Busy Hair Hacks

Short on time all the time? These Busy Hair Hacks are your answer to having effortless and gorgeous hair without the need to commit all your time or effort into your look.

busy hair hacks

Busy Hair Hacks

We have all been in that predicament where we sacrifice our looks because we slept in. Personally, Stranger Things 2 is to blame for being so addictive leading to an all night long Netflix binge. These Busy Hair Hacks will guide you to on how you can style your hair into gorgeous looks in no time at all!

Busy hair Hacks

Style your extensions the night before!

Just do it. You will thank yourself in the morning when you have more time to sleep in and eat some breakfast. One trick we love doing is curling your extensions earlier and using our Protect Me Hanger to store them throughout the night or journey. Whichever you are preparing for, you can view our curling tutorial here which is perfect for styling curls the night before.

Instantly add highlights with a lighter set of extensions

busy hair hacks

Busy Hair Hacks

Ashlee creates instant highlights by matching a set of extensions to her natural hair colour and adding a lighter shade of extensions to create highlights. (Products featured are Dark Chocolate #2 and Caramel #10. Each 5 pieces and 20″ long.

Don’t have time to see a hairdresser? By purchasing 2 sets of hair 5 Piece Clip Extensions, each a different shade, you can achieve an instant highlighted look. To achieve this, we recommend buying a hair extension shade that matches your current hair, and a shade of your choice to create a highlighted look. This Busy Hair Hack will also prevent you from dying your natural hair and in doing so will keep it healthy.

High and sleek

When all else fails, nothing beats a high and sleep up do. Tame your frizzy, unwashed hair easily with a high and sleek look.

Busy Hair Hacks

To achieve a high sleek look, such as a ponytail or bun, you will need the following:

1: Soft Bristle Brush

2: Hair Spray

3: Hair Elastics

4: Bobby Pins

You can watch our ponytail tutorial here:


Hairstyles to Compliment your Jewellery

Here at ZALA we love a piece of statement jewellery and we understand you need the perfect hair to match. Check out our favourite hairstyles to compliment your jewellery look. Whether you’re sporting a choker, a major pair of hoops or statement necklace… we have a hairstyle to match!

Hairstyles to Compliment your Jewellery

hairstyles to compliment your jewellery

Statement Earrings

hairstyles to compliment your jewellery

To compliment a beautiful pair of statement earrings, we love side swept curls. This will draw attention to your earrings for an elegant look. This is perfect for formal occasions such as proms, weddings and birthdays! Follow ZALA’s side swept tutorial below for an extra special side swept hairstyle.


hairstyles to compliment your jewellery

To show off your favourite choker, try a sleek high ponytail. This style is popular with celebrities like Ariana Grande and Kourtney Kardashian and is a simply yet beautiful way to compliment a choker necklace. You can see ZALA’s top tips to getting a sleek ponytail here. You can also check out a useful tutorial on how to apply ZALA’s ponytail extensions below:

Statement Necklace

hairstyles to compliment your jewellery

Beautiful voluminous waves are the perfect way to compliment your statement necklace. Voluminous beachy waves will add even more drama to your look while keeping it relaxed and casual. We love this style for bohemian festival inspired looks. ZALA clip in and a tape extensions are the perfect way to achieve these beachy curls. For an added twist try our Coachella inspired braided waves look:


hairstyles to compliment your jewellery

When it comes to hoops, we like to keep things simple. Here at ZALA we always rock sleek and straight hair with hoops but are always sure to add dramatic length with our ZALA extensions! This look is super simple and easy to achieve, perfect for casual days or last minute looks.

For more useful hair care and styling tips as well as the latest trends, visit the ZALA blog.

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Tips for the Perfect Sleek Ponytail

We are loving the high and low sleek ponytail styles being rocked by celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Ariana Grande and Rihanna so we have brought you the best tips for the perfect sleek ponytail. Use these tips to get a smooth, sleek ponytail look and say goodbye to those annoying fly aways!

