Ice Queen Platinum Blonde #60 Clip in Hair Extensions- 20inch 100% Human Remy Hair 120g/220g/265gr

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5Piece Clip In SetTriple Weft LaceFor Added Volume Perfect for those with fine to thin hair who want to add moderate volume and length.
120GR20"A$179.99 Pre order In Stock
9Piece Clip In SetTriple Weft LaceFor Ultimate Volume Perfect for those with medium to thick hair who want to add ultimate volume and length.
220GR20"A$349.99 Pre order In Stock
9Piece Clip In SetSeamless BandFor Ultimate volume A new lightweight Seamless Band for superior thickness & length, ZALA's latest technology.
200GR20"A$359.99 Pre order In Stock
9Piece Clip In SetQuad Weft LaceFor Superior Volume Designed for those with medium to thick hair who desire superior thickness and length.
265GR20"A$449.99 Pre order In Stock
9Piece Keratin SetKeratin Pro Looks and feels just like human hair! keratin protein hair that looks and feels very similar to human hair - high quality, soft & silky
220GR20"A$119.99 Pre order In Stock
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Customer Reviews 40 item(s)

  • A Plus in every aspect!!

    I have been wearing Zala clip in 20 inch extensions for 4 years!! Ice Queen is definitely a color I can’t get over, it is so beautiful and the amazing color can’t be found elsewhere! Quality is A +

    Review by Sally , posted on 2020-02-24 10:34:19

  • Love love love!!

    Absolutely love Zala hair extensions best quality at a good price!!

    Review by Karly, posted on 2020-01-21 05:36:47

  • Love love love!!

    Absolutely love Zala hair extensions best quality at a good price!!

    Review by Karly, posted on 2020-01-21 05:36:38

  • Love love love!!

    Absolutely love Zala hair extensions best quality at a good price!!

    Review by Karly, posted on 2020-01-21 05:33:11

  • Absolutely in love. Still great even after being dyed.

    So my natural hair colour is pretty much black and it's ridiculously thick. But went platinum blonde 3 years ago... (Brought my 20" 60 piece tape ins while I was still blonde) Was very concerned about spending so much on hair extensions as before my hairdresser told me about ZALA I had forked out 400 + dollars for extensions from a different company which said was 100 percent human hair but ended up being half human half fake.. ended up lasting not even 3 months. -_- As soon as my order arrived though they were everything my other ones were not, SO long! SO smooth and thick all the way downs to the end. Recently have gone back to my natural colour and my extensions are still as good as the day I got them even after being professionally dyed twice to match my hair! Absolutely in love with them, Could not recommend zala enough to anyone who asks.

    Review by Gemma, posted on 2018-03-28 13:00:45

  • Best Extensions Ever!!

    BEST EXTENSIONS OUT THERE!!!! Literally the best quality! Hair is super thick and soft! The color matched up perfectly with my ashy/icy white blonde hair!! These extensions are incredible!

    Review by Izzy, posted on 2017-11-23 14:42:41


    ZALA has the best Ice Queen Platinum Blonde #60 its supper ashy and actually matches my hair and isnt brassy and yellow like other brands - im am the ICE QUEEN <3

    Review by Emerson, posted on 2017-10-25 22:35:27

  • If you want silky, healthy hair, GO WITH ZALA! I love love love them

    I literally cringe when I see photos of myself in my old extensions... Wish I had found ZALA a long time ago!! They are such silky, healthy extensions that are totally thick the whole way through. Never going with another brand again...

    Review by Sophia, posted on 2017-09-21 05:53:31

  • ZALA clip ins are so thick and volumous and have a great quantity of hair, but their not even heavy on your head! I can barely tell that i'm wearing mine!

    If you are in need of a new look, but scared of commitment hahahahahah try using ZALA's clip ins and you wont need to make any permanent decisions!!

    Review by lauren, posted on 2017-09-21 05:48:02

  • Dyed them & it worked well

    I was so scared to dye my Zala's but they took to colour so well and are still SOOO healthy. really happy with the results

    Review by pruey, posted on 2017-04-06 00:10:25


    I LOVE THIS SHADE SO MUCH! I have Icequeen Blonde in the clips and ponytail and I will never wear another brand ever again! these sets last for ages which is good but I'm really keen to try some tapes for my next purchase! Thank you zala!!!!!

    Review by Adriana, posted on 2017-03-15 04:48:02

  • These are great quality

    I'm so happy I chose zala for my very first set of extensions with the help of their customer service I got the perfect color match & I couldn't be more happy with them! They are great quality & I will be buying from zala again when these finally wear out! Love them!!

