Denim Hair: Colour Trend

2016 has already brought us so many colour trends to obsess over. The latest being denim hair! Yep, that’s right! The new hue is reminiscent of all shades of denim. Read on for some serious colour inspiration and everything you need to know about demin hair <3

Denim Hair: Colour Trend

denim hair Just like denim, the trend comes in all different hues and styles. Some dark, some light, we’ve even seen denim ombre! The denim hair trend basically encompasses stonewash greys, indigo’s and faded blues. We are lusting over the denim hair trend as the possibilities are endless!

 This new colour trend is gracing the locks of girls all over social media. Denim hair is perfect for those who want to have coloured locks, without going too vibrant and bold. We love the dulled down hues of denim to create a super edgy look.

Whether you love deep blues or pastel greys, denim locks are seriously eye-catching! At ZALA we are obsessed with this statement making hue. Of course, this shade is most easily achieved for you blondies out there! However brunettes shouldn’t shy away completely! Darker locks will create the perfect base for deep denim hues <3

If you love the look but don’t want to commit to the colour. Hair Extensions are the perfect solution! ZALA Hair Extensions are 100% Human Remy Hair which means you can safely dye them your perfect denim hue! Our Ice Queen Platinum Blonde #60 is perfect for colouring as it has the brilliant ashy tones you need to get the look. Not only will a set of ZALA’s add colour, they’ll lengthen & volumize your tresses too! To blend your natural hair with the extensions, simply use a hair chalk in your desired hue and the look is complete!


What are your thoughts on the denim hair trend? We LOVE the look at ZALA <3 Let us know which shade of denim you’d go for. And don’t forget to tag us in your shots wearing your ZALA denim locks with #zalahairextensions

False Eyelashes vs Eyelash Extensions

Let’s talk lashes! In particular, False Eyelashes vs Eyelash Extensions! Although both create similar results, the two are VERY different in technique, cost and maintenance. Read on for our full false eyelashes vs eyelash extensions comparison!

false eyelashes vs eyelash extensions


false eyelashes vs eyelash extensions


False eyelashes can be applied at home within minutes! The ease of applying falsies makes them the most popular lash extension method on the market. Simply choose your pair, cut to fit & glue! Read our super helpful guide on exactly how to apply falsies HERE.

Eyelash extensions are much more complex in application. They must be applied by a professional. Each lash is individually applied at a lash salon and the whole process usually takes 1 – 2 hours. The application is very detailed, as each individual hair is applied with a semi-permanent bonding adhesive.


As there are so many types of false eyelashes available, the price does vary depending on the quality of lash you purchase. From synthetic to human lashes, mink to silk lashes. You can buy lashes in bulk calculating each pair to be only a couple dollars. Whereas a higher quality lash such as mink or silk should cost you around $25 a pair.

Of course with eyelashes extensions the technique is much more complex. Therefore one application will cost around $125. This also does depend on the look you want to achieve, as more full and glamorous looks will up the price. As these are a semi-permanent method of lash extensions, keep in mind the cost of infills, too!

false eyelashes vs eyelash extensions

So much fluffiness! ZALA Lash Romance 100% 3D Mink Lashes <3


Falsies are not worn long enough to require maintenance, therefore the upkeep of falsies is very minimal. The perfect way to add volume and length to your lashes without the commitment. All that is required is application, removal and safe storage. Super simple! In saying that, the better you look after your lashes, the longer they will last! Did you know, ZALA Lash Romance lashes last up to 25 reapplications?!

On the other hand, eyelash extensions require much more maintenance as they are semi-permanent. Proper maintenance is a must with eyelash extensions for long lasting results. With lash extensions, beauty products & cleansers containing oil must be avoided. It is also recommended to avoid wearing mascara with extensions. If proper care is not taken, this can cause premature shedding or even damage to your natural lashes. This may be a decider for some when weighing up false eyelashes vs eyelash extensions!


