Ways to Wear Your Hair Up With Extensions

Wearing extensions is an excellent way to add length and volume to your hair. You can wear them in different ways to achieve different looks and make them into chic hairstyles. But you may wonder exactly how to put your hair up with extensions—and you’re not alone. Read on to explore your options. 

Ponytail Hairstyles

1. Long Romantic Ponytail

The long romantic ponytail is a simple yet classy hairstyle. You’ll need three or four clip-in wefts to pull off this hairstyle. 

Follow the steps below to create this hairstyle with your clip-in hair extensions quickly. 

  • Pull your natural hair into a low ponytail, fasten it with an elastic band, and clip the extensions around the ponytail, one by one.
  • Be sure to apply the first extension piece near the elastic band, so there’s enough space for the remaining extensions.
  • Tighten the extensions and use a hair tie to hold the ponytail in place.
  • Next, make smooth curls with your ponytail.
  • Finally, carefully comb or brush it, and you’re ready to rock this chic hairstyle.

Generally, most people avoid wearing high ponytails with tape-in extensions, as pulling your hair opposite of its normal direction could expose them. If you’re like many other new users, you may wonder how to hide tape in extensions when putting hair up. It’s a good idea to put your hair back gently and avoid combing or brushing straight over the tape. Also, follow the brick layering technique to install the extensions, and make sure not to apply the wefts too close to your scalp. Doing so can help hide the wefts. 

2. Sleek High Ponytail

The sleek high ponytail is another cute and romantic way to wear your hair up with extensions. This hairstyle will make you look charming and classy. 

  • Make your hair into a small ponytail at the crest of your head.
  • Apply a clip-in weft around the pony’s base.
  • Ensure the first extension is applied as close as possible to the elastic band.
  • Apply the remaining wefts and ensure the clips are tightened.
  • Now take all the hair and make it into a high ponytail while ensuring that the base of the wefts is covered.
  • Wind a small portion of hair around the ponytail’s base to hide the elastic.

3. Double Twisted Ponytail

The double twisted ponytail is an excellent option to include in your collection of everyday hairstyles. This look will help you create a pretty, elegant vibe. The best part is that you can do this hairstyle in a few easy steps.

  • Apply your hair extensions using the standard method.
  • Start off by pulling your hair into two portions, and pull the right section to the forefront.
  • Next, start working on the back with the left segment; twist the hair up and use an elastic band to hold it in place. 
  • Repeat the same step on the right portion of hair, but twirl the hair from right to left this time around.
  • Combine the two parts and twist them to achieve a vibrant look.
  • Now, use an elastic band to hold the two portions of hair, and you’re good to go.

4. Giant Wrap Ponytail

This simple hairstyle is great for both casual and formal occasions. 

  • Apply tape-in extensions to your hair and brush the hair backward.
  • Next, make your hair into a pony and swaddle a large portion of hair around the ponytail’s base.
  • Use bobby pins to hold the hairstyle in place.
  • Tease the hair with a comb’s bottom to loosen some strands. It will make your hair look voluminous.

5. Fishtail Ponytail

The messy ponytail adds a dash of sophistication and boho vibe to your overall look. 

  • Apply clip-in wefts to your hair and make it into a ponytail.
  • Use an elastic band to secure the ponytail.
  • Take the hair from the left side towards the right side.
  • Repeat the same process but take hair from the right side towards the left side.
  • Continue braiding in this way until you’re a few inches from the end.
  • Use an elastic band or hair tie to secure the braid.
  • Tease the ends of the twist to add volume to the braid. 

December 07, 2021
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