Dark Choc Brown #2 Clip In Hair Extensions - 20" 100% Human Remy Hair 120/220/265g

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5Piece Clip In SetTriple Weft LaceFor Added Volume Perfect for those with fine to thin hair who want to add moderate volume and length.
120GR20"A$179.99 Pre order In Stock
9Piece Clip In SetTriple Weft LaceFor Ultimate Volume Perfect for those with medium to thick hair who want to add ultimate volume and length.
220GR20"A$349.99 Pre order In Stock
9Piece Clip In SetSeamless BandFor Ultimate volume A new lightweight Seamless Band for superior thickness & length, ZALA's latest technology.
200GR20"A$359.99 Pre order In Stock
9Piece Clip In SetQuad Weft LaceFor Superior Volume Designed for those with medium to thick hair who desire superior thickness and length.
265GR20"A$449.99 Pre order In Stock
9Piece Keratin SetKeratin Pro Looks and feels just like human hair! keratin protein hair that looks and feels very similar to human hair - high quality, soft & silky
220GR20"A$119.99 Pre order In Stock
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Customer Reviews 33 item(s)

  • Perfect length!

    Love these extensions. The length is perfect and they are so easy to maintain

    Review by Emma, posted on 2020-05-03 01:10:25

  • Love

    The hair extensions are so good!! They blend so well with my hair and are so smooth when i first got them. The colour matches perfectly to my hair. I have the 5 piece set and its perfect for the amount of hair that i have. However I find that mine have lost a lot of hair in clumps and they have started to look really dead after a while.

    Review by Dom, posted on 2020-04-22 15:37:11

  • The best and last so long!

    I’ve bought about four packs of this item over the past 5 years! They’re amazing compared to a lot of popular brands on the market. Worth the money x

    Review by Keri, posted on 2019-08-07 02:32:05

  • Amazing

    The hair extensions are amazing. My only issue is I had to buy more because I have such short thick curly hair! I recommend if you have the same sort of hair as me you buy a 9 piece and a 5 piece. I decided to get the extra 5 piece, after buying the 9 piece, just to fill out where my natural hair stops and also to fill out the front/sides as my natural hair is very noticeable (to me anyway) there and theres really only originally 2 pieces each side to fill it out which in my hair still looks good but would be much better with extra thickness. I was recommended to buy 2 volumniser pieces but I wanted smaller clip pieces for the sides and I get the added bonus of extra pieces to fill out the back even more. Its definitely worth the money as the hair is amazing, high quality stuff. It also matched my hair colour perfectly, i was honestly shocked how exact it was as I was expecting to have to dye it! If you're thinking of doing it but umming and ahing... id honestly just do it. You won't regret it.

    Review by Sapphire, posted on 2019-07-23 16:21:09

  • Amazing.

    Love it! So silky soft, perfect colour match to my natural hair, the little sample pack included was cute, gave me so much confidence. Is a bit expensive but they’re good quality hair extensions, so they’re worth it! Will be buying other products sometime again.

    Review by Tori, posted on 2019-05-08 11:55:08

  • Awesome Hair extensions

    I really love this hair! It feels amazing, wears amazing and I have gotten so many compliments. I would advise, if you have any doubt,go the next amount up in thickness and number of pieces. I got a 5 piece but 9 would have been better and I am getting another 5 piece. Only one life to live, get what you want and you should want Zala Hair!

    Review by Tricia , posted on 2019-03-05 12:21:09


    Best hair extensions I have ever used! I have taken these through the ringer and back with me, to every festival, club, event and just daily wear and after a year they are still holding up! I get compliments ALL the time about my hair and people dont believe me when i tell them its not my real hair! Would definitely recommend!!! (also recommend buying the holder for them, wish i did that earlier!)

    Review by msracheltoy, posted on 2018-11-16 05:45:49


    I’ve always got my extensions from Sally Beauty Supply (because it was convenient), price is about the same, however Zala hair quality can not compare. You get so much more. Love my new extensions, color is absolutely perfect match, appreciate the hair care products that come with it (nice touch), and I know this is not as important, but the packaging... wow. Great job Zala. I will definitely be a repeat customer. Anyone who’s out there thinking if they should order or not, DO IT!

