How to Apply Extensions to Hide Your Bangs

How to Apply Extensions to Hide Your Bangs

Hairdos with bangs are cute and trendy. You can wear them in many different ways, and they’re easy to pull into different styles. Moreover, trendy razor chopped bangs add instant texture and profile to your hair, making you look gorgeous and youthful. 

But if you end up chopping your bangs too short, you know it is no less than a disaster. Or maybe you’ve just got bored with bangs or want to go to an upcoming event in a different look and style. So, how do I hide my bangs, you ask? Is there a quick solution to hide your bangs?

Thankfully, there are ways to hide your bangs, and hair extensions top the list here. Extensions provide you with a quick and straightforward way to hide bangs.

Using extensions to hide bangs is an excellent hair hack. In fact, hair extensions are a go-to option for those who want to hide their bangs. The great news is that you can even hide the most unpleasant bangs or fringes with hair extensions. But what is the difference between bangs and fringe, you ask!

Bangs refer to haircuts where the hair strands in the forefront are chopped short, linear, and uniform. In contrast, a fringe refers to a straight or irregular cut as long as the hair at the front is shorter than the remaining hair. 

You can use hair extensions to hide or fix both bangs and fringes. When using hair extensions to hide bangs, you’ll also be able to sport longer, fuller hair and try out different styles.

But which hair extension is best for this purpose? Let’s have a look.

Keratin Hair Extensions

Keratin hair extensions provide you with a super-easy way to hide or grow out your bangs. Unlike tape-in and clip-in extensions that come in the form of hair wefts, keratin extensions are individual hair strands with tiny keratin adhesive pellets at the head of each strand. 

Keratin extensions make your hair look longer, fuller, and thicker instantly. And after applying the extensions, you can always style your hair to your liking. They also look entirely natural and blend seamlessly with your natural hair.

But applying keratin extensions to your hair, especially when you want to hide your bangs, can be challenging to achieve at home. As such, we recommend you seek professional help for this purpose. 

Installing the Extensions to Hide Your Bangs

Keratin extensions are installed strand by strand. Your hairstylist will use a heat tool to melt the adhesive on each extension onto the individual strands of your natural hair. For best results, it is crucial to create bonding close to the roots of your hair. 

Keratin adhesives are solid and safe for your hair. They hold the extensions firmly to your hair without causing any damage. Once applied, you can wear these extensions for six months or more.

Most stylists prefer to apply the extensions in rows to hide bangs. This trick helps hide each bead by the next piece of hair. Before installing the keratin extensions, your stylist will ask you to decide whether you’d want to wear your hair parted or pulled back. You can choose either option, but it is good to go for a center part to hide the bangs to perfection. This option also helps reduce the extension installation time.

Your stylist will place around 20 keratin extensions on each side of the center part. As the extensions are attached to your hair, you’ll see that your bangs will disappear. Your hair will fall differently without any strands hitting your eye level. And once all extensions are applied, your hair will fall effortlessly. It will look just as it used to look before you got the bangs haircut.

Your hairdresser may trim the extensions a little and blend your short fringes with the fine-drawn layers. The best thing about keratin extensions is that nobody can tell if you’re wearing extensions. Your bangs are no longer visible, and you can now rock longer luscious and thicker hair. 

But it is essential to choose only 100 percent Remy human hair extensions from a trusted brand because not all extensions are created equal. Remy human hair means each strand has the cuticles intact. That helps the extensions to emulate the direction, flow, and movement of your natural hair strands. Also, high-quality extensions blend seamlessly with your natural hair, and you can style them however you please.

How To Apply Hair Extensions To Hide Your Bangs

Order Your Extensions

By this point, you’ve learned everything you need to know about how to hide bangs with hair extensions. It’s time to find the perfect hair extensions to hide your bangs! Check out Zala’s extensive collection of hair extensions! Pick your favorite extension type, length, and color, and place your order online today.

March 21, 2022
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