Tips for the Perfect Sleek Ponytail

tips for the perfect sleek ponytail

tips for the perfect sleek ponytail

It is important to start with freshly washed, clean hair. When drying your hair, we recommend blow drying in the same direction as your intended ponytail as this will help keep the style in place. Starting with clean hair will also add shine to the hair, enhancing the sleek look. Clean and smooth hair is also easier to slick back free from any unwanted kinks or bumps.

tips for the perfect sleek ponytail

If you’re rocking a low ponytail, the part is an essential element in creating the sleek look. For a dead straight part like Kimmy K, use a tail comb! This is the easiest way to trace out your straight part and section away any out-of-place strands.

tips for the perfect sleek ponytail

Applying a small amount of gel around your hairline will flatten down any baby hairs and loose strands. This gel can be gently brushed back towards the crown to create a sleek texture. Be careful not to use too much as this will weigh down the hair; instead apply a small amount at the hairline and use the excess to slick back the rest of the head.

tips for the perfect sleek ponytail

Using a teasing brush is the handiest tool to achieve a super sleek ponytail look. Combs or bristle brushes will separate sections of your hair however thinner, teasing brushes have smaller soft bristles that assist in creating one smooth, flat surface.

tips for the perfect sleek ponytail

It is important to secure your sleek look with the help of a little hair spray. Hairspray will once again, secure any loose hairs and ensure your ponytail stays sleek and perfect all night (or day) long!

You can find tutorials for our high and low ponytail looks below:

How to Apply ZALA’s Ponytail Extensions for a High Ponytail Look

How to Apply ZALA’s Ponytail Extensions for a Low Ponytail Look

ZALA has ponytails available in both our 100% Human Hair and Keratin Pro ranges which can be found here.

For more hair tutorials, tips and trends, visit the ZALA blog.



How To Take The Perfect Hair Selfie

We are living for the gram. Can you agree that in your day to day routine, in the back of your mind there is a voice saying “make it Instagram worthy.”  We talk you through taking the most perfect hair selfie.

perfect hair self

How To Take The Perfect Hair Selfie

We’re all now walking with a professional photo studio in our pocket thanks to smartphones with HD cameras and apps that turn you into Beyonce. Read on as we tell you how to nail that perfect hair selfie to ensure all your photos are double tapped.

Perfect Hair Selfie

Warm Light

Perfect Hair Selfie

Warm light is flattering for your skin, makeup, and hair! The advantages of warm light in your selfie is that it creates a natural filter for your portraits and evokes a sense of calm and relaxation, allowing your audience to feel happy when viewing your perfect hair selfie.

Eye Contact

Perfect Hair Selfie Engage with your audience! Looking into the camera, and not at your screen, will draw your audience into your perfect hair selfie. Once your eyes capture your viewers, they will immediately look at your gorgeous ZALA hair! (or once your gorgeous ZALA hair draws in your viewers, they will immediately look into your eyes. Either way…)


Hair In The Front

Wearing your hair over your shoulders in a nice style such as in curls will allow light to shine off the curves and emphasise your smooth locks! Curls are a perfect style to show off in your selfies.

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For more advice and how to’s, check out our Youtube Channel Below! We have made a bunch of videos and playlists to help you achieve the perfect hair selfie:



Spring Hairstyles Lookbook

Our Spring Hairstyles Lookbook is here! Long hair, flowers, a picnic, and a French Bulldog. It’s the dreamiest combination we all desire this spring. We take you on an adventure in our new spring campaign featuring our girls Sarah and Ashlee.

Spring Hairstyles Lookbook

Spring Hairstyles Lookbook

ICYMI: Ladies get excited! The sun is shining, birds are singing, and your hair can be long, thick, and beautiful. We recently released our Spring Hairstyles Lookbook and you can view it here:

Are you as impressed as we are? (We will accept our Golden Globe award thank you!)

Oh and Pablo was also there but he only made it into the directors cut. Sorry bub. Spring Hairstyles Lookbook

Want to revamp your hair this spring? ZALA Hair extensions are a great way to add length, volume, and thickness to your hair making you feel gorgeous and glamorous.

If we haven’t convinced you yet, you can get a FREE colour match here:
(USA) https://www.zalahair.com/color-match-service

Spring Hairstyles Lookbook

Our beautiful girls Sarah and Ashlee were on the scene to give some gorgeous vibes to our Spring Lookbook campaign. It’s fairly obvious that these gals are stunning!…but we can’t get over how gorgeous their ZALA Hair looks!

Ashlee: Wears her ZALA Dark Choc Brown #2 Quad Weft Clip In Extensions

Spring Hairstyles Lookbook

Dark Chocolate Brown is a perfect shade for Brunettes with darker, warmer tones. This shade is a perfect hair colour for spring for you ladies who were thinking about changing your hair colour.

You can view our tutorial below to achieve Ashlee’s this look:

Sarah: Wearing her ZALA Sunkissed Highlights #10/613 Quadweft 20″ Clip In Extensions

Spring Hairstyles Lookbook

Sunkissed Highlights #10/613 is a combination of our Caramel #10 and our Beachy Blonde #613. This shade is perfect for girls with blonde highlights and light brown undertones.

