Crimped Hair Trend

Thought crimping was just a phase from the 90's? The trend has been recently spotted on the runway, as crimped hair being a main feature. However, forget the cringe worthy frizz. The style has been brought back in a new, stylish way. Want to see how to rock crimped hair? ZALA have brought you the best way to wear the trend.

crimped hair


How to Wear: Crimped Hair

Remember the 90's phase of crimping your entire hair? We try not to, at ZALA... However, recently seen on the runway of Stella McCartney, crimped hair has been brought back into the world of fashion. And we're kinda impressed by the style.

For added texture, the hair has been crimped in particular sections. For the right occasion, this style is perfect for detailed effect. What we love the most if the crimped ponytail style, adding more interest to your everyday 'do.

crimped hair

Low ponytail with crimped sections

The key to rocking crimped hair is to style sparingly. Sections is what makes this trend super wearable! For the perfect style to wear to a festival or party, take small, thin sections throughout your hair and crimp! Be sure to not go by any pattern - there more random, the more casual and textured this look will become.

crimped hair


What we love about this style is that it's messy - perfect for those who want to add some detail and edge to their hairstyle, without the added fuss. Simply start with either freshly washed, or 2nd/3rd day hair. This depends on the effect you want. If you're going for that textured, messy boho vibe, add some dry shampoo or texturizing products.

Then, take random sections and crimp away! If you're not into wearing this style out, tie it back with a clear elastic for a more refined look. This low-slung, crimped pony tail will have you looking runway ready! We love these crimped sections paired with sleep and sharp, straightened hair.

So, what do you think about crimped hair? Are you willing to bring it back and try the look?

June 29, 2015
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