Dispelling 5 Common Myths Surrounding Hair Extensions: Must-Read

Busting Myths About Hair Extensions

Myths about hair extensions are everywhere. It's no secret that the ZALA team have a passion for hair as we are absolutely obsessed with all things hair extensions. We love chatting to you and hearing your thoughts and comments about hair extensions but every now and then we hear somethings that just aren't right...

Hair extensions aren't for everyone but there are some common misconceptions we need to address. Today, we are busting five of the most notorious myths about hair extensions.

Myth: Hair extensions look unnatural and wont blend with your real hair

Watch this video for blending hacks for tape hair extensions!

ZALA hair extensions are made of 100% human Remy hair which has not been stripped and hair cuticles are still aligned. This means that hair sits naturally and feels soft and silky.

We have designed our hair extensions to be a perfectly blended enhancement to your natural hair.

ZALA hair extensions also feature a multi-tonal technology on all of our hair extensions. Each shade contains lots of different similar shades (just like your natural hair). Still can't find your shade? Try our free colour match service.

If you've bought the wrong shade or length, don't worry! You can easily return for an exchange.

You can cut, dye, and tone your human hair extensions just like your natural hair! This is perfect if you have changed your natural hair!

Myth: You can't be physically active with hair extensions.

Watch this video for some gorgeous and practical workout hair styles with hair extensions!

If you're afraid of your hair extensions moving, don't be! All of our clip-in extensions feature durable clips which are backed with silicone to stop your extensions from moving or sliding.

Tape in hair extensions is designed to be kept in your hair for longer periods of time. Our tape in hair extensions is fitted with strong and durable tape. This means that your extensions will remain in your hair until you take them out!

It's 2018 and girls gotta move.

Myth: Hair extensions are expensive and don't last very long

There's nothing worse than spending hundreds of dollars on something that doesn't last.

Unfortunately, hair extensions aren't forever. Hair extensions shed and gradually become damaged when used repeatedly. The lifespan of hair extensions will differ between different people and different types of hair extensions.

Those who wear hair extensions on a daily basis will find that hair extensions may only last a few months. Others who only wear hair extensions on special occasions will extend the lifespan of their extensions.

Taking care of hair extensions properly will also help your hair extensions last longer. Washing your hair extensions and storing them correctly will increase the life of your extensions!

Generally, higher quality hair extensions will last much longer that those of a lower quality however, the higher the quality usually means the higher the cost!

Want affordable, high quality hair extensions?

Check out ZALA's range!

Myth: Hair extensions will damage your hair and make it thinner

With proper use, hair extensions shouldn't damage your hair at all! Hair extensions should only help your hair look thicker.

All of ZALA's clip in extensions include a silicone backing which prevents damage by metal clips to your hair.

Our tape extensions are fitted with a special tape which has been formulated to be used on hair! You should always remove tape in extensions with a tape solvent. This is a great product to release your tape in extensions from your hair without tearing or damaging your hair.

Our new ZALA Halo extensions have no glue and no clips which will damage your hair. The ZALA Halo is a perfect solution if you're new to hair extensions.

Make sure to use a loop brush like ZALA's loop brush when brushing your hair to prevent snagging and tearing of your hair near the scalp.

Myth: You can't wear an up do with hair extensions

There are plenty of different up do's you can wear with extensions! ZALA's range of easy to use ponytails are perfect to help you extend your up do!

We have heaps of tutorials for all different up dos and hair styles. Want to find some gorgeous looks with hair extensions? Check out our YouTube channel and work that up do.

September 10, 2018
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