You can watch our How To Curl Extensions video here:

Want to have beautiful hair this spring? Our customer service team are on standby and ready to answer your questions: [email protected]


Hairstyles for your Face Shape

Check out our guide to the most flattering hairstyles for your face shape! Choosing the perfect look can be daunting but ZALA have you covered. Whether you’re blessed with a cute round face or fierce square jawline we have a look for you.

hairstyles for your face shape

Kesey is wearing ZALA clip in extensions in Beachy Blonde #613

Hairstyles for your Face Shape

Heart Shaped:

Made is wearing 20inch ZALA clip in extensions in Honey Beach Highlights #18/613

To compliment a cute heart shaped face, we love side swept curls. This will create the perfect look as it accentuates your eyes and brows and is great for any face with wide brows and a narrow chin.


Elle is wearing 20inch ZALA clip in extensions in Chestnut Brown #6

Oval faces are one of the most versatile face shapes with many looks complimenting the shape. Our favourite look for oval faces at ZALA, is long luscious hair with a middle part. This will narrow focus on your gorgeous locks and emphasise your face’s symmetry.


Tarah is wearing 20inch ZALA clip in extensions in Ice Queen Platinum Blonde #60

For longer face shapes, voluminous, bouncy hair is the perfect look. This will give your face dimension and prevent it from being further elongated. Curling your extensions is a great way to add in volume – we would recommend our Cosmo Curling Wand to create versatile curls and waves.


hairstyles for your face shape

Cats is wearing the 22inch ZALA human hair ponytail in Honey Blonde #18

Sleek hairstyles are great for square shaped faces. Simple, silky looks will bring attention to sculpted jawlines and sharp cheekbones. We love the sleek ponytails and long straight locks rocked by stars like Kim Kardashian. Our Clip In Ponytails are the perfect way to get this look.


India is wearing her ZALA clip in extensions in Snickers Highlights #4/12

Medium length hair with messy bangs is perfect for any rounder shaped face. This will elongate the face, giving it a more oval appearance and correct any roundness. We also love loose beachy curls with medium length hair and bangs!

For useful tutorials and product videos, visit the ZALA YouTube channel here:


If you are after any other hair advice, you can contact our expert team here.


ZALA Now Has A USA Warehouse!

US Babes! You asked and we listened! We have just launched our very own USA Warehouse AND website! If you’re located in the USA, simply visit our new USA site!



Ladies! Stop everything! Did you hear that we have launched a NEW ZALA Warehouse located in the USA, and a website for our beautiful US Customers?!

Well if you didn’t, here’s what you need to know…


We are offering FREE ground shipping (yes you read that right) on all US orders over $70USD! What’s better than getting your beautiful hair shipped right to your doorstep? Having it shipped for FREE right to your doorstep in 3-5 business days! If you are time sensitive, you can choose our express 2-3 business day shipping option which is just $7.99USD!


ZALA Babes, what are you waiting for?! Simply send 2-3 images of your hair up close and in natural light through our colour match form and a team member will promptly respond with a perfect match to one of our gorgeous ZALA shades.

And for the rest of our beautiful customers allover the globe we haven’t forgotten about you either! If you’re after a colour match, feel free to send 2-3 images of your hair in natural light to our colour match service here.


We understand it can be difficult choosing the perfect set online. If you decide the colour is not right for you and you want to exchange, visit www.zalahair.com/exchanges and fill out our super easy form. Within 48 hours a team member will email you a pre-paid shipping label to send your goods back to our US warehouse.

Psst! you can view our returns and exchanges policy here.

and most importantly…


Ladies, we understand your online shopping needs. Don’t forget to add the promo code TEAMUSA at check out for $10USD off your order over $70USD. Well how about that…

Ladies, we have you covered for gorgeous hair all day, every day.

Don’t forget to check out our colour range video here:

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Celebrating 50 Thousand Followers

WE’VE HIT 50k FOLLOWERS on Instagram! At ZALA we love to celebrate every milestone achieved and in early July, we passed the 50 thousand follower mark each on Instagram and Facebook. Pretty amazing, right? Read on to take a look at exactly how we were celebrating 50 thousand followers:

Firstly, we would love to thank every single one of our Instagram and Facebook followers for helping us achieve this milestone! Over the past 5 years we have watched our beautiful customers boost their confidence with their gorgeous ZALA Hair!

Celebrating 50 Thousand Followers

In true ZALA fashion, it was only right that the team celebrated with a Cocktail making class. Want to know what we made? Read on for a glimpse of the amazing cocktails available at Suey Sins Cocktail Bar in Surry Hills.

The Location: Suey Sins Cocktail Bar: Surry Hills Sydney

Celebrating 50 Thousand Followers

As we entered Suey Sins, we were welcomed by the friendly staff and were in awe of the decor and overall theme of the bar. Suey Sins style is a modern twist on pre-war theme.

