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How to remove tape hair extensions

Tape hair extensions are truly one of the most revolutionary hair extension techniques on the market. They are mostly popular for their quick and easy application process. This also includes the long lasting and natural qualities they possess. Compared against other methods such as clip in, micro beads, keratin-tipped and braid in, tape hair extensions are also unique in that they can be re-applied up to four times when using high quality hair. Here at ZALA, our hair is extra thick, AAAAA grade, 100% remy hair. In the next few paragraphs, we show you the simple DIY technique we use on how to remove tape hair extensions.

But first of all.. why tape hair extensions?

  • Here at ZALA, we pride ourselves on selling the highest quality tape hair extensions under $250.
  • We sell the strongest 100% European Remy Virgin human hair.
  • The tape is strong and USA made, lasting up to 8 weeks once applied.
  •  Our tape hair extensions are undetectable and ultra comfortable!
  • The application process can take only up to 30 minutes.
  • Our tape hair extensions have a high composition with thick ends or we offer a 30 day money back guarantee.
  • Our tape hair extensions are available in the 20/40/60 piece packs at competitive prices.
  • We offer wholesale and stockist packs.
  • No heat, glue or painful wefts are required!
  • Our tape hair extensions can be easily re-taped.
  • We offer our tape hair extensions in 17 different shades and 20/24 inch packs.
  • This blog offers you informative assistance on how to remove tape hair extensions.

How to remove tape hair extensions

How to remove tape hair extensions

ZALA tape hair extensions

Step 1: Locate

First of all, locate all the starting points between the tape hair extensions and your own hair. This may be easier if you tie up all your remaining hair with sectioning clips or elastic bands.


How to remove tape hair extensions

Locate the tape hair extensions

Step 2: Spray

After locating the tapes, spray on our ZALA tape hair extensions solvent/glue remover. (This is a great cleaner/remover without the harsh chemicals; this solvent is fast acting on most soft bonds adhesives and tapes while still being gentle on the skin). Do not use a sparse amount of solvent, you must be generous while spraying to ensure you have enough solvent to remove the adhesive on the tape. A limited amount of solvent will work poorly.

How to remove tape hair extensions

Spray on solvent/glue remover

Step 3: Apply

If while removing the tape hair extensions you feel that your own hair is pulling therefore causing damaging friction, keep applying the solvent until the tapes are removed easily without anymore pull on your own natural hair.

How to remove tape hair extensions

ZALA solvent/glue remover

Step 4: Wash

There is a slight possibility that all the tapes may still not be 100% removed. We would highly recommend for you to wash your hair with cold water, while also scrubbing quite forcefully. But be sure that you are also gentle enough not to damage your own roots. Use an adequate amount of shampoo on your hair until your hair is completely clean. Be sure to never use hot water for the wash as there is a slight chance it will melt the adhesive on the tape. The reason for cold water is because it solidifies the glue, and as a result it will remove the adhesive.

How to remove tape hair extensions

Cold water wash to remove tape hair extensions

Step 5: Dry

Even while drying your hair after you have washed it use a cold setting as hot air will have the same effect that hot water has on the adhesive.

How to remove tape hair extensions

Cold setting used to dry out hair

Step 6: Comb

After you have dried your hair, comb through efficiently to remove any remaining pieces of tape. The key on how to remove tape hair extensions is to be patient and coherent, and you will achieve great results with little to no great deal of effort.

How to remove tape hair extensions

Comb out any remaining pieces

For information regarding our tape hair extensions, please click here

And click on our links for extensive information regarding our tape hair extensions solvent/glue remover and high quality tape for re-application

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 2) Professional customer service and wholesale support

All Australian wholesale orders are sent via express post which will arrive to you within 1-2 business days. We understand the importance in quick & easy deliveries of the products you need, when you need them. All international wholesale orders are charged at a flat rate fee depending on the service you select and can be delivered across the globe from 4-9 business days.


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5) Wide range of lengths and shades 27+

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 7) Introductory sample package for you to inspect quality & design 

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ZALA hair extensions have quickly grown to become one of the dominant leaders in the Clip in hair extension market worldwide. When you supply ZALA hair extensions, you are joining a huge following of loyal customers across the world who insist on ZALA hair extensions for every occasion, event or everyday wear.

