Hair Extensions for Beginners

Are you intimidated by the prospect of hair extensions but dying to achieve a gorgeous new look? Don't worry, we understand and that's we have put together a the best styles and types of ZALA hair extensions for beginners along with a few pro tips!

Hair Extensions for Beginners

hair extensions for beginners



Volumizers are perfect for those with little to no experience with hair extensions are are an amazing jump off point into the world of hair extensions!

These pieces are double drawn and 50% thicker than a standard triple weft lace piece. They feature a thin and discreet seamless band which sits flat against the head. This seamless design also means the pieces are less prone to shedding and tangles. We also love the small and discreet silicon backed clips that prevent pulling or damage.

Our one piece volumizers are available in a wide range of colours and three different lengths: 12inch, 16inch and 20inch.

12 inch

  • sits comfortably below the collarbones
  • ultra natural and subtle once applied
  • great for shorter heigh customers
  • perfect for adding volume or very subtle, everyday length
  • shortest length available at ZALA

16 inch

  • sits along the bust line
  • a popular length for those wanting a natural effect
  • enhances hair whilst looking ultra natural
  • perfect for everyday wear and work styles

20 inch

  • sits comfortably below the bust
  • most popular length at ZALA
  • great for average height customers
  • looks natural yet still provides wow factor
  • long enough to curl whilst maintaining length

ZALA Halo Extensions


Our ZALA Halo extensions are the perfect alternative to a full set for beginners as they feature one, easy to apply piece. They allow for longer, thicker hair without the fuss. They can be applied in only 30 seconds and are the quickest and easiest way to take your hair from 0 to 100 with no clips, no glue and no damage!

Some of our favourite features include:

  • soft and silky 100% human rely hair
  • super easy and safe to apply with no clips, beads or glue
  • double drawn for thick and healthy ends
  • add length, volume and thickness in less than 30 seconds
  • lightweight, comfortable and undetectable  once applied
  • adjustable string that can fit a wide range of head sizes

Our ZALA Halo extensions are available in a wide range of colours and four lengths: 12inch, 16inch, 20 inch and 24inch.

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July 17, 2018
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