With no time to waste, we went straight to the bar for a cocktail making class. Our cocktail menu for the evening included three signature cocktails including:

Firstly, The Lust, was a cocktail infused with Dragonfruit for a bright pink hue.


Espresso Martini, a classic Espresso Coffee flavoured cocktail.

Celebrating 50 Thousand Followers

The ZALA Cocktail, Blue and beautiful and available at Suey Sins for the whole week!

We were run through exactly how to make each of these amazing cocktails, accompanied by THE most amazing food! Overall, the night was a complete success and the team had a great time celebrating 50 Thousand wonderful followers.

Again, we want to thank all our loyal followers who continue to tag us in their shots wearing their ZALA locks! Not part of the ZALA fam? Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to keep up with our favourite looks and promotions.

Join our 50k+ followers as well as over 200,000 fans worldwide and SHOP ZALA HERE. Our friendly customer service team are on standby and ready to answer your questions about our products or to match you to one of our gorgeous ZALA shades.


How to Remove Tape In Hair Extensions

Let’s talk how to remove tape in hair extensions! We love tape extensions at ZALA for so many reasons – in particular, how easy they are to remove without any damage to your natural hair. Want to know how? Read on for our full guide, video tutorial as well as important tips & tricks.

how to remove tape in hair extensions



After around 6-8 weeks of wear, you’ll notice the tapes will have moved down a few centimetres due to the growth of your natural hair 🙂 It’s important to remove and re-apply your tapes so that you prolong their lifespan and get the best results. You will need:

  • Tape adhesive solvent – ZALA solvent is the only solvent we recommend to remove tape hair extensions.
  • Sectioning clips
  • Tail comb – this is optional, but can come in handy for separating pieces.
The BEST solvent for removing your tape hair extensions!

The BEST solvent for removing your tape hair extensions!

  1. Start by sectioning off your hair to locate the tape pieces.
  2. Spray a generous amount of ZALA solvent directly onto the tape tabs and let this sit for at least 1-2 minutes.
  3. Then, use your fingers to carefully separate the tape pieces. Keep applying solvent until the tapes come apart easily and slide right out of your hair. This is super important to ensure all pieces are safely removed without any damage 🙂
  4. Sandwich both pieces together and set aside before repeating this method on the rest of your extensions.
  5. Once all pieces have been removed, give your natural hair and the extensions a good shampoo & condition to remove any leftover adhesive and rinse out all solvent. Please note: as ZALA solvent is oil based, it may take 2-3 shampoo’s before all solvent is removed. 

And you’re done! You’re hair extensions are now ready to be re-applied. Did you know, you can re-use your ZALA tape hair extensions 3-4 times? Yep! We have a full guide on exactly how:


Shop the full range of ZALA tape hair extensions HERE.



Must Have Products for Hair Extensions

So, you’ve purchased a new set of soft & silky ZALA’s and want to get the most mileage out of your hair extensions? Look no further! We’ve put together a full guide on our must have products for hair extensions. Read on for everything you need to care for your extensions and ensure they last as long as possble!

must have products for hair extensions

Must Have Products for Hair Extensions


First things first, detangling with the correct brush is vital! For clip ins, you’re going to want to opt for a soft-bristled brush with plenty of flexibility. Our holy-grail hair brush is the ZALA Tangle Tamer which is gentle on your locks and prevents shedding & snagging.



If you’ve got tape hair extensions, a loop brush is for you! As the name suggests, this brush has looped bristles which are super gentle when detangling. A loop brush is a game changer for tape hair extensions to ensure no pulling or tugging on the bonds.


It’s super important to protect your hair extensions when they’re not being worn! This is our top tip for maintaining their condition and keeping them soft & silky for as long as possible. The ZALA Protect Me Bag is on our absolute vital list for must have products for hair extensions. Not only does the protective case guard your extensions from humidity and dust, the hanger secure all pieces in place and acts as an extra pair of hands when curling and styling your extensions.



For tape hair extensions users, it might be worth switching up your pillow case! Although braiding your locks before bed helps to avoid knots and tangles, a silk pillow case will be sure say goodbye to bed hair. Silk pillow cases do wonders for tape hair extensions, elimanating any pulling and tugging throughout the night which prevents damage over time. This mean’s they’re perfect to maintain the condition of your luxury locks!


Last but certainly not least, sulfate & paraben free products are a must! We always recommend high quality shampoo and conditioner, free of ingredients such as sulfate and parabens which can be extremely drying on your extensions over time.

must have products for hair extensions

Do you have these must have products for hair extensions? Shop our full range of premium quality clip in and tape hair extensions HERE.


