Celebrity Hair extensions – Celebs want long hair too!

If there is one thing we all love, it following the latest celebs and seeing what the latest trends are to hit Hollywood  A re-occurring trend seems to be celebrity hair extensions. Longer hair is beautiful regardless of your fame. Seeing photos of celebrities with hair extensions year after year is testament that long luscious hair is not going anywhere anytime soon.

celebrities with hair extensions

The lovely Amanda Seyfred never fails to look glamorous with her luxurious golden hair

No one could possibly keep up with Celebrity hair trends and following celebrity hair extensions, they change from month to month which is more than enough to break our everyday girl budget. The most common thing I see with our celebrity idols is one day their hair is short and pixie cut and the next long and luscious. I don’t know about you but my hair certainly doesn’t grow that quickly if at all!

Celebrities with hair extensions are not hard to find. Extensions allow them to show instant fullness, length and body. Remember they are just normal girls like us. If their hair looks perfect its usually not always natural.


celebrity hair extensions

Taylor swift suits long hair and has reportedly worn discreet hair extensions for those red carpet appearances


How to get the celebrity hair extensions look

There is no doubt these pics shows that celebrity hair extensions are common in Hollywood  they are just pro’s at making us feel like their hair is natural!. Regardless.. they are so elegant and graceful with longer hair. Don’t spend thousands to get the celebrities with hair extensions look. There are options for us everyday girls such as buying online. Not famous? Don’t worry. You can have the glamour and instant length with our own brand, ZALA.

miley cyrus hair extensions

Miley Cyrus was a big fan of hair extensions, reportedly spending $24,000 on hair extensions back in 2011. Based on this before and after photo we believe she will be wearing hair extensions again in no time..

We couldn’t begin to list all the celebrities with hair extensions because most of them might wear one or two rows just to thicken their hair or add volume and others might wear for a full transformation, either way don’t be fooled into thinking they are perfect naturally and better still, don’t be fooled into thinking you cant look like that too! You have to remember that Celebrity hair extensions are just worn by normal girls who can become famous for any number of reasons. They are just normal everyday girls who have been pushed into the spot light and with the help of hair extensions they can pull off their stunning look everyday. Read more on this topic.

Our top women we look up to for fashion advice wear clip in hair extensions to boost their look, why can’t we?

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