One Piece Volumizer for Australia Day

It’s finally Australia Day! Wondering what hairstyle you’ll wear at that summer beach party you’ve been invited to? 

Luckily for you, our One Piece Clip-in Volumizer can help you with the day’s festivities! Prep your locks and complete your look with just a few snaps!

Clip In Hair Volumizer

Our Top Australia Day Hairstyles

Are you ready to use our one-piece clip-in volumizer for Australia Day? Here are a few hairstyles to get you started when using ZALA’s One Piece Volumizer for Australia Day!

1. Chic Hair For Beach Barbecue

Australia Day is celebrated in the middle of Australian summer, which is why it’s typically celebrated at beaches, docks, and outdoor fields. 

If you’re planning to attend a barbecue party by the beach, you can dress down your look by adding a cute beach hat. Chomp on your huge slabs of meat drizzled with barbecue sauce without worrying about your hair flying all over the place. After all, just because it’s a simple picnic doesn’t mean you have to look simple as well.

Putting a hat on top of your clip-in volumizer will make you look more put-together without making you look over-the-top for the occasion.

2. Hair Scarf 

Look preppy for these under-the-sun events by loosely tying your hair in a low ponytail with a scarf. The scarf adds an extra dash of oomph and elegance without looking too extra.

3. Bow For Added Elegance

Feeling a little fancy this Australia Day? If you’ve decided to catch the annual Ferrython instead of the usual barbecue parties, it’s a good idea to slightly dress up for the occasion. Swap your beach hats and scarves for a cute little bow to make your look more neat, stylish, and elegant!

4. Loose Hair

Stroll along Darling Harbour and entertain yourself with the vibrant music from local musicians and delicious food from local pop-up stalls. If you’re in Melbourne, head over to Docklands to enjoy a sip at a bar by the waterfront.

Let yourself (and your hair!) unwind as you appreciate everything Australia can offer.

One Piece Volumizer for Australia Day

Australia Day is just around the corner, and what better way to prepare by planning your outfits and hairstyles beforehand? We’re hoping that you found your next hairstyle on this list using our One Piece Clip-In Volumizer! Remember, you can always choose the Keratin version if you want to go the extra mile!

For more hairstyle ideas, don’t forget to check out our Zala blog!

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4 Least Damaging Hair Extensions

Is your hair recovering from too much chemical or heat application? Are you worried that you might do your hair more–and probably irreparable–damage?

Whether you’re waiting to grow your hair out to chop off the unsalvageable length, or you really just want to hide the damaged hair, hair extensions might just be the perfect solution to your problem.

least damaging hair extensions

Our Top 4 Least Damaging Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are a good way to deal with wanting something more with your hair without having to give up on your hair entirely. If you’re skeptical about whether they’d harm your natural hair when you wear them, here are some of the least damaging hair extensions you can get for your hair.

1. Clip-in Hair Extensions

The first type is clip-in hair extensions. With clips sewed to the base of the wefts, the hair extensions are easily clipped on or off whenever you want to wear or remove them, quick and easy.

Because of how clip-ins are worn, they’re only permanent on your head for as long as you keep them on. No need to strain your scalp wearing them for longer than you need. Clip-ins are comfortable enough to wear for those few hours from applying them until you get home after fully enjoying the gala.

2. Tape-in Hair Extensions

Because the adhesive lies flat on your head, it would be difficult to damage your hair with tape-in hair extensions. You get more volume and length to your hair by sandwiching a thin strip of your hair in between two tape-ins. It’s similar to how velcro works, except it’s safer and more friendly to your hair.

This requires about 30-60 minutes to apply. Plus, with proper care, you can reuse the tape-in hair extensions for as long as they last. You might need a little help from your hairdresser while applying them though, depending on how much more hair you want to wear.

3. Ponytail Hair Extensions

This one is a modified version of clip-in hair extensions. It’s especially used for ponytails on days when you prefer your hair swept cleanly away from your face.

The clip-in pony is clipped on the pony tie of your own hair and secured with bobby pins on opposite sides and hidden with a section of hair wrapped around the pony. With this pretty straightforward application method, there’s not much room for you to damage your hair when you wear a ponytail hair extension.

4. Halo Hair Extensions

If you only have a minute or two to spare, Halo Hair Extensions are the best option for you. You just part your hair around your safe zone and let the extension sit in the space in between.

Best of all, there’s no need to worry about hair damage when it comes to halo hair extensions. They’re literally just like a headband that sits there on your scalp and gives you an additional layer of hair. It isn’t attached chemically or physically to your hair in any way, so it doesn’t strain your hair or stress your scalp.

Final Thoughts

Understanding how hair extensions work isn’t rocket science, considering they’re named exactly as they’re worn or applied. With this list, you now know which hair extensions you should use when you have damaged hair.For more hair tips and tricks, don’t forget to check out our Zala blog!


Types of Hair Weaves

Do you want to know the secret to the ever-gorgeous hairstyles that celebrities pull off on red carpets and movie premieres? After all, it’s pretty hard to maintain hair that long, that thick, that shiny, that smooth, and that everything when you have a gazillion different things to tend to on the daily.