How to Cut Hair Extensions

Having a little trouble blending your hair extensions? Or do you prefer a more tapered, layered look when it comes to your locks? We’ve got you girl! Check out our full guide on how to cut hair extensions so that you have the most blended, natural looking tresses.

how to cut hair extensions



Although ZALA hair extensions come ready to be worn straight out of the pack, a little trimming and layering can really help you achieve the most natural look once applied! You may also want to cut your hair extensions if you prefer a more tapered, layered look, as ZALA hair is super thick to the very ends. So, let’s get right into the essential cutting techniques to blend your hair extensions!


how to cut hair extensions 3

First up, slicing! This technique is perfect for adding shape around the face. To layer the front pieces, start by locating where your natural hair ends which will indicate where to start cutting. Then, hold a section of your hair extensions between your fingers and gently start cutting downwards in a slow diagonal motion. When cutting, it’s super important to always keep your scissors moving with the blades open!


how to cut hair extensions

Next up, point cutting! This is used to feather out the ends of the hair and is ideal for getting rid of any blunt lines. To point cut, take the ends of your extensions and cut straight up into the hair. When using this cutting technique, it’s essential you’re cutting straight up and in line with the hair to ensure you’re only taking out thickness and not length.


how to cut hair extensions 2

Very similar to slicing, the slithering technique removes bulk to create more feathered locks. It’s also great to create really subtle layers throughout the hair. When ‘slithering’, take a section of hair and cut down the middle, using the same motion as the sliding technique. Again, always keep the blades open and moving! Where the sliding technique is perfect for your front layers, slithering is more ideal for layering the rest of your extensions to create a more tapered look.


how to cut hair extensions 5

Lastly, blunt cutting! After layering and shaping your extensions to taste, you may end up with slightly wispy or uneven ends. This is where blunt cutting comes in handy! Simply pull all your hair to the front and hold your hair using your fingers as a guide. For a more blunt look, cut straight across or if you prefer a slightly softer look, use your point cutting technique.

And there you have it – everything you need to know on how to cut hair extensions! Remember, if you are unsure or not confident cutting, always take your extensions to a professional to ensure you achieve the results you desire 🙂 Please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly support team at [email protected] if you have any questions regarding blending your ZALA’s.



How to Reapply Tape Hair Extensions

At ZALA, we love tape in hair extensions for so many reasons! Not only do they achieve your hair goals instantly and let you wake up with your dream hair everyday, they are super easy to reapply! Want to know how? We’ve got you sorted. Read on for our full guide on how to reapply tape hair extensions.

how to reapply tape hair extensions

How to Reapply Tape Hair Extensions

First things first, let’s cover the essentials you’ll need when reapplying your tapes:how to reapply tape hair extensions

  • Solvent – ZALA solvent is fast acting on soft bonds and oil based to be gentle on your locks
  • Tape adhesive – pre-cut adhesive tabs are our most recommendation when reapplying tape hair extensions! They make the whole process neat, quick and easy.
  • Tail Comb – a must have for reapplying tapes
  • Sectioning clips – essential for even application


  1. Start by locating the tape pieces and using your sectioning clips to get your hair out of the way.
  2. Then, spray your solvent directly on the tape tabs making sure to use a generous amount. ZALA solvent is designed specifically for our tape range to quickly dissolve the adhesive.
  3. Use your tail comb to carefully seperate the tape pieces and loosen the bond. If there is any pull or tension, keep spraying your solvent until the extensions easily slide out!
  4. Once all pieces have been removed, use your fingers to take off any leftover adhesive and then give the extensions a good shampoo & condition. This ensures any residue from the solvent is removed before application.
  5. Next, it’s time to retape the extensions! As this step can be a little time consuming, luckily ZALA tape tabs are pre-cut to speed up the process. Simply take one tape tab, place on top of the sticky side of the piece and then remove the paper backing when applying.
  6. Now that all pieces are ready to be reapplied, follow our appliction guide and install them as normal! Yep – it’s that easy 🙂

Have any other questions on how to reapply tape hair extensions? Drop us a message via Facebook or email our friendly support team at: [email protected]


Romantic Updo Tutorial

Looking for an easy hairstyle that is perfect for Valentines day? You’ve come to the right place! This super romantic updo is sure to impress <3 Read on to find out how to get the look.


romantic updo

We are seriously lusting over this look at ZALA! And although it may look intricate, it’s actually super easy! So, let’s get into exactly how to achieve this romantic updo:

