How Long Do Clip In Hair Extensions Last

How long do clip in hair extensions last?

It is hard to set a time limit on your clip in hair extensions as their lifespan is determined on how often you wear them. This could be daily, weekly or for special occasions. The conditions you wear them also effect the product. From Clubs and bars, or simply in the office , these factors along with how you store and protect them when not being worn will decide how long your ZALA hair lasts. These factors may also determine how regularly they will need to be washed, as less is better in the long run. Many customers ask how long do clip in hair extensions last. When buying from ZALA you can be assured that they exceed your expectations.

ZALA Clip in hair extensions are designed to out-perform inferior brands and save you money in the long run. To give you a guide, we would suggest replacing your hair extensions every 4-6 months with moderate to regular use, however we have customers who wear them everyday and replace their set once or a twice a year. 

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