11 Reasons To Buy Silk Pillowcases Right Now

Are you a fan of getting your beauty rests? If so, silk pillowcases are absolutely godsend for you! The benefits are practically endless and they’re a small investment to make if you highly value your nighttime rest.

Not convinced? Here are 11 reasons to buy silk pillowcases right now for your hair – and for the rest of your body, too!

1. It’s hypoallergenic

Silk pillowcases don’t normally bring about allergies caused by mites, bed bugs, mold, and fungus, which you can usually encounter in cotton pillowcases.

2. It makes your hair smooth and tangle-free

The soft and smooth nature of silk pillowcases helps keep your own hair smooth and tangle-free, no matter how times you toss and turn each night. It’s like waking up to a Brazilian blowout every single day!

3. It keeps your head cool at night

While cotton is usually the first choice if you want sweat-free sleeping experience, silk is actually a good option too! With silk pillowcases, you can stay cool all night and keep your hair and skin well-nourished.

4. It can promote healthy hair growth

Speaking of sweat-free, did you know that keeping your scalp fresh and clean can actually promote healthy hair growth? Too much sebum can weigh your hair down and drown your hair follicles, which can cause hair thinning and eventually hair loss.

5. It reduces split ends and frizzy hair

Friction caused by your non-silk pillowcases can damage your hair and cause split ends. Aside from that, you’re running the risk of getting frizzy hair caused by friction too. Do your hair a huge favor and switch to silk pillowcases now!

6. It helps keep your face blemish-free

You know what is the one thing that you put your face near on a daily basis? Your pillows! Silk pillowcases are free from blemish-causing factors, unlike your regular cotton pillowcases that can trap a lot of dirt and dust in them, causing you to get pimples and acne.

7. It prevents your skin from getting wrinkles

Wrinkles are usually caused by the skin losing moisture and elasticity as you get older. Investing in a silk pillowcase can help prevent this, as it can lock in the moisture which your skin desperately needs.

8. It feels good to touch

Silk feels absolutely heavenly and soft and smooth and– seriously, it’s something you have to experience yourself in order to understand!

9. Guaranteed natural

Since silk is naturally made from the special thread spawn out by silkworms that are bred and raised in captivity, there is little to no risk of chemical exposure. This is unlike most regular pillowcases on the market which are made using cotton plants that are harvested from a farm that could have potentially used pesticides or other chemicals. Remember, too much chemical exposure can harm your skin and hair, so try to avoid them as much as possible.

10. It’s extremely easy to care for

Silk pillowcases are not as sensitive as they appear to be, at least when compared to your regular cotton pillowcases.

11. It’s a great way to end a long and tiring day

Nothing feels better than laying on an ultra-soft, ultra smooth bedding after spending a long day doing errands, running chores, sitting in front of a computer, or walking around. For less than $100 you can experience this well-deserved luxury, so what else are you waiting for?

Want to get the best silk pillowcase for your hair? You might want to try our very own ZALA Mulberry Silk Pillowcases. They’re handcrafted and handmade from 100% Mulberry Silk, guaranteed natural and effective for keeping your hair –and hair extensions– healthy and happy. Our cases are available in the standard size (20″ x 30″) and you can choose from three colors: charcoal, ivory white, and baby pink.

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How To Get Thick Hair

Here at ZALA, we love all kinds of hair. Short hair, long hair, straight hair, curly hair, wavy hair, fine hair, thick hair. Name it and there’s a hundred percent chance that we love it–as long as it’s healthy of course.

zala How To Get Thick Hair

That said, we do understand the longing for another type of hair apart from your own. How many fine-haired folks in here have wanted to get thicker hair, even just once?

We covered an article before on how you can make your hair thicker, or at least appear to be, using styling and hair extensions. In this article though, we’ll be sharing some tips on how you can get thick hair right from within this 2019!

1. Eat foods that promote hair growthzala natural remedies healthy

We’ve said it time and time again: real beauty starts from within. That’s why you should always stick to healthy food as much as you can. If you’re not a big fan of fruits and veggies (don’t worry, we totally understand), you have to try your best to at least incorporate a couple of them to your regular diet. By eating foods that promote hair growth, you’re helping your hair immensely.

2. Pop some vitaminszala vitamins

You might also want to consider taking some vitamins that specifically promote hair growth. Vitamin E, for example, can help improve the condition of your hair, skin, and nails after consistent doses. Of course, you can also opt to just get all your nutrients and vitamins from food. But if you really want to get thick hair, a vitamin E supplement may help you achieve your goals easier and faster.