    Review by Ashlee, posted on 2017-02-02 14:36:21

  • fantastic hair

    I bought these as I have very ashy platinum hair, .. but next time I might buy the beachy #613 & tone them as they are a bit too ashy for my hair The hair itself is great quality and definitely worth the cost!

    Review by Rose, posted on 2017-01-19 10:48:08

  • Hair Quality that Counts

    I was really impressed by the high quality of Zala Hair. Most hair extensions that are a very light blonde shade are usually much more damaged and don't last as long when compared to the darker shades, however this was not the case with my set from Zala. Although the colour is slightly ashier than my natural shade, once applied it's barely noticeable and I'm really happy with the results. Next month I'm planning to try out their tape extensions which hopefully is even higher quality again. I'll definitely put up another review once I've tried them out.

    Review by Jenifer, posted on 2016-05-02 03:34:19

  • Ice Queen 220g

    Wow! Every time I shop with Zala I'm always impressed. I ordered my hair extensions and they literally arrived the next day, talk about express shipping, haha. This is my 4th set of Zala extensions and the quality always remains the same, they're very consistent with their quality and service which means I can trust Zala and I love that. I highly, highly, highly recommend ZALA.

    Review by Danielle, posted on 2015-10-18 03:31:37

  • sooo much hair

    So my hair arrived to Vic within 48 hours and as soon as I felt the weight of the box I so knew there would be a lot of hair inside. Guess what, there was!! The thickness is great, it really helps reiterate how professional zala is and the same with their product. This color too is spot on, looks so natural and blends with my natural hair really well. Customer service was quick to respond and really friendly

    Review by Adrienne, posted on 2015-08-17 01:06:24

  • Didnt need to tone these extensions

    when I usually purchase blonde hair extensions i use a purple wash, these are pretty ashy so i didn't need to. They look really different in natural light compared to indoor light, in natural light it is a beautiful blonde shade the 5 piece set is enough for me because my hair is thin, but my friend who is lebanese gets 9 piece sets from zlaa and they are sooo thick

    Review by Emija Hunate, posted on 2015-08-13 03:28:42

  • very ashy blonde hair extensions

    I can not tell you how many brands of extensions i have been through looking for a brand that has a natural bleach blonde white colour. THE COLOUR IS AMAZING MATCHES MY HAIR SO WELL. Blends so well as well. The hair is so healthy, which is surprising because of the colour but the quality is great, so LUSCIOUS and SILKY and amazing. This is very ashy, if your hair has any yellow tones go with the beachy blonde which is what I used to get before bleaching my hair again. P.s great service as well made my experience even better.

    Review by Camilla , posted on 2015-06-11 00:58:02

  • WOW!

    These extensions are amazing the shipping was on time and everything! Their soft thick and just Awh

    Review by Kirsten , posted on 2015-05-21 19:58:47

  • AMAZING!!!!!

    My hair extensions are AMAZING!!! Perfect colour match and the hair is unbelievably soft. I am so in love with my new extensions!!!! The best ones i have ever had!!! They look amazing the whole day and the quality is better than my own hair. Thank you so much.

    Review by Vanessa, posted on 2015-02-05 10:50:52

  • In Love

    Absolutely best clip in hair extension brand I have ever purchased. I have tried so many brands from in store, hair shows and countless online brands but Zala have not only been the best quality but also most affordable for grams and length! The color is gorgeous and has no funky tones like some of the platinum shades do. I have been wearing my Zala clips for about almost 5 months or so and they have not matted up once on me. Definitely will be a repeat customer, and looking forward to trying the 24". Thanks xox

    Review by Jessica Lyn, posted on 2014-11-05 21:46:14

  • Ice Queen 220g

    These hair extensions are beautiful! I've bought many other brands before and none have compared to these. :-) The shipping is very quick, the customer service is fantastic! I also love the cute little free gifts they send with your purchases. I toned my Ice Queen set when they arrived and they have remained incredibly soft! I'm going to be a very loving & returning customer for this brand, I love Zala!

