100% Human Tape Hair Extensions

Keratin Hair Extensions

Get Zala’s most popular products with our innovative Vegan Keratin material. Same thickness, same feeling, same level of confidence... at a more affordable price!

Learn more about Keratin Hair Extensions
Zala Keratin Hair Extensions are the vegan alternative to human hair extensions, made from a synthetic keratin-fiber material. Volume and touch is not compromised with Keratin Extensions, you can still enjoy fuller, thicker hair instantly, as you would with our human hair extensions.

The secret to prolonging the lifespan of your Keratin Extensions is by following the recommended care.
Keratin care
Because they are not made of human hair, they do not need to be shampooed, instead an occasional light soapy rinse is suitable.

We recommend only using heat tools up 140C / 284 F MAX for styling. And because Keratin Extensions are made from synthetic material, it does not take to hair dye. If you are looking to create a fabulous custom shade, check out our 100% Human Remy hair which can be dyed and styled like your own hair.

Why you’ll love Keratin extensions
Keratin Extensions are affordably priced, making them perfect for one off events and experimenting with your looks. All of our most popular products are available in a Keratin Extensions option, designed for easy application so you can apply them from the comfort of your home… no stylist assistance needed!
Zala product available in Keratin
Zala Keratin Extensions are available in a range of products, and up to 16 shades

  • Keratin Clip-In Extensions
  • Keratin Hair Volumizer Extensions
  • Keratin Halo Extensions
  • Keratin Ponytail Extensions