Once applied correctly with a good quality adhesive, they are very durable on the eye! Although, falsies are of course designed for temporary results. Cheap quality lashes often last only 1-2 applications. Whereas high quality 100% Human & Mink Lashes are very durable, lasting up to 25 applications! However, they cannot be worn to bed, whilst swimming or for an extended period at one time.

fasle eyelashes vs eyelash extensions

Whereas eyelashes extensions typically last 4-6 weeks once applied, with infills required. Hence, lash extensions are perfect for those who desire more permanent results. These are also ideal for those who wear very minimal makeup or who have naturally spare or small lashes. Although lash extensions provide longer lasting results, they are a MUCH more delicate method. Keep in mind the lash area must be handled with EXTRA care, as shedding is expected.


Lastly, results! Due to it’s complex & delicate process, eyelash extensions are perfect for creating an ultra natural look. Eyelash extensions are designed to perfectly fit the shape of your eye, as well as the curl of your natural lashes. Individual lashes are applied very close to the lash line, therefore there is no visible strip or band creating a seamless look.

On the other hand, false eyelashes have been known to appear obvious and unnatural. But, don’t be discouraged by cheaper quality falsies! Materials such as human hair & mink hair are designed to replicate the look, feel and texture of natural lashes. These higher quality materials create the same effect as eyelashes extensions in minutes & at a fraction of the price!

The ZALA Lash Romance offers a full range of 100% Human and 100% Mink lashes to create a natural, feathery appearance. Our 100% Mink 3D lashes are super fluffy and voluminous! False eyelashes are also great as they come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from barely there to ultra bold sets. The ZALA Lash Romance range offers 8 unique styles, perfect for every look and each occasion.

So, what type of lashes do you love? Let us know who you think wins the battle of false eyelashes vs eyelash extensions! We think false lashes are a winner at ZALA! Who couldn’t resist the most fluffy, voluminous lashes in minutes with ZALA Lash Romance? <3 Shop our full range of premium quality lashes HERE for limited intro prices!

ZALA Cosmo Curling Wand Set

SURPRISE! This new addition to the ZALA range has been kept a secret! But, we are now so excited to finally announce the ZALA Cosmo Curling Wand set! That’s right! These babies are now online and available to purchase. And, what we love most about this product – it’s a 5 in 1 curling wand <3 Interchangeable barrels of all different shapes and sizes to create a variety of curls. 

curling wand set

ZALA Cosmo Curling Wand set – 5 in 1 Curling Wand

We couldn’t be more happy to introduce the Cosmo Wand to ZALA. The team have specially designed this amazing 5 in 1 deluxe curling wand set safe to use on your ZALA’s! Why is this do it all tool so perfect for ZALA Hair Extensions? We’ve created a styling tool with adaptable temperature control! This means the Cosmo Wand is ideal for fragile & colour treated hair, too!

curling wand set

This luxury curling wand sets comes with 5 interchangeable heads to suit every look! Each creates a unique curl which is what we love about the Cosmo Wand. Super easy to use, perfect for the beginner or curl expert! Adjust the temperature to suit your styling needs from 80°C (176°F) up to 210°C (410°F). The sleek, tourmaline infused barrels lock in moisture and adds shine to any curl. We’ve specially designed the Cosmo Wand with frizz control technology, to ensure you have the most defined, dreamy curls ever <3

curling wand set

To celebrate our Cosmo Wands, we’ve treated our ZALA babes to special intro prices! $139.99 AU & $99 US. Click HERE and enter the code COSMO10 to receive an additional $10AU off at checkout. We’ve got our US customers covered with the option of a USA adapter plug, too!

curling wand set

Luxury curling wand set

So, what barrels come with the ZALA Cosmo Curling Wand Set?

