Do you remember that time when you told the stylist at the salon to just trim your hair but you ended up with a short bob? Or that time when you requested light brown hair but got dark, auburn hair instead because your stylist didn’t tell you that your hair was too dark for a light brown?

We’ve all experienced getting a bad haircut. If only we can go to the right hairstylist and get that perfect cut every single time. Is that wishful thinking? Or can we actually find the best stylist for our hair needs?

We’ve listed down below 5 tips for finding the best hairstylist for you!

zala finding the best hairstylist


Wondering how to find good hair stylists? There are way too many salons and hairdressers out there and the best way to filter them out is through social media. Most hairstylists nowadays have their own social media page to promote their work.

The first thing you can do is look up the hairstylist on Instagram and you can investigate from there. Do you like the pixie cut they did a few months ago? Are you liking the unique princess up-do with diamond accessories they did last week? Checking their social media accounts is one way to see if their works fit what your hair is looking for.

Although social media is a great way to see their works, it can also be filled with heavily Photoshopped images. It is important to have an eye for these modifications so that you won’t be fooled by their posts. Make sure to check for videos and not just images when you’re wondering how to find a new hair stylist.


Finding the best hairstylist means knowing what’s trendy and what’s not. Being outdated is not a good look. Most of us change our hair to make ourselves feel better or to keep up with the trends.

If you are looking to be in tune with the current fashion scene, it is a great idea to work with a stylist who knows the current what’s in and what’s not of the hair industry.

A great indication of a trendy hairstylist is if they’re continually changing their ways in order to learn the new styles. They are the ones who don’t post the same hair cut on their page every single time. Instead, they find innovative ways to incorporate the current trends into their specialization.


Speaking of specializations, it is important to note the hairstylist’s field of specialty. Most hairstylists are taught to be well-rounded but there will always be that one field they are greatly passionate about.

If you go to a salon and ask for the stylist who does short hair best, oftentimes than not, the person at the front desk will tell you that everyone at the salon is great with short hair. Don’t worry, we’ve all heard this line. That’s why it’s important to do your own research first to make sure that the stylist is indeed the best at the cut you’ve been wanting.


Salons can get expensive and will take a huge lump of cash from your wallet.

Asking yourself, “how do I find a good hair stylist?” When finding the best hairstylist for you, it’s generally a good idea to be practical with the price you’ll be paying your stylist. This is especially if you’re planning to have them do your hair on a regular basis. However, it’s also not a bad idea to invest with people in the more expensive price range.

Do you remember that time when you looked for a particular stylist in a salon because your friend’s hair cut turned out amazing?

But, to your great surprise, it was more expensive than you anticipated! When we’ve already seen the work of a stylist in person, it’s a good idea to give them a chance even if that means spending more than your regular trip to the salon.


We mentioned that it is important to look at their work, but what’s more important than the technicalities is the personality of the person you’re working with. Even if the hairdresser is the number one top-rated best hairdresser for short hair, if your personalities don’t match then it won’t work in the long run.

Even if it’s service you’re looking for and not a friend, it is important to have a great customer-stylist relationship because you will be spending quite your time with them (30 minutes, at least). If you’re willing to compromise great ambiance and conversations for a great hairstyle with awkward interactions, you do you. But if the overall experience is unpleasant, then that’s probably not the best hairdresser for you.

We’ve all had our fair share of experiences with hairstylists who ignore our requests. It can be really difficult to find the hairdresser who can consistently get the style you’re looking for. But once you’re done finding the best hairstylist for you, then expect to have good hair days all the time!

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Curly Girl Must-Haves

You may be tempted to do it, but your curly hair can’t be just forever left tied in a bun when it’s dry and uncombed when it’s wet.

Even though it’s more vulnerable to probably every hair problem out there –frizz, breakage, dryness among others, and the trial and error search for the perfect hair products, whether for styling, washing, maintaining, or just making sure it’s healthy, can be very, very challenging, it can be a source of pride as much as drop-down straight hair is.

Here’s a list of curly girl must-haves to keep your locks in place and absolutely waving glamorously regardless of whether it has the mind to behave or rebel for the day!

zala curly girl must-haves

#1 Wide Tooth Comb

Owning a wide-tooth comb is the most basic knowledge of your curly-haired life. Curls tend to tangle a lot and they hurt more when you try to comb them out. A nice wide-toothed comb can help you work out the tangles without causing any unnecessary damage to your beautiful hair.

#2 Microfiber Wrap

Just rubbing your hair dry with your usual towel, more often than not a terry cloth towel, after a shower can pull on your hair’s delicate strands and damage your curls. It’s high time you invest in a microfiber turban wrap or a microfiber towel for your after-shower curls.