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Secrets of Celebrity Hairstyles to Replicate at Home

Let’s be perfectly honest.  We do everything we can to recreate a similar style to one that we just fell in love with in a magazine. Maybe it sat atop a celebrity, or maybe it was sported by one of the top models in the world. Yet, without knowing the ins and outs of how the hair stylist managed to create that look, we doom ourselves to disappointment.

Here are a few tips from celebrity stylists to help you actually achieve a similar look – unless you happen to have the talent of an elephant with a hairbrush. In that case, take this article to your salon.


From Nick Penna, Celebrity and Runway Stylist

Tip1 : Investing in a good “heat protecting” conditioner is essential. Applying it to wet hair before you start a blow-drying routine helps to keep your hair from drying out and breaking off at the ends. He recommends Kerasates Fondant Nutri-Thermique, which runs about $40 at his salon in Boston.

Tip 2: Texturizing Powder may not be something you have in your cabinet right now, but this adds fullness and structure to your hair without adding weight. For ladies with thinner hair, this is an absolute must.  His favorite for home use:  L’Oreal Professional True Grip Texturizing Powder

Tip 3 : Find a good Dry Shampoo. According to Mr. Penna, dry shampoo is one of the best all-time investments you can make, because it absorbs excess oils that reduce the length of time your blow-dry look lasts. Unlike blow-drying wet hair where you are overheating your hair, blow-drying after dry shampoo keeps your hair healthy.

Other Trends for 2014

1st trend: Short is in – especially a bob that can be styled in so many different ways. Nick Penna suggests sweeping it to the side for a classy look and plumping the top for a more edgy style.

2nd trend: Some variant of the “wet look” is another option for the bob with wavy or curly hair. Start by using a volumizing spray on damp hair and blow dry it while running your hands through the hair– instead of brushes and combs.

3rd trend: The wet-dry combination look, which is best for the sexy-office look, starts the same as the “just jumped out of the shower” look that’s great for casual occasions. The difference is in how you treat the bottom part of your hair. Using a large barrel curling iron, curl the bottom hair very lightly.

Prom Hair Style

4th trend: For a slick-backed wet look, use a super strong gel as you push your fingers through your hair. Recommended:  Redken’s Hardwear 16 gel

The Final Thought

Most celebrity styles are fashioned by professionals who make house calls. If you don’t happen to have that luxury, knowing the right product and method gives you a head start to recreating successful looks.


Kim Kardashians Post-Pregnancy Hair Loss – Inevitable or Avoidable? Losing Weight Has Its Costs!

Kim Kardashian has been all over the headlines over recent weeks – surprisingly in some instances for wholly positive reasons. Yes, the way she managed to shed all that excess post-pregnancy weight in the blink of an eye was enough to see millions of mums the world over seething with envy. When you think about it:  respect and admiration comes with jealously…and understandably so.

But here’s the thing, it’s not come to light that whatever it is she did to shrink miraculously down to her former size has not been quite so kind to her hair. If the latest round of images of the stunning 33-year-old starlet is anything to go by, her post-pregnancy hair loss has been considerably worse than that encountered by most new mums.


Not that you’d normally be able to tell, as we can only assume she’s been using all manner of weaves, wigs and accessories to hide the damage. Were it not for her recent outing in a high bun, we’d have been none the wiser to what can only be a pretty heart-wrenching affliction for an A-Lister.

Rapid Weight Loss Triggers Hair Loss?

As far as experts are concerned, to some extent at least Kim only has herself to blame. It’s not like any new mum wants to hold onto the excess kilos for months and years on end, but we’re all well aware that rapid weight loss is bad, bad and bad.

After spotting the damage, the Daily Mail reached out to one hair care specialist by the name of Tatiana Karelina to shed further light on what might have happened to Kim.

“It is well known that during the later stage of pregnancy you lose less hair due to hormones, making it thicker and lusher, but when you have the baby most women find they  seem to be losing a lot more hair than normal,” she told the Mail’s reporters.

Kim kardashian

“The rapid amount of weight Kim has lost to dieting in the months after the birth may have accelerated the hair loss, giving sparser looking patches. We can clearly see how thin her hair is around the hairline,”

“Birth and rapid weight loss are both factors that have triggered her thinning hair and made her opt for hair extensions to boost her diminished hair volume.”

post pregnancy hair loss

She also made the suggestion that Kim’s use of weaves and hair extensions to mask the damage could be a temporary solution.