  • 1 x 9-18mm wand
  • 1 x 25mm wand
  • 1 x 32mm wand
  • 1 x beaded 25mm wand
  • 1 x spiral 32mm wand

Each wand is super easy to attach, use & remove. We’ve opted for clipless heads which means you can change your wand in seconds! And, the tangle-free cord has a 360 swivel head for the most convenient use. It’s as simple as push to release & pull to remove!

curling wand set

Never let anyone dull your curls with the ZALA Cosmo Curling Wand Set! Hop online today to get your hands on this ultimate styling set at special intro prices! Be sure to show us your curl creations by using the hashtag #zalacosmowand <3

ZALA Cosmo Wand – ZALA Hair Extensions





How to Care for Hair Extensions in Summer

With summer weather in full force, it’s important to ensure you’re giving your extensions a little TLC. Sun, salt and water are just a few factors that can wreak havoc on not only our natural hair, but your clip in’s too! So, we’ve put together our guide on how to care for Hair Extensions in Summer to have beautiful clip ins all summer long.


how to care for hair extensions in summer

  1. Don’t get your extensions wet! This may or may not be obvious, but its the most important tip for how to take care of hair extensions in summer. Sea salt & harsh chemicals in chlorine can seriously dry out your extensions and leave you with a tangled mess. Unlike our natural locks, hair extensions do not have the nutrients and oils to help nourish and restore. Therefore getting your clip ins wet and in turn washing the hair frequently which can seriously shorten their lifespan!
  2. Store correctly to protect from heat & humidity! Humidity is hair’s worst nightmare! Which is why it’s a big no-no to leave your set in a box or in a pile on the ground during summer. Instead, protect your investment with a ZALA Protect Me Bag & Hanger. This is an essential all year round and for long lasting quality! It’s also perfect to keep your extensions silky smooth and prevent knots & tangles. how to care for hair extensions in summer
  3. Summer Hairstyles! Styling your locks in summer appropriate styles not only looks super cute, but protects your extensions from the adversities of hot summer days. The harsh UV rays can take a serious toll on your hair, therefore these easy Summer Hairstyles will protect from the sun and keep your hair off your face. These are also perfect if you can’t stand the thought of abandoning your extensions when at the beach!
  4. Brush frequently from tip to top! When wanting to know how to care for hair extensions in summer, brushing is key! We know, it might sound pretty basic. But, brushing your set a few times a day is super important during summer, as well as all year round. Our ZALA Tangle Teaser is our go-to brush during summer, as it comes in a compact handbag size. It’s super easy to take with you on the go to ensure you are looking after your extensions in summer! how to care for hair extensions in summer
  5. Smooth frizz & nourish! A quick tip when wanting to know how to take care of hair extensions in summer. Hair oil! This is the perfect product to smooth frizz and fly aways, whilst nourishing hair and keeping your set silky smooth. Be sure not to go over board and only apply a very small amount for best results!
  6. Avoid salt spray products! Nothing’s better than beachy waves in summer. BUT, using salt spray on your extensions to mimic the look can be super drying! The ingredients in most salt sprays include alcohol which is sure to dry out your extensions. Not to worry! There are other ways on getting beautiful beachy clip ins. Check out this amazing tutorial below to get the perfect waves for summer. Did we mention, they’re heatless too?! <3

Now you know exactly how to care for hair extensions in summer, you’ve got no excuse for having the perfect summer locks!  xx

Sombre Hair

Hellooo sombre! As much as we love the ombre trend, this new more subtle style has definitely taken over! What is sombre hair, you might ask? It’s basically the softer, more subtle version of the beloved ombre. Read on to find out why you need sombre hair in your life <3



Whilst we part ways with the ombre trend, don’t fret! Gradient hair is definitely hear to stay (yay)! We love this sophisticated take on the look. But, what exactly is sombre hair? The colour transition is much more gradual to create a super natural look. Sporting the root regrowth trend and fading into a smooth blend of strategically placed highlights and lighter tones. This is of course the more soft version of ombre, where ombre hair would usually start lower down and have much more contrast between shades.

sombre hair

Sombre hair appears grown out and looks slightly unkept, but in the most stunning way possible! The gradient usually starts much higher than the ombre we’re familiar with. This means you can get away with any regrowth therefore less catch up’s at the salon! A lazy girl’s hair dream <3 Sombre suits all shades which means blondes, brunettes and every shade in between! It looks gorgeous on pretty much everyone.