#3 Sleep Protection

curly girl must-haves
(c) Unsplash

One of the most important curly girl must-haves is sleep protection. There are a number of things you can use to protect your hair while you unconsciously toss and turn in your sleep. These things can protect your hair from frizz and keep your hairstyle in place.

  • Silk or Satin Bonnets – If you have short curly hair, you can wear this to sleep because they help with the frizz and protect your hairstyle. It is not as recommendable for long hair since it can squish and smash your hair inside while you sleep.
  • Buff – Wearing a buff in your head at night helps with your curls and curl lumps. It also helps keep your hair lifted from the roots while you sleep. Opposite the bonnets, buffs are the preferable sleep headwears if you have long hair.
  • Silk or Satin Scarf – If you prefer to be pretty even when you sleep, you can tie this to your head to keep your hair in place while you sleep instead of wearing a bonnet. Additionally, scarf pineappling is one of the most convenient and effective ways to protect your hair style while at the gym. The scarf pineapple is perfect for workouts, especially ones that require you to lay on your back.
  • Silk or Satin Pillowcase – Just in case you don’t want to wear the clothing articles mentioned above when you sleep, you can use a silk or satin pillowcase to rest your head (and of course, hair) at night. Your hair will dry faster without the headwear but with a silk or satin pillowcase, it won’t get frizzy.

If you prefer a breathable and more natural fabric, you should go with silk. But if you’re trying to save money, you can buy satin. Whichever works best for you.

#4 Deep Conditioner

It is critical to deep condition your curly hair at least once a week for that healthy gorgeous and shiny wind-flowy hair. Otherwise, you’d get rough, frizzy, and dry crispy hair.

You might need to increase the frequency of deep conditioning your hair when it gets dry quickly like during the winter or when it is heat or chemically-damaged.

On the other hand, if you feel like your hair begins to weaken and become limp, you need to lessen to once every two or three weeks but not completely stop.

#5 Diffusers

curly girl must-haves
(c) Unsplash

A diffuser is a blow dryer attachment that diffuses, as the name implies, the air out of a hair dryer to reduce frizz and maintain your hair’s natural curls.

#6 Puff Cuffs

Puff cuffs are designed for thick natural, transitioning hair. It’s a creative spin to the traditional banana clips that keep your hair up in a puff and out of your face or just to secure your hair in a big bun.

#7 Shower Caps

Shower caps are some of those curly girl must-haves that many women seem to forget.

When you only need to wash your body, like after an intense workout, getting your curls wet causes frizz. You’ll need a waterproof shower cap to protect your hair from the shower streams.

Fun fact: there are even jumbo-sized shower caps lined with charmeuse satin to keep your hair soft and secure!

#8 Curl Refreshers 

curly girl must-haves
(c) Unsplash

Since there is no need to wash your curls every day, your curls might get a little drabby after a few days.

Curl refreshers make your curls look great every day. You can either buy a curl refresher that works for your hair or you can even play around with water and sulfate- and silicone-free conditioner to scrunch lightly on your hair every morning.

Your curls might drive you crazy most of the time, especially when it’s on an all-out misbehaving mode you just can’t control. But with the right set of hair tools and accessories, it’s not yet too late to tame those curls so you could power walk and sway your hair left and right when you’re out.

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Protein or Moisture: What Does Your Curly Hair Need?

A lot of people envy the curly locks of the Disney princess Moana. After all, it looks majestic as well as effortless.

But what people with straight hair don’t know is that it takes a lot to maintain the structure of curly hair. Curly-haired girls understand the struggle of having voluminous, big waves today but limp, frizzy hair the next.

But don’t give up just yet! In today’s blog post, we’ll explore whether protein or moisture is better for curly hair. Hopefully, this topic can help you in taking care of your beloved curls.

zala protein or moisture


So, what does your hair lack and what does it need? Does curly hair need protein? Does it need moisture? Moisture or protein for curly hair? We have listed below a couple of hair characteristics that will hopefully help you in understanding your hair better.


Lack of moisture is pretty easy to spot.

If you notice that a few hair strands tend to go up in the air while feeling rough and dry to touch, then you may need to add in more moisture. Lack of moisture will also cause loss of curl definition.

The hair will also be lackluster and dull. Sometimes, when the hair has been greatly damaged by heat and other styling methods, it will lose its curl definition entirely.


How do you know if your curly hair needs protein? You can try doing an elasticity test first.

If it turns out that your hair is overly elastic, then you might need to add in more protein. Sometimes, it will overstretch before breaking. Other times, it will break at the root.

Having difficulty combing your hair? That’s probably because the strands are just sticking to each other, which is also another sign that you need to add protein in your hair care routine. You can try incorporating a protein-rich conditioner or in severe cases, you might need professional treatments to repair the hair strands.

If those suggestions are not enough to fix your hair then you might need to go with the big chop.


protein or moisture
(c) Pexels

Like straight-haired girls, curly heads also have their own haircare routine.

