Hair Horoscopes with ZALA

Hair Horoscopes = ZALA Hairoscopes.

Hair Horoscopes. What is your hair's destiny? A strong, luscious, full head of hair is something every girl wants, Find out below from our expert what your Hair Horoscope is! 



Capricorns are self-disciplined and very practical in terms of their hair. They are always well put together! They have a classic style and rarely change it. Capricorns love a neat hairstyle that stays in place all day. Updo styles are always a great option as they represent elegance and class which is everything a Capricorn stands for. They enjoy spending time on their hair in order to achieve the perfection they crave. Try our clip in ponytails for something classic and elegant.


Aquarians are said to be original, outgoing, intelligent, and willing to embrace the out-of-the-ordinary. They tend to be independent individuals who like to follow their own trends. Aquarians are rebellious in terms of style and enjoy changing it often. As they are unpredictable, a style with versatility is required. Why not try one of our festival hairstyles for an everyday look!


Pisceans are quite dedicated to their personal style. They are always on top of their roots and rarely miss an appointment. Pisces girls are very sure of what they want and aren’t afraid to go for it. They love lots of colour in their wardrobe and their hair! ZALA has a wonderful range of Balayage Hair extensions so you can add colour to your hair without damaging your natural hair!


Aries are very daring and adventurous when it comes to their hair. They want it to stand out as a fashion statement. Open to suggestion, they thrive on challenges! The 30-inch clip in extensions is our most daring product perfect for the Aries girl! 


Taurus hairstyles may take a little longer to perfect. It takes years to get the length they want, and a simple last-minute trim can be more trouble than originally planned. Why wait when you can have instant volume with ZALA hair extensions! Learn to create new styles by adjusting styling techniques and keeping hair healthy with a regular wash.


Gemini girls just know that great hair days affect successful days. Hair affects mood, so when Gemini’s want a mood change they just restyle their hair and jumpstart their day – it always works. ZALA Hair clip in hair extensions is the perfect instant glam add for length and volume!


Cancer is a water sign and what better symbolizes that than long beautiful waves? Embrace the nature of your hair and use your curling wand to your advantage. Curls draw on the elegance of the Cancer’s charm and keeping their hair long expresses their femininity.


Leos are brave and embrace change. They think outside the box and are always ready to plunge into creative and daring hairstyles, especially if it goes with hair colour. Leos love to be noticed and because of this, they take extra time mastering their hairstyles. Make sure to get colour matched by the ZALA team!


Virgos are very practical girls who know how to be patient. When it comes to their daily routine their pursuit of perfection gets in the way of many things, especially hair! With this in mind, Virgo girls; maintain your hair extensions with our Revive Me Treatment for that perfect look!


A dreamer and idealist; art is one of their special interests. However, Libras have to look their best. They are outgoing and open minded and love a challenge in the beauty world. Don’t be fooled because of their indecisiveness; they might just need a little push to get them started...a good old fashioned insta stalk will have them aspiring for new luscious locks! 


Scorpios are exciting and courageous people who do not shy away from challenges. It is because of this that they have a tendency to add flair to anything they do and that includes their hairstyles. The dramatic Scorpio is difficult to surprise because of their love for change yet they are self-critical. ZALA has various lengths for you to experiment with. 


Sagittarians needs a glamorous style in order to fit into their social life. This is because more than any other hair horoscopes' they tend to follow the trends. They are risk takers and love to change their style frequently. Although eager to reinvent themselves, they always have to think things through before taking the plunge. They are great at adapting to any style but need versatility because they are always on the go. 

Let us know if your hair horoscopes spoke to your inner hair goddess in the comments below!
April 15, 2018
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