Sombre perfection created with ZALA Tape Hair Extensions Sun Kissed Highlights #10/613

Sombre hair is also perfect way to add highlights or for those transitioning to blonde. Highlights are placed strategically to create a smooth cascade. As the focus is on subtlety, the ends of the hair are typically are a brighter shade of natural colour. 2-3 shades lighter creates the most harmonious look. Think Mila Kunis and Rosie Huntington-Whitely. Both stunners are perfect examples of the sombre trend. Love the look but don’t want to commit? ZALA have got your back 😉 Did you know, you can create a sombre look with ZALA Clip In Hair Extensions?! By opting for a set a few shades lighter than your natural hair, you can instantly achieve that super subtle gradient. Our Snickers #4/12 is ideal for brunettes wanting the look, or for blondes, check out our Honey Beach Highlights #18/613.

sombre hair

What do you think of the sombre trend? It’s pretty hard not to fall in love with! If you’re wanting to create the look instantly, drop our team a message and we can recommend the perfect shade to do so! xx


Pros and Cons of Clip In Hair Extensions

Pros and Cons of Clip In Hair Extensions

Pros and Cons of Clip In Hair Extensions

Struggling to choose what hair extension method is the best for you? Not entirely sure if clip in extensions will suit your hairs needs? Not to worry! Here at ZALA, we have tackled both pros and cons of clip in hair extensions. We’re here to help you decide whether clip in extensions are tailored to your AND your hair’s requirements. Read on for the benefits and disadvantages of clip in hair extensions…

PROS – Pro and Cons of Clip In Hair Extensions


  • Temporary Style
Pros and Cons of Clip In Hair Extensions

Before and After Clip In Hair Extensions – ZALA customer

For those of us who aren’t blessed with long, lustrous and voluminous locks, clip in hair extensions effortlessly allow a temporary boost of length and volume. Switch up your style when and wherever you choose! Their non-permanency allows us indecisive girls to change up your looks without having to be tied down to long hair for several weeks at time. Bringing us to our second point of the pros and cons of clip in hair extensions…

  • Easy Application


Clip in hair extensions are the easiest to apply. No heat or glue necessary and no cost involved! You don’t have to be a hair expert or take them to a professional to apply. In under 2 minutes, you can achieve instant improvements for your natural hair’s volume, body and length! Plus, unlike other hair extension methods, clip in extensions prevent damage caused to your natural hair. If applied correctly, breakage, excess shedding of your natural locks is avoided. Watch below for our fail-safe application tutorial for clip in hair extensions.

  • Low Maintenance


Pros and Cons of Clip In Hair Extensions

Low maintenance and up keep

Another reason why clip in hair extensions are advantageous is their low up keep. Who really wants to sit in the hair salon for hours on end maintaining their extensions?! At ZALA, we believe the necessary hair care involved with clip in extensions is good storage and careful brushing. (Check out our Loop Brush and Protect Me Bag designed to make your clip ins last anywhere from 6-12 months!)

storage tips for hair extensions

ZALA hair extensions stored neatly in the new protect me bag

CONS – Pros and Cons of Clip In Hair Extensions


  • Not permanent

Like our first ‘pro’, clip in hair extensions are of course only temporary which is a disadvantage depending on your specific needs. They require added caution in some circumstances and are not able to be worn while sleeping without causing damage to both your natural hair and extensions. This may be an ill effect to those who seek their permanent fix of long locks!

