Least Damaging Extensions for Fine Hair

Hair extensions can transform you from girl-next-door to red carpet ready in an instant. But if you’re not careful, or if your strands are naturally fine and fragile, then it’s just as easy for your hair to go from fab to drab in a few minutes.

In this article, we’ll give you some tips and tricks when using the least damaging extensions for fine hair!

Least Damaging Extensions For Fine Hair

Using Hair Extensions For Fine Hair

Before purchasing your first set of extensions, you should be familiar with your natural hair. What’s the shade of your hair? Does your hair have a curl pattern? Most importantly, what type of hair strand do you have?

If you have thick hair, you’re basically free to use any type of extension you want. But if you have fine hair, you should be warier of the type of extension you’re using. It’s important to use extensions that won’t pull or break your already fragile strands.

3 Least Damaging Extensions For Fine Hair

Worried about using potentially damaging your hair? Here’s a list of the 3 least damaging extensions for fine hair!

Halo Hair Extension

Considered the best option for fine hair, halo hair extensions add much-needed volume and length without damaging your strands. Unlike other types that are directly attached to the hair, halos simply sit on your scalp. Due to this, they don’t add any unnecessary stress to your roots.

With its quick and easy application that provides runway-ready results in just a few seconds, your fine locks (and roots!) will surely love this hair extension.

Tape-in Hair Extensions

If you want something that’s more permanent than halos , you can opt for tape-in hair extensions. Tape-in extensions are attached to your hair using very thin tape tabs. They’re very light, which means they don’t pull or tug on your fine strands. They also look natural and seamless since they’re attached so closely to your scalp.

You can always DIY your tape-in application and removal. The entire process usually just takes 30 minutes to an hour, depending on how thick you want your hair to be.

Clip-in Hair Extensions

Clip-in hair extensions are the most affordable and most popular type in the market. The application is super easy, too. All you have to do is to clip them in and once they’re attached, you can now walk down the streets with thicker and fuller hair! Just make sure to apply and remove them gently so that you won’t damage your fine hair.

Zala Hair specializes in clip-in hair extensions and we have a huge range of clip-ins you can choose from. Our shades range from jet black to platinum blonde and our hair lengths range from 12 to 30 inches.

If you want a quick, affordable, and natural-looking solution for your fine hair, then we highly suggest that you try one of our top of the line clip-in hair extensions!

Least Damaging Extensions for Fine Hair

Finding the right hair extensions for your fine hair can be difficult, especially when there’s a lot of types in the market that you can choose from. But no matter the type, it’s always best to purchase high-quality and well-created wefts for your locks.

We’re hoping that this list of least damaging hair extensions for fine hair helped you in choosing the right one for you!

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Hair Extensions For Volume

Having longer hair means you can try out more gorgeous hairstyles. Sadly, even long hair can’t save you if your hair’s too thin or limp to hold up your hairdo well.

Nowadays, there are various hair treatments that you can undergo if you want to have long, flowing, voluminous hair. These treatments will give you more hair strands per hair follicle, which will give the appearance of thicker hair. However, not everyone’s lucky enough to undergo these treatments.

hair extensions for volume

The perfect alternative? Using hair extensions for volume .

Using Hair Extensions for Volume

While hair extensions are mostly known to instantly extend your strands, they can also be worn to make your hair more voluminous. And if you’re unsure which hair extensions would be best for your #HairGoals, then this list is for you.

1. Clip-in Extensions

Widely used for many reasons, Clip-in Hair Extensions are usually the first choice when choosing hair extensions. They’re very easy to apply and remove, even if you decide to go the DIY route.

You only need half an hour of additional time to have bulkier and livelier hair. It’s also a great option for beginners since you don’t need much knowledge, time, and effort in order to get the job done.

2. Tape-in Extensions

As the name implies, Tape-in Extensions are hair extensions that use tapes to get attached to your hair. A thin strip of your hair is sandwiched in between two pieces of tape-in extensions and laid flat against your head and as close to the roots as possible.

Because tape-ins use adhesives, you can easily cut longer pieces to make them into shorter pieces, depending on where you want to apply them. This gives you enough flexibility when adding volume to your hair. They’re also much easier to hide since the tapes themselves lie flat on your scalp.

3. Halo Extensions

Halo Hair Extensions aren’t attached to your strands in any way. Instead, it sits on a very thin and almost invisible wire that you wear on your head like a headband. Also, it only takes a minute or two to wear. You can even hide the wire underneath the top section of your hair to make it completely unnoticeable.

However, unlike the other types of extensions on this list, halos offer limited customizability. If you have thinning hair on certain portions of your head, such as the top, you won’t be able to concentrate the additional volume on just that part.

4. Ponytail Extensions

Ponytail Hair Extensions, like the name implies, are made specifically for ponytail hairstyles. It’s a variant of the clip-in extensions that are perfect for clipping onto your own hair’s ponytail.

While the classic pony is a go-to hairstyle for many people, more volume would mean more life to your ponytail hairdo.

As you can see, there’s no need to worry about not having enough volume to pull of that dream hairstyle of yours. Thanks to hair extensions, you can instantly transform from drab to fab!