  1. First things first, apply hair extensions! This step is optional, but we LOVE to apply a set of ZALA hair extensions before styling as these add tonnes of volume and make all the difference for end result. Our gorgeous model Eliza is wearing her ZALA 20″ tape hair extensions in Chestnut Brown #6 and Snickers #4/12.
  2. Start by curling your hair. Although you won’t see the curls, they make styling updos SO much easier! For this look, we used the ZALA Cosmo Wand which is our recommended styling tool for Valentines day.
  3. Next, section off your hair into 3 parts: two medium sections either side and one large section at the back.
  4. Then, take a piece from the back section and tie into low side ponytail. This forms the base of the look and will act as the foundation to work around.
  5. Time to start layering! Taking small pieces at a time, twist, braid, wrap and pin around your ponytail. The key to this look is texture, so keep alternating techniques and the direction of the hair each time.
  6. Continue layering and pinning until all your hair is secured in the updo. This may take some time, but the end result is stunning!
  7. Gently pull out a few pieces around your face and finish with a light spritz of hairspray.

romantic updo

We are lovestruck by this look! What do you think of this romantic updo? Shop our full range of premium hair extensions HERE and be the most beautiful version of you this Valentines day with longer, fuller hair. Use the code LOVEYOU for a $15AU discount at checkout.


Before and After Hair Extensions

You’re probably familiar with the power of makeup trend sweeping the internet, so today we thought we’d show some light on the power of hair extensions! Whether it’s to instantly lengthen hair, add volume & thickness, enhance braided styles or achieve the perfect ponytail, these before and after hair extensions transformations truley show the power of a good set of extensions! Read on for our fave before and after hair extensions pictures using ZALA hair.

before and after hair extensions

Before and After Hair Extensions


before and after hair extensions

Of course, hair extensions are most commonly used to lengthen your locks! If your natural hair grows slowly or just doesn’t seem to grow at all, hair extensions eliminate the waiting game and get you the length you desire in a matter of minutes! There are so many different lengths available on the market  so it’s super easy to choose the perfect length that suits your needs. We offer 12-30inch hair extensions at ZALA, so whether you want a natural every day length, or the ultimate mermaid locks, there’s a set for everyone!


The next main reason for wearing hair extensions is to add volume and thickness! Sometimes, all the products and backcombing in the world just doesn’t cut it. So if you’re not blessed with super thick, voluminous locks or if you just want to add some oomph to your hairstyles, hair extensions are your solution. If you’re wanting to add thickness rather than length, opt for a set of a similar length to your natural hair. And if you’re serious about volume, ZALA quad weft clip in hair extensions are our little secret to BIG hair!


before and after hair extensions

Are your braids a little sad? Can’t seem to get that pinterest worthy look? You need a set of ZALA hair extensions in your life! One of our favourite uses for hair extensions is to add volume and body to braids. Whether it’s a voluminous pull through braid, or double dutch braids, hair extensions make it so easy to achieve your own #hairgoals.


Ever wondered how the get the perfect ponytail? Can’t ever seem to get your pony on point? Hair extensions enhance length AND thickness to completely transform any ponytail style. So, say hello to our premium range of ponytail extensions! ZALA ponytails are the easiest way to up your ponytail game and are designed for maximum comfort and security. Available in 100% human hair, they are super natural looking and can be curled and styled as desired. Yes please!


Want to achieve your hair goals? Shop our full range of premium clip in & tape hair extensions HERE. For more before and after hair extensions transformations, check out us on Instagram and scroll through #zalahairextensions.


Weekend Hairstyles

When it comes to your weekend locks, you want something that looks cute but doesn’t take a whole lot of time to style. In need of some weekend hairstyles inspiration? You’ve come to the right place! Check out these quick and easy styles that’ll have you weekend ready!

weekend hairstyles

Weekend Hairstyles

weekend hairstyles

We LOVE half up styles for the weekend! Especially this effortless half up topknot. Simply use your fingers to section off the top of your hair at above the brow. This doesn’t have to be neat as the look is super relaxed. Secure this in a topknot and pull out pieces of hair from the front to frame your face. You can leave the look here, but we think it’s only complete with a set of ZALA Hair Extensions in 20 or 24 inches.


When the heat is high and the humidity is too real, a beachy ponytail is our go-to! This will get your locks up and out of your face to brave those super hot summer weekends. Want to know how to get the perfect beachy ponytail in minutes? Say hello to ZALA ponytail extensions! Simply clip, wrap and secure for instant length and thickness. Our ponytail extensions are a must-have for easy weekend locks.


