How to Care for Hair Extensions in Summer

With summer weather in full force, it's important to ensure you're giving your extensions a little TLC. Sun, salt and water are just a few factors that can wreak havoc on not only our natural hair, but your clip in's too! So, we've put together our guide on how to care for Hair Extensions in Summer to have beautiful clip ins all summer long.


how to care for hair extensions in summer

  1. Don't get your extensions wet! This may or may not be obvious, but its the most important tip for how to take care of hair extensions in summer. Sea salt & harsh chemicals in chlorine can seriously dry out your extensions and leave you with a tangled mess. Unlike our natural locks, hair extensions do not have the nutrients and oils to help nourish and restore. Therefore getting your clip ins wet and in turn washing the hair frequently which can seriously shorten their lifespan!
  2. Store correctly to protect from heat & humidity! Humidity is hair's worst nightmare! Which is why it's a big no-no to leave your set in a box or in a pile on the ground during summer. Instead, protect your investment with a ZALA Protect Me Bag & Hanger. This is an essential all year round and for long lasting quality! It's also perfect to keep your extensions silky smooth and prevent knots & tangles. how to care for hair extensions in summer
  3. Summer Hairstyles! Styling your locks in summer appropriate styles not only looks super cute, but protects your extensions from the adversities of hot summer days. The harsh UV rays can take a serious toll on your hair, therefore these easy Summer Hairstyles will protect from the sun and keep your hair off your face. These are also perfect if you can't stand the thought of abandoning your extensions when at the beach!
  4. Brush frequently from tip to top! When wanting to know how to care for hair extensions in summer, brushing is key! We know, it might sound pretty basic. But, brushing your set a few times a day is super important during summer, as well as all year round. Our ZALA Tangle Teaser is our go-to brush during summer, as it comes in a compact handbag size. It's super easy to take with you on the go to ensure you are looking after your extensions in summer! how to care for hair extensions in summer
  5. Smooth frizz & nourish! A quick tip when wanting to know how to take care of hair extensions in summer. Hair oil! This is the perfect product to smooth frizz and fly aways, whilst nourishing hair and keeping your set silky smooth. Be sure not to go over board and only apply a very small amount for best results!
  6. Avoid salt spray products! Nothing's better than beachy waves in summer. BUT, using salt spray on your extensions to mimic the look can be super drying! The ingredients in most salt sprays include alcohol which is sure to dry out your extensions. Not to worry! There are other ways on getting beautiful beachy clip ins. Check out this amazing tutorial below to get the perfect waves for summer. Did we mention, they're heatless too?! <3

Now you know exactly how to care for Hair Extensions in summer, you've got no excuse for having the perfect summer locks!  xx

January 21, 2016
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