Human Hair vs Synthetic Hair Extensions

Human hair vs synthetic hair extensions... Have you ever wondered what the difference is? Are human hair extensions really that much better? Or can synthetic hair extensions actually work best for you? Check out our full guide to human-hair vs synthetic hair extensions here!

Human Hair vs Synthetic Hair Extensions

How to tell the difference between human and synthetic hair extensions ?


Human hair extensions make use of multi-tonal technology for ultra-natural shades. They are more often available in ashy tones that synthetic hair extensions are not available in and can be toned and dyed to match your hair.

Synthetic hair extensions are usually flat, single-toned with unnatural looking shades. Often they are very warm toned shades with no ashiness and cannot be toned or dyed to match your own hair.


Human hair has a softer, silkier and more moisturised texture. These extensions are made from a natural protein and are therefore much softer to touch.

Synthetic hair extensions have a rougher, dryer texture as they are not made from natural proteins and therefore do not retain moisture. Therefore, they are much rougher and dryer to touch. Often synthetic hair will clump together when touched.

Human Hair vs Synthetic Hair Extensions

Human Hair vs Synthetic Hair Extensions

Look and Feel

Human hair extensions are ultra soft and silky. They feel healthy and have a natural shine to them. They will be flexible and smooth when applied. It is much easier to run a brush or your fingers through which allows for quick and easy detangling.

Synthetic hair feels much less soft and silky. They are often lacklustre and look artificial. They are much less flexible than human-hair and can feel stiff when worn or touched. Often they can be difficult to run your fingers or a brush through, making detangling quite difficult.


Human-hair looks and feels natural when applied with seamless blending. This hair is also less prone to tangling or matting.

Synthetic hair can have unnatural results with difficulty blending with your own natural hair. This hair is also much more likely to tangle and matte.


Human hair extensions can be safely heat styled like your own hair and can handle higher temperatures. These sets are much more ideal for curling and creating different styles.

Synthetic hair cannot be safely heat styles and often singes/melts on high temperatures. These sets are much more ideal to just apply and god for 1 look without needing to style.

Burn Test

Human hair will burn slowly with little to no smoke. Burnt human hair will also easily ash off after being lit.

Synthetic hair will burn much faster with black smoke. The hair will melt together and ball up into clumps.


Human hair will last approximately 3 to 12 months or more depending on care regimes and frequency of use.

Synthetic hair extensions have a shorter lifespan and are much more ideal for just a few uses.

Each set of ZALA human hair extensions goes through strict quality control and testing to certify they are 100% premium human hair.

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April 26, 2018
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