Shedding & Tangling

How much should my ZALA hair shed?

Received your new ZALA's and noticed some hair shedding? Don't worry! Shedding is normal with the first few wears/brushes. We allow 3-5% shedding with our sets due to any hairs that have not been completely secured during manufacturing. This is nothing to be concerned about as shedding will slow down after the first few weeks of wear, however below are a few helpful tips & tricks to help prevent shedding and increase the lifespan of your hair extensions.


Due to the delicate nature & design of clip in hair extensions, they are a little more likely to shed during their lifespan. We do overhang the hairs with all lace weft sets to reduce shedding, however it's still important to store & brush your ZALA's correctly to prevent shedding. 

  • Always use gentle brush strokes, working from bottom to top as this safely removes any tangles without pulling or tugging on the delicate wefts. 
  • Make sure you are using a hair extension safe brush, such as our loop brush or Tangle Tamer
  • Once you're done wearing them, make sure to pop them inside a hair extension safe bag such as our Protect Me Bag, or alternatively placing neatly back inside their box until your next use.

Keep in mind that the classic lace weft design will always be more prone to shedding, due it's very delicate design. If you want a much secure and sturdy design with minimal shedding, we recommend our Seamless clip in range - this is the latest clip in technology at ZALA which helps to prevent shedding and tangling due to it's secure seamless band.


Tape hair extensions are less likely to shed than clip ins due to their design, however this really depend on how they are applied and how they are cared for during their lifespan. Our top tips to prevent your tape hair extensions from shedding is:

  • Make sure a professional hairdresser with tape experience applies your ZALA tape extensions. This is really important as tape extensions that are incorrectly applied can be much more prone to shed, if the bonds are not completely secured.
  • Try not to use oils, serums or conditioners near the bonds - this will break down the tape adhesive and can cause excess shedding.
  • Use a hair extension safe brush to avoid pulling on the tapes & always braid your hair before bed.

With tape hair extensions, the less tangles, the less chance of shedding/breakage, therefore it's super important to make sure you're giving them extra TLC! Our top tip when looking after your ZALA's is proper hair care - we couldn't recommend our Revive Me treatment enough for preventing tangles, keeping them soft, silky and healthy for as long as possible.