Human hair vs Synthetic hair extensions

human hair extensions compared to synthetic hair extensions

Hair extensions made from human hair have many advantages. They can be heated (curled or straightened), coloured for best colour matching results, styled, washed, and treated as you can with your natural hair therefore making them much easier to work with. Hair extensions made from synthetic hair do not last as long and are very sensitive to conditions such as sun exposure and moisture in the air. 

They are very difficult to style as you cannot use heat on them such as straighteners and curling irons and cannot be coloured. They are also known to blend badly with natural hair. It is clear that there are many disadvantages to synthetic hair extensions.There is no comparison between the two, we highly recommended you do not waste your time with synthetic sets if you care about your hair and your look. 

This does lead us to expected price ranges, for synthetic hair, you shouldn’t be paying more than $60- $80 and for human it can range from $120-$500. There are however different grades of human hair. At ZALA we use the highest professional AAA grade hair for our products. This ensures thick, healthy natural extensions which blend discreetly.


   Human Hair Extensions                      Synthetic Hair Extensions

    Can be curled, heated 
    Safe for straightening
    Can be dyed, Cut and Styled
    Blends naturally with your hair
    Feels silky, soft and shiney
    Comes in natural colours 
    Lasts longer and doesn't fade

 CANNOT be curled, heated
NOT Safe for straightening
CANNOT be dyed, and Styled
DOES NOT Blend naturally with hair
NOT silky, soft and shiney
DOESN'T Comes in natural colours 
FADE quickly and tangle


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