Finally, double dutch braids. If these aren’t serious weekend hair goals, we don’t know what is! This braided look is perfect if you want to put a little more effort into your locks on your days off. They’re pretty easy to do with enough practice. And, if you still want long locks, you CAN wear your ZALA’s in double dutch braids! Yep, that’s right! It’s all down to placement. We have a full tutorial below to show you how to up your braid game with ZALA hair 😉


Which of these weekend hairstyles would you wear? Shop our full range of premium clip in and tape hair extensions HERE to get perfect weekend locks.


2017 Hair Trends

Hello 2017! With the New Year comes new trends – yay! So, read on for a heads up on some of the 2017 hair trends that are going to be big. Yep, we’re calling it now!

2017 hair trends

2017 Hair Trends #1

2017 hair trends

First up, our fave trend for this year. Yep – ultra long hair isn’t going anywhere! Kim K and Rihanna know what’s up and have been spotted rocking extra long locks that sit past the waist. If you want the look, say hello to our premium range of hair extensions! We offer 24, 26 and 30 inch sets at ZALA so you can easily get in on the trend and achieve the long mermaid locks of your dreams. Check out our length guide below to see our 26 inch set in action.


2017 Hair Trends #2


Get out your straightener – sleek, straight hair is back! The key to this trend is pin-straight, ultra shiny locks with a neat centre parting. For a super polished look, use a hair brush whilst straightening your locks. Then finish with hair oil for added shine and a spritz of hairspray to smooth down any flyways. We love how it slims down the face and makes any outfit look super stylish.

2017 Hair Trends #3


This year, it’s all about going low with your ponytail! 2017 is going to embrace the ‘less is more’ concept more than ever! We’ve already seen a heap of low chic ponies paired with minimalist accessories and are in LOVE. Think a black ribbon or rope to secure your low pony. This trend is super quick and easy which is good news for us lazy girls or those who need a fast style!

Which is your favourite of these 2017 hair trends? We can’t wait to see what other trends this year has to offer!


How to Blend Hair Extensions with Thick Hair

Wanting to add length to your naturally thick hair, but struggling blending your hair extensions? Never fear! Our guide on how to blend hair extensions with thick hair will have everyone thinking those long locks are all your own.

How to Blend Hair Extensions with Thick Hair

how to blend hair extensions with thick hair



First things first, it’s important to consider the type of hair extensions you are using. The best hair extensions to blend with thick hair are no doubt 100% Human Remy Hair Extensions! Not only are these completely safe to style, they provide a super natural finish as the cuticles are intact and aligned in the same direction. This mimics the look of your natural hair, making the extensions undetectable once applied.


Ever noticed that obvious line between your natural hair and the extensions? Yep, this is one of the most telltale signs! Our top tip on how to blend hair extensions with thick hair is to ensure they match the thickness of your natural hair. We recommend ZALA clip in hair extensions triple or quad weft 9 piece sets. These have not one, but three or four wefts sewn into each piece to create an extra thick set, perfect for thick hair types!

If you’re looking to lengthen your locks, then you’ll also need to make sure the extensions are thick to the very ends. A sign of poor quality hair extensions are thin, ratty ends which make it extremely difficult to blend with thick hair. At ZALA, all our hair extensions are double drawn for equal thickness from top to tip. This ensures plenty of hair to work with for seamless natural blending

how to blend hair extensions with short hair


Once you’ve chosen the perfect set for your hair, it’s all down to blending & styling. Styling is super important to ensure the extensions are completely undetectable once applied. For a sleek look, go over your locks and the extensions with a straightener to blend any kinks. Otherwise, our go-to look for a super natural finish are definitely curls! Curls are amazing at concealing any harsh lines and make it so easy to achieve seamless blending with thick hair. When styling hair extensions with thick hair types, the ZALA Cosmo Wand is our most recommend curling wand.


What are your tips on how to blend hair extensions with short hair? Shop the full range of ZALA hair extensions HERE.


How to Revive Your Hair Extensions

Partied a little too hard in your hair extensions over the silly season? Or a little guilty of leaving them in a mess on the floor? Don’t stress! We show you how to revive your hair extensions to get them looking and feeling as good as new.

How to Revive Your Hair Extensions

how to revive your hair extensionsAlthough it’s super important to always take proper care of your hair extensions, there is hope if you’ve been a little slack! So, let’s get into exactly how to revive your hair extensions.


First things first, remove those knots & tangles! If you’re guilty of leaving your extensions in a pile on the floor or shoved away in a box, there’s no doubt they’ll need a good brushing. The most gentle way to detangle your extensions is working from tip to top using a brush that’s hair extension safe. Our favourite brush to quickly and easily get rid of knots is the ZALA Tangle Tamer which is super gentle on your locks.

how to revive your hair extensions

The ZALA Tangle Tamer! Our favourite brush to safely detangle hair extensions.