Wigs? For some, maybe. But for the majority, hair extensions are the answer. These days, hair extensions are used to make celebs’ hair look more voluminous and vibrant despite their hectic schedules.

In today’s article, we’ll discuss the different types hair weaves – one of the most popular types of extensions currently.

zala types of hair weaves

Weave-In Hair Extensions

Hair weaves, also known as weave extensions, weft bundles, or just weave-ins, are a type of hair extensions that are sewn into your hair.

Traditionally, your hair is first braided into a set of cornrows which will serve as the base where the wefts will be sewn into. The exact braid pattern varies depending on the style of weave you prefer. The cornrows will then be reinforced with a thread to secure them before sewing the wefts into the braids.

Here at Zala, however, our hair weaves are instead attached using silicone beads, which takes less time and effort than the traditional route. Still, because weave-ins are sewn into your hair, it’s considered semi-permanent.

It can last for around 3 months or so before you need to have them removed. Otherwise, you might put strain on your hair and scalp and hamper your natural hair growth.

Why are weaves so popular?

Hair weaves are popular for reasons. One of the main reasons is because they’re very low maintenance. Once you put them in, there’s hardly anything else you have to do. Just make sure to wash your hair no more than twice or thrice a week or you’ll wear the weave down faster.

For active people, weave-ins are also a great choice as they tend to stay in place and look natural no matter how much jumping and running you do.

Weaves vs Wigs

Although the terms may be used interchangeably at times, it’s important to note that weaves are different from wigs. Even though weaves are also worn over your own hair the same way that wigs are, these are two different products.

For one, wigs cover your entire head, while weaves only cover your hair. Two, wigs aren’t typically meant to stay on your head for a long time. Most people who wear wigs remove them before bedtime or before taking a bath. unlike hair weaves which can be kept on the hair for months at a time.

Three, wigs are easier to remove and apply than weaves. This also means that those with active lifestyles should opt for weaves rather than wigs, since the latter is more prone to falling off accidentally.

Types of Weaves

Weaves are differentiated into types by their textures. Their textures also affect what styles the weave-ins are best for. There are many different types, but here are four of the most popular ones.

Malaysian Hair Weaves

The first type is Malaysian hair weaves. This type is very fine and therefore wouldn’t match well with straightened curls. It does, however, hold curls well. You just have to remember to use rods instead of flat irons and curlers to increase the longevity of your weft bundles. It’s also very shiny, although the shine fades after a few washes.

Indian Hair Weaves

The second type on this list is Indian hair weaves. This type is dense and fairly silky. It’s also very versatile, looking great regardless of the style. It’s smooth enough for straight styles and still coarse enough to hold curls well. It also pairs nicely with most hair textures. The biggest downside is that it has a tendency to become a little frizzy in humid environments.

Brazilian Hair Weaves

The third type is Brazilian hair weaves. Compared to Indian hair, this type is coarser and thus, holds curls better. The coarseness of Brazilian hair also makes it blend well with the hair texture of women of African descent.

Peruvian Hair Weaves

The fourth one is Peruvian hair. Out of the four, this one is the coarsest of them all, hence, it blends and holds curls best. Each strand is full and dense, which makes it look voluminous even when simply styled straight.

Wearing Weave-ins

If you’re looking for a semi-permanent solution to your bad hair day while waiting for your strands to grow out, you should really check out weave-ins . Who knows, like those busy celebrities, you may finally be able to get your dream hairstyle that could be difficult to pull off otherwise.

For more tips and tricks about different hair extensions, don’t forget to check out our Zala blog!


Halo® Hair Extensions for Short Hair

So you finally got the courage for that big chop, only to look like an eight-year-old who got her hair cut by her parents instead of those gorgeous influencers you saw on Instagram. Have you grown tired of your short hair so now you’re growing it out to pull off other styles? Or do you simply want instant volume and length for your short locks?

Halo hair extensions might just be the perfect answer to your problems. As the latest hair extension method, halo hair extensions are an easy-fix solution to get that longer and more voluminous hairstyle you’re after.

halo hair extensions for short hair

Wearing Halo® Hair Extensions for Short Hair 

Halo hair extensions are not physically attached to your strands or scalp. Just like its namesake, the halo, it sits there on your head thanks to a clear and thin wire that’s barely visible from a distance. This wire is wedged on your head’s safe zone and covered with your top hair to make sure that it’s hidden away.

Unlike the other kinds of hair extensions that require half an hour of a professional’s help to apply or remove, halo hair extensions can be worn and removed within a minute or so, without any external help.

Additionally, since halo hair extensions are in no way attached to your hair, there’s virtually no need to worry about damaging your strands. It does not stretch your hair nor does it stress and strain your scalp with awfully heavy clips or sticky and dreadful glue. It’s just there on your head. In fact, because it’s very light and comfortable, you might forget it’s even there.

How To Wear Halo Hair Extensions

Below, we’ve got some tips for wearing halo hair extensions for short hair!

