Time For New Hair Extensions!


If you are anything like us, you get wayyy too attached to your hair extensions and you might feel like they are a part of you. They’ve been with you through your highs and lows, good times and bad. Throwing them away just doesn’t feel right…

Have you tried reviving your hair extensions? Sometimes, hair extensions can be detangled and treated to appear new and healthy.

Hair extensions aren’t forever. You can extend their lifespan and revive old hair but they will never be as sleek as brand new hair extensions. Unfortunately, no matter how hard you try, there will be a day when you need to bid those locks farewell. The lifespan of hair extensions will vary drastically between different brands, types, individuals use, after care and many other things.

It can be hard to work out whether or not you need new hair. Luckily for you, we have put together this simple guide to help you decide whether or not you need new hair extensions!


Signs You Need New Hair Extensions


Here are some tell tale signs you need new hair extensions:

Knots and Tangles

Knots and TanglesKnots and tangles are normal, especially with longer and thicker hair but if your hair extensions become matted and frizzy they don’t blend in with your natural hair. With time and wear, hair extensions can become matted and frizzy. If you wear tape or weave extensions, you might notice that your hair is tangling more often. Your hair extensions may not sit as flat or as smooth as they did before. This is a sign that you need new hair extensions.


Breakages are another tell tale sign for old hair extensions. If you’re experiencing an excess amount of breakages, and shedding, it might be time for new extensions. A little bit of shedding is normal, especially when they are brand new, however excess shedding and breakages are not. Along with breakages, come split ends. If you start to notice split ends in your hair extensions, they need to go!

Heat Tools Not Working

Mini Straightener

You may be tempted to use heat tools on frizzy hair extensions which can help the hair extensions appear smoother and shinier. Over time, you will find that hot styling tools don’t work as well. Hair becomes less malleable and kind of just stays in its own shape...

Excess Product Buildup

Using hair products on hair extensions can lead to an excess build up of hair product in your hair. Excess product buildup is a sign that your hair extensions are in need of attention. Try and use a clarifying shampoo on you hair extensions. Be careful as these products may strip your hair and cause excess dryness.

Read more about product buildup and using clarifying shampoo!

Changed your hair

If you have dyed or changed your hair, you might need to buy new hair extensions to match your new hair. Remember, hair extensions can be dyed darker but cannot be lightened. If your hair does not match one of the ZALA shades, we suggest that you purchase a lighter shade and dye it. ZALA does not recommend dying hair as hair colouring chemicals can damage your hair.

If you’ve noticed these things in your hair extensions, I’m sorry but it might be time to say bye.

Think you can revive your extensions? Follow this easy tutorial!

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October 02, 2018
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