  • Hairstyles and visibility 
Pros and Cons of Clip In Hair Extensions

Cons of Clip In Hair Extensions

Clip in hair extensions aren’t the most undetectable of all methods. Unlike tape hair extensions, the clips are more visible at the root of the hair and do not sit completely flat against the scalp. If you’re a fan of high buns or ponytails, or have extremely fine/thin hair, clip in extensions might not be for you. Although, nothing a little styling and proper application can’t hide 😉 

Perhaps these pros and cons of clip in hair extensions explain some of the reasons why we love clip in hair extensions!

Check out ZALA’s full clip in extension range here.

For more information regarding clip in extensions, feel free to drop us an email at [email protected]

Katy Perry Hair

Hot then it’s cold. Yes or it’s no? Up then its down? Katy Perry hair, forever changing, bright, bubbly, bold and beautiful it is always iconic and captivating! Here at ZALA hair we can’t get enough of all her wonderfully daring and quirky styles! Katy Perry’s a “hairspiration” favorite at ZALA and is a massive fan of incorporating hair extensions into her look , here we show you how you can use your ZALA hair extensions to achieve just a few of her infamous styles!

Come on let your colors burst! Katy Perry hair

Electric blue, pastel pink, violet streaks and vivid greens, Katy Perry sure loves a splash of color! Combining two of her most iconic styles Katy Perry’s hair in this purple and blue, high ponytail looks fabulous! ZALAs hair extensions are a perfect way to recreate this look, select the length you want your ponytail to be, then simply dye your extensions a vibrant shade that appeals to you, apply your extensions then gather your hair into a slick high ponytail on the top of your head, then proceed to straighten your ponytail adding length and definition to your long a luscious rainbow ponytail!



Katy's, long and luscious rainbow ponytail

Katy’s, long and luscious rainbow ponytail


Rockin’ Updo’s: Katy Perry hair

Funky yet sophisticated, Katy Perry’s hair in this gorgeous braided top not bun, is soft yet bold. This elegant look is a twist and modernized version of a classic Elizabeth Taylor updo and she absolutely rocks it! To achieve this apply your ZALA extensions, then slick your hair back using product and a comb to add a sleek finish and secure hair into a ponytail. Then begin to twist the ponytail around the crown of your head into a bun, secure with bobby pins so the twisted ponytail does not unravel and the bun remains in place, to finish spray a generous amount of hairspray to the bun to reduce any flyaways. There you go a crown just like the Queen of pop!


Katy's braided crown

Katy Perry hair, braided crown.


Signature shade: Katy Perry’s hair

Jet black is the signature shade to achieve Katy Perry hair, whether its cropped into a bob, accompanied by bangs or tousled into voluminous black curls, her jet black hair always looks bold and striking. In this look Katy lengthens her hair with extensions, ZALA’s Jet black #1 extensions provide a perfect colour match to Katy’s signature shade. Once your extensions are applied, part your hair down the middle and use a curling iron to create waves, then run your fingers through you hair loosening the waves to provide a softer look. To finish apply a small amount of hairspray to your hair, so the waves hold and now you too will have achieved Katy’s gorgeous signature look!


Jet black, locks.

Katy Perry hair, signature Jet Black.


Come on, let your colors burst, make ’em go, “Oh! Oh! Oh!” you’re gonna leave ’em fallin’ down-own-own, with these wonderful styles from Katy.



Back to school hairstyles

It’s that time of year – it’s 2015 and the new school year is here! To all our ZALA school girls, we want you to get excited to start your year bright and early with some great new do’s to rock in the classroom. Kick it off with a bang by trying some of the trendiest and most creative back to school hairstyles perfect for those long hours of studying and boredom in the classroom. You’ll be your school’s most popular trendsetter when it comes to these cute and fresh back to school hairstyles. Get inspired and get your whole school involved in some must-have hair trends that nobody can resist this season!

