The Perfect Hairstyles For Valentine’s

Valentine’s is a mere two days away from now, so it’s pretty hard to not get excited. Don’t worry, we’re probably just as excited as you are!

The Perfect Hairstyles For Valentine's

For this year, we’re bringing back two of our oldie-but-goodie hairstyles that would be absolutely perfect for Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Updo

zala valentine's braids updo

If you’re going for a romantic, more formal look, this is the hairstyle for you. It looks really complex but the truth is, it’s really easy and you can do this without any help. Due to the way it’s done though, it does look better with thicker hair, so if you have thinner hair or wispier hair, you might benefit more from attaching tape-in hair extensions that match your hair color.

  1. After attaching tape-in hair extensions (if applicable), start by curling your hair using the ZALA 4-in-1 Cosmo Curling Wand. Make sure to keep the portions just the right size – not too big and not too small.
  2. Section off your hair into 4 parts. You can clamp the remaining hair to ensure that it stays out of your face.
  3. Next, take one side of the bottom section and tie it into a low side ponytail. Take a little bit of the hair and wrap it around your ponytail. pinning it in place.
  4. Take small pieces of your hair and continue wrapping it around your ponytail. Remember to use alternate directions to give this look more layers and texture.
  5. For the longer layers, braid them first into a regular three-strand braid before taking the middle strand and pushing the rest upwards. This creates more texture for your hair.
  6. Repeat the process until there is no untied hair remaining.
  7. Style as necessary.

Here’s a video to make things clearer!

Fishtail Braid

zala valentine's braids fishtail

Another one of our favorite Valentine’s Day braids that are easy to do, yet still look so charming and complicated. The beginning process looks similar to our Valentine’s Updo hairstyle like above, but with this one, you don’t need to pin the hair up. It’s still suitable for more formal events but would look fabulous even on a casual date!

  1. Do step 1 and 2 from the Valentine’s Updo tutorial.
  2. Instead of sectioning your hair into three parts, this time you only need to do two: one main section and one smaller section. Simply tie your hair in a low side ponytail and leave out a small section at the front. Make sure to use some of your hair to cover the elastic.
  3. Split your ponytail in two then take a small piece from each side, pulling them over into the middle. It’s going to look like two big pieces, with one small piece on each side going over the bigger piece. Keep doing this all the way down.
  4. For added volume, use your fingers to loosen up the braids.
  5. Remember the section we left out at the front earlier? Take that and wrap it around the elastic on the ponytail to hide it.
  6. Pin it in place and style as necessary.

See, we told you it was easy! Good luck on that Valentine’s date! And for more hairstyles, check out the ZALA blog!


3 Easy Romantic Floral Hairstyles

Last week, we showed you our quick guide to floral hairstyles – this time, we’re showing you 3 easy romantic floral hairstyles from Pinterest that you can do all by yourself! These hairstyles are absolutely perfect for the coming Valentine’s Day, too, so stay tuned!

zala 3 Easy Romantic Floral Hairstyles

Are you ready? Without further ado, here we go!

Half Halo Braid (@weddingforward)

zala romantic floral hairstyles

We absolutely love this look! Sure, it’s simple but you can’t deny that it looks really charming and romantic. Totally suitable for a romantic Valentine’s date! Here’s a variation of the braid that looks equally as stunning.

  1. Start at the top portion of your head.
  2. Take a small portion of your hair on one side and begin as a regular braid.
  3. Braid all the way to the middle part of your head. Secure the braid with an elastic.
  4. Move to the other side and repeat steps two and three.
  5. Take the other braid and put them together, securing both braids together with an elastic.
  6. Add the flowers as hair accessories by carefully putting them in your hair like you would do bobby pins. Smaller flowers with long enough stems work best!

If you don’t have light-colored hair but would like to get the same look like the photo, you can check out our ZALA 20″ Beachy Blonde Hair Extensions!

Flower Crown Updo (@missysueblog)

This flower crown updo is another one of our favorite romantic floral hairstyles. The best thing we love about this look is that it’s completely versatile. Whether your date is casual or formal, this hairstyle is definitely not going to let you down.

