Reviews That Make us Blush

We love hearing from our customers with feedback on our extensions, accessories and hair care ranges. So check out some reviews that make us blush!

Reviews That Make us Blush

Reviews That Make Us Blush

Tia R - From Sydney, Australia

These are a must-have if you want a little change!, Amazing product! I opened the parcel and was immediately impressed with the packaging, Zala really take attention to detail in all aspects. They come in a solid box for you to store them in when you arnt wearing them - They include flyers and booklets with tips and things for looking after your extensions! and little samples of their shampoo and conditioner and a mini revive me spray which just so handy and shows they have alot of faith in their product. They are incredibly soft and you just know they are top quality, to be honest, the best extensions I have found so far (let me tell you i have tried them all!) Well worth the money. They can be dyed, straightened and curled. I absolutely love them. Clips were easy to use and well attached. Can't wait to order again!

Carla - Submitted through Facebook

New customer, Love my clip in set, I did the online color match and the color I was recommended matched perfectly, excellent quality. Clips don't slip. Definitely recommend, very happy with my purchase. Thank you zala xxxxx

Rebecca - From Santa Maria, USA

My Zala hair order, Beautiful hair as always, thick from top to bottom gorgeous tangle free 5 plus star hair! I have ordered numerous times in the past few years & the hair is always Amazing! What I would love to share is there offer with “Sezzle” buy now, pay later, okay so I live in the United States & the longest process in placing my order, is the looong call to my bank, getting the authorization that I truly am placing an order online , with a company I trust.... So on this order I decided to try “Sezzle” Ladies it was so simple easy & quick , there is no interest , no hidden fees, it was awesome! I will forever & always be a Zala customer! Another note , the customer service is amazing! Thank you Zala for always providing 5plus star hair & service!

Ajla - Submitted through Facebook

Extensions feel so thick and soft. Beautiful blend with my hair. This is my 5th purchase with Zala and each product has been different but constantly great! Will definitely be back for more!

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August 10, 2018
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