Back to school hairstyles

Back to school hairstyles


The struggle: Hair at school

Here at ZALA, we understand the constant hassle of managing a cute and tidy hairstyle all while spending each and every day studying hard in the classroom or at home. You want bangs for an upcoming party on the weekend but don’t want annoying strands of hair in your eyes while you read at school? Or maybe something simple and neat for classes but still trendy for your afternoon job? You’ve come to the perfect place. We LOVE hair and we want girls worldwide to feel less stressed when it comes to their hair. Read on below for more super cute and easy-to-learn back to school hairstyles.

Back to school hairstyles

We’ve gathered a few secret 2015 hair trends that are rising in popularity and perfect for a day at school. Experiment with some of these gorgeous back to school hairstyles:

The pinned princess pouf

This back to school hairstyle is great for keeping unwanted flyaways out of your face during the day, but still keeps you feeling glam and tidy all at the same time. You’ll need a few bobby pins, hairspray, a comb, a hair straightener or blow dryer (optional). Simply pin a large amount of hair at the top of the head, and tease downwards with a comb to create lots of volume. You can also create this affect using a blow dryer if you are after extreme volume. Pin the ends of the hair by pulling and twisting the ends, all while keeping the pouf balanced. You can spray a light layer of hairspray to give the pouf long lasting shape throughout the day. You can also straighten the rest of your hair to complete your cute pinned pouf look!

The big ballerina bun

The ballerina bun is perfect for staying fresh and still looking presentable at school but also keeping it quite classy and elegant. This technique is easy, and you can create the perfect ballerina bun for yourself simply by purchasing a bun donut located at any hair care store. You’ll need a hair brush, an elastic tie, some bobby pins, a bun donut, and some hairspray for extra strength to control any flyaways. Start by brushing the hair and continue by putting your hair into a high ponytail (make the ponytail where you want the bun to sit). Apply the ponytail straight through the middle of the bun donut, allowing the rest of the ponytail to fountain around the bun donut. Cover the donut by shuffling around any extra pieces of hair, you can then bobby pin any excess strands. Spray a layer of hairspray over the top for a sleek and shiny look, and voila! A big beautiful ballerina bun.

 The fishtail side braid

This hairstyle whilst being visually beautiful adds a twist to the standard braid, by creating a unique yet simple look that will have all your classmates asking how to achieve it. The side fishtail braid looks best with longer hair, so wearing this style is a perfect excuse to show off your ZALA hair extensions at school! The great thing about this hairstyle is that it doesn’t have to be perfect, the look is even more sensational when you add your own personal touch to the braid. To achieve the look; sweep your hair to the side, and then split into two sections, from the right section pull out a small strand of hair from underneath and cross it over and underneath the left section, so your other hand holds the strand. Then repeat the other way starting with a small strand from the left side and then going across and underneath to the right side. Repeat this motion down the length of your hair, then secure with a elastic band. To create a messier look gently pull at the braid, then spray a small amount of hairspray to it. This back to school hairstyle is sure to label you the school’s hottest trendsetter.

We hope this has helped you achieve some great back to school hairstyles!



Hairstyles for Valentine’s Day

Fall head over heels in love this February with ZALA’s top hairstyles for this upcoming Valentine’s Day. We’ve come up with a few lovely hairstyles just perfect for the special occasion. Whether it’s a romantic dinner date planned with your partner, or a girly get-together movie night with friends.. we’ve got you sorted! Keep reading for more hairstyles for Valentine’s Day!

hairstyles for valentine's day

Valentine’s Day

February.. the month of love!

