How Long Do Tape-In Extensions Last?

Using hair extensions is the perfect way to feel more confident with your hair. You can use them to cover up areas where your hair is thinning, make your hair look healthier, and add length, volume, and bounce to your hair. 

Tape-ins are among the most popular extensions available. You’ll need to visit a salon for applying tape-in wefts, but once applied, you’ll be amazed at how they transform your appearance. The extra length and volume will give you an instant confidence boost and allow you to wear your favorite hairstyles. 

But, like most women, you may have a few questions before buying a set of tape-in wefts. One of the common questions is: How long do tape-in hair extensions last? In this post, we’ll discuss everything you want to know about the life expectancy of tape extensions.

Tape-in hair extensions before and after

The Lifespan of Tape Extensions

Tape-in extensions are long-lasting. On average, these wefts last for at least two months. And with proper care, you can add a few more weeks to their life. 

But remember that how long your tape-ins may exactly last depends on many different factors, such as how much you care for the wefts, your natural hair growth rate, and the quality and brand of your tape extensions. 

Unlike clip-in extensions, you must visit a stylist to install your tape-in extensions. Do not try to install them at home, as you may end up damaging your natural hair. These extensions come with small strips of peel-off stickers for easy installation. 

A skilled stylist will know how to apply them to your head to make your hair look natural and flawless. Unfortunately, improper installation and removal can shorten the life of these extensions. So, always be sure to visit a salon to have the wefts applied and adjusted. 

Your Hair Care Routine

Your hair care routine also affects the lifespan of your tape extensions. Tape-in wefts are semi-permanent. You can reuse them three to four times after changing the tape, and during this period, you’ll be having them on your hair for most of the time. As such, they require proper care to last long. 

Here’re are some tips to extend the life of your tape-in hair extensions:

  • Treat them with sulfate-free and alcohol-free products.
  • Use a loop brush instead of your regular brush to detangle and style your extensions. 
  • Wash your extensions once or twice a week with a sulfate-free shampoo. Do not overwash the wefts.
  • Store your extensions properly in a cool, dry place when not in use. Make sure to gently brush your extensions before storing them.
  • Always brush the extensions from the end toward the root. 
  • Wait 72 hours after installation to wash the extensions.
  • Do not apply products like sprays, oils, and serums directly on the adhesive. 

Your Natural Hair Growth

Using tape extensions is simple and straightforward. You visit a stylist, get the extensions installed, and leave them in your hair until your hair growth affects the extensions. Hair growth can loosen the extensions and make them noticeable. At this point, you have to revisit your stylist to adjust and move up the wefts. And this process goes on until your extensions are no longer usable. 

Removing and reapplying the wefts quite often reduces their life. That means if your hair grows faster, your tape extensions will require more frequent adjustments and reapplications. For this reason, your extensions may not last long.  

Quality and Brand of Your Extensions

The quality and brand of tape extensions also determine their lifespan. For example, 100 percent Remy human hair extensions made using advanced technology generally last long. And products from reputed brands last longer because they adhere to high-quality standards. 

Also, always buy human hair tape extensions instead of synthetic ones because natural hair has a longer lifespan than synthetic fibers. Also, human hair extensions look more natural and beautiful. 

Final Thoughts

So, to sum up,tape-in hair extensions last for two months on average. But with proper care and by following the tips given in this post, you can prolong the life of your favorite tape-in wefts by some more weeks. Also, make sure to buy tape extensions only from trusted brands so that you can rock your long, bouncy, and voluminous hair for many months.

December 13, 2021
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