Time For New Hair Extensions!


If you are anything like us, you get wayyy too attached to your hair extensions and you might feel like they are a part of you. They’ve been with you through your highs and lows, good times and bad. Throwing them away just doesn’t feel right…

Have you tried reviving your hair extensions? Sometimes, hair extensions can be detangled and treated to appear new and healthy.

Hair extensions aren’t forever. You can extend their lifespan and revive old hair but they will never be as sleek as brand new hair extensions. Unfortunately, no matter how hard you try, there will be a day when you need to bid those locks farewell. The lifespan of hair extensions will vary drastically between different brands, types, individuals use, after care and many other things.

It can be hard to work out whether or not you need new hair. Luckily for you, we have put together this simple guide to help you decide whether or not you need new hair extensions!



Here are some tell tale signs you need new hair extensions:

Knots and Tangles

Knots and tangles are normal, especially with longer and thicker hair but if your hair extensions become matted and frizzy they don’t blend in with your natural hair. With time and wear, hair extensions can become matted and frizzy. If you wear tape or weave extensions, you might notice that your hair is tangling more often. Your hair extensions may not sit as flat or as smooth as they did before. This is a sign that you need new hair extensions.


Breakages are another tell tale sign for old hair extensions. If you’re experiencing an excess amount of breakages, and shedding, it might be time for new extensions. A little bit of shedding is normal, especially when they are brand new, however excess shedding and breakages are not. Along with breakages, come split ends. If you start to notice split ends in your hair extensions, they need to go!

Heat Tools Not Working

You may be tempted to use heat tools on frizzy hair extensions which can help the hair extensions appear smoother and shinier. Over time, you will find that hot styling tools don’t work as well. Hair becomes less malleable and kind of just stays in its own shape…

Excess Product Buildup

Using hair products on hair extensions can lead to an excess build up of hair product in your hair. Excess product buildup is a sign that your hair extensions are in need of attention. Try and use a clarifying shampoo on you hair extensions. Be careful as these products may strip your hair and cause excess dryness.

Read more about product buildup and using clarifying shampoo!

Changed your hair

If you have dyed or changed your hair, you might need to buy new hair extensions to match your new hair. Remember, hair extensions can be dyed darker but cannot be lightened. If your hair does not match one of the ZALA shades, we suggest that you purchase a lighter shade and dye it. ZALA does not recommend dying hair as hair colouring chemicals can damage your hair.

If you’ve noticed these things in your hair extensions, I’m sorry but it might be time to say bye.

Think you can revive your extensions? Follow this easy tutorial!

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ZALA’s Annual Girl’s Day out

Girl’s Day Out? Yes Please!

Girl's Day out

The ZALA girls are constantly busy, helping out our customers, improving the customer experience, producing content and videos, introducing exciting new products into ZALA and constantly improving the products that you know and love.

But when the ZALA girls aren’t hard at work?

Each year, ZALA HQ hosts a Girl’s Day Out. Girl’s Day Out is about bringing the ZALA girls together in a non-work setting and having a little bit of fun… okay LOTS of fun. For us it was the perfect way to unwind from work and have fun together!

After weeks excitement, suspense and outfit planning, the annual ZALA Girl’s Day Out has come and gone for another year. How would I describe it? Best. Day. Ever.

Keep reading to find out what mischief we got up to!
Girl's Day outWe were treated to a wonderful day, jam packed with pampering, cheese boards and (of course) champagne. This year’s Girl’s Day Out featured visiting Blown Lux for a hair wash and blow dry followed by making individually customised lipsticks Lip Lab in Paddington.

But first… hair.

Blown Lux

girl's day out

We started off the day at Blown Lux because DUH, we love our hair and we just had to look good for the day out! Blown Lux is a gorgeous blow dry salon in Sydney’s Barangaroo. The stylists really make you feel like royalty in a fun, social environment. It’s like a cross between a glamorous bar and a luxurious salon.

