How to Use Hair Extensions to Get More Volume

When we think of hair extensions, we normally think of length. But hair extensions can do sooo much more than just extend your own hair.

Good quality hair extensions are perfect for adding VOLUME, even if you don’t want to add any length at all! Luckily for you, we’ve got you sorted babe – not only do we have beautiful quality human hair (and synthetic) hair extensions, but they come ready to wear in a wide range of lengths.

Check out our lengths here: Hair Extensions

So let’s talk volume.

If you feel your hair's a little on the thin side, you’re not alone girl! Hair comes in all kinds of textures – and while we love that we are all unique, it is totally natural to want what we don’t have.

Thin hair isn’t always something we are just naturally born with – Hair thinning overtime is a common problem that many people struggle with. Sometimes it happens due to health issues, whereas at other times, our age or environment may be the cause. Whatever the reason, thin hair can make certain styles difficult to pull off and keep you from feeling your best.

Ever find yourself scrolling insta looking at celeb after celeb flaunting gorgeous, voluminous locks and find yourself cursing the hair gods? What is the secret behind ALL. THAT. VOLUME? Surely it’s not just a celebrity birthright to have thick, bouncy hair?

Psst… We’ve got the answer – and it’s not always genetics. The good news is that you, too, can add volume to your hair, and you won’t need to sell a kidney, thankfully. With the right set of Zala human hair extensions, you can transform your appearance just like your fave celebrities

The right extensions not only add length but also volume to your hair. They will make your hair look fuller and healthier (yassss queen!)

Customize the Not so Perfect Length

Find the Perfect Extension for Volume

So, how to use hair extensions for volume? Here at Zala, we love long, flowing hair but we also love a gorgeous shoulder-length moment (omg hi Lucy Hale & Margot Robbie, that’s so funny we were just talking about you!)

You may love your shoulder-length hair, but feel that the lack of thickness leaves you feeling flat – pun intended. SOLUTION: Pairing your hair with the perfect shoulder-length hair extensions, you can add volume to your hair without compromising on length. Plus, you’ll be amazed at your shoulder length hair with extensions before and after transformation.

Whether you’ve got a 12-inch bob or 16-inch V-cut, it is a good idea to get extensions that fit with the length. The good news is that Zala human hair extensions come in many different length and volume options, so finding the perfect fit will be simple.  

Once you’ve found the right length and volume for your extensions, be sure to check the installation method. While our clips-ins are safe and comfortable to wear, especially in the shorter lengths, babes with weak hair roots might find they add too much weight for their hair to cope with!

Keep this in mind when choosing your extensions. You can select tape-in or halo extensions if your hair is on the fine or very damaged side. 

After receiving your new best friends, you can have them installed and then try a few hairstyles to determine what looks best on you. Loose curls, backcombing, high ponytail, messy bun… the options are endless for adding volume to your hair!

But how to use clip-in hair extensions for volume, you might wonder! Well, if you’re not sure about a particular hairstyle, then clip in your wefts, bend your head forward and bring all the hair to the front. Next, fluff your hair with your hands and flip it back. By doing so, you’ll be amazed to see the instant volume it will add to your hair. 

Find Perfect Hair Extensions for Volume

Customize the Not-So-Perfect Length 

What hair extension length should I get? This is a common and important question! It is vital to choose the right extension length so you can achieve your hairstyle goals. Search Google for what length of hair extensions should I get and you’ll find many valuable resources to help you make a good decision, but we have some quick tips below, too.

Most readily available hair extensions are 16’’ or 20’’ in length, making a choice difficult for women who prefer short or medium hair. But don’t worry: you can always customize your hair extensions to get your desired length and volume. 

However, we’d recommend you get the extensions in the length closest to your natural hair OR go a little longer. You can take your new hair to the hairdresser – as they are human hair they can be cut just like your natural hair!

Need some inspo? Check out the 12 inch hair extensions before and after photos!

If you have synthetic extensions, cutting and trimming them at home won’t do the trick. So visit your stylist to get your desired length, style, and volume. But, if you have human hair extensions, you can attain your desired hair length at home with little effort.

Start by measuring the length, and mark the point where you want to cut the extension. Be sure to use a light-colored marker or chalk to identify the point where your sharp scissor will do the magic. Then start cutting, chop the additional length and trim the edges for a neat finish. Once done, put in your customized extensions to get instant volume.

More Tips to Get Voluminous Hair With Extensions

Even with extensions, there’s no guarantee you’ll never get flat hair. Here’re some tips to ensure your extensions are always bouncy, fluffy, and full of life.


Use a volumizing shampoo to wash your hair, as it will open the hair cuticles, add strength to the root, and make the extension fluffy. A mild, sustainable volumizing shampoo will add life to your wefts. Once shampooed, dry out the wefts and then install them to see the results. 

Blow Drying 

We all love to blow dry our hair. Using the correct technique, a simple blow dry can make your extensions voluminous and transform your look. 

Start by flipping your hair to the front while blow-drying, and separate the strands with your fingers simultaneously. Then slightly tease the roots of your hair and finish off with a gentle brushing. You’re free to apply a gentle hair spray for a refined finish. 

Short hair looks great when volumized, so don’t miss out on the glam. Get a nice haircut, find the perfect extensions to go with it, and you’re sure to love the outcomes.

Dry Shampoo 

Not just for when you’d rather get to bed early than give your hair a desperately-needed wash – we do it too girl! If your hair is looking a little flat, spray the roots with dry shampoo, flip your hair to the front and get in there with your fingers. Fluff that hair up a little and when you flip it back, ta-da! Instant Volume!

September 15, 2021
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