Hair Extensions Will You Need?

Many women assume that it’s easy to choose clip-in hair extensions. They think that all they need to do is select a color and brand, and they're good to go. While picking quality hair extensions in the right color is vital, do you know that it’s equally important to determine the number of wefts you'll need for a full head of thick and voluminous hair? Yet, it can be tricky for newbie hair extension users to calculate how many clip extensions they need. 

We all have different hair. That means we all will require different numbers of hair extensions. Hairstylists use several methods to determine the hair extensions coverage you’ll need. The good news is that you too can calculate the approximate number of wefts that are right for you — here’s how. 

Hair Extensions Pack

Determine the Number of Clip Extension Packs You'll Need

So, your hair is thick, and you think you'll need only a few hair extensions to get a fuller look! But the truth is that when you buy clip-in extensions, you have to consider your own hair's thickness and color. Your hair extensions must match your natural hair thickness and color for seamless blending and a natural appearance.

For those with thick hair, here's a breakdown of how many packs of clip-in hair extensions are needed on average for different levels of head coverage:

  • 3-4 packs of extensions (25 grams) will cover ¼ of your head 
  • 4-5 packs of extensions (50 to 60 grams) will cover ½ of your head
  • 6 packs of extensions (75 grams) will cover ¾ of your head
  • 6-9 packs of extensions (12 to 200 grams) will cover your entire head

Keep in mind that these are the approximate numbers of clip extensions you will need. Since different brands make their clip-in hair extensions in different ways, you may require more or fewer wefts to go from thin to thick hair. 

To help inform your decision, it’s a good idea to search for clip-in hair extensions before and after thin hair pictures during your quest for the right extensions. Doing so will help you determine the difference a certain number of wefts will make to your hair.

Of course, it’s always better safe than sorry, and always make sure to buy double or triple-weft clip-in hair extensions. Each piece of these extensions comprises two or three wefts of hair sewn together. That means you'll get two or three times thicker hair than what you’d get in a single weft extension.  

The Best Hair Density for Thick Hair

Hair thickness and density are not the same. When we say thick hair, it means we're referring to the width of a single hair strand, whereas hair density means the collective number of hair strands in a group. That means you could have fine but dense hair. 

The ideal hair extensions' density for thick hair ranges from 150 percent to 200 percent. As such, if your hair is thick, then you should consider buying clip-in extensions with a density of 150 percent. 

On the other hand, if your natural hair is heavy, you should consider a density of around 180 percent. And for extra thick hair, go for extensions with a maximum density of 200 percent.

As stated above, hair thickness and hair density are two different things. The median density of human hair ranges from 100 percent to 120 percent. And as the thickness increases or decreases, so could the density.

For instance, many people have thick but less dense hair. In simple terms, it means the width of their hair strands is wide, but they don't have enough hair strands. With this in mind, you should determine the proper hair density when shopping for clip extensions. 

Which Extension Type is Best for Thick Hair?

There are many different hair extensions out there, and the one you choose will determine the thickness and look of your hair. Remy human hair extensions are the best extensions for thick and natural-looking hair.

The main reason why Remy clip-in extensions are the best is that each hair strand's cuticles are left untouched. As a result, the hair imitates your hair's natural movement, direction, and flow. This makes the extensions blend seamlessly with thick hair, so the result is natural, smooth, silky, and shiny. Also, it keeps the hair from tangling and extends its life. 

Applying your hair extensions will also affect your hair's thickness and overall look. It would help if you learned the tricks of how to apply hair extensions and how to blend them with your hair so that they can look as thick and natural as possible.

If you’re shopping for hair extensions, ZALA offers resources like a live chat and a complete FAQ guide to help you choose the best products for your needs. Shop our full line of extensions now to find the right fit. 

February 07, 2022
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