The Top Celebrity Super Bowl Hairstyles of All Time

With the Super Bowl just a little over a month away, it’s the perfect time to plan the look you’re going for!

Choosing the right curls and waves, the most suitable length, and even the best hair color is critical to looking and feeling like you’ve touched down. After all, nothing beats feeling the vibe of a huge sports event by styling up from head to toe in the name of the sports spirit.

The Top Celebrity Super Bowl Hairstyles Of All Time

Best Of: Celebrity Super Bowl Hairstyles

And so, to give you some inspiration on what hairdo you would possibly want to wear on that exciting day, here are some of the most iconic celebrity Super Bowl hairstyles of all time!

#1 Jennifer Lopez’s Mid Length Curled Crop

Glamorous and stunning, J.Lo’s Super Bowl Conference hairdo last year was undeniably different from her usual. 

Still, the mid-length straight hair that was cropped just a few inches below her shoulders with ends that were curled in huge, loose circles and flipped out on top of the extra blonde highlights she got a few weeks prior was absolutely perfect.

Think of copying her look? Super Bowl might be an athletic event, but that shouldn’t stop you from being a classy sporty! The mid-length crop with curled ends will always look good with the right formal-ish crop top. You’ll most probably only need halo extensions for thicker hair so your end curls are fuller and bouncier.

#2 Lady Gaga’s Blonde and Pink Locks

Lady Gaga wore loosely slicked back blonde and pink hair with locks curled from mid-length to the end during her Halftime Show back in Super Bowl 2017. Doesn’t that just speak of self-confidence when you’re going to be around football-induced enthusiasm?

That said, we gotta admit that maybe having two contrasting hair colors at the same time is a bit difficult to pull off. After all, you’ll still have to live with those hair colors after the event is over. But that’s what hair extensions are for: making your dream hairstyle possible.

For this look, feel free to dye your hair extensions in blonde and pink or whichever pair of colors you prefer. We recommend curling the ends, too, for a more chic look!

#3 Idina Menzel’s Girl Waves

When Idina Menzel sang the national anthem for Super Bowl 2015, usual was the way she went. From her elegant, black jumpsuit dress and neutral-toned makeup to her cascading girl waves, the look she donned was as familiar to us as the melody she sang that day. 

Simply put, you can never go wrong with soft, touchable waves. Go have fun with this classic event hairstyle!

#4 Katy Perry’s Perky Ponytail

When Katy Perry performed with Lenny Kravitz in Super Bowl 2015, she specifically asked her hairstylist for the perkiest pony. 

The thick, bouncy, and slicked back ponytail she helicoptered for her performance was iconic in itself. As a signature hairstyle and tradition for some of the strongest charactered female musicians, if you want to show off charisma, then this ponytail is your choice.

A ponytail extension can give the appearance of thicker hair, which makes a livelier look when you style your hair in bouncy curls!

#5 Beyoncé’s Messy Waves

The hairstyle Beyoncé rocked in Super Bowl XLVII Halftime Show was as hot as her performance. If you’re looking to ooze sex appeal on the day, the glam of the stellar long, blonde waves could be your choice.

Thick hair styled in kinky curls starting from about an inch from the root is a classic. Even if you aren’t wearing something as sexy as her leather get-up, you can still look as alluring with just the waves and your sexiest dress up and makeup.

Conclusion: Celebrity Super Bowl Hairstyles

Due to the ongoing pandemic, we’re well aware that Super Bowl 2021 will probably lack all the big names on and off the field we admire and probably want to see in person, even from afar. That said, Super Bowl is still happening, albeit differently. That’s enough reason to dress up, make up, and, most importantly, hair up!

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One Piece Volumizer for Australia Day

It’s finally Australia Day! Wondering what hairstyle you’ll wear at that summer beach party you’ve been invited to? 

Luckily for you, our One Piece Clip-in Volumizer can help you with the day’s festivities! Prep your locks and complete your look with just a few snaps!

