How to Wake Up with Perfect Hair

Want to know how to wake up with perfect hair? Who doesn’t! Whether it’s because you’ve got little to no time in the mornings or just don’t like putting too much effort into your locks, our guide has everything you need to wake up with perfect tresses.

how to wake up with perfect hair


When wanting to wake up with ready to go locks, it all comes down to preparation! Of course, there will be a little touching up here and there, but these tips will be sure to have your locks looking perfect morning.


First things first: decide on the look you’re going for before you go to bed. This can be anything from old hollywood style waves to the perfectly undone look, and will determine how you’ll need to wear your locks overnight.

  • For a more polished glam style, apply some heated rollers and finish with some strong hold hairspray the night before. Don’t worry! It’ll look a little crazy at first, but the curls will loosen and soften overnight, allowing you to wake up with that perfect, straight out of the salon look. Just make sure to give your locks a good brush through and a final spritz with hairspray.
  • For a more undone look, start with freshly washed hair and blow dry until it’s about 90% dry. Then, braid your hair before bed and let your hair dry completely overnight. Once you wake up, unravel the braids and comb through with your fingers, finishing with some texturising spray before you head out.


Want to say goodbye to dreaded ‘bed hair’? It’s time to invest in a silk pillow case! Although braiding your locks before bed helps to prevent knots & tangles, a silk pillow case is much more gentle on tresses and completely avoids any pulling or tugging overnight, letting you wake up with hair that’s ready to go. It’s also a must have for tape hair extensions users to keep your extensions in perfect condition!


Speaking of which, our fave tip to wake up with perfect hair is no doubt, tape hair extensions! If you’re not familiar with tape extensions, they’re a semi permanent method that last up to 8-10 weeks in the hair and are completely non damaging. Not only are they super safe on your natural hair, they are so easy to apply & remove in under 30 minutes. Which make it so easy to wake up with perfect, long and thick hair every day for that ‘all natural’ look. We stock a full range of premium European tape hair extensions at ZALA with over 14 shades in 12-26 inch lengths available. Wake up like this by shopping the full range HERE.

What are your tips on how to wake up with perfect hair?

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