Haircut Guide

Wanting to switch up your look with a new haircut? Do you always find yourself leaving the salon with something completely different than what you had in mind?! We know the situation all too well... Which is why we've put together the ultimate haircut guide that will help get the exact look you want!


haircut guide

For those unfamiliar with hairdressing terms, it can be pretty overwhelming discussing your new style with your hair dresser. Sometimes, it's like there's a real language barrier! Before we get into our guide, it's important to have a clear idea of the style you desire.

haircut guide

So, let's break it down and explain each look with our ultimate haircut guide. You can thank us later!

  1. Point cut: Want a more 'piecey' look? Ask for a point cut! The point cut is where the hair is cut vertically, rather than the typical horizontal chop. We love the point cut for adding texture to hair, particularly when styled straight.
  2. Graduated cut: this is best explained by the technique. A graduated cut is the process of cutting the hair at a 45 degree angle. This creates the look of added weight, whilst creating structure and movement. E.g cutting a fringe!
  3. Choppy: Similar to a point cut, a choppy cut creates a lot of texture in the hair. The main difference between a choppy and point cut, is that a choppy style is created with alternating lengths of layers.
  4. Asymmetrical: fancy a more edgy look? The asymmetric cut is simply where the hair graduates from long to short. This is ideal for those with shorter styles!
  5. Dusting: Perfect for those who really only want a tiny bit off! In other words, a trim! This is ideal for those who really want to keep their length, but just want to get rid of any dead ends. Dusting cuts the most minimal amount of hair.
  6. Blunt cut: This one speaks for itself! The blunt cut is where the hair is of all one length, and cut usually straight across in a blunt fashion. This style can be sported long or short, and is perfect for making the ends of your hair appear thick & healthy! The blunt cut is slightly more daring!
  7. Thinning: thing is ideal for those with very thick, coarse hair! Although it may seem like the more hair the better, sometimes very thick hair types can carry a lot of weight! To help eliminate bulkiness and allow for easier styling, thinning shears are used to create super fine layers.
  8. Layered: This is the ideal haircut for seamless natural blending when wearing clip in hair extensions!

Remember, it's also super important to know who's styling your hair and have a good relationship, and open communication with your stylist! We are confident our haircut guide will have you salon ready & get you the look you desire! So, which haircut do you love?

February 01, 2016
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