Clip In Hair Volumizer

Our Top Australia Day Hairstyles

Are you ready to use our one-piece clip-in volumizer for Australia Day? Here are a few hairstyles to get you started when using ZALA’s One Piece Volumizer for Australia Day!

1. Chic Hair For Beach Barbecue

Australia Day is celebrated in the middle of Australian summer, which is why it’s typically celebrated at beaches, docks, and outdoor fields. 

If you’re planning to attend a barbecue party by the beach, you can dress down your look by adding a cute beach hat. Chomp on your huge slabs of meat drizzled with barbecue sauce without worrying about your hair flying all over the place. After all, just because it’s a simple picnic doesn’t mean you have to look simple as well.

Putting a hat on top of your clip-in volumizer will make you look more put-together without making you look over-the-top for the occasion.

2. Hair Scarf 

Look preppy for these under-the-sun events by loosely tying your hair in a low ponytail with a scarf. The scarf adds an extra dash of oomph and elegance without looking too extra.

3. Bow For Added Elegance

Feeling a little fancy this Australia Day? If you’ve decided to catch the annual Ferrython instead of the usual barbecue parties, it’s a good idea to slightly dress up for the occasion. Swap your beach hats and scarves for a cute little bow to make your look more neat, stylish, and elegant!

4. Loose Hair

Stroll along Darling Harbour and entertain yourself with the vibrant music from local musicians and delicious food from local pop-up stalls. If you’re in Melbourne, head over to Docklands to enjoy a sip at a bar by the waterfront.

Let yourself (and your hair!) unwind as you appreciate everything Australia can offer.

One Piece Volumizer for Australia Day

Australia Day is just around the corner, and what better way to prepare by planning your outfits and hairstyles beforehand? We’re hoping that you found your next hairstyle on this list using our One Piece Clip-In Volumizer! Remember, you can always choose the Keratin version if you want to go the extra mile!

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Get The Look: New Year Hairstyles

The year is about to end in worldwide irony. So much happened in the passing year–a global pandemic that isn’t done with us yet, controversial elections, and destructive wars among a few–shaking the world to its core.

By now, we’ve long been done with 2020 and we’re so ready to welcome the new year with all the resolutions we’ve been piling up since the first quarter.

new year hairstyles 2020

5 New Year Hairstyles

Ready for a fresh start in 2021? Here are some new year hairstyles to match your outlook for the wonderful year ahead!

1. To be mentally stronger

2020 has been a mentally taxing year. It’s no wonder that a stronger and more resilient mind and heart are part of our new year’s resolutions.

Where best to start than at looking the part, right? Having one side of your hair slicked back by tight braids add an element of chicness that not only makes you look powerful, but feel powerful as well. Besides, there’s something about braids that has always been charismatic.

2. To be more mature

The coming year signifies another chance to bounce back from failures and benchmark on successes. We wear the weight of our years and all that we’ve learned from them, both good and bad, in our eyes.

And to emphasize the eyes, the window to the soul, the hairstyle should not cover them. Ponytails do that, and a little help from clip-in hair ponytails can instantly result in a livelier, more vibrant pony.

3. To be more creative

If you want to use your right brain more, you’re absolutely welcome to start the year with a bang. Just imagine: colorful highlights would look so good with colorful fireworks in the background.

According to the Chinese zodiac, metallic gray and aqua blue are the lucky colors for next year. You might want to consider having these two tones in your highlights if you want to exercise your creative freedom with your crowning glory.

If you’ve colored your hair and hair extensions and think the color seems too warm, you can always use Zala’s Cool Down Hair Extension Toning Shampoo to neutralize the unwanted golden hues and keep your hair a lucky color much longer.

4. To be more outgoing

Pigtails usually look cute on little girls, but not so much on adult women. Or at least, that’s what some people think. There’s really nothing wrong with wearing a hairstyle that exudes active, outgoing, and friendly vibes, regardless of your age.

Bubble pigtails is a twist to the cutesy pigtails that you can easily pull off without giving the feeling that you’re trying too hard to look young. Reveal your inner child with this cute but timeless hairstyle!