    Review by Danielle, posted on 2014-10-13 12:30:41

  • The best clip in hair extensions

    I am amazed at the quality of these extensions. They are crazy thick and wash great! The sprung back to life and after running my straightener on them, they are silky and straight again :)

    Review by Delainy, posted on 2014-08-19 23:47:15

  • Comfortable clips hair extensions

    I love how you can't even feel the clips a while after you put them in, 220 gram is so much hair and it should be really heavy, but you can't feel them at all after a while and you just get used to them after a whole day wearing them., that's why i bought clip in's because I used tape hair extensions last year and you can still kinda feel them in your hair. these ash blonde clip in hair extensions are really good and I was actually surprised at how white they were. When i purchased i thought i would need to tone them, but I don't actually need to which is good because that makes me nervous :S... overall for the amount I spent this is a great value product. I think you will have trouble finding higher quality under the $200 mark

    Review by Hannah, posted on 2014-04-03 04:34:37

  • Hair extension tips

    When I purchase hair extensions online there is a few things I make sure I look out for: 1. The responsiveness or assistance from the staff as I want to know they are as passionate as myself about hair extensions. 2.The colour selection- I would rather not dye my set and if I can, I want to get a set as close to my colour as possible, this only is achievable if I have a lot of colours to choose from. 3. The speed of delivery, I would rather buy from a salon than wait 1 month for them to travel to me! (being out of stock is different, im ok waiting if the product is in high demand!) 4. The hair is super thick and of a high quality. 5. The hair lasts! Thanks to ZALA, I can afford to be picky and fussy with my orders as they achieve all of my requests and are a stand out above all other brands I have experienced. ZALA has a new loyal customer!

    Review by Perine, posted on 2014-03-17 06:20:07

  • perfect for dying hair extensions

    i have bright red hair, so its really hard finding hair extensions which can be dyed and which are thick to match my hair, my friend from new york told me about these and i couldn't be happier, they are really thick and they are pretty white for extensions, its hard to find extensions which dont have too much of a yellow tinge so these are perfect, i dyed them and it worked really well, the clips are really small and strong which is a MUST for me, i HATE bulky clips lol. i live in queensland near the city and they took 2 business days to get to me, i did the txt tracking which was pretty cool, i hate not knowing were my package is, overall i would rate 4.5/5 stars, i would only give a 5 stars if they sold my colour in red :( , but no one does,...so it's okay i guess :), <3

    Review by chrissy s, posted on 2014-03-09 09:11:47

  • white blonde hair

    I am so in love with my new set of ZALA clip in's! -The quality is AAA -The colour is a perfect match when applied(looks a little too warm when bundled but completely changes once in my hair and just blends so well) - service was exceptional (A HUGE THANKYOU TO SOPHIE) - super super fast delivery- I used the urgent option and ordered at almost 5 pm and received them the NEXT day! how is that even possible! haha

    Review by Jacinda, posted on 2014-03-03 05:22:13

  • top quality hair online

    I am always so nervous trying new brands of hair extensions as so many have gone wrong. Buying online is especially hard however the team at zala made it a really smooth process and were really happy to help. It was great service along with my beautful product and I would be happy to recommend them came just in time for my holiday even though I was positive I ordered them too late! so great speedy delivery.

    Review by Rasta, posted on 2013-10-28 03:20:40

  • love my hair extensions

    I love everything about ZALA clip in hair extensions. I love the branding its so pretty and the customer service was sky high above my expectations. The hair they use is really nice a soft. Amazing. I also sometimes had trouble curling and teasing mine in the past with other brands. The curls dropped out within the hour and the teasing slipped instantly. The ZALA hair stays in place just like natural hair and actually holds longer than my own would. I wouldnt look past ZALA hair. They reallly are the best! Ali <3

    Review by Ali, posted on 2013-07-01 04:11:33

  • Blonde clip in hair extensions

    wooo I finally have long hair!!! i bleach my hair so much to get it platinum therefore NEVER grows and is getting really thin. will be wearing these extensions everryday now!!! =P canNOT believe how quickly i got them <3 thanks guys

    Review by Karen, posted on 2013-04-14 00:51:45

  • Ice queen

    I find it really hard to find platinum clip in hair extensions that match my exact colour, but these ones blended really well and the clips wernt visible at all. I thought I would try the hair chalk too and it looks really cool! I will tell my friends to buy hair chalk online here and will definitely send them your way for hair extensions too!

    Review by Michelle, posted on 2013-03-14 04:36:40

  • Thick set of extensions

    I have bought quite a few human clip in hair extensions in my time, I decided to go with Zala remy hair extensions because of the weight (200grms is really thick). I have cut them to suit me more but they are so lush and silky. there are so many rows as well which is good for me cause i can save some that im not using all the time. any way, I will send my friends this way.

    Review by Kristy, posted on 2013-03-11 00:51:45

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