Natural Black #1B Clip in Hair Extensions 24 inch 130/250g 100% Human Remy Hair

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5Piece Clip In SetTriple Weft LaceFor Added Volume Perfect for those with fine to thin hair who want to add moderate volume and length.
130GR24"A$249.99 Pre order In Stock
9Piece Clip In SetTriple Weft LaceFor Ultimate Volume Perfect for those with medium to thick hair who want to add ultimate volume and length.
250GR24"A$499.99 Pre order In Stock
9Piece Keratin SetKeratin Pro Looks and feels just like human hair! keratin protein hair that looks and feels very similar to human hair - high quality, soft & silky
250GR24"A$139.99 Pre order In Stock
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Customer Reviews 24 item(s)

  • Enough for my whole head! Great for adding volume as well

    Just got them last week and totally LOVED them!! I just ordered another set, my head is pretty big and I have lotsss of hair and volume. So I'll be needing a little more. But so far so good!! Quality of the hair is perfect. Color matched perfect, I got mine in Natural black, Love!

    Review by Ninnette, posted on 2018-10-18 03:38:42

  • Amazing

    Zala hair extensions are the best! i ordered the 5 piece and soon ordered another 5 piece as they were still a little thin for my hair thickness. Now... i'm in love

    Review by Sarah, posted on 2017-08-31 06:02:15

  • Exactly as described

    Looks like the photo;s, was exactly the same as the website said Overall I am very happy I didn't get scammed or ripped off, I will buy from this company again. Have had a bad experience with lots of other brands...

    Review by Jess malek, posted on 2017-06-06 05:34:07


    I dye my hair every 2 months & this product matches really well. It's like a really really dark brown in the sunlight. They clip in hair extensions are VERY thick, I use about 6 of the piece's & keep the other 3 aside incase I lose them or ruin them lol. I tried another brand which gave me headaches but these hair extensions feel really comfy & don't itch or pull on my hair. They are really good value, I exchanged from the Dark chocolate to this one so it was worth the exchange as now its perfect.

    Review by Fiona, posted on 2017-06-06 05:32:29

  • 1b natural black

    OMG so happy

    Review by Ashira, posted on 2016-06-23 03:21:38

  • Extremely Satisfied Customer

    My name is Miya and I am a Zala customer from the UAE, I first came across this wonderful company through online browsing - I live in Dubai so I am often hesitant to purchase products online as shipping often costs so much and delivery time is often quite long, and then sometimes the product can be not what I was expecting. It often turns into a great big hassle! However, I was on a mission to find some beautiful natural extensions, as having long hair in Dubai is considered very beautiful. I read through hundreds of ZALA reviews to make sure I was making the right decision. I was just completely blown away at how many people praised this company and the review about quality, customer service, shipment etc were all so positive!!!! As I was so desperate for a set of beautiful extensions! I finally made an order, and WOW! My set came within 5 days which is unbelievable, they felt so soft, smooth and silky. I was so excited they looked so natural and all my friends were commenting on how thick and healthy my hair looked! I love ZALA, such a trustworthy company and I will gladly recommend them to anyone!

    Review by Miya, posted on 2015-10-02 04:50:48

  • Nice surprise

    Very, vey happy with the quality of the hair. Thick and smooth. The only thing is that with this colour, it has a warmer tone then i needed for my hair it in the sunlight but other than that everything was great.

    Review by Tsuki, posted on 2015-09-16 10:15:44

  • awesome

    this is my second order, i even reviewed you guys on my youtube channel they are awesome

    Review by jessy, posted on 2015-06-17 18:41:43

  • my natural colour

    this is my second set in this color and i love it. Blends so well with my natural hair color its great. ZALA is worth the money as its quality hair that you know you can trust.

    Review by Kayla , posted on 2015-06-11 02:22:22

  • Extremely happy :-)

    I was unsure of buying this product a few months ago, I watched a few youtube reviews and did some research and decided to give it a go. Zala is the only set of extensions on the market that are worth your money, they last a very long time, they are SO soft (and actually that way). They are very easy to handle, and the colour matched my natural black hair perfectly. Highly recommended product!

    Review by Monica, posted on 2015-06-07 11:01:02

  • Great 5 piece extensions for my thin hair

    I bought the 5 piece set because my hair is quite thin, and it made my hair perfectly thick as I wanted them to be. I was a bit nervous when i bought them cause i wanted it to look as natural as possible. it doesnt look unnatural at all which is a always a fear with hair extensions. the hair is soft and silky and they came REALLY quick, took 24 hours and I am in Adelaide, i think if your hair is a bit thin like me than the 5 piece set is more than enough hair. The overall value is very good so im happy.,

    Review by Daria, posted on 2014-04-10 01:41:15

  • American girl

    I love them! I have never came across such beautiful thick hair extensions! Money well payed for! I usually had to have about 16 piece set for my hair before because my hair was soooo thick and all the other extensions I used to own were thin and no way near as excellent as yours, and I only need 8 in the 9 pc. Just wanted to share my appreciation for ZALA extensions!!

    Review by Sammy, posted on 2014-01-20 01:54:38


    Amazing quality soooo long and THICK !! silky smooth im just amazed at the quality honestly, dont hesitate these extentions are so hot i was hesitent thinking oh ye probably get them n they wil be crap but honestly you will die there amazing ! thankss Zala :)

    Review by Karlie, posted on 2013-07-09 05:42:27

  • So thick

    All brands should sell 150 + 200 gram sets! I cant believe I ever bought less,YUK! These are a stand out above the rest and I highly recommend!

    Review by Tina, posted on 2013-05-15 06:50:43

  • 1b black hair

    I actually didnt know the difference between natural black and jet black and just assumed mine was Jet, but I asked one of the team members and she said I was natural, Jet black has a 'Blue' undertone and is more for people who dye their hair darkest black. So im glad i asked and they turned out excellent. thanks heaps

    Review by ANNON, posted on 2013-05-15 06:28:41

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