Red hair extensions are the latest trend

Red Hair Extensions

We are loving red hair extensions! We saw a shift in a popularity of red and auburn hair. Celebrities such as Rihanna helped to make red hair a popular hair trend. We are seeing a re-resurgence of that trend with deeper more sophisticated red tones.

before and after red hair extensions

Before and after of a girl wearing ZALA Burgundy Red hair extensions 20 inches

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The customer in the before and after shot above had shoulder length burgundy hair but needed to add extra volume and length. When she initially contacted us she mentioned that she had struggled to find a good selection of clip in red hair extensions online. Our team quickly matched her colour to our Burgundy red and it turned out to be a perfect match.

burgundy red hair extensions

This is a photo of ZALA burgundy red hair extensions which are available at the ZALA store.

If you want a more subtle version of red hair extensions then consider our fantastic and very popular Autumn Auburn #33 clip in hair extensions. This shade of red is a warm brown with copper tones throughout and is a great change from those everyday brunette colours.


ashlee simpson auburn hair

This photo of Ashlee simpson is a great match to our ZALA autumn auburn hair extensions

This wonderful auburn tone is a great way to warm up how you feel in winter. It can also add a bit of brightness and warmth to your natural hair with our auburn clip in hair extensions.  This shade of Auburn has been worn by many celebrities.


auburn clip in hair extensions

These auburn red clip in hair extensions are a great way to shift away from natural brunette colours without damaging your hair or using strong dyes.

The above product is available at the ZALA store that includes free express delivery. Remember if you are not 100% satisfied you can return or exchange within 30 days with no issues.






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