Which Hair Extension Length Do You Need?

The right hair extension length is important to achieving your desired look. The ideal length will blend with and complement your natural hair, giving it balanced volume, length, and thickness.

But which length is right for you? Read on for everything you need to know about finding the right hair extension length.

How Long Should Your Natural Hair Be For Extensions?

Consider the length of your natural hair before settling for a particular extension. Typically, you should have at least a few inches of hair to accommodate hair extensions. If your hair is too short, chances are your extensions will be noticeable, and the points where the wefts attach to your hair will be visible. With that in mind, we recommend having six to seven inches of hair for Clip-in extensions.

Our shortest hair extension length, 14 inches, is perfect for creating a natural look if you have short hair. Zala's 14-inch extensions will sit just above the bust line, creating length and volume for shorter hair. On the other hand, if your hair is medium-length, consider going with longer hair extensions for more dramatic length and volume.

The Most Common Hair Extension Length

So, what is the most popular hair extension length? Or what is the best hair extension length? The most common and popular hair extension length here at Zala is our 20-inch length. With that in mind, you might also like our 18- or 22-inch wefts. Read on to find out why these length options are the best!

No matter your height, our 18- to 22-inch-long extensions are ideal for you since the hair flows beautifully from your shoulder to your waist level.

These lengths look entirely natural. Nobody can tell if you're wearing wefts because the length is ideal (not too short or too long), blending perfectly with your hair.

18 to 22-inch extensions feature generous thickness and density when put in your hair. The typical weight of a bundle is 100 grams, which means if you choose 18 inches length, the weight will go up in terms of length and thickness.

You lose a few centimeters of length from the extensions as you use the extensions over time. But when the extension is long enough, you can continue flaunting long hair without worrying about a little loss of length.

Maximum Hair Extension Length

The longest hair extension that we offer here at Zala is 30 inches. It features a whopping 300 grams of hair to give you the mermaid vibe that you’ve always desired. This jaw-dropping set runs below your hip level. It is best for women who have medium to long hair and want to sport longer, more luscious, and gorgeous hair. You can exude some va-va-voom with this set, thanks to extra bounce, length, and fuller hair.

No matter what length of extensions you decide to choose, Zala has you covered. We offer extensions in the range of 12 to 30 inches, which means you can easily find a suitable length for your short, medium, or long hair. The best part? Our extensions are available in 17 different shades, so you can easily pick a perfect match for your hair.

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January 23, 2023
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