Not that this is the first time we’ve heard this kind of advice – both Naomi Campbell and Rihanna suffered similar hair loss after using extension and were given the same pointers.

Tackling Post-Pregnancy Hair Loss

The good news to come out of all this however is that there are plenty of tried and tested ways and means to both prevent excessive post-pregnancy hair loss and begin repairing the damage as and when it occurs.

Just by following a few simple lifestyle tips, it’s perfectly possible to forego the kind of trauma Ms Kardashian and so many others like her face, after giving birth.

1st tip: Avoid Excessive Pressure – Long story short, any hairstyle or accessory that puts your hair and/or scalp under pressure is bad news. Not only does pressure encourage more hair to fall out, but it also discourages new hair growth – a double-whammy of unpleasantness!

2nd tip: Eat Well – You know you should be eating plenty of fruit and veg for your body anyway, but never forget that the antioxidants and antioxidants they contain also work wonders for your hair. Before, during and after pregnancy, fruits and veggies are your hair’s best friends.

3rd tip: Take Supplements – And in addition to eating well, be sure to bump up your intake of Vitamins C, E and B along with biotin and zinc – all of which have proven effectiveness in preventing hair loss.


4th tip: Use a Quality Shampoo – If your shampoo is garbage, your hair will be garbage…simple as that! Use the best products you can afford and favour all-natural preparations.

5th tip: Wide-Toothed Combs – The wider the teeth, the less chance of any of the hair you have left on your head being ripped out or damaged.

6th tip: Cool Down – Avoid the use of any styling implements that work using extreme heat, like styling tongs and curling irons. Hairdryers should be turned down to lower temperatures too.

7th tip: Calm Down – And finally, don’t forget that stress and strain can be fatal for your hair, so try your best to avoid stressful situations and take time out to relax…even if you do have the busy schedule of an A-Lister!



Top 3 Solutions for Anti-aging and Dandruff


Market researcher Datamonitor Consumer has noted that anti-dandruff and anti-aging products are starting to become some of the most profitable sectors in the hair care market. The paper noted that anti-aging products for females were significantly more profitable than those form males.

The research goes on to conclude that products in this market should be produced with a scientific approach, making sure that customers trust these recent, on-going developments.


The paper went on to suggest that that anti-dandruff treatments are becoming even more important by the year, taking up as much as 7.1 percent of CAGR sectors. Datamonitor Consumer notes that there appears to be a gap in the market for products that are targeted for seniors which cosmetics could take advantage of, to increase profits.

Issues with Trust

Datamonitor also noted that two thirds of the age 35-64 groups that they surveyed were very interested in maintaining their appearance throughout the day.

The key findings also revealed that

1st fact: Those over the age of 50 that also expressed a distinct unhappiness with their age. This suggests that there is a strong interest in anti-aging products.

2nd fact: The main problem with developing hair care products for this group is there is a gap between companies and their customers. Older customers in particular are shown to distrust research that is performed by companies.

3rd fact: There also appears to be a low priority of anti-aging hair products in this given market. In order to capture interest in these products, researchers would need to create a product that was comparable to anti-aging skin products already available on the market.

Only 31 percent of these consumers believed that they could not trust or had trust issues with beauty products that had been developed scientifically. This suggests that science can be a strong selling mechanism for this given market.

Females Show more Sales Potential

Approximately even numbers of men and women, 12 and 13 percent respectively, were unhappy with their age, but anti-aging formulas for women have been found to have more potential for development.

aging signs

1st observation: Around half of surveyed women from 35-64 actively use product to mask or reduce the appearance of gray hair.

2nd observation:  In addition to these, 72 percent of shoppers over the age of 55 were considered to be highly concerned with their appearance. Only 59 percent of men in this age range reported dissatisfaction with their hair.

Unconventional solutions to aging or graying hair appear to be garnering more interest from these groups. This includes nutrients or pills that claim they can deliver permanent results.

Potential Treatment Options for Dandruff

A number of new products that are appearing on the market claim they can assist with common issues that cause older shoppers to become dissatisfied with their appearance.

1st fix: Doctors believe they may have a scalp treatment that could permanently cure dandruff by better, by addressing the needs of irritated and flaky scalps.