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Clip-In Hairpieces For Volume

Does your hair look pitifully thin when you tie it in a straight ponytail? Do you get a cute Xi?ob?o instead of an elegant Dàb?o when you tie your hair in a bun? Or do you get a fishtail that’s barely there when you try to put your hair in a braid?

Think your hair is lacking in length and volume? In this article, we’ll tell you how to use Zala’s clip-in hairpieces for volume!

Adding Volume To Your Hair

Don’t worry, we know full well the pains of not having thick hair. After all, having less hair volume than desired can really hamper your style.

Since you have less to work with, you tend to have fewer hairstyle options too. Plus, most of the hairstyles you do get to try out don’t look as nice as you imagined them to be. Even when you tease your hair in an effort to make it look more voluminous, it just falls flat back a few hours after.

At this point, getting some sort of professional hair treatment or therapy may have already crossed your mind. But this requires a significant investment of your time, effort, and finances. For most people, the preferred solution is one that’s instant, easier to pull off, and less expensive.

So how about investing in volumizing hairpieces, specifically clip-in hairpieces, instead? Clip in hair pieces for volume are the perfect investment.

Using Clip-In Hairpieces For Thicker Hair

Hairpieces are not just for additional length. You can also use them to add volume to your hair to give more fluff and life to your hairstyle. Whether for everyday volume or for pulling off gorgeous hairstyles on special occasions, you only need to put them on and style your hair, less if you styled the hairpieces beforehand.

What Are Clip-In Hairpieces?

Clip-in hairpieces, as its name implies, are hairpieces attached to a base made of lace or fabric with clips attached or sewn. Because you can just clip them on and off whenever you want to apply or remove them, wearing them is quick and easy. Using clip in hair extensions for volume is a simple way to give yourself hair you love each and every day.

You don’t have to plan your days ahead, thinking about adjusting how active your activities are when you’re wearing them because the hairpieces, and the volume, is only as permanent as you want them to be. Just use the clip in hair for volume whenever it suits you.

They require less of your time, effort, and finances over the long run. You can buy them, have your hairdresser style them to match your hair, and then you’re good to go. You can now have more voluminous hair instantly just by wearing clip-in hairpieces.No worries about hair damage, too. They don’t need any chemicals or heat to apply, which means there’s no chance of ruining your hair or scalp. Wondering how to use hair extensions for volume? Here are some tips to help you out.

Additional Tips When Using Clip-In Hairpieces

If you have short hair and you already like your length but just want a bit of volume, you can use pieces that are closer to your current length. Zala has 12?-14? clip-ins that can add volume to your crowning glory without being needlessly long.

Another tip is to tease your roots after applying the clip-ins. Simply backcomb your hair slightly to lift your hair at the roots. Aside from making your hair look bigger and more voluminous, teasing the hair also gives the clip-in hairpieces additional hold and grip if your hairpieces tend to slip especially if you have fine hair.

If you still feel that something’s lacking, you can also opt to use volumizing products to make your hair strands look even thicker. Lastly, avoid shampoos and conditioners that have sulfates, parabens, or other harmful ingredients that can make your hair look flat and dull.

Clip-In Hairpieces For Volume

Clip-in hairpieces are an easy and affordable way to give your hair and hairstyle more bulk, more volume, more life.

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There’s a reason why we call a lady’s hair her crowning glory. And on her most special day–her very own wedding–this beauty should be the centerpiece of the entire ceremony. As such, special care should be shown and taken for your hair on your wedding day. After all, every lady deserves the most beautiful hair on this once-in-a-lifetime event.

That said, do you think your natural hair can’t pull off your dream look? In this article, we’ll tell you everything you want to know about clip in extensions for wedding day looks, including tips and tricks on how to use the temporary wefts to spruce up your hair on your big day! We’ll also give you tips on how to find the best clip in extensions for wedding day styles.

Hair Extensions for My Wedding


Clip-in hair extensions can be the answer to your quest for a more extravagant hairdo to wear on your special day. Typically already worn for special occasions and even as everyday hair if you’re more hair-conscious, hair extensions are a great way to add volume and length to your hair and make it more flexible to styling.

If you’re considering wearing hair extensions on your big day, clip-ins are some of the easiest to wear, even for total beginners. You can either apply them yourself or ask your hairstylist to put them in.

Here at Zala, there are three different types of clip in hair extensions for wedding day styles that you can purchase. You’ve got one-piece, five-piece, or nine-piece clip-ins. The number you should use depends on your hair thickness. It won’t be good for your wedding hairstyle if your strands can’t conceal the wefts or the extensions just don’t look natural on your hair.


The best thing about one-piece clip-in volumizers is that there’s only one piece. You only have to clip-in a hair extension once, just in that area from your one ear to the other, and you’re good to go.

With Zala’s One-Piece Clip-Ins, you get instant length, volume, and buoyancy to your hair without much effort. This is typically good enough for you to pull off the hairstyle you’ve been coveting for your wedding day.

Available in 14 inches, 16 inches, or 20 inches, this is your lightweight and comfortable solution to flat and dull wedding day hair.

