Using Halo Hair Extensions When Attending A Wedding

We all deserve to look our best, regardless of the occasion. But of course, if you’ve been invited to a wedding, then you’ve got all the more reason to dress up.

However, sometimes you may not have enough time to grow your hair out before attending the wedding. An easy-fix solution you might want to consider is halo hair extensions.

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Using Halo Hair Extensions When Attending A Wedding

Unlike other hair extensions, halo hair extensions are not physically attached to your hair. It just sits on your head, with an invisible or clear thin wire wedged on your safe zone to hold it up. This wire resembles a halo, hence the name.

Benefits of Halo Hair Extensions

While other kinds of hair extensions require at least a half-hour or so to apply and remove, halo hair extensions can be worn and removed in under a minute.

Because of its application method, this type of extension doesn’t do your hair any damage. It just sits on your head effortlessly, without straining your hair or stressing your scalp with heavy clips or sticky tapes. You might even forget you’re wearing it because it’s so light and comfortable on your head.

Typically, these extensions can last for 6 months up to a year, possibly even longer with proper care. This means that you can still wear it again on other dress-up occasions you get invited to in the future. 

Halo Hair Extensions Wedding Hairstyles

Are you thinking of using halo hair extensions when attending a wedding? Here are a few hairstyle inspirations that you can incorporate in your personal style!

1. Laidback Waves

Frame your face (and makeup) with loose curls and throw them over your shoulders. Regardless of what variant you choose, like mermaid waves, vintage waves, and textured waves, this is a very versatile hairstyle that you can wear to more than just a wedding.

You can also aim for a boho look with floral or butterfly accents for a garden wedding. If it’s a more modern event, pearl pins can help make your waves look more classy.

2. Curly Pony

Collect your hair in a ponytail to keep it out of your face for that fresh, relaxed look. It also helps you to avoid sweeping your hair back over and over again during the wedding ceremony.

3. Low Half Pony

You can both draw attention to your face and show off your long hair with a half ponytail. A simple accessory like a ribbon can further accentuate your dress, plus you don’t have to worry about accidentally revealing the hair extension wire.

4. High Pony

Contrary to popular belief, you can actually wear your halo in a high ponytail without revealing the halo wire.

However, the best to do this is to remove the wire band from your halo hair extensions first. Tie your hair into a high ponytail, making sure it’s firm and tight. With bobby pins on both ends of the halo, push one into the ponytail, wrap your halo around it and then secure with the other bobby pin. Let down the remaining strands and tie them into your ponytail to hide all the bobby pins.

5. Messy Bun

Who says you always have to look super put-together at a wedding? A messy bun is a great way to show off your natural beauty while looking effortless. This works for both a high bun and a low bun. It’s easy enough for the low bun, but for the high bun, you have to do the same steps as in wearing a halo in a high ponytail and then tie your hair in a bun from there.

Attending A Wedding With Halo Hair Extensions

Preparing for a wedding as a guest does not require as much as preparing for it as a bride. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look your best. You never know, wearing a halo hair extension to rock an attractive hairstyle might just make you the next bride.

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