How to Dip Dye Hair Extensions

Ever wanted to try the trend of dip dying? However, you don’t want to commit to the colour? Here at ZALA, we show you exactly how to dip dye hair extensions to cheat the look!

how to dip dye hair extensions

How to Dip Dye Hair Extensions – ZALA Hair

When dying your extensions, be sure to ALWAYS test the product on one single piece first! This will ensure you achieve the results you desire!

Pssst! Did you know most human hair extensions like ZALA can not be bleached or lightened. This will damage your set, therefore this dip-dye tutorial applies for darker shades or colours only. Plus, who doesn’t want hues of pink, blue and purple in their locks?!

  1. First, cover the surface you are working on with aluminium foil. As this can get a little messy, you want to ensure you’re not staining anything in the process!
  2. Brush through the hair to remove any unwanted knots & tangles. Then, lay your first piece flat, making sure the hair is sitting neat and even.
  3. Mix/prepare your dye as per the manufacturers instructions. For a pastel shade, you can mix the product with conditioner to dilute the colour.
  4. Start by coating the ends of your extensions, carefully working your way upwards to ensure even coverage. Don’t stress about any harsh lines, these will be blended out later 🙂
  5. To create that lovely gradual blend, gradually apply less product by spreading the excess upwards.
  6. Now – time to blend! For a seamless transition, turn your brush sideways and use flicking motions to feather the dye. This will avoid any harsh or stripey lines!
  7. Once you are satisfied with blending, flip the piece over and repeat the same process on the opposite side.
  8. Leave the dye as per the instructions before washing with a sulfate free shampoo and conditioner. Not too sure how to wash your hair extensions? Don’t stress – check out our tutorial:


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