3. Don’t forget to deep-cleanse

zala how to get thick hair

It sounds a little disgusting, but your hair could look fine and thin if it gets matted by too many products or worse, too much dirt from around you. Of course, dirt and product buildup on our hair is unavoidable, but that’s why we should always wash our hair properly in the shower and schedule a deep-cleansing session at least once a week. Not only can it make you feel much lighter and fresher, it can also help your hair grow better since it’s no longer bogged down by so much rubbish.

4. Use DIY home remedies

zala how to get thick hair

In addition to deep cleansing, you should also consider treating your hair on a regular basis in order to moisturize and nourish it. Hair that’s well-nourished grows much faster and better than hair that’s terribly dehydrated. This doesn’t mean that you have to go to the salon weekly just to undergo expensive treatments though. You can check out our short list of easy and cheap DIY home remedies that you can start doing as soon as possible.

5. Brush regularly

zala how to get thick hair

Our last tip is probably also the hardest to believe: brush your hair regularly to get thick hair! What? It’s as simple as that? Well, of course not, but brushing your hair regularly, especially with a non-plastic paddle brush, has so many advantages that a lot of people are missing out on. For one, brushing your hair regularly distributes the natural hair on your scalp to your shafts, which not only helps protect your hair from damage, but also locks in moisture to your strands.

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DIY Hair Masks For Damaged Hair

You ever get that feeling when you’re all tired and stressed out from work, and all you want to do is to lay down and get a nice, long massage to calm you down? Well, sometimes, your hair needs one too. And the closest thing to a relaxing massage that you can give to your hair? That’s right: hair masks.

Zala DIY Hair Masks For Damaged Hair

We’ve collected a short list of DIY hair masks for damaged hair that you can do right in the comforts of your own home!

Coconut Oil and Honey Hair Maskzala diy hair mask for damaged hair

We’ve already discussed the benefits of using coconut oil on hair before, and I’m guessing you already have some idea of how good coconut oil is for your dry and damaged strands. To say it simply, coconut oil is extremely helpful in keeping all your hair’s natural proteins, therefore promoting strong strands. Plus, coconut oil contains vitamin E that helps your hair get detoxed. As for the honey, it has smoothening properties and aids the coconut oil in penetrating deep into your hair shafts.

For a simple DIY hair mask, just mix 3 tablespoons of coconut oil to 1 tablespoon of honey. Apply to your hair in small amounts and leave on for 30 minutes to an hour. Don’t forget to shampoo and condition afterward!

Apple Cider Vinegar and Argan Oil Hair Maskzala diy hair mask for damaged hair

Apple cider vinegar is one of the best ingredients for DIY beauty hacks. Together with argan oil, apple cider vinegar can deep clean your hair while moisturizing it at the same time. Apple cider vinegar helps remove all the product buildup on your hair, freeing it from all the dirt that keeps it matted and lifeless. Meanwhile, argan oil is an amazing product for if you want to nourish your hair deeply–in fact, argan oil all by itself can be used on dry hair to keep it soft and smooth.

For an ACV and Argan Oil DIY hair mask, mix one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and two tablespoons of argan oil. Leave it on your hair for about 15 minutes before washing it off.

Egg Yolk Hair Maskzala diy hair mask for damaged hair

This DIY hair mask is honestly one of my favorites! Eggs are another must-have if you’re a fan of DIY beauty hacks. I usually pair this egg yolk hair mask with a DIY egg white face mask, for maximum use. Did you know that eggs are full of protein and amino acids? They promote strong, healthy growth of your hair and also provides nourishment to your strands. Plus, egg yolk also has vitamin D, which can help lessen hair fall.

To make your own egg yolk DIY hair mask, all you need are two egg yolks and two tablespoons of olive oil. Feel free to use some water to dilute the mixture if you want. Leave it on your hair for 30 minutes before washing and styling as usual.

How did you like our DIY hair masks? If you’ve tried out one of these before, feel free to share your experience in the comments below!

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5 Easy Things You Can Do To Have Gorgeous Hair

Who doesn’t want to have gorgeous hair?

While each person’s definition of the word “gorgeous” may be relative, we can probably all agree that dull, dry, and limp hair is pretty much the opposite of what we want to see in the mirror. It’s important to show a little TLC and affection for our hair too.

zala 5 easy things you can do to have gorgeous hair

In this article, we’ve listed down 5 easy things you can do to have gorgeous hair.

