Tape-In Extensions For Short Hair

We know you love your blunt bob, but you gotta admit, sometimes it can be a bit hard to style short hair. The lack of length can make your options pretty limited, so it’s understandable that you may want something a little longer every now and then.

Wondering how you can pull off various hairstyles easily and quickly with your short hair? One of the best and non-committal ways to do hair makeovers without giving up your short hair is by using tape-in hair extensions.

tape-in extensions for short hair

Why Use Tape-In Hair Extension For Short Hair

With tape-in hair extensions, you can easily pull off whatever hairdo you might want to wear for the occasion. You can have dyed hair in highlights, balayage, or even two-tone. You can have curls, braids, buns, or ponies. And you can have the freedom to play even with startling colors and unexpected cuts.

1. Easy to apply


Tape-in hair extensions, just as its name suggests, are hair extensions with tapes at the bases of the wefts. Wearing tape-in extensions is like sandwiching a thin strip of your hair between two-inch-wide pieces.

Due to this, tape-ins are amazingly easy to apply. Putting them only takes as much as 30-45 minutes–60 if you want more volume. Removing themis also very easy with the help of our Zala Hair Extensions Solvent / Glue Remover.

2. Not damaging


Whether it’s your hairstylist applying it on you or you wearing it on your own for everyday hair, it is difficult to damage your hair with tape-in extensions. You can even opt to wear them if your hair is recovering from too much chemical application from coloring and treatment.

3. Reusable


You’d be glad to know that tape-in hair extensions are completely reusable. And as long as you take good care of them, you can reuse them over and over again, saving money for the long term.

4. Seamless look

Where you put your hair extensions is critical, especially if you have short hair. That’s because the difference is easier to point out if you put it in the wrong place. With tape-in extensions though, you can maximize their placement for a more seamless blending to achieve a cleaner and more natural look.

Also, because only the adhesive is found at the base, the top part of the tape-ins is as flat as tapes are expected to be. This means that the extensions lie flat against your head, helping them look more seamless.

Tips For Styling Tape-In Extensions For Short Hair

First of all, you have to make sure that the volume, length, cut, and style of your extensions blend well with your hair. Hair extensions are easier to hide if they’re only a few inches longer than your own hair, but if not, you have to employ some tricks to help hide them.

One way to blend your tape-ins is to layer them on. The bottom-most extensions should be placed an inch above the most bottom hair on your nape. It will also be best if you braid your hair above your hair into cornrows and lie them flat there.

You should also place a piece of extension each on either side of your hair partition, an inch from the top of your head. This will provide the look that your hair is voluminous from the top. The layering will also give your hair a texture that will make it look more natural.

Lastly, make sure to leave enough of your own hair on the top and the sides of your head so that the tape-ins can remain hidden.

Enjoying Your Short Hair With Extensions


As you can see, there’s no reason why you can’t experiment with different hairstyles even with short hair.

With your new tape-in extensions, you can now style your hair into pretty curls, elegant waves, or fancy braids. The sky’s the limit!

For more hair extension tips and tricks, don’t forget to check out our Zala blog!


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