1. Choose the right wire

Our first tip is to make sure to wear halos with the wire that works best for you so you can be sure they stay on. Wires have three different sizes so you can choose which fits your head’s circumference to prevent the extensions from falling off.

If you’ve worn the band but it pops off, then you need a bigger size. If the wire is too loose and slips down, you need to try on a smaller one. Try a few sizes so you can decide whether you want the hair extensions to be a bit tight and secured or a bit loose and comfortable.

2. Section hair properly

More importantly, the key to seamlessly blending your halo hair extension with your short hair is proper hair sectioning. Usually, halo hair extensions are wedged on the safe zone, that line from one of your ears to the other. But because short hair has less length to hide the blunt edges, you have to divide your top and bottom hair sections a little bit more equally so that you can finish more naturally.

Also, although you generally have to take your hair extensions to your hairdresser to have them cut and styled to match your hair, this step is even more crucial when you have short hair. Having short hair means you have less to work with when styling them to blend your extensions in.

3. Style your extensions

For better results, you can take your halo hair extensions to your hairstylist for pre-styling. Layering can make your extensions look more natural and the texture adds the necessary volume to disguise the edges of your short hair. You can also consider thinning out the edges of your hair so that it will be easier to blend them with the hair extensions.

Keep in mind that unlike natural hair, if you make any mistakes while pre-styling your extensions, they won’t grow back anymore. So it’s best to be careful.

Once you have the extensions on your head, you can never go wrong with curls and waves with the help of Zala’s 4 in 1 Cosmo Curling Wand. Tested and proven, it is easier to hide the ends of your own hair among the hair strands of the extension when you style them together this way.


With proper care, halos can last from 6 months to a full year, depending on how often you use it. So why wait for half a year or so to get back that thicker and longer hair you can style according to your liking when you can wear halos in that period of waiting instead? Get halo hair extensions now!

For more hair tips and tricks, don’t forget to check out our ZALA blog!


10 Cute Styles With ZALA Hair Extensions

Do you also browse on Instagram looking for new hair inspo?

Well, just like you, we love browsing on Instagram as well! Only, instead of looking for hair inspiration, we typically look around for the best hairstyles that make use of our favorite ZALA hair extensions.

And now, without further ado, here are 10 cute styles with ZALA hair extensions that we found on Instagram!

10 cute styles with ZALA hair extensions

1. Picnic Day

There’s nothing like having a nice picnic beside a nice body of water on an equally nice day. Of course, if we had the same cute hairstyle and the same cute bow as her, we’d probably be having a delightful day as well.

Interested in getting the same look? Check out our ZALA Sun Kissed Highlights!

2. Casual Rock

We love how she looks like she’s off to a rock concert right after taking this picture!

Interested in getting this look as well? You might want to try out our ZALA Honey Beach Highlights!

3. Elegant Twist

If you’re going for an elegant, boho look, you won’t go wrong with this one right here. It’s a timeless classic, but it’s still pretty cute if you ask us!

Fun fact, this look also makes use of the ZALA Honey Beach Highlights!

4. Business Casual

Minus the tied shirt, she looks like she’s about to go to work in her business casual attire, looking all glam with her ZALA Hair Extensions. The waves certainly make the whole look so much better!

5. Blazing Ginger

You won’t believe how long we stared at her long flowing tresses. Like, how can someone have hair that shiny and smooth? Seriously, there must be some kind of a secret, right?

6. Pink Cafe

We love pink hair and we think it’s so fab and cute at the same time! Oh, to be a woman with pink hair hanging out at a cafe right now!

Just to clarify, we don’t have pink hair extensions in our catalog, but you can always get a set of our ZALA Ice Queen Platinum and dye it the color that you want!

7. Pastel Paradise

This is a very simple hairstyle, but you know what, sometimes that’s all you need to create a look that’s bound to turn heads. Coupled with her adorable outfit, we’re pretty sure she’s going to command the attention of any room she’s in!

Get the same look with ZALA Champagne Blonde!

8. Beachy Romper

A simple half-updo and some waves were all it took to create this look, but take a look at how cute it is! Also, is that a romper we see?! As a huge fan of rompers, we beg to know where she got it from!

9. Simple Crop

We can’t get over how much we love this entire ensemble, hair, top, and all! Personally, this is something I’d wear on a first date with that boy next door I’ve had a crush on forever – that’s how much I love it.

Wanna get the same hairstyle? Take a look at our ZALA Chestnut Brown extensions!

10. Summer Sunset

This photo reminds us of our college days, for some reason. Maybe because it made us remember going back home for the break and enjoying with our high school friends we haven’t seen the entire year. And we gotta say, for this photo specifically, the sunset does a really good job at enhancing her features and making her look almost ethereal. Of course, her ZALA Honey Blonde Extensions probably have a lot to do with it too!

Did you also like these cute styles with ZALA hair extensions? We certainly enjoyed doing our research for this article too!

Do you want to get featured on our blog? Simply tag us on Instagram using our hashtag, #ZALAHairExtensions and we might pick your photo for our next list!

For more hairstyle inspiration, don’t forget to check out the ZALA blog!