2nd fix: In most cases dandruff is caused by a fungus that can overgrow and irritate the scalp. If this fungus invades the hair follicles it can irritate the skin and cause the cells to drip off round— four times more quickly than it normally would, leading to itchiness and flaking skin patches.

3rd fix: To better address these difficulties, scientists are developing a genome that could cause the fungus that develops dandruff to die off when exposed to carbon dioxide.

cure my dandruff

If this treatment is successful, a set of enzymes can be placed on the hair which will break down the fungus and permanently rid the hair of dandruff. Scientists are also working on a similar enzyme which could help break down fat or zinc particles so they can be better utilized by the hair to prevent thinning or damaged strands.

New Options

Much of the treatments for anti-aging hair revolve around keeping the hair’s volume and luster intact, as an individual ages.

1st solution: Shampoos and conditioners designed to help keep hair manageable are readily available on the market. Some of these products contain rejuvenating products that are designed to continue to provide nourishment to hair that is becoming stripped. This is especially vital to people dying their hair to cover up gray coloring.

2nd solution: Permanent hair colors are also a huge investment for researchers. These are designed to last for weeks at a time— without fading or stripping the hair. Vitamins are often added to anti-aging formulas to ensure that the harsh dye does not make aging hair look even limper.

Male anti-aging products largely focus on finding a cure for baldness. While there are a number of surgical solutions in place, there is not yet a permanent solution for baldness such as a cream or pill.

Top 7 Hair Care Tips To Improve The Look of Your Hair

It is easy to notice a woman that has beautiful, healthy hair; it is very eye-catching and can tie together the rest of her look. You can achieve a high level of shine and rid yourself of damaging split ends by caring for your hair throughout the year.

It can be difficult to find quality tips for hair care while wading through all of the hair care myths out there. Those that have been unsure about hair care can follow a few simple tips that we’ve outlined below!

images (1)

Top Tips for Gorgeous Hair

Listed below are the best ways to get your hair looking at its best.

1st tip: Avoid shampooing every day- Those that wash their hair every day are putting unnecessary strain on their hair. Those that have oily hair can use dry shampoo to help with this problem or gently rinse their hair with warm water in the shower. Your hair will look much better if you shampoo every other day. You must also focus on shampooing your scalp while conditioning the hair-ends, instead of scrubbing your whole head.

2nd tip: Get Your Vitamins- Look up on the ingredients of the products you invest in. Also make sure you are including oils, vitamins and minerals in your diet. Vitamins A, C, E, essential fatty acids and leafy greens are perfect for this purpose.


3rd tip: Ease Up on Brushing- You should only brush your hair when you notice oil building up on your roots. A boar bristle brush can help to distribute this oil evenly, making you’re your whole hair strand will be nourished. Aside from this, comb your hair so you do not reduce volume or damage the texture of your hair.

4th tip: Limit Your Dye Jobs- You should dye your hair sparingly, adding color to the roots every 4-6 weeks. This exercise will help prevent excess damage to your hair. You can dye the rest of your hair a few times a year, especially if your color of your hair has started to fade or take on a brassy look. Not only will limiting your use of hair dye keep your hair healthy, it will also keep the dye you are using looking more natural.

5th tip: Pay Attention to Your Scalp- Your scalp will help determine your hair type. If you have an oily scalp, dry scalp or even flaky scalp your hair will follow suit: it will be either looking oily and messy or brittle and dry. You must choose your hair care products based on how your scalp is behaving. There are plenty of moisturizing or clarifying products that can help you get your scalp back on track.

6th tip: Protect Your Hair- If you are constantly exposing your hair to the sun, heated styling products or even unnecessary styling products, it will start to look damaged. Heat or sun protection is essential to keeping your hair looking its best at all times.

7th tip: Keep Your Hair Trimmed- Trimming your hair will not promote growth, like so many people claim, but it will keep your hair looking healthy. As your hair grows, you should remove split ends and dried out areas. If you do have split ends, they will continue to pull and split the hair, causing your hair to fall out and look very messy.

hair straightening

As you continue to work on implementing these tips, you will notice significant improvement over time. The key to any regimen is consistency, so work to create habits rather than treating yourself to a crash course in hair care that will provide somewhat limited results.

