure to store your extensions in a flat dry place also avoiding sunlight.


For further information regarding ZALA clip in hair extension FAQ’S, please click here!


Hair care routine for long and healthy hair:

Ombre vs balayage

Ombre vs balayage hair. The battle is on! Ombre and balayage have been two of the biggest rising trends in hair since 2011. Each technique usually portrays a similar result, however the two techniques are entirely different. We discuss how to achieve both of these trends, how effective each technique is and which is more popular. Read on to find out more about ombre vs balayage and how ZALA can help you achieve a similar look with our balayage clip in hair extensions.

So who’s who? : Ombre

Ombre refers to the lightening of the hair, fading from a dark colour at the very roots to a lighter shade at the ends. Ombre is usually a very striking technique and stands out among other hair colours as it grabs attention and the colour change is usually very drastic. Ombre is also popular using bright and flamboyant rainbow colours such as green and blue. This also includes other pastel shades such as lilac and fairy floss (purple and pink). Below are a few images of ombre hair to give you the right idea.

ombre vs balayage

Pink Ombre

ombre vs balayage

Blue Ombre

So who’s who? : Balayage

Balayage – (French,) meaning “to sweep” is perfect for those looking for a new hair style with little to no up-keep. The easy to manage and no maintenance for this hair style means a summery glow in your hair all year round. Balayage is when a colourist uses sweeping techniques with the brush when colouring hair to achieve a natural sunkissed look without any drastic or uneven line between the two tones in the hair. Balayage is beautiful in that it is more of a very subtle and gradual dark to light change, hence it’s popularity. Below are some images that suggest the balayage hair trend.

ombre vs balayage

Brown Balayage

ombre vs balayage

Caramel Balayage

Ombre VS Balayage

Many people are undecided on whether ombre or balayage is best for their hair. The two differences between the shades you want in your hair may help you determine this result. The darker the hair, the easier it is to achieve the ombre look. You can go from the darkest roots and lighten the ends with bright and crazy colours if you are looking for that head-turning hair style. However, if you know you are after a more gradual and subtle change from shade to shade, balayage sounds like the perfect choice for you. Some people want lighter ends of hair but with a more natural effect.

What we offer at ZALA

Here at ZALA, we offer all different shades of ombre and balayage. Burnt Toffee #1B/12, Cocoa Toffee #2/12, Vanilla Mocha #4/613 and Cocoa & Red Wine #2/99J for those more daring people after the ombre effect. Rum & Raisin #1B/4, Chocolate Swirl #2/6, Caramel Slice #6/12 and Cheesecake #12/613 for those balayage fans looking for more gradual results.

We hope this insight on ombre vs balayage has helped you on your colour journey on achieving the best possible results for ombre and balayage hair.

DIY Balayage and Ombre:





Summer Balayage

The summer balayage effect has been the one of the biggest trends in hair for the past four years. Whether you’re after the drastic brown to beach blonde look, or more of a gradual brown to caramel balayage, you’ve come to the right place. Here at ZALA, we show you how to achieve the perfect summer balayage.

summer balayage

The Summer Balayage Effect

Why Balayage?

Summer balayage is great if you want that ultra sun-kissed look without the high maintenance of a blonde or honey caramel shade in your hair. If you’re okay with the ‘grown-out roots’ look, summer balayage is great for you. With Summer just around the corner, brighten up the ends of your chestnut brown hair with some warm caramel and honey blonde tones. This will give you a perfect everyday beachy glow.

Summer Balayage: How?

Depending on how dark your hair is, there are easy and effective DIY ways to achieve this natural summer balayage look. However, the darker your hair, the harder it becomes to achieve those cooler blonde tones in your hair. Here at ZALA, we would recommend an appointment with a professional colourist if you have black to dark brown hair. This will enable a subtle and gradual change from a dark to a cool tone. A summer balayage should not require bleach depending on the shade you want to go.

Who does it best?

Our favourite celebs famous for their balayage locks include the likes of Khloe Kardashian, Mila Kunis and Lauren Conrad. Khloe’s hair goes from a rich brown to a beautiful caramel blend. Mila’s hair is a darker chocolate brown that blends into a warm toned brown whereas Lauren’s beautiful caramel roots slightly change to a nice beach blonde tone.

summer balayage

Khloe Kardashian

summer balayage

Mila Kunis

summer balayage

Lauren Conrad

Achieve these beautiful summer balayage effects with our beautiful and highly popular balayage range.