Teresa Giudice's Wedding Look

We often look towards celebrities for glamorous ideas when it comes to wedding hair inspiration. One such icon is Teresa Giudice, whose elegant wedding look from The Real Housewives of New Jersey fame left us all awe-struck. Although recreating her exact hairstyle might not be everyone's goal, we can take notes from her approach to achieving that gorgeous, luxe vibe. With Zala's stunning range of hair extensions, we can help you bring out your inner celebrity, making your wedding hair dreams come true.

Teresa Giudice's Unforgettable Wedding Hairstyle

Teresa Giudice of the Real Housewives of New Jersey recently tied the knot and gave us some serious hair envy. Her wedding day look was nothing short of sensational. Imagine a hairstyle so fab that it required 1,500 bobby pins to hold it all together - that's some serious dedication to the hair game.


Her wedding hairstyle was over the top, literally and figuratively. With her hair piled high on her head, accented with voluminous curls and hair extensions for added oomph, she looked every bit the radiant bride.

We're not suggesting that you need thousands of bobby pins or a gravity-defying hairdo to feel fabulous on your big day. After all, your wedding look should reflect you. However, what we can take away from Teresa's look is the power of a well-executed, voluminous hairstyle to make a statement. Zala's got just the thing to help you rock your unique version of bridal fabulousness.

A Look of Your Own: Crafting Your Dream Wedding Hairstyle

While Teresa's wedding look may have been extraordinary, what matters most is how you want to look and feel on your big day. And the good news is, with Zala hair extensions, you can create an equally breathtaking hairstyle that speaks to your personal style.

Zala offers premium quality products, like the Human Hair Halo and the 9-piece Seamless Clip-ins, designed to seamlessly blend with your hair, giving it the volume, length, or thickness you desire. Whether you want an elegant updo, loose flowing curls, or something as extravagant as Teresa's style, these hair extensions for wedding looks give you the freedom to craft your unique bridal look.


But how exactly can you use these products to create your dream wedding hair?

Creating Your Dream Wedding Hairstyle with Zala

1. Wedding Hair with Halo Extensions

Zala's halo hair extension is a complete game-changer for those looking to enhance their hair game. You position the halo on your head and deftly pull your own hair over it. In 30 seconds, you've transformed your locks into a full, voluminous style. Ideal for those wanting to add major volume or length with the best hair extensions for wedding day hair.

2. Crafting Your Look with Zala's 9-piece Seamless Clip-ins

If versatility is what you're after, the 9-piece clip-in set is for you. You can choose to use all the pieces for maximum volume and length or only use the sections you need to perfect your style. Whether you're going for a chic half-up, half-down look or an elegant updo, these clip in hair extensions for wedding hair provides the flexibility to get creative with your look.

How To Shade Match Hair Extensions

Have you ever noticed how the most stunning bridal hair extensions blend with the wearer's natural hair effortlessly? That seamless match is no accident. It's the result of careful shade matching – a detail that is just as crucial as the quality of the hair extensions.

Here's the cool part: Zala makes this process easy with our free shade match service.

Finding the right shade online can feel impossible. But we've got your back. Our shade match team - yes, real-life people, not robots - is here to lend a hand. The process is straightforward - send a couple of pictures and some information about your current hair, and they'll reply with a tailor-made shade specifically for you.

Why do we make such a big deal about shade matching? Because we know it's the secret to achieving that natural look with hair extensions. It's not just about adding length or volume - although our extensions are great for that, too - but about creating a flawless harmony between your natural hair and your extensions.

So, as you plan your dream bridal look with a wedding halo hair piece, remember: the right shade is just as vital as the style.

Your Perfect Bridal Hairstyle Is Within Reach

Just like Teresa Giudice's awe-inspiring wedding look, you, too, can create a captivating style story for your special day. Remember, it's your day, style, and moment to shine.

With Zala's outstanding selection of hair extensions, from our lush, voluminous human hair halos to the discreet 9-piece clip-ins, we are committed to helping you manifest your dream bridal hairstyle.

With Zala's complimentary shade match service, you can confidently stride towards a perfect match with your natural hair without second-guessing. Our shade match team is at your service, ready to respond with your custom shade.

As you weave through your wedding planning, remember your hairstyle is a significant part of your ensemble, as crucial as the dress or the venue. So, let your imagination fly, plan with intent, and know that with the right resources like Zala, you're well-equipped to craft a bridal look that's authentically yours.
August 07, 2023
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