What's The Difference Between A Wig And Hair Extensions?

If you've ever watched a hair care advertisement, then you'll know it's not weird to sometimes have thoughts of jealousy, all the while, wishing that you had dazzling lengthy, dense locks like the ridiculously happy model.

Unfortunately, such long beautiful hair doesn't come overnight. Growing hair requires pretty much foreeeever, so many of us could never grow hair like that no matter how much we wished it.

In this manner, many have depended on the powers of hair wigs and extensions to accomplish their desired remarks. But really, what are the differences between these two? In this article, we'll discuss the difference between a wig and hair extensions so that you'll know which one is perfect for you!

wig vs hair extensions


Wigs are head covers that are normally produced using human or animal hair. However, numerous wigs are now produced using synthetic fibers. Wigs have been around since ancient times and are designed to sit on a bald head or existing hair.

Wigs present both pros and cons. A few wigs are low quality, made of synthetic fibers that are unnatural looking. Others are made of human hair.


  • Various styles and colors available in the range of wigs that instantly change your entire look with less effort.
  • Using a wig will save you for doing hair experimenting with color chemicals and heat styling tools that cause hair damage immediately.
  • You don't need to trim your hair short or hang tight for them to grow. If you have short hair and would prefer not to change that or experience difficulty with hair growth, you can without much of a stretch get yourself a wig of the ideal length of hair and vice versa.


  • Frequent use of the wig may result in the natural hair being suffocated or damaged.
  • Compared to your natural hair, it takes more time to wear. That's because you need to wear the wig first and then style it.
  • Wigs can be hot and unpleasant in the summer season.
  • The base of the synthetic hair wig may cause some irritation to sensitive skin.

Hair extensions

We're always told that thick, luscious hair is a sign of beauty from the moment we were pretty little, so losing our hair can make us feel ugly. That's the reason numerous ladies search out hair replacement treatments and "ultra-realistic" human hair wigs, however, those treatments and costly wigs don't come cheap.

Fortunately, there are more accessible options that can return your missing volume!

One of them is hair extensions. They can instantly turn your natural hair into complete, lengthy, wonderful "mermaid" locks! It just takes a couple of minutes to clip them in, but the difference is incredible!


  • Improves your look and provides the perfect length and volume to your hair.
  • Without fear of harming your natural hair, you can color them with your desired color.
  • Normally blends with your own hair texture and quality.
  • No one can ever realize that you are wearing hair extensions.


  • It can cost you extra money to install hair extensions, maintenance costs, trim, etc.
  • Required extra care.
  • It may feel heavy on your head for just 1-3 days with high volume, and then it goes away.
  • After a few months, hair may begin shedding, but it's only minor and that's totally natural.


Throughout history, our hair has been seen as our "crowning glory." It's a symbol of status, a standard of beauty and a fashion accessory.

Wig and hair extensions have turned into a common beauty accessory that millions of men and women use to improve the way in which their hair looks. It is a direct method that allows people to choose what kind of hair they wear and it can be an outstanding way to enhance thinning or short hair.

Whether it’s your hair wigs or hair extensions, don't forget to wear a smile to enhance your beauty even more!

For more hair tips and tricks, don't forget to check out our ZALA blog!

August 01, 2019
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