100% Human Tape Hair Extensions

Hair Extension Care

Give your extensions the love and care they deserve and they’ll love you back... staying in great condition for longer. Here’s our specially designed extension care range to help you maintain your Zala Hair Extensions.

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Caring for your Zala extensions
Zala has a wide range of products to keep your extensions as silky, soft, and glossy as the day you bought them.

Our Revive Me treatment brings shine, frizz control, and glamour to extensions that need a little extra life.

For dry hair that needs even more, use a ZALAPLEX Hydrating Mask. Moisturize your extensions from top to bottom.
Soft and silky, for longer
Give your hair extensions the treatment they deserve with our range of accessories.

Our Froth On You shampoo will clean your extensions without stripping them of shine. Follow this treatment with our Smooth Talker conditioner to give your extensions buoyancy and life.

Need an extra-deep cleanse? Try our Cool Down toning shampoo. Use it in moderation — this stuff is powerful!