Hairstyles for Prom

Prom season is upon us! We know it’s super important to look absolutely perfect for prom night. So, we’ve put together 3 gorgeous hairstyles for prom to complete your outfit! Read on for all the prom hairspiration you need.

hairstyles for prom



hairstyles for prom

First up, this AMAZING french braid! This look is perfect if you want to make a statement with your hair, as it’s a serious head turner. Start with your hair parted to the side and apply hair extensions for added volume and length. Although this step is optional, we think it’s SUCH a game changer when it comes to french braids. Once your hair is prepped, add curls prior to styling. Next, french braid all your hair in a diagonal direction to create a super pretty side braid. Finish by loosening the braid with your fingers for extra volume, and you’re done! If you’re not familiar with the french braiding technique, check out our full tutorial below.


Next up, glam ponytails! We LOVE a polished pony at ZALA and think they’re the perfect style to wear with any outfit. For an extra sleek look, opt for a straight, high pony. Or for a bit more shape, add some curls! And if you want serious ponytail goals for prom, clip in ponytails add all the length and thickness you need! Not only do they completely revamp any look, they create the perfect ponytail in MINUTES! If you’ve left your prom hair to the last minute but still want your locks on point, check out our full range of clip in ponytails HERE.


Last but not least – old hollywood waves. Not only are hollywood waves serious #hairgoals and are absolutely perfect for prom, they’re super easy to create, too! We think hair extensions are a MUST for this look, as signature hollywood waves are known for loads of volume. For extra thick locks, our most recommend hair extensions are the ZALA Quadlux Range! They’re quad wefted, double drawn AND 100% human hair so can be safely curled and styled. Plus, they’re the thickest 20 & 24 inch sets on the market! Once your extensions are applied, take medium sized sections and curl each section in the same direction. This will make sure you’re creating that signature ‘S’ curl pattern! Then, leave the curls to cool and finish by carefully brushing through.

Which is your favourite of these hairstyles for prom? Don’t forget to tag us in your shots wearing your ZALA locks with #ZALAHAIREXTENSIONS so we can see your amazing prom look featuring ZALA hair!


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