Next, if your hair extensions have lost their shine and are feeling a bit dry, give them good wash with a hydrating shampoo and conditioner. We often recommend washing your hair extensions if you notice a change in their appearance or feel. Once fresh and clean, up the hydration and apply a deep conditioning treatment to bring them back to their original soft & silky condition.


Once you’ve washed and treated the set, it’s time to style them. To get them feeling super silky, smooth over with a straightener whilst brushing through the hair. This is our top tip to reduce frizz and bring back their shine! Check out exactly how to revive your hair extensions using this technique below.



Last but certainly not least, correct storage is key! To avoid this whole process and prolong the life of your hair extensions, it’s super important to store them correctly. And no, a shoebox doesn’t cut it! The best way to store your hair extensions is in a protective case like our Protect Me Bag. This handy little bag is a case and carrier in one. It zips up neatly and can be hung in your cupboard, out of sight and protected from humidity and other nasties. This is seriously vital for all hair extension lovers!

We these tips on how to revive your hair extensions help renew your locks! There’s no better feeling than a fresh set of extensions. If you’re in need, shop our full range of premium clip in & tape hair extensions HERE.



How to do a Sleek Ponytail

Ever wondered how to get the perfect sleek ponytail? Can’t seem get to get it quite right and your pony looks a little sad? Don’t worry – we got you! Our guide on how to do a sleek ponytail has everything you need to get your pony on point!

How to do a Sleek Ponytail

how to do a sleek ponytail

A sleek high pony is our go-to for any occasion as it’s super easy yet ultra glam. It’s the perfect look to get that Gigi Hadid or Kylie Jenner vibe.



Our babe Veronica wears 22 inch ponytail extensions in Dark Chocolate #2 to add instant glam!

Our babe Veronica wears 22 inch ponytail extensions in Dark Chocolate #2 to add instant glam!

  1. Start by brushing your hair to remove any knots & tangles.
  2. Then, pull your hair up into a high pony using your hairbrush to smooth over any bumps before securing with an elastic.
  3. Once your hair is secured, it’s time to apply your ponytail extensions! If you really want your pony on point, ZALA Ponytails are a serious game changer! They instantly add length and thickness for the perfect ponytail in minutes. And to apply, it’s as simple as clip, wrap & secure in place with a few bobby pins! We have a full tutorial on how easy it is below 🙂
  4. Finish the look with a quick brush through your pony and a spritz of hairspray to smooth down any fly aways. And you’re done! The perfect sleek high pony in just four steps.

What is your go-to ponytail style? Up your ponytail game and channel your inner Gigi – shop our full range of ponytail extensions HERE. Our ponytail range is available in 16, 22 and 26 inches so there’s a length for every look! Don’t forget to show us how you wear your ZALA pony with the hashtag #zalaponytail



Easy Party Hairstyles

With the New Year less than ONE WEEK away, we’re prepping ourselves for all the festivities to come! Left your look to the last minute? Don’t stress! We’ve served up these easy party hairstyles that’ll have your locks sorted over the party season.

easy party hairstyles


easy party hairstyles

Long hair perfection! This ZALA babe wears our 26 inch Ice Queen Platinum Blonde #60 clip ins.

Long locks with voluminous curls are our go-to for the perfect party hair. They are seriously glam and complete any outfit! If you hair is lacking a little length and volume, stop dreaming and start clipping! Our range of premium quality hair extensions make it oh so easy to achieve your long hair goals in minutes. Turns heads with a 24″ or 26″ clip in set for the ultimate party locks!

easy party hairstyles

Sleek ponytail goals using ZALA 22inch Ponytail Extensions in Dark Chocolate #2!

Want to look super snatched for New Years eve? Go with a sleek high ponytail! Want to know our fool-proof way to get the look? Say HELLO to ZALA ponytails! These completely revamp a sleek pony and are must-have for the party season. Simply secure your hair up in a pony then wrap around your ZALA ponytail extensions. Smooth down any flyaways with hairspray and you’re done! The perfect pony in minutes.


So chic! Our 16 inch 100% human hair ponytail styled by @hairbytaylorhague

Lastly, this super chic low pony with tonnes of texture. We are in LOVE! To get the look, style your hair in a low pony and apply your ZALA ponytail. Yup – our 100% human hair ponytail range is super versatile and can be safely curled & styled! Then, carefully put out pieces of hair from the front to frame your face. Curl these pieces along with your ponytail and finish by lightly teasing for loads of texture!

Which of these easy party hairstyles is your favourite? Don’t forget to show us your New Year’s eve looks wearing your ZALA locks using #zalahairextensions