Here at ZALA, we LOVE Valentine’s Day! Why not get lovey dovey with us and celebrate this Valentine’s Day by purchasing a beautiful set of ZALA’s for yourself? Consider going with our stunning Burgundy #99J and dyeing your hair a gorgeous red to match – a perfect hairstyle for Valentine’s Day. Don’t be afraid to surprise your very special significant other with this bright and daring hairstyle.

hairstyles for valentine's day

Burgundy Red #99J

Hairstyles for Valentine’s Day

Voluminous V Day Waves – Feel super flirty this Valentine’s Day with a beautiful combination of voluminous waves and texture as a hairstyle just perfect for a V day dinner date. We ADORE this effortlessly sexy look and believe you can achieve the very same hairstyle yourself. Purchase a gorgeous set of our ZALA’s and consider loosely using a curling iron or straightener throughout the hair, you can then brush out the curls with a comb or brush to make them look loose and natural. Don’t be afraid to add a little product like a sea salt spray to create texture for a beachy look!

Super sweet, sleek and sexy – Here at ZALA, we believe there is nothing classier than a nice straight blow dry or freshly styled and straightened hair. Treat your tresses this Valentine’s Day by taking a quick trip to your hairdresser for a trim on the ends of your hair which creates shape around the face. This will create the ultimate straight style! You will be the envy of every girl this Valentine’s Day with freshly cut and styled, straightened hair. Also consider applying some de-frizz product to keep any flyaway’s in place.

Romantic ringlets – Now out of all of the hairstyles for Valentine’s Day, this one has to be the most romantic! Nothing says “love me” like a princess-styled hair do perfect for any girl to rock this Valentine’s Day. Think big and glamorous, beautifully placed and styled ringlets with perfectly maintained shine glow. How can you go wrong with that?! You’ll be sure to impress every man in sight with this gorgeous hairstyle absolutely perfect for Valentine’s Day. Please also feel free to use our special Valentine’s Day code “VDAY10” for $10 off your next purchase with ZALA!

Check out the quick vid below for some more hairstyles for Valentine’s Day!


Storage tips for hair extensions

Here at ZALA, we believe that the most important thing to remember after a long day of wearing your gorgeous ZALA hair extensions, is how to store them properly. This is to ensure they are kept neat, tidy and tangle-free. We want everyone to know that how you store your hair extensions will always affect the longevity and quality of our extensions! One of our greatest storage tips for hair extensions is now our newly introduced ZALA protect me bag. Equipped with a wooden ZALA hanger with felt lining, this secures all pieces together without kinking the hair itself. You can finally hang your hair out of sight knowing it is completely protected in a sleek and classy ZALA protect me carrier. It is ideal for also transporting your ZALA hair extensions wherever it is that you need to go!

The ZALA protect me bag – Hair extension carrier:

storage tips for hair extensions

ZALA protect me bag – hair extension carrier

Our new ZALA protect me bag is perfect for storing your hair extensions while also providing them with a longer lasting quality. The bag also comes with our cute little ZALA hanger. This secures all the pieces of your extensions together. We believe this is the ultimate storage technique for your ZALA hair extensions, only at $24.99 AUD. This is the perfect little gift for someone who has just bought their first pair of ZALA’s, or even for yourself. Read below for more storage tips for hair extensions!

Storage tips for hair extensions

Here at ZALA, stay up to date with a few extra little storage tips on how to store your ZALA hair extensions:

  • Always make sure your extensions are tangle free before you store them.
  • Ensure they are clean and don’t have any product in them before storing, as some styling products can damage the hair if left on for a long period.
  • Always make sure the hair is dry, wet hair when stored can lead to potential mould and unpleasant odours.
  • Ensure that the extensions are stretched out and not curled or twisted over when storing so that they keep a nice straight shape while being stored.
  • Also keep in mind that exposure to too much sunlight while being stored can damage your hair extensions. Try to store your ZALA protect me bag in a cool and dry place for example, a closet or a wardrobe.

Now that you are ready to store your ZALA hair extensions, you can look forward to a good nights sleep knowing that your hair is secure and safe, and the quality remains just as great each day.

Below is a beautiful example of exactly how to store your ZALA hair extensions!

storage tips for hair extensions

ZALA hair extensions stored neatly in the new protect me bag

For more info on how to purchase the ZALA protect me bag – hair extension carrier, please visit our product page here!