It may also take some time to experiment with products that can offer you the results that you are looking for.

Top 4 Hair Care Tips for Summer

It’s never too early to start preparing for summer, as we all know the heat can take a toll on your hair. Excessive exposure to the heat and sun rays easily rids the hair off its essential oils, making it dry and brittle.

Chemically treated hair is also highly affected during the hot summer season; as you may have noticed, the hair easily fades and becomes quite dull around this time.

You need to protect your hair and scalp from these harmful effects of the sun. Today we shall be giving you some useful tips on how to take care of your hair during summer.

Best Tips on Caring For Summer Hair

Caring for your hair during summer is not a complicated affair, at least not with these simple tips.

1st Tips: Air dry your hair

2nd Tips: Wash the hair less frequently and use plant based hair products

3rd Tips: Cool-rinse your hair

4th Tips: Use inexpensive DIY hair products

Drying your hair naturally is one of the best things you can do for your hair. Hair dryers tend to have excessive heat, which in addition to hot weather, dries your hair even more. You can simply dry your hair by blotting it, using an absorbent towel.

Hare care tips for summer

As a general rule of thumb, make sure that you dry the hair in downward motion and comb it using a wide toothed comb or your fingers, to prevent breakage.

You can also create texture by plaiting the hair or wrapping it as it dries. It’s also advisable that you wash your hair less frequently since washing the hair also strips its natural oils, which are produced by the scalp. The products you use to wash your hair also matters; plant based shampoos and conditioners are the best in this regard.

While many of us are buying shampoos, we believe that shampoos with more foam tend to be best; this is understandable as they make our washing exercise easier. However, this is not necessarily a good thing because shampoos tend to contain harmful chemicals such as Cocamide DEA and SLS. The foaming effect is simply psychological and in reality, you don’t need much lather to clean your hair.

After conditioning your hair, a cool rinse can help breathe some life into your hair. Cold water condenses the hair follicles and closes the cuticle layer— making your hair appear healthier, smoother and shinier. There are plenty of DIY recipes for hair care; these not only save you money, they are also better for your hair since they do not contain harmful chemicals.

For example, you can use apple cider vinegar to remove chemical build up on your hair or coconut oil to moisturize the hair and prevent fly-away. You can also create a hair mask and deep conditioner, using ingredients such as mayonnaise and eggs.

Protecting Your Hair This Summer

Summer is a time to let down your hair and let it fly loose. However, this exposes it to the harmful sun elements.

The good news is that there are ways that you can protect your hair while enjoying the summer heat.

     1st advice: Hydrate

     2nd advice: Wear a hat

     3rd advice: Wrap the hair to restore lost moisture

It is important that you stay hydrated during summer. You, in fact, need to drink more water to replenish the lost fluids. There are various ways to keep your body hydrated and besides water, you can also include fresh fruits and vegetables into your diet; they are a good source of fluids due to their high water content.

This goes without saying that you may want to wear a hat to protect the hair from sun rays. You can also tie the hair in a knot, bun or simply braid it give it a rest. When retiring for the day, you can help your hair heal by restoring its lost moisture. Simply wrap it in a plastic bag, pin it up or cover it with a silk head wrap. This also helps to eliminate frizz.

Healthy Hair

The hot summer weather is great but it also means that you need to pay extra attention to your hair since the sun’s rays can have a damaging effect. Cover up the hair using a hat or head scarf. You can also use hair care products that have a Sun Protection Factor.

When it comes to styling products, avoid heat styling at all costs and try to use organic hair products or DIY products which work just as great. Your diet matters; eat healthy, keep your body well hydrated and stock up on your fruits and vegetables.

New Hairstyle Update: Jay McGuiness Reveals Odd Half-Shaved Look

Jay McGuiness of The Wanted has always been known for his grungy style, but this saw a whole new level of dedication with his new hairstyle. At the SD2 Festival in Brighton September 29, McGuiness walked out with a half-shaved hairstyle, removing half of his long curly hair from the sides of his head.

The shaved look can be described as bizarre at best. The crowd at the festival responded with dismay when he hit the stage, and Twitter revealed several Tweets that echoed this response –“Why Jay Why” when pictures were released.

Jay McGuiness Reveals Odd Half Shaved Look

An Extra Surprise for the Crowd

To add to the surprise, McGuiness’s band mate Max George hid away a portion of the singer’s shaved hair and tossed it into the crowd from the main stage.

