10-Year-Challenge Featuring The Best Celebrity Hairstyles

Social media platforms have been blowing up recently thanks to the #10YearChallenge. The challenge urges people to post two pictures of themselves side by side, one from 2009 and one from the present, to compare the changes in between.


Both celebrities and non-celebrities alike have been taking part in the 10-year-challenge, but here’s a list that features the ten best celebrity hairstyles, in our opinion!

Reese Witherspoon

Zala 10yearchallenge

Reese Witherspoon’s 10-year-challenge doesn’t show much difference, to be completely honest. In fact, the now 42-year-old actress hardly looks different from her Elle Woods character back when she was 25 years old almost two decades ago. The same goes for her gorgeous wispy blonde hair that still looks as amazing as always!

Brooke Shields

Zala 10yearchallenge

Just like Witherspoon, Brooke Shields hardly aged in 10 years; in fact, the actress and model looks even younger now! And of course, we absolutely love her hair, which she still keeps long even after all these years. Keep it up, Brooke!

Elizabeth Banks

Zala 10yearchallenge

Elizabeth Banks’ beauty is timeless, and this #10YearChallenge photo is proof. We hated her in Definitely Maybe, feared her in The Uninvited, and loved her in The Hunger Games, and we totally admire her in real life! Not to mention, she looks totally gorgeous whether she’s brunette or blonde.

Emma Watson

Zala 10yearchallenge

Emma Watson had a considerable glow-up from her Harry Potter days, that’s for sure. We all knew that she was cute, maybe, but nobody knew that she would grow into such a beautiful young lady! Do you remember the days when her hair strands looked as thick as a broom’s? Here’s a well-deserved glow-up from Hermione’s hair, indeed!

Isla Fisher

Zala 10yearchallenge

Isla Fisher has been glowing ever since we first saw her on the big screen, and we can say the same about her hair. Her lovely ginger locks are as radiant and healthy-looking as ever, which is perfect considering she likes wearing them long now.

Whose #10YearChallenge was your favorite? We’d love to know in the comments below!



Popular Hair Colors for 2019

Just the other day, we discussed the perfect new hairstyles for 2019. Now that you’ve decided on your new cut, you know what’s next on the list? Popular hair colors for 2019!

It’s not easy to choose hair colors, nor is it easy to go bold and pick something that’s completely out of the realm of natural hair colors.

But new year, new life! And this year might just be your chance to finally wear that haircut and hair color that you’ve been dreaming of since forever!

popular hair colors for 2019

Foggy Pink

Pink is the color that we all wanted in our hair when we were children, but wouldn’t touch with a 10-foot-pole as adult individuals. There’s just something about pink hair that’s both exciting and yet intimidating at the same time. It’s definitely not an easy look to pull off, that’s for sure, but once you’ve got it down pat, you’re all set to be the life of every party.

zala popular hair colors for 2019

Munroe Bergdorf

Glossy Purple

We’ve been in love with purple hair ever since we saw an ombre version of it, but solid colors are also in this 2019 and glossy purple is going to be all the rage! Actually, glossy hair is totally in this 2019, so if you want to tick the boxes of both Popular Hair Colors for 2019 and Perfect New Hairstyles of 2019, then be our guest.

zala popular hair colors for 2019

(c) Pinterest

Matte Yellow

Have you ever seen yellow hair? Not blonde, alright, but yellow–Crayola yellow, as we call it. This kind of yellow looks flatter than the usual blonde hair and has less gloss in it, but it’s just as fab and trendy. It literally looks colored in, hence our moniker, Crayola yellow.

zala popular hair colors for 2019

(c) Pinterest

Golden Honey

This color is more in the realm of possible natural hair colors, but we still can’t deny how unbelievably beautiful it looks like! Golden honey is perfect for its name, as it looks just like freshly harvested honey in a jar. We’re actually glad that this color is in the 2019 popular hair colors list, as it’s one that we’re looking forward to wear this 2019.

zala popular hair colors for 2019

(c) Pinterest

Platinum Blonde

We can’t count how many times we’ve mentioned here how gorgeous and beautiful and lovely (insert other synonyms here) and exotic platinum blonde hair looks like! And now we’re adding it to yet another list, this time as one of the most popular hair colors for 2019.

zala popular hair colors for 2019

(c) @scissorwizzerd

Are you planning on getting one of these hair colors this 2019? Share your thoughts in the comments below! And for more hair trends, check out our ZALA Blog!


