Should I buy the 5 piece set or 9 piece set clip in hair extensions?

Choosing ZALA 5 piece set or 9 piece set

At ZALA hair extensions, the only difference between our 5 piece sets and 9 piece sets is weight & pieces you receive - the quality never changes.All of our clip in hair extensions are made of the same high quality grade 100% Remy Human Hair. These are double drawn allowing for a higher percentage of longer hairs and triple and quad wefted making each piece three/four times thicker than single wefts.

If your hair is thin/fine, our 5 piece set is most suitable for you. This amount is ideal for thinner/finer hair types, as less pieces will ensure no clips are visible and the results are seamless.

If, however, your hair is medium to thick or you are looking for more volume and fullness throughout your whole hair, go for the 9 piece set. We also offer the 9 piece set in our quad weft range, with each piece being quad wefted - perfect for those who are serious about volume and thickness.

The ZALA 9 piece set is our most popular option and if in doubt, we do recommend ordering the 9 piece set as you can always use what you need and save the other pieces.