1st up– The girl who caught the rogue locks tweeted The Wanted Twitter account with a picture to prove that she had walked away with the prize.

2nd up– The band responded that she should tuck this hair away and make a point of keeping it safe because it would probably be worth a bit of money someday.

The Wanted was using this concert as a means of boosting attention for their upcoming third album. Some are speculating that this move might be a way of promoting an older, more sophisticated look for the 23 year old singer that will mimic the sound on this new album, but this has yet to be seen.

Not the First to Go to These Extremes

While Jay McGuiness certainly shocked fans by revealing his shaved head, he is certainly not the first celebrity to chop their locks, as a means of dramatically changing their style.

Fact 1: Charlize Theron recently shaved her head to prepare for her role in Max: Fury Road.

Fact 2: Matthew Morrison of glee shaved his head in June of 2012, though there was no explanation for the change.

Fact 3: Britney Spears famously shaved her head in February of 2007, even going as far as grabbing the clippers in the hair salon and chopping off most of her hair herself. Of course, this was revealed to be one of many instances where the celebrity was showing signs of mental distress.

Fact 4: Joseph Gordon-Levitt made his debut after Third Rock from the Sun by cutting off his famously long hair. He would shave his head completely a few years later to play a cancer patient in 50/50.

Fact 5: Willow Smith shaved her head in February 2012, shortly before dying her hair green.

Fact 6: Anne Hathaway was asked to chop her hair short for her role in Les Miserables. She liked the look so much that she continued to keep her hair short once the film was completed.

Fact 7: Cynthia Nixon shaved her head in January of 2012 when playing a terminal cancer patient in Wit. She admitted she is not planning on keeping this look for a long period of time.

While many celebrities have shaved their heads to take on new movie rolls, some simply do this as a means of adding some artistic expression to their lives. Of course, people often have very mixed opinions on the celebrity’s look when such a dramatic change takes place.


Opinions on Jay McGuiness’s new look are varied, with many responding with shock, but some saying they appreciate the new edgy look. Shaving the sides of your head can be extreme, particularly when you sport several inches of long, curly locks like McGuiness does, but it is possible to use a hairstyle, such as this, to add an edge to any look.

Would you be willing to take your hairstyle to the extreme or would you rather settle for contemporary hairstyles?


How Castor Oil Benefits Your Hair

Have you ever heard of Castor Oil? Whether it’s the weather, over styling or simply a side effect of your hair type, everyone deals with hair problems at some point or another. Split ends, dry scalp, thinning hair and more can plague you if you aren’t careful.

Fortunately, there are plenty of hair beauty supply products that can help to combat these issues as and when they spring up. But castor oil is often considered one of the most beneficial items for hair available to mankind. While it is a bit messy and can be hard to get out of your hair once it’s applied, the added benefits are well worth your trouble.

caster oil

The oil contains many of the benefits that are necessary to keep your hair healthy, while fighting off fungus and bacteria that can damage your scalp.

Applying Castor Oil to Get Great Benefits

 There are plenty of reasons to stock up on castor oil to keep your hair in great shape, and we’ve outlined some of your best choices below.

Reason 1: 

 Stimulate Hair Growth- People that want to see more growth out of their hair can regularly apply castor oil to their scalp. This increases blood flow to your follicles and provides a healthy dose of omega-6 fatty acids that are essential to growing more hair. Leave castor on your hair overnight, keeping your hair covered to make sure it penetrates without getting all over your pillow.

 Reason 2:

 Fight Hair Loss- Hair loss can happen for a variety of reasons like dandruff, over-styling and more. If you massage castor oil into the roots of your hair and your scalp and wash it away 1-2 hours later you can avoid this problem. Castor oil contains ricinleic acid that can stimulate circulation and protect your hair so it won’t fall out.

 Reason 3:

 Treat a Scalp Infection- If you start noticing bald patches, itchiness and flaking, chances are your scalp is infected and your hair is going to be effected by these problems. Castor oil has anti-fungal and antibacterial properties that can help in these situations. Apply the oil to your scalp regularly to keep infections at bay.

caster -oil-benefits

 Reason 4:

 Moisturize and Condition Hair- There are plenty of omega-9 acids in castor oil that your hair can use to lock in moisture. Apply the oil 15 minutes before you shampoo to keep your hair soft and smooth. You can also apply 1-2 drops of castor oil every night as part of your conditioning routine.