But how to put in one piece clip-in hair extensions? It’s so simple! Start off by parting the hair above your ears. Next, hold the volumizer to your hair and close the bottom clips first; a bit lower from the part. Now close the upper clips and you’re good to go! Style your hair to your liking and rock with gorgeous hair on your big day!



Most clip-in hair extensions are available in five-piece or nine-piece bundles. However, if your hair is on the thinner or finer side, five-piece clip-in hair extensions would be the more appropriate choice over the nine-piece bundle.

Because it’s important that the wefts are well-hidden under your hair for that more natural look, finer or thinner hair can typically only conceal five-pieces of wefts. Still, you can be assured that five-piece clip-in hair extensions will already be enough to give your hair more length and volume to work with for a perfect wedding hairdo.


If you already have thick hair, using only five pieces on your hair may not change your current thickness and volume that much. Luckily, we also have nine-piece clip-in hair extensions for wedding day events that work best for those who want more pieces.

Medium and thicker hair types can hide and hold more wefts. This makes them more suitable for nine-piece clip-ins.

Additionally, you need as much hair as possible to obscure your own ends to achieve the voluminous, natural look. If your extensions aren’t as thick as your natural hair, it will look evidently thinner at the bottom, making it painfully obvious you’re wearing extensions.


Part of choosing the right hair extensions for you is selecting the right number of pieces for your hair extensions. Just as the color of your hair extensions should match or complement your natural hair color, the thickness of your hair extensions should also be appropriate to your natural hair thickness.

Once your hair transformation is complete, it should look as natural as possible. You can’t afford to have hair strands awkwardly sticking out or weft clips obviously standing out. You deserve to look your absolute best on the most important event of your life. That means your hair deserves the best clip in extensions for wedding celebrations to stand out with extra length, volume, and thickness.

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There are no limits as to what a woman can do with her hair as long as she feels completely confident with her choice. Various hairstyles can bring out the character and aura of the person, which is why it’s no surprise that they can significantly increase a woman’s confidence and style.

But what if a sudden change of plan occurs and you immediately regret trimming your hair short? Do you now have to deal with your shorter hair length until it grows back?

In this article, we’ll discuss clip-in hair extensions for short hair!


Luckily, hair extensions can be easily incorporated and customized to your preference even with short hair. Hair extensions add depth and length to your hair and thus technically gives you limitless hairstyle options.


While the creative freedom that comes with using hair extensions is potentially limitless, there are still some factors to consider when choosing the ideal hair extensions for you.

Although the focus of this article will be on clip-in hair extensions, we should first take a look at the other common types of hair extensions.


True to its name, all you have to do to apply tape-in hair extensions is to tape them to your hair. It’s applied to the root using adhesive, which ensures that it doesn’t fall off.


Halo hair extensions are named for their halo-like figure atop the wearer’s head. Since it only sits on top of your hair, these extensions are guaranteed to cause 0 damage to your strands.


Weave-in hair extensions are sewn into your hair using a needle and thread. This type of hair extensions is highly recommended for people with thick hair.


Finally, we’ve got the star of this article: clip-in hair extensions! This is one of the most accessible and affordable hair extensions in the market right now. A regular set usually comes with 5-9 pieces of clips where several wefts are attached. All you have to do to apply them to your hair is to simply clip them in. Simple, right?


Now, how do you choose the best clip-in hair extensions for short hair? Before we start though, keep in mind that your short hair has to be at least 3 inches long for extensions to work. Clip-in hair extensions for short hair before and after photos can give you ideas about how your hair may look after installing the wefts.


Hair extensions don’t just lengthen your hair, they also hide the stages of hair growth depending on where you place them.

You can buy clip-in hair extensions in different lengths and you can go as short or as long as you’d like. It’s best to go for a length that will perfectly blend with your hair.

For instance, 16 inches long is typically recommended to make room for adjustments. If you don’t want to add a lot of length, you can also just opt for 12-14 inch extensions.


100% human hair extensions, like the ones we have here at Zala, offer more freedom when it comes to customization because it’s strong enough to withstand heat-styling and chemical treatments. These types of extensions also look more natural, blending perfectly with your short hair.


Clip-in hair extensions come in a variety of colors, from Jet Black to Platinum Blonde. For a more natural look, the color of your extensions should be as close as possible to your natural strands.

Having a hard time deciding which color to go for? Head over to our Color Match page and have someone help you pick out the right color!


Before we start, always remember that proper treatment and conditioning should be done beforehand to ensure that your extensions are safe to attach to the natural hair. This is not only for hygienic purposes but it also ensures the longevity of your extensions.

Here’s how to apply clip-in hair extensions on short hair:

  1. Divide your hair by separating half of your hair using a clip, securing it in place. This is in preparation for the clip-in hair extensions.
  2. Add one piece to your hair and secure it in place.
  3. Bring down some strands from the separated half. Clip another piece into place.
  4. Continue doing this until all the pieces have been clipped in.

Having short hair is a matter of preference. One minute you might be confident with your new hair but after a while, you might crave another hairstyle in which your current hair lacks the length to pull off. We’re just as thankful as you are that those hair extensions exist!