5. To slow down and relax

If you’ve had a long year and would rather skip all the excitement at the start of the year, this is the hairstyle for you. Twin French braids – good enough for your downtime session while drinking wine and watching the new year’s countdown on TV.

This hairstyle is also very easy to pull off. Just section your hair into two parts and French-braid both. It’s pretty enough for an elaborate New Year feast with family and friends yet casual enough to let you make some noise when the year ends at midnight.

New Year Hairstyles 2021

If your New Year’s Resolution list is longer than this, you don’t have to worry. You have 365 days to pull off 365 hairstyles to look the part.

Of course, it goes without saying that you shouldn’t just look the part, you should also do your part in making 2021 the best year of your life so far!

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How To: Fun Christmas Hairstyles

What better day to do magic with your hair than the day of cheers, Christmas! Whether it’s a lazy Christmas morning in front of the fireplace with your loved ones while drinking tea and eating cakes, or a social Christmas night with friends sipping champagne and tasting caviar, there is nothing merrier and more cheerful than this season.

fun christmas hairstyles

5 Fun Christmas Hairstyles

Luckily, there’s a perfect hairstyle out there that can express what a wonderful time of the year this is for you. Here’s our list of fun Christmas hairstyles!

1. For the socialite formals

With the holidays keeping you busy enough with decorating the house or buying and wrapping gifts, you might not have time to have your hair done in an elaborate hairstyle, let alone choose one.

A slick back high ponytail is chic enough to pull off for a high-class Christmas event, yet still simple enough to go with any style. You can even wear ponytail hair extensions to make your pony bigger and longer, thus more elegant. A thin shiny headband on your head or a pearl clasp on your pony would also look perfect for this season’s vibrant spirits.

2. For the less formal parties

As an eternal classic with tens of styles to choose from, braids are a good option for a party hairdo. Regardless if you’re having a garden party with friends and family or a beach party with acquaintances, you can never go wrong with braided hairstyles.

The braided halo is one such hairstyle–not too fancy, but always classy. And since your hair is kept up in a neat braid, you won’t have to always sweep your hair away from your face or over your shoulder, allowing you to just enjoy the holiday cheer. If a fishtail is too difficult for you, a regular three-strand or a dutch braid can suffice.

If you want to add a more Christmas vibe to your halo braids, you can use small red and green flowers as accessories. Just make sure not to add so many that your halo braid will look like a wreath instead!

3. For the highlight event

The great thing about top ponies is that they don’t care about the celebration, they just look good for any occasion. This makes it perfect to wear to your annual Christmas year-ender. After all, the messy top pony can match whatever you choose to wear and however you choose to celebrate.

Plus, since it’s a hairdo that’s messy on purpose, you don’t have to worry about your hair not looking good while swaying waltz with that cute guy from the office.

4. For that chill fireplace day

After an exhausting Christmas night where you share an overly sumptuous meal with your loved ones, it’s no surprise if all you want to do is to just chill at home in front of the fireplace.

Perfect for lounging about, the loose half french braid is a romantic and relaxed hairstyle that you can wear both indoors and outdoors. It’s not so tight that it pulls on your scalp, making it a very chill hairstyle indeed. To make it more Christmassy, you can also use a ribbon to tie it in place.

You can also wear halo hair extensions to give your hair more length and volume. It only takes a few seconds, a minute or two at most, to wear so it’s not a hassle to your chill day.

5. For a holiday downtime

With everything that’s happened this year, you deserve a day to slow down and relax to the lull of the jolly festivities around you.

Just take a small section on the top of your hair, enough to prevent any side hair from falling on your face, and knot it into a bun. It’s the perfect hairstyle for just sitting on the sofa and watching your favorite soap opera on TV as you eat ice cream straight from the tub.

Christmas With Hair Extensions

Did you like our list of fun Christmas hairstyles?