    Review by Jelena, posted on 2018-08-22 05:31:20

  • They give me lots of confidence

    Well I was very hesitant about getting these! I have never worn extensions in my life. I have noticed though, as I age my hair is getting so much thinner and breaking so easily I can't get any length. I needn't have worried. They are lovely and so easy to put in. When I have them in I feel beautiful, silly as that sounds. I have so much more confidence and feel younger and healthier. I know that doesn't make sense, but that's how I feel. I love them and will never be without them again.

    Review by Jennifer , posted on 2018-08-08 07:54:00

  • Very impressed

    I am very impressed!!! I love these extensions. They are thick and look natural with my hair. 100% perfect blending The color of the hair matches the dye I use on my own hair perfectly. I’ve tried another company and ZALA is way cheaper and soooo much better quality. The extensions even shipped faster. I will definitely be a returning customer to Zala.

    Review by Becky, posted on 2018-03-28 07:46:17

  • I am so in love with ZALA

    I recently purchased a pair of ZALA clip in hair extensions for my daughters birthday. She had insisted on their brand and so after a bit of research I though they'd be best (especially since their pricing is so reasonable!) I have since bought myself a pair and recommended them to a bunch of my girlfriends. I have been using other brands for years and these are the best value extensions I have come across. Thank you to my daughter and to ZALA!

    Review by edith, posted on 2017-09-21 05:49:14

  • They are the best quality and thickest, softest sets ever!

    Been using ZALA 20inch clip ins for years and I honeslty feer bare without them now. I can't recommend their products enough. They are the best quality and thickest, softest sets ever!

    Review by rachael m, posted on 2017-09-21 05:43:07

  • HOW TO FIX A BAD HAIR DAY = use ZALA clip ins...quickest fix i've ever seen!

    I always tell everyone to give ZALA a try. Even if you haven't tried extensions before, I can safely say, ZALA will convert you!! I bought my first set of clip ins a year ago and now use tape religiously. Love their products!

    Review by annabelle, posted on 2017-09-21 05:34:11

  • my opinion

    Hey guys I ordered and received my ZALA extensions about a month ago now and I can tell you they really are a good product, i bought some off dollie, they are the same price for the 160grms than ZALA is selling the 200grms for! ZALA is heaps better value and dollies pretty much fell apart in my hair! love this brand now

    Review by Ally, posted on 2017-09-11 11:38:33

  • best hair extensions online

    These are truely a geat hair extensions. I cant explain how many sets i have bought in the past, but these are really some of the best. They are so soft and silky and a true colour match. I will stick to this company from now on as they offer the best hair for the best price :) hope this helps

    Review by Nicky, posted on 2017-09-11 11:37:59

  • YYYAAYYY Finally amazing hair!

    TTHHHAANNKKK YOUU ZALA hair extensions!!!! I cannot tell you how long i have HATED my ugly short hair!! I have tried to buy extensions before and all i could think was how fake they looked and i ripped them out! I built up the courage to buy ZALA extensions as all the feedback and reviews were so highly talked about and the photos were so pretty, and I have not wiped the smile off my face! I can proudly say i am in love with my own hair now. All of my friends have complimented me and I was even asked to model for my friends clothing brand wearing my ZALA extensions! Best brand ever <3

    Review by Kat, posted on 2017-09-11 11:36:26

  • dark brown hair extensions

    i have been buying extensions for about 4 years now so i have tried a few good brands, and some bad brands. i normally order darkest brown so wasn't sure this was the right colour for me but it turned out really nice. it is defiently a dark chocolate brown, and probably the best way to describe it. they are thick from top to bottom which is a must have and the clips feel light in my hair which is important in my opinion, during the day and when i go to work i wear 6-8 of the pieces but for my sisters birthday for example i wear all 12 pieces. Im excited for their new 220gr 9 piece sets because i reckon 9 pieces is the perfect amount of pieces. will be purchasing my next set from here aswell, oh and i ordered on monday night and they got to my house in perth on wednesday morning, so pretty fast xoxx thanks

    Review by lauren, posted on 2017-09-11 11:36:04

  • best hair extensions EVER!!!