In fact, you will be surprised that it’s a lot more complicated than you think. Frizzy hair is often an indication of your hair lacking moisture. That is why the famous curly girl method teaches curlies the importance of moisturizing and hydrating the hair.

However, we often forget that our hair is literally made up of protein which is the one responsible for our hair’s structure. If you’re asking, “Does my curly hair need protein,” the answer is yes! 


If you look up curly girl method routines online, you’ll notice that most of the products are for moisturizing the hair and that curlies often have a handful of moisturizing deep conditioners.

Simply put, moisture is important because it keeps the elasticity of our hair. This is especially important when we are planning to style our locks.

However, if you overwhelm your hair with deep conditioners, you might experience moisture overload which may even cause breakage. Just like everything else, it should be used in moderation.


Just like moisture overload, protein overload is also a possibility when following the curly girl method. This is why so many people ask, “How do I know if my curly hair needs protein?” It’s important to recognise.

Like what was mentioned earlier, our hair strands are made up of protein, specifically keratin. Although this is the case, we still need to provide our strands with protein to keep their structure in check and avoid possible damage to the hair.

When styling our hair, our hair tends to become damaged. This, in turn, will damage the cuticles. Damaged cuticles won’t allow hair to become resilient to damage. This is why protein treatments are necessary to bring back strength to our hair, but too much isn’t good either.


protein or moisture
(c) Pexels
  1. Have a dedicated hair pampering day. This means using a moisturizing shampoo, conditioner, and all the way to your leave-in conditioner.
  2. Use them simultaneously. We mentioned that protein treatments are necessary to bring back the hair’s strength. However, you might also want to put a moisturizing conditioner right after treatment to make sure that you have a perfect balance.
  3. Get a new conditioner. If you’re lucky and you already have protein-moisture balanced tresses, we still suggest trying a conditioner rich with both protein and moisture.

The inconsistency of your curls can be frustrating. You might feel overwhelmed by the products you’re using. You might also find yourself wondering, “Does my curly hair need protein or moisture?” You might even feel like your hair is just high-maintenance. Or, you might eventually give up and just accept the fact that your curly hair is just unruly sometimes.

But before you give up, take our word for it: don’t. You only have to achieve the best balance for you to find peace. Whether that’s protein or moisture depends mainly on your individual hair type!

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Curly Girl FAQs

Like how the old beauty tip goes, your hair frames your face. But what about when you have loads of curls as your frame? Don’t deny it, you’ve probably received way too many questions about your locks to the point that you already have a fixed answer!

For this article, we asked some curly-haired gals for the most common questions people ask them. Take a look at the Curly Girl FAQS, a.k.a. questions that curly heads often get!

zala curly girl faqs

Curly Girl FAQs

What did you do to make your hair look like that?

Answer: Short answer is: genetics! I can definitely say that I woke up like this. Sometimes, my curls cooperate and look like the ones you see in commercials. But expect it to look limp and frizzy sometimes, too.

Is that your real hair?

Answer: Yes it is! I am aware of the fact that not everyone is curly so I try my best to showcase it!

Do you use a brush for your hair?

Answer: A big NO. Curly heads like me take so much of our time in maintaining the curls. A big part of this process is trying to lessen the frizz. When brushing curly hair, it tends to make our hair frizzy! Brushes are definitely considered as enemies.

Do you like straightening it for events?

Answer: I personally want to flaunt it but some curlies straighten their hair for special occasions. However, it actually takes so much time to straighten curly hair more than the time it will take me to define my curls. I’d rather have my curls bounce free.

Why don’t you like straightening your hair often?

Answer: Having my curls and waves bounce instead of straightening it makes me feel more authentic. My hair is a part of me and I feel like straightening my curls is like trying to be another person.

Also, I don’t have to explain my choices because I have the same right to do whatever I want with my hair just like you have the right to do with yours.

Your hair looks wet most of the time? Why is that?

Answer: Curly hair can get really frizzy. And I mean it when I say frizzy. Curlies often put a lot of gel (to the point that it looks wet) because gels tame the frizz and make our curls more defined.

Do you have a hair routine?

Answer: Just straight hair, we also have our own routine! I personally follow the curly girl method. This method takes away the harmful products and activities like shampoo and conditioners in order to create a healthier hair routine for curlies.

How long do you take to make it look like that?

Answer: A full-on curly hair routine may take more time than you think! We need to clean our scalp with conditioner (it depends if you want to use shampoo), wash it, put more conditioner, put on gel, and then air dry it. Sometimes, we put on a moisturizing deep conditioner to bring back moisture into our curls.

The process may be longer than you think but it is definitely worth it!

Do you like your curly hair?