The Perfect New Hairstyles For 2019

Just like that, 2018 has come and gone, and now it’s time for a brand new start!

As Disney’s iconic Frozen character Anna sings, “say goodbye to the pain of the past, we don’t have to feel it anymore,” you can also say ‘bye bye’ now to all your hair woes of 2018. A brand new year means a brand new chance to turn over a new leaf, and that’s applicable to all things–hair included.

zala perfect new hairstyles for 2019

On that note, here’s our list of the perfect new hairstyles for 2019, as suggested by stylists worldwide!

High Ponytail

zala perfect new hairstyles for 2019

Ariana Grande

Oooh, looks like ponytails are going in style this 2019! Call me lazy, but this is personally my ultimate go-to look when I’m too tired, too lazy, or too anything to style my hair. It’s so easy to just gather all your hair together and tie it up in one high ponytail, especially when you don’t have a lot of time to spare. The higher it is, the better, says Justine Marjan, a celebrity hairstylist at TRESemme.

Beach Waves

zala perfect new hairstyles for 2019

(c) @meegggyyy

When did beach waves ever go out of style? The answer is pretty much a solid “NEVER”, but we’re still glad to see this hairstyle on the list, nonetheless. If we’re talking strictly 2019 hairstyles though, then you should be aiming for less pronounced waves for a more laidback and carefree look. For the perfect beach waves, you can check out our holiday waves guide!

80’s Blow Dry

zala perfect new hairstyles for 2019

(c) Blue Lagoon (1980)

Not a fan of daily styling? You’re probably a fan of the 80’s blow dry, which features a messy, ‘just-got-out-of-bed’ look that seems lazy and yet strangely sexy. Unlike Brooke Shield’s famous blow dry though, the 2019 version will be a bit smoother and sleeker-looking. “I think we will see the blow-dry come back into fashion,” says Daniel Galvin style director Cheryl Munoz, “whether it be through wavy, curly, or straight hair styles.”

Layered Hair

zala perfect new hairstyles for 2019

Jennifer Aniston

Layered hair feels so early 2000’s, but those who loved this look will be happy to know that it’s going to make a comeback this 2019. Layers are good for both short hair and long hair, as they can actually “create movement without losing the full length”, according to Linda de Zeeuw, master stylist at Rob Petoom Hair Salon.

Wavy Updo

zala perfect new hairstyles for 2019

Taylor Swift

Wavy updos have always looked romantic, classic, and elegant–there’s no denying that. They’re not particularly trendy but they’ve always been around, usually seen during proms, debuts, or other formal events. This 2019 though, wavy updos will be finally making their way to the spotlight. Hint: the more accessories, the better, according to ghd Ambassador Zoe Irwin!

There you go for our list of the perfect new hairstyles for 2019! Did you like what you just saw? Feel free to share your comments and opinions down below! And of course, for more hair inspiration, check out our ZALA blog!



The Best Braided Hairstyles You’ve Ever Seen

If there’s an award for the most Instagram-worthy hairstyle, there’s one that would totally win in a heartbeat: braids.

zala blog best braids hairstyles

Here are some of the best-braided hairstyles you’ve ever seen, as featured on our Instagram page!

