Best store for good hair extensions in AUS?

What defines good hair extensions?

There are a few key aspects to defining good hair extensions:

  • The quality of the hair itself. Making sure you find 100% human hair is important. This will ensure the longevity of the extensions and will guarantee natural looking hair. The term Remy hair is thrown around in the hair extension industry. Steering towards hair extensions advertising as Remy hair can be very beneficial. This means that all the hair used in going in the same direction, giving it a nice natural texture.

    clip in good hair extensions

    Long hair is great.. But thick long hair is beautiful. Don’t settle for less than 150gr sets of thick hair extensions… Visit for the thickest , silky soft hair extensions in Australia.

  • There are alternatives to human hair, Synthetic hair or blends. These have a strong reputation of not being good hair extensions. They cannot be heat styled, coloured or washed which limits your options on wearing them.

    “ZALA sells more than just good hair extensions, they are amazing. With free express post Australia wide and a money back guarantee on all their extensions, what have you got to lose? Remember.. There is no compromise for quality” 

Weight / Thickness of good hair extensions

  • Weight/ Value: Another vital point on finding good hair extensions is the weight. We cannot emphasis this enough. Many, many companies and brands advertise their extensions as “the best hair on the market” or “cheapest hair extensions” however we advise you read the weight for each one. You may think you are saving $20-$50 on your set of hair extensions however if they only weigh 120 grams, then you are not getting value for money and most likely will need to buy a second set!
    good hair extensions

    ZALA believe in selling more than just good hair extensions. They sell amazing sets.20 iches of human remy hair for $139.99 with FREE express delivery. Visit our store and order online now, we ship AUS wide and also worldwide.
    You can see the thickness right to the very ends of the extensions

    ZALA hair extensions are 220gr 9 piece sets and are well known for their thickness and quality. Visit the ZALA hair store and see their range of products available online.

  • What weight is right for me? Be on the Look out for weights of 180grams plus. This will be a full head of good hair extensions and will help to ensure they blend well with your natural hair. If you have very thick hair look out for brands that offer 200- 240 grams as this will give you perfect volume and no line between your natural hair and your extensions. Inquiring about the clips used on clip in hair extensions will work in your favour. Girls are paying all their attention to the colour and ads yet ignoring the little things that really seperate good hair extensions from amazing hair e 
  • australian good hair extensions

    At ZALA, all our sets are extra thick. Don’t fall for cheap 100gr sets. We sell 150gr or 220gr sets. You get the care of industry professionals when you buy hair extensions from ZALA.

  • Clips: Ask customer service team what the clips are like in their sets. Are they metal or plastic? Is there a silicone backing? How big are they? Etc. What you should be looking for is small sized clips about 2-2.5cm long. They should preferably be plastic and not metal and a silicone backing helps protect the hair and also helps it grip. ZALA hair extensions are discreet stainless steel with silicon backings.
    thickness of good hair extensions

    Before and after of a girl wearing ZALA Burgundy Red hair extensions 20 inches. You can see from the photo how important it is too have thick sets of hair extensions

Matching your colour:
The last thing you want is your hair to be a different shade to your hair extensions. Choosing a company who is happy to help you select your right shade could pay off a lot in the long run.  Having a wide colour range and colour matching service can guarantee you find the right shade of good hair extensions. This is also a reason to choose good hair extensions made of human hair. If  there is changes that need to be made to the colour, you have the flexibility to do so by dying.

To have your colour matched by an industry professional visit the ZALA colour match page



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