5 Ponytail Styles to Try With Extensions

Ponytails are among the most popular hairstyles out there. Many women go for ponytail hairstyles for their convenience. They can pull their hair into a ponytail within minutes because it's simple and requires minimal time. But ponytails also look beautiful, elegant, and stylish. You can feel more confident and comfortable wearing ponytail hairstyles for any occasion.

But how do you create a ponytail if you're wearing hair extensions? The good news is that the best human hair ponytail extensions are made to add thickness, volume, and length to your regular ponytail. You can now bid farewell to the lifeless ponytail and say hello to voluminous and vibrant ponytails thanks to hair extensions

You can style your hair in a high pony, low pony, bun, braided pony, and more with hair extensions. But can you wear a high ponytail with tape-in extensions? And which extension is best for ponytails? We recommend clip-in ponytail extensions because they're specifically designed for ponytails. 

But you can also use the regular clip-in and tape-in hair extensions and still pull your hair into stylish ponytails. The trick to wearing a ponytail with tape-in extensions is to make sure the tapes are invisible. Consider pulling your hair in a medium or low ponytail to ensure no one sees the tape. These tricks help the tape tabs stick flat against your scalp and stay hidden. 

5 Ponytail Styles To Try With Extensions

Here are some ponytail styles that you can try with hair extensions

1. Low Wavy Ponytail

This lovely ponytail style is best for long hair. If your hair is on the short or medium side, consider getting hair extensions to flaunt smooth and beautiful waves with this style. 

Use a curling iron at low temperature to add loose waves to your hair, from the middle to the ends. Then bring your hair together at the nape of your neck and use a stylish ribbon or scrunchie to hold your ponytail in place. 

You're now ready to show off your lovely low wavy ponytail. 

2. Easy Textured Ponytail

Ponytails don't always have to look smooth and silky. A textured ponytail with a stylish hair accessory like a pink or pearl headband looks stylish and romantic - perfect for a date, formal event, or even as an everyday hairstyle. 

And this hairstyle is just as easy to achieve as the low wavy ponytail. Pull your hair loosely together in a pony at the nape of your neck and use a hair tie to hold it in place. Wear a headband to give it a more finished look, and you're good to go!

3.Twisted High Ponytail

You can create this cute and chic ponytail hairstyle with little effort. This works best if you haven't washed your hair for two or three days because unwashed hair has a better feel and offers a stronger hold. 

Start by creating two segments of hair and turn both in opposite directions. Next, fold the two portions around each other and use a hair tie to hold it in place all day. Your twisted high ponytail is now ready. Use hairspray to add strength and prevent the ponytail from unwinding. 

4. Wrap-Around Ponytail

Creating the wrap-around ponytail may look complex, but in essence, it isn't! And while you can easily pull your hair into this style, it still looks trendy and graceful for all occasions. 

To get this hairstyle, start by creating a center part and then isolate two portions of hair at the forefront (one on each side of the center part). Now, bring back the remaining hair into the ponytail and fasten it with an elastic band. 

Next, pull back one of the hair portions and wrap it around the bottom of the pony. Use a bobby pin to hold it below the ponytail. Repeat the same steps on the other side, and you're ready to flaunt your wrap-around ponytail. 

5. Sleek High Ponytail

This ponytail hairstyle is best for daily use and workouts. But with some twists and a little effort, you can make it look more stylish and even wear it to a weekend date or friends' get-together. 

Brush your hair with a round brush while ensuring that the ends of your hair are straight and smooth. Now pull your hair into a high pony at the crest of your head. Put an elastic band or hair tie around the ponytail, so it stays securely in place.

Congratulations! You're ready to rock your chic, sleek high ponytail!

Whether you’re seeking ponytail extensions or a different type, ZALA has the extensions to help you meet your hair goals. Browse through our extensive inventory to get started. 

January 21, 2022
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