An Easy Way To Rock Highlights This 2019

Highlights are super fun, both to wear and to look at. But a highlight job at your local salon can cost anywhere from $100 to $400, and doing it yourself isn’t that easy either without making a lot of mess. Not to mention, highlights only last for a couple of weeks max due to your hair’s natural growth.

zala rock highlights this 2019

Want highlights this 2019 but don’t want to deal with the cost and the necessary touch-ups to keep your new ‘do? ZALA is here to the rescue with an easy way to rock highlights this 2019!

1. Prepare your ZALA Tape-in Hair Extensions

Take two different sets of hair extensions. One will serve as the base colour, basically the same colour as your current hair. The other will serve as the colour of your highlights. For best results, use a colour that is only 2-3 shades lighter than your hair. This looks more subtle and a lot more natural.

2. Combine the hair extensions together

zala highlights this 2019

Get a piece each from both sets and put them side by side. Remove the paper from your original hair colour and attach it to the lighter shade. Keep doing this until you’re satisfied with the results.

3. Tape the hair extensions to your hair

zala highlights this 2019

Once you’ve finished preparing the hair extensions, it’s finally time to tape them in! Start by adding piece by piece of your original colour to your hair. Once you reach the widest part of your head, it’s time to start attaching the lighter coloured pieces! Make sure to put smaller pieces at the side of your head too.

4. Add some finishing touches

zala highlights this 2019

Afterwards, brush through your hair to ensure that the lighter pieces are evenly distributed. If you want to make the highlights more pronounced, feel free to add in more pieces of the lighter coloured pieces. Once you’re satisfied, you can now add in the rest of the original hair colour to finish the look.

Check out the video below for a more visual tutorial!

See, it’s soooo easy to create your own highlights this 2019, all on your own! No need to spend hundreds on an expensive salon trip, no need to pay for further touch-ups, no need to risk damaging your hair in the process of achieving your dream look. Rock highlights this 2019 using the ZALA Tape-in Hair Extensions now!

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Balayage Tape Extensions

ZALA is excited to launch our brand new range of balayage tape extensions, perfect for any tape extensions lover. Check out our guide to this exciting new range below!

ZALA balayage tape extensions

Balayage Tape Extensions

Our brand new range of balayage tape extensions include around two inches of a darker shade at the root of the tape. This allows for amazing blending with your natural hair and cancels the tapes perfectly with darker roots.

Like our clip in balayage range, these new balayage tape extensions come in a range of colour combinations and lengths, making them perfect for a wide range of hair shades and colours.

Dark Chocolate #2 / Chestnut Brown #6

Balayage Tape Extensions

This shade is perfect for darker brunettes as it blends ZALA’s darkest brunette shade, Dark Chocolate #2 at the root with our Chestnut Brown #6.

Chestnut Brown #6 / Dirty Blonde #12

Balayage Tape Extensions

We love this shade for darker blondes as it blends our Chestnut Brown # 6 with our Dirty Blonde #12 shade.

Cinnamon #8 / Honey Blonde #18

Balayage Tape Extensions

This shade is great for slightly lighter blondes and mixes our warm Cinnamon #8 shade with Honey Blonde #18.

Caramel #10 /Beachy Blonde #613

Balayage Tape Extensions

This is great for those with dyed blonde hair and allows for better blending as your roots grow out. This shade is a mixture of our Caramel #10 shade and lighter blonde shade Beachy Blonde #613.

Dirty Blonde #12 / Beachy Blonde #613

Balayage Tape Extensions

This shade is also perfect for those with dyed blonde hair or even highlights from the sun and slightly lighter roots. It mixes our Dirty Blonde #12 with Beachy Blonde #613 to create a lovely subtle blonde balayage.

For more information about tape application, removal and retaping, check out the following videos:


You can also shop ZALA’s complete hair care range here. This range has been specially designed for hair extensions and is a must for any tape extension wearer!

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Saturday Night Hairstyles

If you’re stepping into the weekend with great plans, you need great hair to match! From drinks with the girls, to dancing at the clubs, to relaxed dinners, we have the perfect Saturday night hairstyles ready for you!

Saturday Night Hairstyles

Saturday Night Hairstyles

Drinks with Friends

So you’re a little tired after a big week of work or study but still ready to share a couple of cocktails and laughs with the girls. It will probably be an early night so you want to get your hair done quick so you can spend more time enjoying yourself with your favourite friends. For nights like these, we love this half up fishtail braid!

To achieve this look follow the steps below:

  1. Take two even sections from the front of your hair to twist back and tie together.
  2. Thread this section over and through to create a twisted effect. Add hair from underneath and split into two sections to start your fishtail braid.
  3. Take small pieces from either side and wrap over to the middle.
  4. Repeat this process a third of the way down the hair and secure with an elastic.
  5. Gently pull sections of the braid to loosen and add volume.
  6. Repeat this process another third of the way down the hair.
  7. Optional: Finish the look by adding metal hair rings to conceal the elastics.

This look features our 24 inch Quadlux Clip In Hair Extensions in Dark Chocolate Brown #2.

Hitting the Club

If you have a dance fueled Saturday night planned, you need a fun hairstyle to match! We love this braided ponytail look for nights out dancing as it is super cute and will stay in place all night. This is definitely one of our favourite Saturday night hairstyles.

