4 Quick Styles for Hair Extensions

You know that having long, luscious hair is no less than a blessing as a woman. It makes you look beautiful and allows you to pull your hair into your favorite styles quickly. But what if your hair is not naturally long or voluminous? How do you get that perfect hair you often see on the ramp or red carpet? The answer is hair extensions!

Use human hair extensions to instantly add length and volume to your hair and rock chic, elegant hairstyles. The best hair extensions allow you to enhance your look whenever you want without always visiting a salon. 

We don't get enough time to spend hours doing our hair every morning in today's busy times. We want quick and easy hairstyle solutions. Fortunately, there are many quick styles that you can achieve with hair extensions. 

Switch up your look in minutes every day with the following easy hairstyles for extensions. The best part is that these styles work with most of the different kinds of hair extensions out there.

1. Slick-Back Low Ponytail

This is a classy hairstyle that’s always on-trend. You can pull your hair extensions into this style within minutes, and it’s sure to make you look gorgeous and elegant every time. Wear this sleek hairstyle regularly, or rock it on special occasions. 

Here's how to pull your hair into this style:

  1. Use a wide-toothed comb to create a middle part or side part, depending on how you want to wear your slick-back low pony.
  2. Pull your hair back into a ponytail.
  3. Use a hair tie to hold the ponytail in place.
  4. Remove some hair strands from the bottom area of the ponytail and fold them around the hair tie. Your slick-back low ponytail is ready!

Use a quality edge control product to add luster and shine to this hairstyle. For best results, make sure the edges are silky-smooth and healthy. 

2. Beach Waves

You can achieve this timeless, go-to celebrity hairstyle in minutes. It’s a trendy hairstyle because it suits everyone, no matter your face shape, height, age, extension length, or hair type. Plus, once you achieve those coquettish loose waves, they’ll stay with you for several days.

The trick here is to use the right tools and products. You'll need a wand to create this hairstyle. But if you want to save your hair extensions from heat damage, you can try the two strands twist technique. 

Here's how to get this hairstyle:

1. Sprinkle some water on your extension or apply a light hair mousse to the wefts. These products will retain the waves and prevent frizziness. 

2. Now, start twisting the hair strands. You may use a heat tool like a wand or straightener if you're in a hurry. But make sure to set the temperature as low as possible because excess heat may damage your hair extensions. 

3. For a windswept look, make sure to twist the hair away from your face. Consider twisting the hair towards your face if you like more texture and movement.

3. Heatless Braided Headband

With this hack, you can quickly add a neat or messy look to your hair. But if you want a little of both, the rough and braided hair will look great together! The braids introduce a unique accent to your hair, making a traditional style look sophisticated. The best part is that it keeps loose hair out of your face, allowing you to fully display your beautiful face.

Here are the steps to create this hairstyle with extensions:

1. Apply the hair extensions in your hair and then tease the hair a bit so it looks messy and bouncy.

2. Take two hair strands (medium-sized) and start braiding through your hairline. Make sure to leave some hair at the forefront, and you're good to go. 

3. A few days down the line, you can twist your hairstyle by pulling it into a messy bun. 

4. Double French Braids

This hairstyle is easy and always looks gorgeous, whether you create it by twisting or braiding your hair extensions. But always make sure the center part is smooth and uniform, and the amount of hair on both sides is equal. 

Here's how you can get this hairstyle:

1. Wear your extensions and create a center part.

2. Now, create two sections of hair (on the right and left sides).

3. Take three hair strands at the fore of your hairline and hold the strands with your fingers.

4. Brush the hair strands and then create a french braid. You can use the twisting method if you're not skilled in braiding. 

Once the french braid is complete, you'll be amazed at your beautiful transformation.

No matter how you choose to style them, ZALA has hair extensions to meet your goals. Shop our full range of extensions here.

February 24, 2022
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