Answer: Absolutely! Curly hair is a lot harder to manage than straight hair. It also took me years to figure out what my hair needs and the products to fulfill those needs. You will also need to save up for those products because I tell you, those products are not cheap!

But do I love my hair despite its tangles and sometimes unruly curls? Definitely. It’s something that I will always be proud to have.

Can I touch it?

Answer: A big no from me. It takes me several minutes to put in all my hair products every morning and night. I understand the urge to touch it because, and yes I agree, that it looks fluffy and soft. But also, there is no need to touch my hair. You can appreciate it just by looking at it.

Is your hair naturally that curly?

Answer: No, but it’s not the same for everyone. Some curly heads wake up to a head of curls but some like myself sometimes wake up to frizzy hair. It sounds like a sad thing but that’s nothing to worry about.

We understand that our curls will not be defined every time we want them to and that’s okay. And also, there’s nothing a few pumps of gel can’t fix!

How long does it stay curly?

Answer: It depends, to be honest. I usually just bring a small container of a mixture of water and conditioner. I then use this as a sort of leave-in conditioner whenever I’m out to quickly manage the frizz and to bring back my curl definition. Try this one out! It’s really handy.


And there you have it for our Curly Girl FAQs! Have you been asked these questions, too? We should realize that people who do not have curly hair are just genuinely curious about our curls. Look at it as an opportunity to spread knowledge about our hair. The more they know, the more they will understand the struggle and not just its beauty.

Your hair is beautiful and you should be proud of it!

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The Best Natural Ingredients For Soft Hair

Few things feel better than touching your hair and feeling that soft, smooth, and silky feel.

Don’t worry, it’s not that hard to achieve this kind of hair. In fact, this issue can be easily fixed, as long as you know what to do. In today’s article, we’ll show you the best natural ingredients for soft hair!

zala natural ingredients soft hair


What can we say, eggs are very good for your hair! Regardless if you consume it as food or you use it as a DIY hair treatment, eggs are simply one of the best natural hair ingredients for soft hair.

First of all, eggs contain a lot of protein, and protein is necessary to keep your hair strong and healthy. That’s because your hair is also made from a type of protein called keratin, without which can make your hair look dull and lifeless.

Using eggs regularly as a mask, as well as including it in your diet, can help make your strands smoother, softer, and more manageable.

Avocado Oil

Avocado Oil
(c) Pixabay

Avocado oil is another natural hair ingredient that you should utilize if you want to achieve soft hair.

It contains plenty of protein, amino acids, and vitamins B and E, which can all help add shine and luster to your hair. If your hair is damaged or dry, avocado oil can also help you get it back to its naturally gorgeous state.

Best of all, avocado oil has lots of fatty acids that make it easy to spread on your strands without feeling too heavy.


Yogurt is also a natural ingredient that can help you achieve softer and shinier hair.

It has lactic acid, which has the ability to soften your strands almost instantly. It can also repair any damage as well as smoothen all frizz. Take note that this applies only to plain yogurt, as other types of yogurt contain plenty of sugar and perhaps even food coloring that doesn’t help your hair.

Simply apply yogurt to your hair for about 20 minutes and wash it off with water. You’ll feel the difference almost instantly!

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera
(c) Pixabay

Aloe vera is an old-time favorite natural hair treatment among grandmothers and grandaunts, mainly due to its hydration properties.

It’s a natural conditioner that can easily transform your dull locks into something straight out of a magazine.

You can also mix aloe vera with honey if you want to create a DIY hair treatment for soft hair.


Same as aloe vera, honey is also a natural moisturizer that not only helps add moisture to your strands, but also helps retain that moisture.

This is all due to its properties called emollient and humectant. Emollients can soften your strands, making them easier to manage. Humectants can reduce the loss of moisture, which means that any moisture in your tresses can be retained much longer.


Ripe Banana
(c) Unsplash

Bananas aren’t just delicious, they’re super good for your crowning glory too.

They’re very rich in natural fats, making them an appealing choice if we want to hydrate and nourish our dull locks. In addition to this, banana can also help prevent and control dandruff, due to its antimicrobial properties.

Simply mash up a ripe banana, add a teaspoon of olive oil, coconut oil, or honey, and apply the resulting paste to your tresses. Leave it on for about 30 minutes and wash off with shampoo and conditioner. You’ll see the results with just a few uses!

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar, commonly known as ACV, is also a great natural ingredient for soft hair.

It acts as a clarifying shampoo for your hair, able to remove dirt, sweat, and even product build-up without being too harsh on your hair. ACV has antimicrobial properties as well, which means it can treat dandruff and itching. It can also restore your strands to their proper pH level, making them a lot healthier and stronger.

If you want to use ACV for your hair, you can create a rinse consisting of 3 tablespoons of ACV and a cup of water. Apply this to your hair after shampoo and conditioner and let it sit for a couple of minutes before rinsing off with water.

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