Post-gym hair glow up

You’ve just finished up another workout, and your post workout glow is unquestionable. You’re looking and feeling amazing, but there’s just one more thing that deserves some post gym love, too: your hair.

It’s easy to breeze past your post gym hair care routine when you’re in the fitness zone, but this can lead to a bad hair day that you’d much rather avoid. And we know you love to look your best.


Today, we’re the perfect cheerleaders, giving you the ins and outs to keep hair fresh after workouts. Get ready to know why after gym hair care is a game changer, learn some essential tips, and discover the best gym-ready hairstyle featuring Zala Hair Extensions.

Post Workout Hair Care Essentials

As you hit the gym, your mind is focused on one thing: getting in an intense workout. Your hair might be something you barely mull over as you get those reps in and complete your cardio. But here’s the thing: what you do post workout can make all the difference. To have your hair at its best, even after sweating it out, there are a couple of essentials you’ll want in your gym bag.

Bust sweaty hair after workouts with these items:
- Shampoo and conditioner: The perfect pair for a post workout refresh. When it comes to washing hair after working out, these products will cleanse and hydrate your hair, leaving it manageable and pristine.
- Microfiber towel: While famously known for their softness, microfiber towels minimize frizz to rid your strands of excess moisture after a wash.
- Dry shampoo: If you’re searching for how to not wash your hair after working out, dry shampoo is the key. It absorbs sweat and excess oil while reviving your hair’s volume and freshness without a complete wash. It’s a definite time saver for those in a crunch.
- Sweat headband: Keeping those pesky sweat droplets at bay for a clean hairline is no problem with a snug and comfortable sweat headband—hair care when you workout every day is simple with this must-have item.
- Scrunchies: Tie up your hair with these light hair companions to keep your hair up, limiting damage, creasing, and contact with sweat. Scrunchies are your go-to if you’re wondering how to protect hair from sweat during exercises.
- Hairbrush or wide tooth comb: Detangle and style your hair with these gentle hair tools without causing any damage.
- Hair mist: A hair mist by your side can do no wrong to keep your hair smelling clean and fresh.

Why Post-Gym Hair Care Matters

You may wonder, “Why does post gym hair care even matter?” The gym is all about fitness, right? You are totally correct! But what happens to your hair after your workout is more important than you may care to think. The outcomes of sweat, exercise, and all the other factors can take a toll on your hair, leaving it in a not-so-desirable way.

Here are some reasons why post workout hair rituals are worth your time:
- Sweat and buildup: As you exercise, you sweat. The sweat your body produces can result in a buildup of oil and bacteria on your scalp. This buildup can cause scalp issues and impact hair health without proper care.
- Hair health: Regularly working out enhances overall health but can also put stress on your hair. This can initiate breakage, split ends, and even hair loss.
- Appearance: To be real, after a good workout, leaving the gym messy is not always a look. You should practice proper post gym hair care to walk out confidently.
- Hydration: Dehydration can result from sweating, leaving your hair dry and even brittle. Restoring moisture to your hair and scalp by cleansing and conditioning keeps your hair looking and feeling healthy.
- Odor control: You do not want to have smelly hair after leaving the gym, and this is what it can lead to. Fresh-smelling hair starts with doing your post workout hair care routine!

The Perfect Gym-Friendly Hairstyle

Don’t let the post workout hair struggle throw off your gym vibes. Above all, your main priority should be working out, not worrying about your hairstyle. Luckily, there’s a gym friendly hairstyle that will become your new obsession and change your fitness life.

Say hello to the Clip In Ponytail Extension from Zala Hair, the ultimate gym hair solution. Created with comfort, security, and naturalness in mind, you can achieve a flawless gym look in minutes. And if you’re looking for some versatility, choose from a wide range of lengths and shades to match your unique style.

To get the look, follow these easy steps:
Step 1: Pull your natural hair back into a sleek ponytail using hair gel or hairspray.
Step 2: Use a scrunchie or hair tie to secure your ponytail.
Step 3: Take your Clip In Ponytail Hair Extension from Zala Hair and clip it at the base of your natural ponytail.
Step 4: Using the extra piece at the base of the extension, take it and wrap it around the weft to secure it.
Step 5: Once secured, use a comb or your fingers to gently comb through the ponytail, blending the extensions in with your natural hair.
Step 6: For a sweat-free hairline, apply a sweatband to keep things fresh and in place.
After following these steps, you will have a stylish gym-ready hairstyle that stays secure and comfortable throughout your workout and beyond.

Now that you’ve got the secrets to attaining a post gym hair care glow up, your after workout hair care routine can be tailored to perfection. And for those moments when you want a quick yet stunning style, Clip In Ponytail Extensions from Zala Hair are your answer. Remember, good post gym hair care doesn’t just keep you looking snatched; it keeps your tresses happy and healthy.
October 12, 2023
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