  1. Part your hair right in the center part.
  2. Take a flower crown and place it on your head about 3 inches from your hairline. Tie it securely at the back.
  3. Begin French-braiding one side of your hair, starting from the center.
  4. Continue braiding until you reach the back of your ear. Once you get to that part, take some strands from the other side of the flower crown and weave it into your braid. At this point, you’re essentially French-braiding with a flower crown in the middle of the braid.
  5. When you get to the very back of your head, braid the hair like a regular braid and secure it with an elastic.
  6. Repeat on the other side.
  7. Once the other side is done, take both braids and secure them together at the back of your head with an elastic.
  8. Twist the two regular braids together to create a bun. Secure with bobby pins.

Interwoven Braids (@fashionisers)

zala romantic floral hairstyles

Talk about drop-dead gorgeous! This hairstyle looks really complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. The main reason why her hairstyle looks so complicated is the combination of her hair colors. You can do the same thing with the ZALA Ice Queen Platinum Blonde Hair Extensions!

For this tutorial, we’ll be sticking to a plain ol’ French braid. Add as many hair extensions as you want to achieve the thick effect!

  1. Start by getting a small portion of your hair from either side of your head.
  2. Pull the portions to the back of your head before interweaving them with your other strands.
  3. Start French-braiding your hair, working your way downwards.
  4. Once you’re done, gently pull out the sides of the braids to make them loose.
  5. Take your floral hair accessories and place them in your braids. Make sure to secure them with bobby pins!

Have you tried out any of these hairstyles? Let us know in the comments below! And for more romantic hairstyles, check out the ZALA blog!


Our Favorite Romantic Braids on Instagram

Last time, we posted a list of the best braided hairstyles that you can see on our own Instagram page.

zala Our Favorite Romantic Braids

This time though, we’re making a tribute to some of our favorite romantic braids on the photo-sharing platform, perfect for Valentine’s Day!

Our Favorite Romantic Braids On Instagram

Braids on Braids (@charisse.holliday)

zala romantic braids

The caption on this post says it all: “Braids on braids on braids? Love this romantic and simple half up half down style.” We love it too! Get the same look with our ZALA 12″ Platinum Blonde Hair Extensions!

Boho Braid (@beloved_bohemian)

zala romantic braids

This bohemian-inspired braided hairstyle makes us want to grow out our own hair! There’s no surprise why it made our list of favorite romantic braids on Instagram.

Boho Braid 2 (@kristina.hairandmakeup)

zala romantic braids

Another bohemian-inspired braided hairstyle! Why is this so beautiful? If you’re looking for some good romantic braids, these bohemian hairstyles are totally for you.

Boho Bun (@svglamour)

zala romantic braids

We promise this isn’t a “favorite boho hairstyles” list! But hey, we gotta admit that there’s just something about bohemian hairstyles that looks totally, totally romantic! Check out this IG page if you’re in love with braids by the way. We promise you won’t regret it!

Wedding Braids (@whitewillow_weddings)

zala romantic braids

We did say braids are romantic, didn’t we? Well, what’s the best way to show those romantic vibes if not at a wedding? Get the same look with our ZALA 16″ Honey Hair Extensions!

Double Plaited (@sunny_ledybug)

zala romantic braids

This hairstyle looks really cute and gorgeous at the same time! We can imagine wearing this not just at a date, but to any casual hangout with friends or family. It looks super comfy too, so that’s a plus!

Snowy Braids (@braidsbyhermine)

zala romantic braids

We totally love the setting and look of this entire photo. Perfect for romantic dates or even prom. If you love braids, you might want to check out this IG page too for more amazing braided hairstyles.

Wavy Double-Plaits (

zala romantic braids

Last but not the least, we’ve got this really gorgeous but easy-to-do romantic braided hairstyle. Just two French braids and you’re off to your date with your special someone! Get the look with the ZALA 20″ Snickers Highlights Hair Extensions!

What’s your favorite romantic braid hairstyle? Feel free to share down in the comments below! And of course, to see more hairstyle tips and lists, check out the ZALA blog!


Romantic 70s Hairstyles

February is upon us once again, and you know what that means: love is definitely in the air.

zala romantic 70s hairstyle

And since 70s hairstyles have been pretty trendy recently, why not mix two good things and make something instantly better, right? In this article, we gathered some of our favourite romantic 70s hairstyles, perfect for this month of love!

Long and Feathery

feathery hair zala romantic 70s hairstyles

The 70s era was all about looking effortlessly chic, which makes this long and feathery look absolutely trendy at the time. It was made even more popular by Farrah Fawcett, an American actress and model famous for her amazing hairstyles. One of these hairstyles is her straight and feathery hair that looks so light! Be sure to try this 70s classic on your next date! We promise, you won’t regret it.