    I love my zala extensions!! They feel great in my hair, their easy to clip in and are THICK.. im amazed at how cheap you sell them!!! This are quality hair.. I love curling them, thebhair brings out big beautiful bangs!! It blends so well with my hair that it doesnt even look/feel like I have extensions in!!! Thanks Zala ♥♡♥♡♥♡

    Review by Nicolette, posted on 2017-09-11 11:34:08

  • nice shade of brown and good quality

    i will try keep this short because i am on my iphone, but thought i should leave a review after my experience, Quality 4.5/5 - Really good, silky , soft and thick. Service 5/5 - really friendly and helpful delivery 4.5/5 - took 7 days to get the USA (texas) - To be fair there was a fastest method but i didnt want to spend too much on shipping overall i am really happy, the brown is dark but not too dark and is a perfect match for my hair, i found out about these from their instagram which is beautifallll

    Review by alexa, posted on 2017-09-11 11:33:47

  • Amazing quality!

    I've had my ZALA extensions for a few months and they still feel amazing, I absolutely love how thick they are all the way to the ends. Even though I've had them for quite some time they still feel softer than ever. I guess that's because I haven't washed them more than 2 times during all this time. 5/5 for the quality

    Review by Gina, posted on 2017-09-11 11:32:58

  • Chocolate creamy goodness!

    This shade is gorgeous! Such a rich, dark brown which looks awesome day or night. I've actually dyed the tops of mine a lighter black colour to match my natural shade and create a balayage/ombre effect. Despite this the extensions are still healthy and silky nearly 5 months later. I'm now ordering a second set to achieve an all-over brown :)

    Review by Holly, posted on 2017-09-11 11:29:49

  • Repeat customer

    I've been really happy with my Dark Choc 20" set. Sometimes they get a little knotty but I brush them out using the tangle teaser and they feel soft and luxurious again. I guess what's also helped mine stay in such good condition is that I only use the sulphate-free shampoo that ZALA recommends. Seriously, it is worth spending a bit more and going to a little more effort to keep your extensions beautiful. This is my second time ordering with Zala and the quality of the extensions, as well as the customer service, continue to impress me. Keep doing what you're doing Zala!

    Review by Lou , posted on 2017-09-11 11:28:25

  • Thickest hair ever

    I have been hairdressing for 9 years and never have I found a brand with such thick sets for such low prices! This brand is AMAZING! I always recommend that my clients get the quad sets if they are looking for extra volume. It's 265 grams and looks amazing once applied and styled. The #2 is my shade and has gorgeous warm undertones which matches well with dyed brown hair.

    Review by Shona, posted on 2017-09-11 11:27:03

  • Love them

    I just placed my order for my 3rd set of Zala's. I've gotten a new set every year since I first ordered them. I LOVE them. I wear them every day. The first time I got the 24 inch and found that those were too long. 20 inch is the perfect length. They look so natural and real, and people are always complimenting me and telling me I look like I have mermaid/princess hair. People are always shocked when I tell them I am wearing extensions. Final verdict.. HIGHLY recommend.

    Review by Mermaid hair, posted on 2017-09-11 11:26:31

  • cheaper hair extensions that salons

    Never in my life have I experienced hair extensions like these. I used to only go to my salon for hair extensions until they recently increased their prices dramatically. I decided to try out ZALAs and wow , what a difference!!! Much cheaper and MUCH better quality! Cant see myself EVER going back to salon extensions

    Review by Kaitlin , posted on 2017-09-11 11:25:57

  • Long dark hair

    This is such a beautiful shade. I just went dark after having blonde hair for years and my hairdresser made me cut so much length off so it could get healthy again, I was so upset about it as I went from having long blonde hair to short dark brown hair. The first thing I did when I got home was get myself some ZALAs. They gave me so much more confidence and I now love my LONG dark hair :)

    Review by Ameilia , posted on 2017-09-11 11:24:23


    Ok I just ordered a second set of ZALAs (after going brunette recently) for my 18th this weekend. I am so so excited, I have used ZALA in the past and absolutely loved them. Have just found the quality much nicer than other brands and they always seem to stay healthy for A LOT longer

    Review by Josephine, posted on 2017-09-11 11:20:37

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