1. Use a paddle brush when brushing your hair.

A paddle brush is the best kind of brush to use when you want to have gorgeous hair. Paddle brushes made out of strong, hard bristles can immediately tame your frizz, polishing and smoothening your strands in an instant. They are especially useful for those with naturally straight hair, as well as those with normal to thicker hair strands.

2. Wash your hair correctly.

Yes, believe it or not, there is such a thing as washing your hair incorrectly. One thing you could be doing incorrectly is washing your hair every day. There is absolutely no benefit to doing that on a daily basis, unless you want to get dry and frizzy hair on purpose. s folks normally need a wash every 2 or 3 days, while curly-haired people can go as long as a whole week without washing.

3. Use the right shampoo and conditioner.

Your choice of shampoo and conditioner is also important if you want to get gorgeous hair. Some shampoos and conditioners have harsh chemicals in them that can further damage your hair, especially if it’s already dry and dehydrated. Choose something that a.) is suitable for your hair type and b.) is paraben-free, sulfate-free, and fragrance-free.

4. Invest in high-quality styling tools.

While it’s not recommended to style your hair heavily every day, we have to admit that sometimes, you’re left with no other choice. But just like what we always say here in ZALA, heat is one of your hair’s greatest enemies, so if you’re going to subject it to heat, you better make sure that you’re using high-quality styling tools, like the 4-in-1 Cosmo Curling Wand, for example.

5. Take care of your health.

I think we can all agree that unhealthy hair can never be gorgeous. If you want to get gorgeous hair, you have to take care of yourself from within, which means living a healthy life. I know, it’s easier said than done. But why don’t you start off by adding some healthy foods or two to your diet? You don’t need to cut out all the junk immediately, just be sure to make some progress, no matter how little it may be.

It’s not easy to suddenly start building good habits to have gorgeous hair, but like all habits, you have to start off slow and take it one step at a time. By doing these easy steps little by little,  you’ll have the loveliest locks before you know it!

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Do Natural Hair Remedies Actually Work?

Last week, we talked about using rice water for hair to keep your locks silky smooth and straight. We showed how its supposed benefits are backed by research and science. That said, we do admit that not all natural methods are indeed safe and effective. Some are just hearsays, some are well-meaning but plain ineffective, some are outright scams.

So do natural hair remedies really work? Let’s find out.

zala natural hair remedies do they work

Why Natural Hair Remedies

Many people prefer natural hair remedies to commercial products, and there’s no wonder why. Natural is often touted as the better, if not best, method, owing to the lack of artificial chemicals and possible toxins that can possibly damage your hair. No wonder so many people prefer natural over synthetic!

That said, natural doesn’t always mean good, and it’s important to know the difference between a sham and the real deal.

Myth Vs. Fact

zala natural hair remedies coconut

Coconut oil for hair = FACT

Coconut oil is proven to be beneficial for the hair in more ways than one. It can transform dry, limp hair instantly into something straight out of a beauty magazine. To make a coconut oil natural remedy, just take a few drops of coconut oil and massage it into your scalp.

Hair cutting for hair growth = MYTH

We’ve heard time and time again that we have to cut our hair if we want it to grow long and beautiful. The thing is, this is a complete myth. Logic says that it’s impossible to believe that cutting your hair would make it grow. The only time that cutting could enhance hair growth is if you’ve got split ends because that prevents your hair from growing.

Apple cider vinegar for hair = FACT

Apple cider vinegar has a lot of uses, but did you know that it’s also beneficial for your hair? The vitamins and minerals that can be found in apple cider vinegar help promote healthy hair growth, and it balances the pH levels on your scalp too. This rids your scalp of dead skin that can hinder new hair growth.

Herbal medicine = MYTH

Herbal medicine is always promoted to be ‘natural’ and oftentimes ‘organic’. But the simple truth is that majority of the time, they simply do not work–at least not in the miraculous, life-changing way they’re marketed. While your hair does need the vitamins and minerals present in these supplements, they still won’t be able to magically regrow hair if your hair follicles are already dead.

zala natural remedies healthy

Healthy food = FACT

Adding some healthy foods to your daily diet has never hurt anyone, and it certainly isn’t detrimental to your hair. Of all the natural remedies in this list, living a healthy life is the only surefire way you have to get beautiful, healthy hair.

Sure, who doesn’t want to be free from dry and limp locks, right? However, it’s important to do your due diligence before risking your own health in the process. Before doing something, make sure it’s worth it and most of all, real!

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