High Updo

high updo zala romantic 70s hairstyles

High updos are still pretty in right now, but back in the 70s, if you said ‘high’, they really meant ‘high’! This 70s hairstyle was mainly used during weddings or other special days–the more romantic, the better. Oh, and remember what we said about looking effortlessly chic? Keep some loose strands on either side of your face for a more relaxed and laidback look!

Long Volume Curls

volume curls zala romantic 70s hairstyles

Long volume curls from the 70s era are known for their grandiose loops that extend up to the bangs. If you have long hair, you’re definitely going to enjoy donning these locks. If you have short hair though, don’t fret, we’re here to the rescue! We’ve got a long list of heat-friendly hair extensions that you can use to lengthen your hair, maximizing this gorgeous look to its fullest.

Glamour Waves

zala romantic 70s hairstyles glamour curls

Glamour waves never really went away, and it’s easy to see why. They’re a little similar to beach waves, except they’re a lot more modest and elegant looking. While glamour waves can be worn both in casual dates and more formal parties, they are generally seen more in beauty pageants and other similar events. If you and your date are going somewhere fancy for the night and you want to look as attractive as possible, you might want to try these waves yourself.

Middle-Parted Long Straight Hair

long and straight zala romantic 70s hairstyles

There’s something about hair that’s parted in the middle that exudes an innocent and absolutely charming vibe. Use this to your advantage by styling your hair to this 70s hairstyle on your next romantic date! It’s really simple to prepare; in fact, you don’t need anything else other than your good-quality brush or comb! And not to mention, it’s also quite an easy look to pull off, too.

How did you like reminiscing the good ‘ol 70s? For more hairstyle ideas, be sure to check out the ZALA blog!


Your Quick Guide To Wearing Floral Hairstyles

Floral hairstyles are some of the prettiest hairstyles on this planet!

Not only do they look absolutely gorgeous, they’re also really romantic and divine! You can wear them to spice up a casual outfit or to glam up an already elegant attire. You can wear them to the movies, to parties, to family events, and even to weddings. You can also wear them on hangouts with friends or even to romantic dates with your significant other.

zala Your Quick Guide To Wearing Floral Hairstyles

Before you start doing floral hairstyles though, here’s a quick guide on how you can pull them off properly.

1. Pick out the best flowers to match your hair

There are all sorts of flowers and colors to choose from, so choose wisely! If you prefer using fresh flowers rather than synthetic ones, it’s best to use “something with a sturdy stem and strong petals that won’t wilt and look sad, like orchids or gardenias”, according to hairstylist Italo Gregorio in his interview with Allure. Definitely avoid heavy ones like tulips and roses. Yes, yes, we usually see roses in movies and cartoons placed behind ears, but in reality, they’re quite heavy and are more prone to breaking or falling.

You can also choose flowers based on their meanings. For example, violets mean modesty and faithfulness, while camellias mean gratitude. Jasmines symbolize sensuality and hibiscuses embody delicate beauty and sensitivity. Meanwhile, gardenias mean secret love, so if you’re planning to ask your crush out this coming Valentine’s Day, you know what to wear on your hair!

2. Avoid wearing other attention-grabbing patterns

Floral hairstyles are already a fashion statement all on their own, so you should avoid wearing other attention-grabbing patterns when you’re wearing flowers on your hair. Patterns to avoid include glittery designs, sequins, plaid, checkered, and other heavy patterns that can take the attention away from your hair. Flaunt your floral hairstyle, girl!

The best outfit to wear when you’re donning a beautiful floral hairstyle? The simplest one you can think of. Think plain white dress, maybe a pastel shirt and shorts, or perhaps a pair of casual jeans. There’s a reason why floral styles look so good at traditionally ‘white-colored’ events like weddings, you know.

3. Curl your hair for the best floral hairstyles

While you’re free to wear floral hairstyles regardless of your hair type, these kinds of hairstyles or hair accessories do look best on non-straight hair, just because they look better on hair that has volume–something traditionally straight hair normally doesn’t have. Your hair doesn’t even have to be super wavy or curly; it just has to be non-straight to make the best use of this hairstyle.

If you’ve got straight hair, no worries! You can always use the ZALA 4-in-1 cosmo curling wand to achieve the best curly or wavy look for your hair.

Did you like our quick guide? Next time we’ll be sure to write about our favorite easy-to-do floral hairstyles which you try out yourself!

For more hair guides, please feel free to check out the ZALA blog!