We were treated to a relaxing hair wash before we all chose a style. They have a great selection of styles for you to choose from with everything from sleek up dos to wavy and messy hair. The stylists get what looks good and are so crafty in giving you a style perfectly suited to you.

The Lip Lab

girl's day out

Then we headed to the Lip Lab in Paddington to make our very own custom lipsticks or lip glosses! You can personalise everything from the colour, to the flavour and even the shape of the bullet! The girls at the Lip Lab really know what they’re doing when it comes to lipstick… We could pick different shades to mix and even try them on in the making process! We chose a few shades to mix and within seconds, right before our eyes we had a new lipstick!

Needless to say, ZALA’s Girl’s Day Out 2018 was a massive success! We can’t wait to do it all again next year!

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5 Myths About Hair Extensions

Busting Myths About Hair Extensions

Myths about hair extensions are everywhere. It’s no secret that the ZALA team have a passion for hair as we are absolutely obsessed with all things hair extensions. We love chatting to you and hearing your thoughts and comments about hair extensions but every now and then we hear somethings that just aren’t right…

Hair extensions aren’t for everyone but there are some common misconceptions we need to address. Today, we are busting five of the most notorious myths about hair extensions.

Myth: Hair extensions look unnatural and wont blend with your real hair

Watch this video for blending hacks for tape hair extensions!

ZALA hair extensions are made of 100% human Remy hair which has not been stripped and hair cuticles are still aligned. This means that hair sits naturally and feels soft and silky.

We have designed our hair extensions to be a perfectly blended enhancement to your natural hair.

ZALA hair extensions also feature a multi-tonal technology on all of our hair extensions. Each shade contains lots of different similar shades (just like your natural hair). Still can’t find your shade? Try our free colour match service.

If you’ve bought the wrong shade or length, don’t worry! You can easily return for an exchange.

You can cut, dye and tone your human hair extensions just like your natural hair! This is perfect if you have changed your natural hair!

Myth: You can’t be physically active with hair extensions.

Watch this video for some gorgeous and practical workout hair styles with hair extensions!

If you’re afraid of your hair extensions moving, don’t be! All of our clip in extensions feature durable clips which are backed with silicone to stop your extensions from moving or sliding.

Tape in hair extensions are designed to be kept in your hair for longer periods of time. Our tape in hair extensions are fitted with a strong and durable tape. This means that your extensions will remain in your hair until you take them out!

It’s 2018 and girls gotta move.

Myth: Hair extensions are expensive and don’t last very long

There’s nothing worse than spending hundreds of dollars on something that doesn’t last.

Unfortunately, hair extensions aren’t forever. Hair extensions shed and gradually become damaged when used repeatedly. The lifespan of hair extensions will differ between different people and different types of hair extensions.

Those who wear hair extensions on a daily basis will find that hair extensions may only last a few months. Others who only wear hair extensions on special occasions will extend the lifespan of their extensions.

Taking care of hair extensions properly will also help your hair extensions last longer. Washing your hair extensions and storing them correctly will increase the life of your extensions!

Generally, higher quality hair extensions will last much longer that those of a lower quality however, the higher the quality usually means the higher the cost!

Want affordable, high quality hair extensions?

Check out ZALA’s range!

Myth: Hair extensions will damage your hair and make it thinner

With proper use, hair extensions shouldn’t damage your hair at all! Hair extensions should only help your hair look thicker.

All of ZALA’s clip in extensions include a silicone backing which prevents damage by metal clips to your hair.

Our tape extensions are fitted with a special tape which has been formulated to be used on hair! You should always remove tape in extensions with a tape solvent. This is a great product to release your tape in extensions from your hair without tearing or damaging your hair.

Our new Halo extensions have no glue and no clips which will damage your hair. The Halo is a perfect solution if you’re new to hair extensions.

Make sure to use a loop brush like ZALA’s loop brush when brushing your hair to prevent snagging and tearing of your hair near the scalp.

Myth: You can’t wear an up do with hair extensions

There are plenty of different up do’s you can wear with extensions! ZALA’s range of easy to use ponytails are perfect to help you extend your up do!