 Reason 5:

 Reduce Split Ends- When your hair is unhealthy, it’s going to break and split. Castor oil can deliver amino acids and vitamin E that can help smooth down these broken spots. Oil your hair and leave it in place for a few hours before you wash.

 Reason 6:

 Ease Your Dry Scalp- If your scalp is try you are at risk for dandruff, but the omega-9 acids in castor oil can help to keep your scalp nourished. Apply castor oil for a few minutes before you wash, and after a couple of washes you will see a distinct difference.


 Reason 7:

Make Your Hair Thicker- If your locks are thinning, your hair is probably damaged. Applying castor oil will not only help you repair damage, but it can help your scalp grow thicker hair by providing the nutrients your body needs to produce more hair strands.

 Reason 8:

 Get more Color and Shine- Applying castor oil can make your hair shinier by locking the moisture into the strands and hair shaft. Mixing castor oil into your regular hair serum or beauty salon supplies can increase these benefits. Applying warm castor oil to your hair and wrapping the strands can also help to make your hair look darker and healthier.

 With so much to offer and a low price tag to boot, it’s easy to give castor oil a try to give yourself healthier, more manageable hair.

Safe Hair Care Products during Pregnancy

When pregnancy comes, there are a lot of things that women end up ditching. Usually, the diet changes and so do the hair care products. Well, the hair care regime also changes and most women will prefer to go with styles that require ‘less maintenance’.


One choice that many women will have to encounter is whether or not they should continue using their favorite shampoo, conditioner, sheen and other hair care products. As an expectant mum, your priorities immediately change: it’s a time to not only think of yourself but the young one you are carrying.

As we all know by now, our hair products contain a lot of chemicals and shampoos and conditioners that are known to have some really toxic ingredients. It’s therefore a must that you evaluate your products and restock your bathroom with safe beauty products.

Hair Extensions and Pregnancy

Now there has been a lot of conflicting information on whether or not it’s safe to wear your hair extensions while pregnant. Well, those curly hair extensions you love so much may be harmful, but it all depends on how you put them on. It’s true that hair glue can have some harmful chemicals and the major culprit when it comes to hair extensions is fusion hair extensions.

Here are some of the harmful chemicals present in hair glue:





These are chemicals you need to stay away from, pregnant or not. We begin with Naphatha which is a solvent that is present in very many commercial products. Naphatha can contain traces of caphtha, which can be carcinogenic. Carcinogens are cancerous substances and toluene, which is a another common ingredient in hair glue, is a benzene derivative which is yet another carcinogen.

We are not completely opposed to hair extensions, but would not advise any pregnant woman to use extensions that require hair glue. Instead, it would be advisable to go for hair extensions, such as remy clip in hair extensions or any other type of clip in extensions.


You can also use the braiding system with your hair extensions, as it is much safer. One of the good things about the braiding process is that it actually helps protect your hair from the harsh elements of the weather and can even help reduce hair loss since you are not constantly pulling the hair.

Safe Hair Products to Use during Pregnancy

Getting safe products to use while pregnant is not difficult and below are some of the things you may want to consider.

1st productOrganic hair products

2nd product–Fragrance free hair shampoos and conditioners

3rd product– Home-made deep conditioning treatment

You may want to replenish your hair beauty supply with organic hair products. There is no shortage of such products: there are brands that deal solely with organic products. The good thing about organic products is that you can rest easy knowing that your body is not exposed to any harmful chemicals.

kim-kardashian-pregnantFragrances also have some oils that may contain harmful chemicals and you need to cut back on those nice smelling shampoos and conditioners. Pregnant women suffer from thinning hair: it’s important to ensure that you deep condition the hair to strengthen it. Well, the good news is that you don’t have to buy a deep conditioning treatment. You can simply raid your pantry. Egg, yogurt and olive oil combined create a fantastic conditioner and you can also use mayonnaise.

It is recommended that you take a break on straightening your hair with relaxers and dryers, as these too can be harmful. This is a time to re-invent yourself with a new ‘hair do’ and there are plenty of salon products that will favor your pregnancy.