Can I Dye My Zala Human Hair?

Can I dye my ZALA Human hair?

You might find that you want to change the colour of your ZALAs if you have recently dyed your hair or if we don't offer a shade that you want. Most customers are able to dye their hair extensions without issues. As this is considered a drastic modification, this will void your warranty/return.

Here are some helpful tips to achieve the best results when dying or toning your ZALAs:

Hair Dying/Toning Tips
  • always test on a small section

    To ensure you're happy with the results
  • Seek the help of a hairdresser

    If you aren't confident with toning or dying
  • use conditioning treatment

    To keep hair soft and silky after toning/dying
  • Never bleach or lighten your ZALA hair

    Only dye or tone to prevent damaging hair.
  • do not tone keratin hair

    You may however dye it darker.
  • avoid tape tabs and seamless band

    Tape tabs and seamless band cannot be coloured

If you have picked the wrong shade, we offer easy 180 days colour swaps which are FREE within the USA & AUS**. Dying is not your only option as we do have over 26 shades available! If you need help, get your shade matched using our quick & easy colour match service here !


All hair extensions & dyes are different. You cannot guarantee your product will produce the same results from brand to brand. We do not cover any costs nor take any responsibility for any issues you may encounter during or after the dying/toning process as we cannot be sure how your specific product reacts or the method in which it was applied. Always test your dye/toner one small piece of hair first to ensure it gives you the results you want.

Dying/toning is considered drastic modification of the product as these products contain quite harsh chemicals that may effect the feel, condition & lifespan of your set. It may increase the chance of dryness, shedding, tangling & breakage. Our hair goes through a long dying and bleaching process to get it to our fabulous shades. Like most human hair extensions, please do not attempt to bleach or lighten your ZALA hair as they may become damaged.

Keep in mind that extensions & Seamless extensions have band at the top which will not take to dye. For example, if you buy blonde tapes & dye them brown, the top 1cm band will still be blonde. **conditions apply, please see exchange conditions to ensure you qualify.