To achieve this look follow the steps below:

  1. Brush through your hair to ensure it’s tangle free and then create a clean centre parting.
  2. Section 2 inches on one side of your part and then take another small section from the front. Split this into three parts.
  3. Next, it’s time to start braiding. For this look, you’re going to want to do a french braid. The key to this technique is to pick up more hair from each side as you cross the outer sections over and into the middle.
  4. Repeat this all the way back until you reach the crown of your head, then continue on with a regular braid and secure in place with an elastic.
  5. Then, repeat steps 3 and 4, three more times, until you have 2 braids either side of your part.
  6. Gather all your hair into a ponytail and secure in place with an elastic (this can be a low, high or medium ponytail).
  7. Now for our favourite part – applying your ponytail extensions! This completely transforms your hair and brings the whole look together. Simply slide the clip into the base of your ponytail, wrap the small section around and pin in place.
  8. Finish the look with some boho curls and your hair is complete for a night on the town!

This look features our Ice Queen Platinum Blonde #60 – 22 inch Human Hair Ponytail.

Relaxing Dinner

Maybe you’re ready to relax this weekend and would rather keep in simple with a nice Saturday night dinner. For nights like these, we love this romantic half up twist look that is simple and easy to achieve.

  1. Apply your ZALA hair extensions for instant length, volume and thickness.
  2. Once the extensions have been applied use a medium sized curling want to add loose curls.
  3. At the crown area, take a medium sized section of hair from one side, twist back and pin into place. Repeat this on the other side, twisting back and pinning into place over the first piece.
  4. Repeat this process by taking more pieces from either side, twisting and altering on top. Continue until you’re happy with the results.

This look features our 20″ Honey Beach Highlights #18/613 9 piece set.

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5 Types of Curls

If you’re mad about curls check out the 5 types of curls you can achieve with the ZALA Cosmo Curling Wand! This luxury ceramic plated wand has 5 interchangeable heads so you can achieve every kinds of curl and look imaginable. We absolutely love this wand and use it to create almost any curled look.

5 Types of Curls

5 types of curls

The ZALA Cosmo Curling Wand has been specially designed to create a range of curls and looks and is safe to use on hair extensions. A few added benefits and features include:

  • The wand includes easy to use, clip-less curling heads
  • Adjustable temperature settings from 80°C (176°F ) to 210°C (410°F)
  • Created especially for fragile hair, colour treated hair and ZALA hair extensions
  • A convenient and tangle free, 360 degree swivel cord
  • Designed to be hair extension safe and work optimally with ZALA brand extensions
  • Tourmaline infused ceramic barrels to lock in moisture and add shine to your curls
  • Curl defining frizz control technology
  • Long lasting hold for your curls


The Wand Heads:

5 types of curls

9-18mm Barrel

This wand tapers at the end to create a tight and precise curl. These curls are great for adding texture to the hair and do look softer once they drop slightly. We would recommend brushing through them slightly after curling to assist with this.


5 Types of Curls

25mm Barrel

This is the standard curling barrel and is an essential part of the set. This barrel creates the perfect bouncy and voluminous curl. Use this barrel to add volume to your hair for a fail-safe, glamorous look!

5 Types of Curls

32mm Barrel

This is the largest head in the Cosmo Curling Wand set and creates loos and voluminous curls. This is perfect if you are looking for soft, sultry and bouncy curls.

5 Types of Curls

Beaded 25mm Barrel

This head creates gorgeous beachy waves/curls. With a unique beaded design, the hair is wrapped between each bead to create a textured look. Try this barrel along with some salt spray for added texture for the ultimate beach babe look!

5 Types of Curls

Spiral Barrel 32mm

Finally, the spiral 32mm barrel creates gorgeous spiral shaped curls. All you have to do is wrap a section of hair around the wand, following the grooves. This creates a beautiful bouncy curl which can kept tighter or left to drop slightly and soften out.

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4 Kinds of Hair Extension Addicts

Here at ZALA we know a thing or two about hair extension obsessions. Hair extensions are such an easy way to add length, volume and life to your hair and we can admit can be pretty addictive (I mean, come on, there is nothing like opening up your fresh set of extensions). Check out the 4 kinds of hair extension addicts and decide which one you are below!

4 Kinds of Hair Extension Addicts

4 Kinds of Hair Extension Addicts

4 Kinds of Hair Extension Addicts

1. The Regretful Hair Cut

We all know that feeling of regret walking out of the salon with a new do that is just too short. You panic, realising it will take months to grow back and curse your hair dresser who promised just to take off “two inches” and quickly delete that inspiration pic of Jennifer Lawrence from your phone. But all is solved when you clip in your favourite pair of ZALAs and feeling your old self again, complete with long lush locks.

4 Kinds of Hair Extension Addicts

2. The Length Addict

This girl is no stranger to hair extensions. In fact she had slowly been trying longer and longer sets for as long as you’ve known her. Inspired by Kim Kardashian’s gorgeous long locks and Rihanna’s amazing long hair moments, she isn’t afraid to rock the 24 inch – 30 inch sets and let’s admit it, she rocks them! In fact, she may even be the one who inspired you to try extensions for the first time, trying a slightly shorter set to start of course. Who knows, maybe one day you will make it to the longest lengths like her.

4 Kinds of Hair Extension Addicts

3. The Volume Addict

No one likes limp and lifeless hair, especially not the volume addict. She discovered hair extensions to give her hair a boost of volume, and boy did she! She is always trying new hair styles, experimenting with curls and up-dos and always looks amazing. She can walk into a room and turn heads with her glamorous and voluminous mane. Her favourite extensions are definitely the ZALA Quad Wefted Clip-ins for the ultimate shampoo-commercial-hair-flipping-volume!

4 Kinds of Hair Extension Addicts

4. The Party Girl

This girl loves a party. Whether it’s a summer wedding, music festival, her BFF’s birthday dinner or Friday night movie at yours, she finds an excuse to get her hair looking fabulous. She is definitely who you go to for hair advice because she has tried it all. Whether it is clip-ins, tape extensions or ponytails, she’s a fan there is no denying that she is your hair goals.

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