Regardless of how you spend your Christmas, there will always be a hairstyle that can suit you. No need to be anxious about it though because Christmas is a time to be grateful and merry. So let your heart–and hair–be light with peace, joy, and love!

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Top Wedding Hairstyles of 2020

There are so many things that need to be arranged for the wedding – the bridal hairstyle might seem to be the last thing on the wedding checklist that needs to be minded. However, there’s the saying that a bride is the most beautiful on her wedding day. So for this to be true, choosing the right wedding hairstyle is definitely of utmost importance.

In today’s article, we’ll show you some of the top wedding hairstyles of 2020!

zala top wedding hairstyles

Top Wedding Hairstyles of 2020

Wedding hairstyles for 2020 can range widely from traditional to experimental. With hairstyle trends for all occasions becoming more and more inclusive for anything and everything, almost nothing is off-limits for bridal and wedding arrangements.

From the pretty waves and curls to the elegant sleek styles, to the messy buns and soft hair tendrils framing the face, we’ve got them all here. Bring on the wedding bells, as these ultra-feminine and chic hairstyles will certainly make you want to walk down the aisle as soon as possible.

#1 Beach Waves

The soft, big curls are very easy to wear on any occasion, including weddings. It’s a very effortless look that can emphasize the bride’s own natural beauty. If you have bangs, you can curl them away from your face for a windy effect.

Perfect for garden and beach weddings, waves look particularly great when done in a bohemian fashion. For a more natural look, you can use the Zala 4-in-1 cosmo curling wand to add loose curls here and there.

When styling your bridal waves to make them look more luxurious, less is actually more. Keep it simple by adding a minimally-designed headband, a delicate crown, or even just studded earrings. If you find that your veil is sufficient enough to complete your look, there’s no need to try to add more.

#2 Sleek and Straight

Having sleek and straight hair would complement a more modern and elegantly themed wedding. Although straight down hair is typically an everyday hairstyle, it’s a seemingly effortless sleek look to don on your wedding day.

However, to keep those baby hairs from sticking out and hair strands from straying to your face, you have to put in effort in taking care of your hair beforehand and making sure the hair products you apply will last.

Afterwards, you just have to part your hair in the middle and tuck your hair behind your ears and you’re modernly luxe to go. Bold makeup and statement earrings will surely complete the look.

#3 Textured Updos

Updos are the most common way to hold up the veil and other hair ornaments you put in your hair. It also keeps your hair out of your face for the entire duration of the wedding ceremony and the reception.

Whether you prefer messy buns, ruffle french twists, the royal-ish chignon, or tousled braids, you can personalize your updo with an assortment of twists, braids, and texture. With the right hair accessories, you can walk down the aisle perfectly capturing the romantic mood of the wedding.

As a classic wedding hairstyle choice, you can also consider leaving a few, soft tendrils of hair to frame your face for a more defining upstyle. Additionally, since hairdos like these tend to be more on the romantic side, the hair accessories you wear should also exude the same vibe. 

Some examples of suitable hair accessories include small pins or a medium-sized comb to hold your veil in place. If the focal point of your hairstyle is in the middle, you can also try wearing exaggerated earrings to balance the look.

#4 Low Ponytails

Having your hair tied low will keep your hair out of your face and still leave enough room for more styling to your hair. You can keep your hair in a pony braided, wavy, or sleek, whichever one you like best.

One tip is to make the hairstyle have more ‘oomph’ is to emphasize your crown with a bit of teasing. The rest of your hair can be pulled back just above the nape of your neck and styled in braids or bundles. Effortlessly chic and very gentle, the simplicity of this type of hairstyle allows for the attention to mostly be on your natural beauty.

Wedding Hairstyles of 2020

There’s not much time left in 2020 and with everything that has happened in the world this year, a lot of people are opting for smaller weddings or ceremonies.

However, that doesn’t mean you have to shortchange yourself on something that only happens once in your life. Of course, as the bride, looking your best on your wedding day is still of utmost importance!

For more wedding hair inspiration, don’t forget to check out our ZALA blog!