3 Hair Extension Products to Revive Old Hair Extensions

We’re sure you love wearing your hair extensions. You might even enjoy wearing them all day! But suddenly, as you’re putting them on for another gorgeous day out, you realize that they feel a little different. Unlike before, they’re no longer bouncy and full. Now, they feel dry, dull, and lifeless. Oh no!

Don’t fret, Zala Hair is here to the rescue! Here’s a list of 3 hair extension products to revive old hair extensions!


You’re probably surprised—conditioner? What? Believe it or not, even just a simple conditioner can instantly revive old hair extensions and make them look brand new again.

Using a conditioner on your hair extensions works the exact same way you would use it on your hair. Take a dollop of conditioner and apply evenly on the strands of your hair extensions. Wait for a bit before rinsing it off thoroughly.

You can use the Smooth Talker Hair Extensions Conditioner that’s made specifically for hair extensions to achieve the best results. It has a sulphate and paraben-free formula bound to make your hair smoother and softer in just a few uses.


Sometimes a conditioner can’t do the job alone. Time to whip out a treatment spray! Treatment sprays are akin to serums that instantly revive dull and lifeless hair. In fact, the best kinds of sprays can repair dry ends, add silkiness to your hair, and restore some much-needed moisture. Perfect for reviving old hair extensions, right?

Interested? Try out the Revive Me Hair Extensions Treatment! This treatment spray is specifically designed to be used on hair extensions, though you can also use it on your natural hair if you wish. It has  If you’re battling frizzy and dull hair, this is a must-try!

Hydrating Mask

You’ve tried conditioners, you’ve tried treatments, and still, nothing works. Well then, maybe you need something more? Insert the hydrating mask.

Have you ever used a facial mask sheet before? Doesn’t it feel so good, so cool, so soothing on your face? That’s exactly the effect that a hydrating mask has, except this is for your hair.

For best results, you can use the ZALAPLEX Hair Extension Hydrating Mask – Hydrate & Restore. It ensures deep hydration for your extensions, breathing life into it and instantly transforming it back to its old, beautiful self!

See, before you give up on your old hair extensions, try these methods first! Not only will you save money on buying new extensions, you will also get to try these products on your own natural hair, keeping it gorgeous at all times!

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