Which hair extensions for short hair?

Hair extensions are a must have to add instant length to your hair. You can spend thousands of dollars on overpriced hair re-growth supplements which often result in little effect. Alternatively, you can spend under $200 and buy hair extensions to add volume to short hair, which can change your look dramatically in a matter of minutes.

Many girls worry that because their hair is too short to wear hair extensions, it won’t hide the bonds and clips. Not all extensions are suitable for girls with short hair; however, this article will help you find out which ones are.

What Is The Ideal Length To Wear Hair Extensions For Short Hair?

>Can you get hair extensions with short hair?As a general guide, your hair needs to be at least 10-15cm (4-6 inches) long to wear extensions optimally. The reason behind this is that the hair needs to cover the clips and extension bonds. After all, what is the point of extensions if people can see your long hair isn’t real? Natural blending is a must-have, so ensuring you have enough length to blend with is very important!

The most ideal hair extensions to make short hair thicker would be:

  • Clip in hair extensions. Clip in sets are great for girls with short hair as they instantly add volume and are available in many different thicknesses and lengths to best suit your hair. They are so easy to apply and are perfect for those who want to enhance the length and volume whenever they need. Check out ZALA clip in hair extensions to see our full range of clip in products!
  • Tape hair extensions. These are perfect for those who LOVE long locks and want to wake up with perfect hair everyday. Although tape tabs are wider than other methods of semi-permanent orders, they are super streamlined and undetectable once applied. Tape hair extensions are also very lightweight in the hair, which make them ideal for those with short hair that is quite thin/fine so there’s not too much strain on the scalp. Check out our full range of premium tape hair extensions at ZALA.

We usually recommend you opt for shorter lengths of hair extensions to ensure the most seamless natural look. Our 12, 16, and 20 inch extensions are most popular for our customers with short natural hair.

Hayden wears hair extensions for short hair

Hayden is a great example of the required length need to wear hair extensions for short hair

What if your hair is too short?

Will hair extensions for short hair work in all short lengths?  Unfortunately, the answer would be no. If you believe that your natural hair is too short, then you will need to wait a little longer. Hair products are quite effective in promoting new hair and follicle growth.

If you need any assistance, then contact our friendly ZALA team to discuss how we can help you, and if clip in hair extensions for short hair suit you.

June 14, 2013
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