The Best Braids On ZALA Instragram

best braided hairstyles

(c) @laceyelisabethbeauty

Honey / Beach Blonde Highlights

Everything about this photo is just pure perfection! Take a look at the way her hair colors mesh together thanks to the braids. This is definitely what we can call ‘BRAID GOALS’. Get the same look with the ZALA Honey/Beach Blonde Highlights!

best braided hairstyles

(c) @caitlanfudge

Beachy Blonde

This one is more about the ponytail than the braid but we love how the braids are used to highlight her overall look. That’s right, you can use braids for decor too! Way to use braids the right way, girl! You can also achieve the same look by using the ZALA Beachy Blonde Hair Extensions.

best braided hairstyles

(c) shaunaelizabethhair

Ice Queen Platinum Blonde

Platinum blonde hair looks elegant and exotic, there’s no doubt about that. In this case, the silk scarf just added to its romantic appeal! Going for a classy date night with your partner? Get the same look with the Ice Queen Platinum Blonde Hair 20″ Hair Extensions!

best braided hairstyles

(c) @cocorebelista

Sun Kissed Highlights

We all love the good ‘ol messy braid! Imagine waking up with this as your crowning glory. That’s an awesome way to wake up, alright! Want to wake up the same way? Well then, it’s time to get the ZALA 24″ Sun Kissed Highlights!

best braided hairstyles

Balayage Hair Extensions

These loose maxi braids are perfect for any chill day out. They look both laidback and chic, ideal for those who just want to have a relaxing time. The best part about this look? It takes less than 5 minutes to complete! Achieve the look with the ZALA Balayage Hair Extensions! Oh, and we also featured some of her other quick hairstyles, if you’re interested!

best braided hairstyles

(c) @biancakoscica

Ice Queen Platinum Blonde

This braided look is perfect for weddings and other formal events, so it’s something we definitely want to use next time! It’s simple but oh-so-gorgeous. Plus, the color is pretty much guaranteed to turn a few heads when you walk inside the room. Get her look with the ZALA Ice Queen Platinum Blonde 24″ Hair Extensions!

best braided hairstyles

(c) @britneynewman

Sun Kissed Highlights

This one is giving is so much summery vibes, we’re resisting the urge to drive to the beach right now! The braids do a good job highlighting the different colors in her hair too, and we gotta say, that’s one cute pooch! Get the look with the ZALA 20″ Sun Kissed Highlights!

Which one is your favorite braided hairstyle and how do you like your braids? Feel free to let us know in the comments below!

And if you want more hairstyles, braided or otherwise, check out our ZALA Blog!


Famous Hairstyles Recreated

famous hairstyles

We have been seeing a lot of famous hairstyles lately. Want that glamorous celebrity hair? We got you fam.

We have found some of our favourite celeb hair styles and recreated them so you can too!

Kylie Jenner’s 21st Ponytail

Kylie Jenner turned 21! Just as you’d expect, her b’day bash was extra AF!! …but we weren’t invited 

After seeing the pics of her party and some serious FOMO, we just HAD to recreate her birthday look with her iconic long ponytail!

What you’ll need:

  1. Create a deep side parting an smooth over your hair with a brush and hairspray.
  2. Bring all your hair back and tie into a sleek low pony.
  3. Hook your ponytail extensions into the base of your pony, wrap and secure into place with bobby pins.

Gigi Hadid’s Victoria’s Secret Waves

Gigi Hadid’s gorgeous and effortless Victoria’s Secret waves have turned heads, ours included. This is the perfect glamorous model-off-duty look and we wanted to try it too!

What you’ll need:

  1. Section off your hair at the crown area.
  2. Apply the Halo overtop then let your hair out over the top.
  3. Use a tail-comb or brush to smooth and blend seamlessly.

Tammy Hembrow’s Cosmo Cover Party Look

This sleek and slicked back look was worn by Tammy to Cosmopolitan cover party! It is super easy to recreate yet so stunning!

What you’ll need:

  1. Section off your hair at the crown area.
  2. Apply the Halo overtop then let your hair out over the top.
  3. Use a tail-comb or brush to smooth and blend seamlessly
  4. Centre part your hair then smooth back and pin on either side behind your ears.


Famous Hairstyles Tutorial

Check out our tutorial for more information about these famous hairstyles.

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