We have heaps of tutorials for all different up dos and hair styles. Want to find some gorgeous looks with hair extensions? Check out our YouTube channel and work that up do.


How to Colour Correct Ashy Hair

How to Colour Correct Ashy Hair

Is ash just NOT your colour? Need to correct ashy hair?

Choosing your hair colour can be SUPER difficult when purchasing hair extensions online. For blondes, our lightest shades at ZALA are our Beachy Blonde #613 (more golden) and Ice Queen Platinum Blonde #60 (more ashy).

Whether you have chosen the wrong colour, over-toned your hair or you just need to add that little bit of warmth, don’t you fret. We got your back! ZALA have formulated the perfect fix for your ashy hair!correct ashy hair

Introducing the new Warm Up Hair Extension Tone Enhancer which will add beautiful golden tones to your locks. Warm Up has been specially formulated to enhance tone in hair extensions. Is also perfect for use on your own natural hair.

ZALA’s Warm Up is formulated to protect your extensions! It is a sulphate and paraben free formula which doesn’t use any corrosive chemical to protect you.

*Colouring your extensions is at your own risk, Use the tone enhancer on a test piece before repeating the process on the whole set. ZALA is not responsible for unwanted results. Despite that, this product is designed to work alongside our hair extension range, on other brands & also your natural hair.

You will need:

  • 100% Human Remy Hair Extensions
  • ZALA Warm Up Hair Extension Tone Enhancer
  • ZALA Revive Me Hair Extension Treatment

Make sure to always test the product on one piece of hair first. Try and pick a section which will be less visible.

    1. Prior to applying any Warm Up tone enhancer, wet your extensions making sure each strand is damp.

    1. Take a small amount of ZALA’s Warm Up Tone Enhancer in the palm of your hand and distribute evenly across your test piece. Make sure the tone enhancer is evenly distributed, whilst avoiding the weft, seamless band or tape adhesive area.

    1. Let sit for approximately 5 minutes, or until the desired amount of warmth is achieved.

  1. Rinse Thoroughly.
  2. Apply Revive Me Hair Extension treatment and leave to air dry.

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Reviews That Make us Blush

We love hearing from our customers with feedback on our extensions, accessories and hair care ranges. So check out some reviews that make us blush!

Reviews That Make us Blush

Tia R – From Sydney, Australia

These are a must-have if you want a little change!, Amazing product! I opened the parcel and was immediately impressed with the packaging, Zala really take attention to detail in all aspects. They come in a solid box for you to store them in when you arnt wearing them – They include flyers and booklets with tips and things for looking after your extensions! and little samples of their shampoo and conditioner and a mini revive me spray which just so handy and shows they have alot of faith in their product. They are incredibly soft and you just know they are top quality, to be honest, the best extensions I have found so far (let me tell you i have tried them all!) Well worth the money. They can be dyed, straightened and curled. I absolutely love them. Clips were easy to use and well attached. Can’t wait to order again!

Carla – Submitted through Facebook

New customer, Love my clip in set, I did the online color match and the color I was recommended matched perfectly, excellent quality. Clips don’t slip. Definitely recommend, very happy with my purchase. Thank you zala xxxxx

Rebecca – From Santa Maria, USA

My Zala hair order, Beautiful hair as always, thick from top to bottom gorgeous tangle free 5 plus star hair! I have ordered numerous times in the past few years & the hair is always Amazing! What I would love to share is there offer with “Sezzle” buy now, pay later, okay so I live in the United States & the longest process in placing my order, is the looong call to my bank, getting the authorization that I truly am placing an order online , with a company I trust…. So on this order I decided to try “Sezzle” Ladies it was so simple easy & quick , there is no interest , no hidden fees, it was awesome! I will forever & always be a Zala customer! Another note , the customer service is amazing! Thank you Zala for always providing 5plus star hair & service!

Ajla – Submitted through Facebook

Extensions feel so thick and soft. Beautiful blend with my hair. This is my 5th purchase with Zala and each product has been different but constantly great! Will definitely be back for more!

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